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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Jumbo, Dist. # 20 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
ANDERSON Archie   Young Anderson
ANDERSON Edmond   Young Anderson
ANDERSON Oleta   W. P. Anderson
ANDERSON Robert   Young Anderson
BOGGS Ernest   A. R. Boggs
BOGGS Fred   A. R. Boggs
BOGGS Jacqueline   A. R. Boggs
BOGGS John   A. R. Boggs
BOGGS Louis   A. R. Boggs
BOGGS Ruth   A. R. Boggs
BUTCHER Alfa   Nelson Butcher
BUTCHER Doyle   Nelson Butcher
BUTCHER Hay   Nelson Butcher
BUTCHER Raymond   Nelson Butcher
DEAN Dolly   Ola Lax
DEAN Vivian   Ola Lax
DENNIS Charles   Minnie Dennis
DENNIS Golda   Minnie Dennis
DIXON Chester   Effie Dixon
DIXON Lela   Effie J. Dixon
HANCOCK Margie   Leslie Hancock
HARDEN Alfred E.   J. S. Harden
HARDEN Jay Foster   J. S. Harden
HARDEN Mary E.   Enoch Harden
HOBSON Imogene   Carlos Hobson
IMPSON Ben   Josh Impson
IMPSON Ruth Ann   Josh Impson
JOBE Geneva   J. A. Jobe
JOBE L. V.   J. A. Jobe
JONES Estella   Carl E. Jones
JONES Lillian D.   Carl E. Jones
JONES Wana Jean   Carl E. Jones
KEITH Gracie   R. M. Keith
KEITH Ora   R. M. Keith
KEITH Zora   R. M. Keith
KILGORE Doyle   J. L. Kilgore
KILGORE Sylvia   J. L. Kilgore
LANDRUM Isaac   Oma Landrum
LANDRUM Juanita   Oma Landrum
LANDRUM Louis   Oma Landrum
LANDRUM Roy   Oma Landrum
LANKFORD Arman   Gene Lankford
LAX J. W.   Cora Lax
LAX Lois   Cora Lax
LAX Mildred   Cora Lax
LAX Rachel   Cora Lax
LEWIS Marie   Wm. Lewis
LEWIS Martha   Wm. Lewis
LEWIS Minnie   Wm. Lewis
LEWIS Orval   Wm. Lewis
LEWIS Pearl   Mary Lewis
LOWE Varnie   Lummie Lowe
MACKEY Tommie   Louis Mackey
MATTHEWS George   D. O. Matthews
MATTHEWS Leon   D. O. Matthews
MATTHEWS Port   D. O. Matthews
MAXWELL Joe   Arthur Maxwell
McWILLIAMS Allen   M. L. Rose
McWILLIAMS Joe   Lee Rose
McWILLIAMS Pete   M. L. Rose
MILLER Homer   Ora M. Miller
OGLE Belva Mae   Belva Mae Ogle
OGLE J. T.   Ernest Ogle
OLLER Annie Lee   O. B. Oller
OLLER Betty   Lenie Oller
OLLER Pauline   Oscar Oller
POWELL Samuel   W. E. Powell
REDDEN Inez   Hattie Redden
REDDEN John   Hattie Redden
REDDEN William   Hattie Redden
ROSE Charline   Lee Rose
ROSE Windell   Lee Rose
RUDDICK Verba   Lena Lankford
SCOTT Mary Francis   W. P. Anderson
SEALS Richard   Wm. Seals
SEALS Rosa Lee   W. H. Seals
SEALS Violet   W. H. Seals
SHACKLEFORD Faye   Lonnie Shackleford
SHEPARD Doyle   E. E. Shepard
SHEPARD Wayne   E. E. Shepard
SMITH Mattie   Andy & Fannie Smith
SMITH Ruth   Andy & Fannie Smith
SULLIVAN Raymond   Ed Sullivan
WHITESIDE Helen   L. B. Whiteside
WHITESIDE Jimmie   L. B. Whiteside
WHITESIDE L. B.   M. H. Whiteside
WHITESIDE Minnie   M. H. Whiteside
WHITESIDE Tiny   Golden Whiteside

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