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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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Dunbar School, Dist.#18 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
ADKINS M. C.   Bert Adkins
ARMSTRONG Jewel   Hugh Armstrong
ARNOLD Joyel   W. J. Arnold
ATTEBERRY Curtis   Etta Wallace
BANDY Emma Lyla   L. H. Bandy
BANDY Fred   L. H. Bandy
COWAN Edward   J. M. Cowan
COWAN Lillie May   J. M. Cowan
CRAIG Darsie   A. T. Wiles
CRAIG Donald   W. W. Craig
DAMRON Irene   W. O. Damron
DAMRON Lucille   W. O. Damron
DAVIS Eunice   A. D. Davis
DOCKUM Bonita   Joe Young
DOCKUM Douglas   Joe Young
EASTTEAM Alvin   S. H. Eastteam
EASTTEAM Lorene   John Eastteam
EASTTEAM Silas   S. H. Eastteam
FAULKNER C. D.   G. W. Faulkner
FAULKNER G. W.   G. W. Faulkner
FAULKNER Kenneth   G. W. Faulkner
FAULKNER Nora Bell   G. W. Faulkner
FAULKNER Preston   G. W. Faulkner
GARMAN Arlene   Ray Garman
GARMAN Carl   George Garman
GARMAN Mable   George Garman
GENTRY Doris   Wade Gentry
GENTRY Louise   Wade Gentry
GENTRY Pauline   Wade Gentry
GENTRY Violet   Wade Gentry
GENTRY Wade Jr.   Wade Gentry
GIDEON Clifton   Etta Gideon
GIDEON Dorothy   Etta Gideon
GLENN Bonnie Bell   A. E. Glenn
GLENN Edgar   L. V. Glenn
GLENN Lillian   A. E. Glenn
GLENN Wanema   L. V. Glenn
GOLDEN Clifton   R. R. Golden
HAIRRELL D. W.   Glen Hairrell
HAIRRELL Earl   J. C. Hairrell
HAIRRELL Eula   A. B. Hairrell
HAIRRELL Joey   J. C. Hairrell
HAIRRELL Loyd   Glen Hairrell
HAIRRELL Luther   Glen Hairrell
HICKMAN Benny   Lula Hickman
HIGGINS Helen   H. D. Higgins
HIGGINS Hilda   H. D. Higgins
HIGGINS Jessie   H. D. Higgins
HIGGINS Sam   H. D. Higgins
HOLT Billie   N. T. Holt
HOLT Foster   N. T. Holt
HOLT Jessie   N. T. Holt
HOOVER Floyd   Granveil Hoover
HOOVER Harry   Mamie Hoover
JACKSON Curtis   Bob Jackson
JACKSON Erma   Bige Jackson
JACKSON Frankie   Edna Craig
JACKSON Fred   Myrtle Jackson
JACKSON Hazel   Clara Jackson
JACKSON Ila B.   W. A. Jackson
JACKSON Jim Tom   W. A. Jackson
JACKSON Nora   Abbie Cowan
JACKSON Ollie   Bige Jackson
JACKSON Ollie   W. A. Jackson
JACKSON Opal   Bige Jackson
JACKSON Oscar   W. A. Jackson
JACKSON Pauline   Edna Jackson
JACKSON Reba Jewell   W. A. Jackson
JACKSON Wesley   Wesley Cowan
JACKSON William   W. A. Jackson
KENDIG John Henry   Arthur Hutchings
LAWRENCE Alice   E. P. Lawrence
LAWRENCE Artie   E. P. Lawrence
LAWRENCE Bessie   E. P. Lawrence
LAWRENCE Othar   E. P. Lawrence
LEDDY Glen   J. H. Leddy
LEDDY James   J. H. Leddy
LEDDY Lorene   J. H. Leddy
LEDDY Syble   J. H. Leddy
LITTLEJOHN Edmond   M. M. Littlejohn
LITTLEJOHN Lonzo   M. M. Littlejohn
LITTLEJOHN Mozell   M. M. Littlejohn
LITTLEJOHN Ruth   M. M. Littlejohn
McKEE Doris   V. A. McKee
MEDLOCK John   C. R. Medlock
MOORE Malloy   G. C. Moore
NIX Helen   Annie Wilson
NIX Madge   Annie Wilson
NIX Virgie   G. L. Nix
ORR Otis   Fred Smith
PATTON Lana Mae   Belle Patton
PATTON Violet   Belle Patton
PATTON Wanema   Belle Patton
PATTON Woodrow   Belle Patton
REYNOLDS Florence   E. C. Reynolds
REYNOLDS Joe   E. C. Reynolds
REYNOLDS Norman   E. C. Reynolds
SCRIBNER Willie L.   Lula Stout
SMITH Fay   Ethel Smith
SMITH Patsy   Ethel Smith
STONE Audrey   J. I. Stone
STONE Charlie   J. I. Stone
STONE J. I.   J. I. Stone
STONE O. D.   J. I. Stone
STONE Ophila   J. I. Stone
THOMAS Arlie   L. B. Thomas
THOMAS Jolene   L. B. Thomas
THOMAS Louis   L. B. Thomas
THORNBURGH Claudie   H. C. Thornburgh
WATKINS J. T.   John Watkins
WILES Wilton   A. T. Wiles
WRIGHT Anna   J. R. Wright
WRIGHT Cathrine   J. R. Wright
WRIGHT Ellen   J. R. Wright
WRIGHT Lois   J. R. Wright
WRIGHT Maurine   J. R. Wright
YOUNG Evelyn   Joe Young
YOUNG Vonnie   Joe Young
YOUNG Walter   Joe Young

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