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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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Hall School Dist.#39 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
ADCOCK Ervin   J. D. Adcock
ADCOCK Marie   J. D. Adcock
ADCOCK Nola   J. D. Adcock
BARNES Bernice   C. C. Barnes
BARNES Clarence   C. C. Barnes
BARNES Kelsey   J. S. Barnes
BARNES Olen   J. S. Barnes
BREED Eldridge   M. E. Breed
BREED Hilda   M. E. Breed
BREED Ivy   M. E. Breed
BREED Jimmie Sue   M. E. Breed
BREED Lois   M. E. Breed
BOOKER Maureen   Nick Booker
BREWER Bob   Lillie Bybee
BREWER Elvis   Lillie Bybee
BREWER Pearl   Lillie Bybee
BURGESS Alta   H. L. Burgess
BURGESS Lawrence   J. A. Burgess
BURGESS Lowell   H. L. Burgess
CLMNILINSKI Helen   J. Clmnilinski
CLMNILINSKI Irene   J. Clmnilinski
COFFMAN Bulah   Lillie Bybee
COFFMAN Dealus   Dealus Coffman
COFFMAN V. A.   Angly Coffman
CRAWFORD Frances   Virgil Crawford
CRAWFORD Ray   Virgil Crawford
CREACY Helen   J. L. Creacy
CREACY Jay   J. L. Creacy
CREACY John Lee   J. L. Creacy
CREACY Nettie   J. L. Creacy
EASLEY Carl   J. W. Brewer
EASLEY Juanita   J. W. Brewer
EASLEY Nowanna   J. W. Brewer
GALLEGLY Ezra   D. D. Gallegly
GRICE Aubery   L. M. Grice
GRICE Fern   L. M. Grice
GRICE Geneva   L. C. Grice
GRICE Gladys   L. C. Grice
GRICE Morris   S. P. Grice
GRICE Nesbie   L. M. Grice
GRICE Nole Gene   L. C. Grice
HARRIS Frances   O. G. Harris
HARRIS Frankie   O. G. Harris
HARRIS Jr.   O. G. Harris
HEDRICK Almeda   C. C. Hedrick
HEDRICK Clarence   C. C. Hedrick
HEDRICK Eugene   C. C. Hedrick
HEDRICK Jack   W. A. Hedrick
HEDRICK James   W. A. Hedrick
HEDRICK Jewell   W. A. Hedrick
HEDRICK P. R.   C. C. Hedrick
HEDRICK Ruby   C. C. Hedrick
JESSEE Grady   G. R. Jessee
JESSEE Minnie Lee   G. R. Jessee
KERR Arthur   M. M. Kerr
KERR Eugene   M. M. Kerr
KERR Helen   M. M. Kerr
KERR Mary   M. M. Kerr
KERR Nadine   M. M. Kerr
KERR Tedlae   M. M. Kerr
LOTT Luther   W. P. Lott
LOTT Martha   W. P. Lott
LYON Adrid   G. E. McCary
LYON Hershel   G. E. McCary
MAYS Hazel   D. P. Mays
MAYS Ruth   D. P. Mays
McCARY Edna   G. E. McCary
McCARY George   G. E. McCary
McCARY J. C.   E. B. McCary
McCARY Juanita   G. E. McCary
McCARY Leona   E. B. McCary
MILLER Mary Ruth   Laura Nelson
MORGAN Bill   Jimmie Morgan
NABORS Dovie   B. N. Nabors
NABORS Lodis   B. N. Nabors
NABORS Lloyd   B. N. Nabors
NABORS Mary   B. N. Nabors
PERRIN Elvis   R. S. Perrin
PERRIN Willis   Nellie Perrin
PHILLIPS Dela Mae   Raymond Phillips
PHILLIPS Edna Mae   Raymond Phillips
PHILLIPS Lula May   H. C. Phillips
PHILLIPS Raymond   H. C. Phillips
PHILLIPS Sherman   H. C. Phillips
PHILLIPS Viola   H. C. Phillips
PILCHER Dalton   R. W. Pilcher
PILCHER G. W.   R. W. Pilcher
PILCHER Murrel   Sam Pilcher
PILCHER Myrl   R. W. Pilcher
POTTER Betty Lou   Ronald Potter
POTTER Raymond Jr.   Ronald Potter
ROWE Bonnie   W. P. Lott
ROWE Edward   W. P. Lott
ROWE Earl   W. P. Lott
ROWE Laura Mae   W. P. Lott
ROWE Nellie   W. P. Lott
SHULTS Jr.   M. Shults
SPEARS George   Agnes Spears
SPEARS Jacob   B. V. Spears
STEPHENS Henry   Jess M. Stephens
STEPHENS Melvin   Jess M. Stephens
STEPHENS Orville   J. M. Stephens
THOMAS Emma Lee   J. L. Thomas
WALLACE Edwin   C. R. Wallace
WIRE Alma   B. V. Spears

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