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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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Finley School, Dist. #32 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
AKARD Glen   H. E. Akard
AKARD Jane   H. E. Akard
AKARD Herbert   H. E. Akard
AKARD Jack   H. E. Akard
ANDERSON Louis Jr.   W. L. Anderson
BAGGET Spencer   W. Y. Bagget
BAGGET Willie   W. Y. Bagget
BOLING Elmo   W. S. Boling
BOLING J. W.   W. S. Boling
BOLING Scott   W. S. Boling
BUSSELL Frankie   L. W. Bussell
BUSSELL Verta   L. W. Bussell
BUSSELL Vivian   L. W. Bussell
BUSSELL Wanda   L. W. Bussell
CARLISLE Adred   Gates Carlisle
CARLISLE Bennett   Gates Carlisle
CARLISLE Jr.   Gates Carlisle
CARLISLE Kathryn   Gates Carlisle
COIL Archie Lee   A. G. Coil
COIL Haywood   A. G. Coil
CRANFORD Archie   W. W. Cranford
CRANFORD Dorothy   W. W. Cranford
CRANFORD Dueward   W. W. Cranford
CRANFORD Lester   W. W. Cranford
CRANFORD Levada   W. W. Cranford
CUMMINGS Jr.   L. Cummings
CUMMINGS Leola   L. Cummings
DANIEL Connie   J.H. Daniel
DANIEL Felix   J.H. Daniel
DANIEL U.V.   J.H. Daniel
DAVENPORT Georgie Ann   George E. Davenport
DAVENPORT Kathryn   George E. Davenport
DAVENPORT Lavena   George E. Davenport
DAVIS Addison   J.W. Davis
DAVIS Edna   Leora Davis
DAVIS Georgie   Flora Davis
DAVIS Irere   Emmitt Davis
DAVIS Lola   J.W. Davis
DAVIS Maurene   Charlie Davis
DAVIS Modine   Leora Davis
DAVIS Monroe   Flora Davis
DENNEY Cleo   Mary V. Denney
DILLISHAW Buelah   Homer Dillishaw
DILLISHAW Clarence   Homer Dillishaw
DILLISHAW Mary Elizabeth   Homer Dillishaw
DILLISHAW Ollie   Homer Dillishaw
EARNEST Amos   Sarah Earnest
EARNEST J.C.   Sarah Earnest
EARNEST Juanita   Wes Earnest
FELIHKATUBBEE Coleman   Osborn Felihkatubbee
FELIHKATUBBEE Robert   Corni Felihkatubbee
FLOWERS Etta   Tom Flowers
FLOWERS Nevins   Tom Flowers
FLOWERS Ray   Tom Flowers
FLOWERS Tommie Jean   Tom Flowers
FLOWERS Winnie Fred   Tom Flowers
GAY Ben Hugh   Ben Gay
GROSS Thelma   A.M. Kee
HARDY Al Dan   Rena Sherred
HARTGRAVES James   W.B. Hartgraves
HARWELL Irene   R.L. Harwell
HARWELL Virgil   R.L. Harwell
HARWELL Everett   C.W. Helm
HARWELL Ruth   C.W. Helm
HINSLEY Ellen Ruth   W.F. Hinsley
HINSLEY James   W.F. Hinsley
HINSLEY Virgil   W.F. Hinsley
HOGAN E. J. Jr.   Earnest J. Hogan
HOGAN Juanita   Earnest J. Hogan
HOGAN Katheleen   Earnest J. Hogan
HOGAN Mae Dean   Arthur Hogan
HOGAN Martha   Earnest J. Hogan
HOGAN Naomi   Earnest J. Hogan
HOGAN Ray   Arthur Hogan
HOGAN Velma   Earnest J. Hogan
HOGAN Warren   Earnest J. Hogan
HOOKER Bettie Lou   Jessie Hooker
HOOKER Lucille   W. R. Hooker
HOOKER W. R.   Ethel Hooker
IMPSON Junior   Aline Impson
IMPSON Newman   Aline Impson
KEE J. M.   A. M. Kee
KEE Victor   A. M. Kee
LINDLY Jonnie Ruth   J.A. Lindly
LINDLY Thelma   J.A. Lindly
MARTIN Charline   J.L. Martin
MARTIN Lois   J.L. Martin
McDONALD Bertie   Luella McDonald
McDONALD Loenard   Luella Driver
McDONALD Thomas J.   Luella Driver
McKEE Woodrow   W.T. McKee
MILLER Terry   W.D. Miller
MILLER Jerry   W.D. Miller
MORRIS Harvey Dean   P.M. Morris
MORRIS J.D.   P.M. Morris
MORRIS William   P.M. Morris
MYERS Paul Jr.   Grace Myers
MYERS Warren   W.T. McKee
POSEY J.A.   J.A. Posey
POSEY Vera   J.A. Posey
POSEY Vivian   J.A. Posey
REICH Delton   D.Reich
REICH Thurman   D.Reich
RICHMOND J.D.   Roy Richmond
RICHMOND Ollie Mae   Roy Richmond
SANDERSON Raymond   W.F. Wright
SAVAGE Claud Albert   W.C. Savage
SHERRED J. D.   Rena Sherred
SHERRED Joe F.   Rena Sherred
SHERRED Rebecca   Rena Sherred
SHERRED Warren   Rena Sherred
SIMPSON Haywood   R. C. Simpson
SIMPSON J.C.   H. L. Simpson
SIMPSON Orville   R. C. Simpson
SIMPSON R.C.   Annie Simpson
STAFFORD Anna   Jack Stafford
STAFFORD Clara   Jack Stafford
STAFFORD Wilma   Jack Stafford
STANDRIDGE Bernice   Audie Whited
STANDRIDGE Chester   J. H. Standridge
STANDRIDGE Howard   J. H. Standridge
STANDRIDGE J.D.   Audie Whited
STANDRIDGE Joyce   Jerry Standridge
STANDRIDGE Lizzie   J. H. Standridge
STANDRIDGE Tommy   J. H. Standridge
STANDRIDGE Willie   J. H. Standridge
STREETMAN Billie Rae   Jess Streetman
STREETMAN Charles   Margaret Streetman
STREETMAN Florence   James Streetman
STREETMAN Geraldine   Jess Streetman
STREETMAN Lawrence   Jewel Streetman
STREETMAN Mandell   Jewel Streetman
STREETMAN Opal   J. I. Streetman
STREETMAN Rosco   Jewel Streetman
STREETMAN Jr.   W. J. Streetman
STREETMAN Lavern   Jess Streetman
STREETMAN Lola   Margaret Streetman
TUCKER Alma   R. Tucker
TUCKER Bailey   R. Tucker
TUCKER Blanch   R. Tucker
TUCKER William Boyd   Raymond & Stella Tucker
TUCKER Jack   R. Tucker
TUCKER Jay   R. Tucker
TUCKER Marie   R. Tucker
TUCKER Raymond   R. Tucker
TUPPER Willie   Mary Tupper
WALKER Houston   Dave Walker
WALKER Joe   Dave Walker
WALKER Katheryn   Dave Walker
WALKER Newman   Dave Walker
WHEELER Everett   W. D. Wheeler
WHEELER Isaac   S. Standridge
WHEELER Ruby   S. C. Standridge
WILLIAMS Ray   J.H. Williams
WILLIAMS Rudolph   Cora Williams

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