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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Midway / Stanley, Dist. # 8 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
BELL Burt   Grant Bell
BELL Carl   Grant Bell
BELL Pauline   Grant Bell
BLYTHE Sam   Belle Blythe
CASTLE Myrtle   Clara Williams
CASTLE Ruby   L. E. Williams
CHANCELOR Monroe   R. F. Nickles
COKER Irene   H. C. Coker
COKER S. C.   H. C. Coker
COKER Stella   H. C. Coker
COONTZ Arline   N. C. Coontz
COONTZ Bonnie   N. C. Coontz
COONTZ Clyde   N. C. Coontz
COONTZ Dewey   N. C. Coontz
COONTZ Ray   N. C. Coontz
COONTZ Vera   N. C. Coontz
DAVIS Esther   Doss Davis
DAVIS J. D. Loyd   Lillie Davis
DEES Albert   Theo Dees
DEES Alice   Theo Dees
DEES August   John Dees
DEES Darmon   John Dees
DEES Dorothy   Theo Dees
DEES Eunice   John Dees
DEES Florence   W. C. Dees
DEES Hazel   Theo Dees
DEES J. D.   John Dees
DEES Lester   Theo Dees
DEES Maggie   W. C. Dees
DEES Paul   Artie Dees
DEES Rhodie   W. O. Dees
DEES Warner   Theo Dees
DEMPSEY Elmer   James Dempsey
DEMPSEY Jack Leonard   James Dempsey
DEMPSEY Thurman   James Dempsey
FARRIS Alvin   I. J. Farris
FARRIS Anna   I. J. Farris
FARRIS Elvis   I. J. Farris
FARRIS Hershel   I. J. Farris
FARRIS Mable   I. J. Farris
FARRIS Otis Earl   I. J. Farris
FARRIS Pauline   I. J. Farris
GAINES Arron   A. E. Gaines
GAINES Lydia   A. E. Gaines
GAINES Truman   A. E. Gaines
HELM Jackie   Luke Helm
LIGON Avie   L. F. Ligon
LIGON L. C.   L. F. Ligon
MACON Alphis   Anna Conley
MACON Binnie   Anna Conley
MACON Virginia   Anna Conley
McCARN Ethel   C. M. McCarn
McCARN Gertie   C. M. McCarn
McCARN Jack Garlen   C. M. McCarn
McCARN Lois   Ollie McCarn
McCARN Marvin   Ollie McCarn
MERRIMAN Arlin   Shird Merriman
MERRIMAN Cleotta   Shird Merriman
MERRIMAN Dorothy   Shird Merriman
MERRIMAN J. C.   Elmer Merriman
MERRIMAN Mavis   Elmer Merriman
MERRIMAN Mildred   Shird Merriman
MERRIMAN R. D.   E. R. Robertson
MERRIMAN Vada   Shird Merriman
MOORE Frances   R. E. Moore
MOORE Mollie   R. E. Moore
MOUSER Orville   Pairlee Mouser
MOUSER Velma   Pairlee Mouser
NICHOLS Arzola   W. F. Nichols
NICHOLS Christine   W. F. Nichols
NICHOLS Kenneth   W. F. Nichols
NICHOLS Priscilla   W. F. Nichols
NICHOLS Zonita   W. F. Nichols
OGLESBY Berta Mae   Bert Oglesby
OGLESBY Iva   Rosa Oglesby
REYNOLDS Eugene   W. H. Reynolds
REYNOLDS Jr.   W. H. Reynolds
REYNOLDS Virginia   G. W. Blyth
ROBINSON Clayton   W. H. Robinson
ROBINSON Della   W. H. Robinson
ROBINSON Elsie   W. H. Robinson
SILVEY Arrina   Otto Silvey
SILVEY Fredama   Otto Silvey
SILVEY William   Otto Silvey
TANKERSLEY Jewell   Bill Tankersley
TWADDLE Oscar   L. D. Twaddle
TYLER Allen   Edd Tyler
TYLER Clyde   T. L. Tyler
TYLER Coy Almos   Tom Tyler
TYLER Dealon   E. D. Tyler
TYLER Goldie   Bill Tyler
TYLER Gussie   E. D. Tyler
TYLER Oral   William B. Tyler
TYLER Ray   E. D. Tyler
TYLER Ray   T. L. Tyler
UPTON Delie   Arthur Upton
UPTON Dorothy   Arthur Upton
WADLEY Leon   Clyde Wadley
WADLEY Maudean   Clyde Wadley
WADLEY Ruth   Clyde Wadley
WALLS Glen   J. P. Walls
WALLS Pauline   Joe Wall
WEEMS Ira   E. H. Weems
WEEMS Minnie   E. H. Weems
WEEMS Velma   E. H. Weems
WILLIAMS Clovis   S. C. Williams

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