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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Little Cedar / Archer, Dist. # 31 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
BARTON Austin   O. D. Barton
BARTON Naomi   O. D. Barton
BARTON Rena   O. D. Barton
CARPENTER Claud   H. Y. Carpenter
CARPENTER Eunice   H. Y. Carpenter
CARPENTER Gladys   H. Y. Carpenter
CARPENTER Mary June   H. Y. Carpenter
CHURCH Alfes   F. M. Church
CHURCH Columbus   F. M. Church
CHURCH Oscar   F. M. Church
CLARK Alfred Jr.   A. H. Clark
CLARK Dortha   A. H. Clark
CLARK Herman   A. H. Clark
CLARK Jewel   A. H. Clark
CLARK Juanita   A. H. Clark
CLARK Sarah   A. H. Clark
COCHRAN Kenneth   Bob Cochran
COCHRAN Haskell   A. D. Cochran
COCHRAN Mary Bell   W. B. Cochran
COCHRAN W. L.   W. B. Cochran
COLE Mildred   Annie Cole
COTHRAN Brad   H. A. Cothran
COTHRAN Pate   H. A. Cothran
ELLEDGE John   Levi Elledge
ELLEDGE Odell   Levi Elledge
ELLEDGE Thomas   Levi Elledge
EVERETT Kenneth   Ray Everett
EVERETT William   F. E. Everett
FEWELL Arthur   C. E. Burk
FENNELL Bernice   C. E. Burk
GAMMON B. D.   Alf Gammon
GAMMON Dora   Alf Gammon
GAMMON Emanuel   Alf Gammon
GAMMON Verna Lou   Alf Gammon
GARRIS Orvill   C. E. Garris
GILLEY Horace   I. B. Gilley
HARBISON Dorothy   Charlie Harbison
HASTINGS Sybil   Twyman Hastings
HOLT Aubrey   J. H. Holt
HOLT Edward   J. H. Holt
HOLT Jewell   J. H. Holt
HOLT Orville   Edith Holt
HOLT Tinie   J. H. Holt
JOHNS Doris   James E. Cole
JONES Bernita   Martha Billy
LEBOW Eula Marie   Jack Lebow
LEBOW Frederick   Jack Lebow
LEMONS Lorene   Ed Mize
LEMONS Ona Mae   Ed Mize
LESTER Dorothy   A. H. Lester
LESTER Ethel   A. H. Lester
LITTLE Morris   Eugene Rymel
MARRS Bernice   C. A. Marrs
MASTERS Evelyn   W. M. Masters
MASTERS Leon   W. M. Masters
McALESTER Oleta   Angera McAlester
McALESTER Shelbie   Angera McAlester
McALISTER Ruby   J. M. Moore
McCALL Juanita   J. H. McCall
McCLURKEN Ruth   Goldie McClurken
MESSER Harold   E. M. Messer
MESSER Helen   E. M. Messer
MESSER Lois   E. M. Messer
MOORE Herman   J. W. Moore
MOORE Hollis   J. M. Moore
MOORE Howard   J. M. Moore
MOORE Vera   J. M. Moore
MOORE Vester   J. M. Moore
RYMEL Roy   Eugene Rymel
SAMPSON Edward   W. B. Cochran
SAWYER Herbert   C. A. Marrs
SMITH Bill   Irene Smith
SMITH Cornelius   Irene Smith
SMITH Harold   Irene Smith
SMITH Kathleen   Sib Smith
SMITH Maxine   Sib Smith
SMITH Vivian   Irene Smith
SWEETEN Estelle   Charley Sweeten
SWEETEN Imogene   Charley Sweeten
WHEAT Bettie Jo   L. F. Wheat
WHEAT Freda   L. F. Wheat
WHEAT Tommie   L. F. Wheat
WHEELER Jewell   Lorena Wheeler
WHEELER Pauline   Lorena Wheeler
WHEELER R. C.   Lorena Wheeler
WILKINS Marie   Eliza Wilkins
WOODS Ruth   Alvin Woods

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