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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

North & South Nelson, Dist. #46 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
BAILEY Archie Lee   Nellie Bailey
BAILEY Huston   Nellie Bailey
BAILEY Olen   Nellie Bailey
BAILEY Virgil   Nellie Bailey
BASDEN Charles Jr.   C. A. Basden
BASDEN Doris   C. A. Basden
BASDEN Loyd   C. A. Basden
BASDEN Orlene   C. A. Basden
BASDEN Ruby   C. A. Basden
BISHOP Bertha   Sam Bishop
BISHOP Dorothy   Sam Bishop
BISHOP Samuel   Sam Bishop
BLACKWELL Linzy   D. J. Blackwell
BROWN Cecil Eugene   Jim Brown
BROWN Floyd   J. M. Brown
BROWN Lloyd   Jim Brown
BROWN Opal   Jim Brown
COFFEE Gladine   A. J. Coffee
COFFEE Irene   A. J. Coffee
COFFEE Jackie   Lennie Coffee
COFFEE John C.   A. J. Coffee
COWART Ethel May   Nettie Cowart
COWART George   Nettie Cowart
COWART Richard L.   T. R. Cowart
COWART Tom   Nettie Cowart
DIAL Norma   Joe Dial
DIAL Vollie   J. A. Dial
DYER Emanuel   J. S. Dyer
DYER Hattie   J. S. Dyer
DYER Lucille   J. S. Dyer
DYER Paul   J. S. Dyer
ECCLES J. A. Jr.   J. A. Eccles
ECCLES Vohnell   J. A. Eccles
EVANS Boyce   Maud & William Earnest Evans
EVANS Leo   Maud & William Earnest Evans
EVANS Neoma   Maud & William Earnest Evans
EVANS Walton   Maud & William Earnest Evans
GREENWOOD Allen   Myatt Greenwood
GREENWOOD Jacob   Myatt Greenwood
GREENWOOD Mary Ann   Myrtle Greenwood
GREENWOOD M. T.   Myrtle Greenwood
HALE Cash C.   Flora Hale
HALE Katherine   Jeff Hale
HARRISON Claudine   James Harrison
HARRISON Dortha   James Harrison
HARRISON Elvis   James Harrison
INGRUM Annie   A. L. Ingrum
INGRUM Bulah   A. L. Ingrum
INGRUM Frank   A. L. Ingrum
INGRUM Grace   A. L. Ingrum
INGRUM Joyce   A. L. Ingrum
JONES Beatrice   O. C. Brown
KENDRIX Voyed Lee   Tom Kendrix
KING Juanita   W. M. King
KING Judson   W. M. King
LYNN John Robert   G. A. Lynn
MANN Clovis   Florence Blackwell
MARTIN Press   O. B. Martin
McCOLLOUGH Virgil   J. J. McCollough
MILAM Edgar   John Milam
MILAM Edna   John Milam
PARTAIN Mary   J. A. Eccles
PATRICK Bobbie Lee   Porter Patrick
PATRICK Jaunita   Porter Patrick
PATRICK John Porter   Porter Patrick
PEAVLER Abraham   W. E. Peavler
PEAVLER James   W. E. Peavler
PEAVLER William   W. E. Peavler
ROBNETT Addie   Dona Robnett
ROQUES Rosa Mae   Egbert Roques
SEARCY Charlotte   Walter Searcy
SEARCY Curtis   Walter Searcy
SHINN Gorden   Henry W. Shinn
SHINN Holden   Henry W. Shinn
SHINN Pauline   Henry W. Shinn
SIMMONS Nell Dean   Leo Simmons
SPLAWN Roy   Addie Splawn
STINNETT Camilla   H. M. Stinnett
STINNETT Jimmie   H. M. Stinnett
THOMPSON Edna Louise   Carrie Thompson
THOMPSON Theodore   Carrie Thompson
TRENT Garner   N. B. Trent
TRENT Lewis   N. B. Trent
WALLACE John   S. A. Wallace
WALLACE L. D.   S. A. Wallace
WARE Ed   M. D. McCommons

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