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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

New Hope, Dist. # 40 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
AKINS Allene   Jennie Akins
AKINS Elfreda   Jennie Akins
AKINS Marland   Bob Akins
AKINS Matdeen   Jennie Akins
ATTERBURY Robert   E. B. Atterbury
BAILEY R. C. A.   T. E. Bailey
BAILEY Ruby   T. E. Bailey
BARCOM Leo   Charles Barcom
BARCOM Lewis   Charles Barcom
BARCOM Marie   Charles Barcom
BARCOM Nellie   Charles Barcom
BRAZIEL Adrain   Dalletta Braziel
BRAZIEL Billie   Dalletta Braziel
BRYANT Marshall   H. S. Bryant
CANNEDY Norman   C. V. Cannedy
CARTER Jim   B. A. Carter
CARTER Morris   B. A. Carter
CREACY Adren   Lewis Creacy
DESKIN J. B.   Josie Deskin
DESKIN Jessie   Josie Deskin
DESKIN Luther   Josie Deskin
FARRELL Virgie   Lena M. Farrell
FROMME Carl   Mary Fromme
HAMMONDS Alta   G. H. Hammonds
HAMMONDS Lorene   G. H. Hammonds
HAMMONDS Mary   G. H. Hammonds
HARRIS Bryce   J. M. Harris
HARRIS James   J. M. Harris
HARRIS Juanita   Lizzie Kelso
HARRIS Stanley   Eliza Kelso
HILL Cletis   J. D. Hill
HILL Elvis   J. O. Hill
HILL Houston   J. O. Hill
HILL Joyce   J. O. Hill
HILL J. W.   J. O. Hill
IVY Dellor Lee   Louise Calborn
KELSO A. J.   Eliza Kelso
KELSO Neomi   Eliza Kelso
KINCAID George   Myrtle Kincaid
KINCAID Luella   Myrtle Kincaid
LUSTER Buster   C. W. Luster
McCARY Albert   J. E. McCary
McCARY Hulen   J. E. McCary
McCARY James   J. E. McCary
McCARY Lavern   J. E. McCary
McCARY Lela   M. McCary
McDONALD Arrel   W. O. McDonald
McDONALD John   W. A. McDonald
McDONALD June   W. O. McDonald
McDONALD Waneva   W. O. McDonald
McGEE Elvern   J. P. McGee
McGEE J. C.   J. P. McGee
McGEE Levoice   J. P. McGee
McGEE Reba   J. P. McGee
MITCHELL Harold   Beulah Link
MITCHELL Herman   Beulah Link
MOUSER Cecil   S. J. Clark
MOUSER Cephus   Tom Ormond
MOUSER Clarence   S. H. Clark
MURRAY Vernon   Dee Murray
NORRIS James   J. O. Norris
PEEVY Violet   Orville Peevy
PETTYJOHN Charley   Joe Pettyjohn
RANKIN Evelyn   D. L. Rankin
REELS Clovis   Rita Lee
RIGDON Ivon   W. J. McAlister
RIGDON Zeno   W. J. McAlister
ROEBUCK Beatrice   Elizabeth Roebuck
ROEBUCK Geneva   Elizabeth Roebuck
ROEBUCK Jesse   Elizabeth Roebuck
ROEBUCK Viola   Elizabeth Roebuck
ROEBUCK Vivian   Elizabeth Roebuck
ROEBUCK William   D. A. Roebuck
SPEARS Bernice   J. P. McGee
STOVALL Hazel   J. A. Stovall
THOMPSON Granville   G. D. Thompson
THOMPSON Grover   G. D. Thompson
THOMPSON John   G. D. Thompson
THOMPSON Violet   G. D. Thompson
TINDELL Dewitt   B. A. Tindell
TINDELL Luella   B. A. Tindell
TINDELL Percy   B. A. Tindell
TINDELL Sybil   B. A. Tindell
TRACY Clinton   John W. Tracy
WRIGHT Bernard   Henry Wright
WRIGHT Gordon   Henry Wright
WRIGHT Helen   Henry Wright
WRIGHT Virginia   Henry Wright

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