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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Rattan, Dist. #I-1 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
ALLEN Ethel   B. F. Allen
ALLEN Robert   B. F. Allen
ALLEN Viola   B. F. Allen
APPLE Bethel   E. W. Apple
APPLE Daisy   E. W. Apple
APPLE Mary Del   Hugh Apple
APPLE Rufus   E. W. Apple
ARCHER Leonard   Annie B. Archer
ARMS Albert   Burnette Tabor
ARMS Herbert   Burnette Tabor
ARMS James   Burnette Tabor
ARMS Lelan   Lelan Arms
ARMS Lillie   Frank Tabor
ARMS Nellie   Permetta Tabor
BALDWIN Louis   R. K. Baldwin
BARGSLEY Willie   S. L. Bargsley
BARNES Buddie   A. O. Barnes
BARNES Cecil   A. O. Barnes
BARNES Joe T.   A. O. Barnes
BARNES Syble   A. O. Barnes
BARNES Yvonne   A. O. Barnes
BARNETT N. H.   Bill Barnes
BATES Joe E.   Glenn Bates
BATES Leon   Glenn Bates
BICKNELL Donald   Quince Bicknell
BICKNELL Laverne   Quince Bicknell
BICKNELL Ray   Quince Bicknell
BOWEN Eula Ann   Cora Humes
BOWEN Russell   T. H. Hume
BOWLING Ruby   K. B. Bowling
BOYETT Bessie   T. R. Boyett
BOYETT Eugene   Bud Boyett
BOYETT Florence   T. R. Boyett
BOYETT J. T.   Eva Boyett
BOYETT L. V.   Eva Boyett
BOYETT Paul   Bud Boyett
BRENTS Alvin   W. H. Brents
BRENTS Willis   W. H. Brents
BRIDGES Erma   Emma Bridges
BROWN Dora   Dora Brown
BUSH Juanita   A. P. Bush
BUSH Loretta   A. P. Bush
CALLOWAY Floradean   John L. Calloway
CALLOWAY Stine   Ruth McDougal
CARTER Dortha   J. C. Carter
CARTER Elverta   J. C. Carter
CARTER Elzie   J. A. Carter
CARTER Kenneth   J. A. Carter
CARTER Vester   J. A. Carter
CHAMBERS Carl   W. C. Chambers
CHAMBERS Hollis   Will Chambers
CHAMBERS Lollie Fay   Will Chambers
CHAMBERS Lonna   Will Chambers
COGBURN Eugene   R. F. Cogburn
COGBURN Lawrence   R. F. Cogburn
COGGINS Bernice   T. C. Coggins
COGGINS Edward   T. C. Coggins
COGGINS J. C. Jr.   T. C. Coggins
COGGINS John   T. C. Coggins
COGGINS Marlin   T. C. Coggins
COGGINS Matta Rose   T. C. Coggins
COGGINS Nancy   T. C. Coggins
COLLEY Delbert   D. R. Colley
COLLEY Elmer Lee   D. R. Colley
COLLEY Opal   D. R. Colley
CONLEY Harold   S. H. Conley
CONLEY Sammie   J. C. Dellinger
CONLEY Tommie   J. C. Dellinger
COOLEY Bennie   S. F. Cooley
COOLEY Woodrow   S. F. Cooley
COOPER Thedral   W. C. Cooper
COOPER Wendell   W. C. Cooper
CORBIN Calvin   Bud Corbin
CORBIN Johnnie   Bud Corbin
CORBIN Videll   Bud Corbin
DAVIS Marshall   R. D. Davis
DEATON Blanche   Rosetta Deaton
DEATON James   Rosetta Deaton
DOYLE Leroy   Jim Doyle
DOYLE Thelma   Jim Doyle
DUNCAN Bessie Lee   W. W. Duncan
DUNCAN Lorlee   Ella Duncan
DUNCAN Lowell   Ella Duncan
DUNCAN Winifred   W. W. Duncan
DUNHAM Earl T.   Dovie Dunham
DUNHAM Jearl Dean   T. J. Dunham
DUNHAM Fayrene   T. J. Dunham
DUNHAM Lawrence   T. J. Dunham
DUNHAM Norman   T. J. Dunham
DUNHAM Thruston   T. J. Dunham
DUNHAM William Bell   T. J. Dunham
EDGE Dolly May   Diamond Edge
ERWIN Amos   Lee Erwin
ERWIN Jack   Lee Erwin
FENNEL Wanda   S. H. Fennel
FERGURSON Henry   C. C. Fergurson
FERGURSON Modene   C. C. Fergurson
FLEMING Cecil   Tom Fleming
FLEMING Clifton   Tom Fleming
FLEMING Clyde   T. L. Fleming
FLEMING Gilbert   E. T. Fleming
FLEMING Jewell May   E. L. Fleming
FLEMING Marie   J. T. Fleming
FLEMING Mary Ellen   J. T. Fleming
FOREMAN Billy Ray   Ed E. Hobbs
FOREMAN Delbert   Ed E. Hobbs
FOREMAN Sybil   Loyd Foreman
FRANCISCO Charley   Mrs. Francisco
FRANCISCO Mamie May   J. S. Francisco
FRANCISCO Virginia   Patt Francisco
FRAZIER Edgar   Ben Frazier
FRAZIER Evelyn   Susan Frazier
FRAZIER Gabe   Susan Frazier
FRAZIER Mack   Susan Frazier
FRAZIER Ray   Ben Frazier
FRAZIER Rufus   Ben Frazier
FRAZIER Thelma   Ben Frazier
FRAZIER W. Gay   Ben Frazier
FREEMAN Dorothy   A. P. Freeman
FREEMAN Marie   A. P. Freeman
FREEMAN Olen   A. P. Freeman
FREEMAN Paul   A. P. Freeman
FREEMAN Philip   A. P. Freeman
GABLE Wayne   John Gable
GARNER Iva   E. R. Garner
GARNER Virgil   E. R. Garner
GARNER Woodrow   E. R. Garner
GAULDEN Bonnie   Louie Gaulden
GAULDEN Chester   Louie Gaulden
GAULDEN Eula May   R. L. Gaulden
GAYLER Bill   A. J. Gayler
GAYLER Jack   A. J. Gayler
GIBSON Estelle   Estelle Gibson
GLASS Earnest   J. S. Glass
GLASS Edgar   Elma Glass
GLASS Leora   Elma Glass
GLASS Louise   John Glass
GOHEEN Bessie Mae   Herman Goheen
GOHEEN Raymond   Herman Goheen
GOIN Joan   Carmen Goin
GOIN Milton Dale   Carmen Goin
GORTEMILLER Grady   W. H. Gortemiller
GORTEMILLER Lella   W. H. Gortemiller
GORTEMILLER Sydney   W. H. Gortemiller
GREEN Bettie Joe   Bob Green
GREEN Cecil   G. I. Green
GREEN Frankie   J. D. Green
GREEN Helen   Bob Green
GREEN Kenneth   Olaf Green
GREEN Lorene   Cora Green
GREEN William   Bob Green
GREEN Toy   J. D. Green
GREEN Woodrow   Bob Green
GREER Charlie Delford   O. G. Greer
GREER Harold Lee   O. G. Greer
GREER Helen   W. H. Greer
GREER Vollie Earl   O. G. Greer
HARRIS Harold   Lena Harris
HARRIS Vynious   Lena Harris
HAWKINS Edith Marie   Gladys Hawkins
HAWKINS Haskell   Gladys Hawkins
HEDGE Hildredge   O. Hedge
HENSLEY Clarence   G. W. Hensley
HENSLEY G. W.   G. W. Hensley
HENSLEY Mildred   G. W. Hensley
HILL Billy   Gertie Hill
HILL Delbert   Harry Hill
HILL Gracie   J. Hill
HOBBS Gladys   W. H. Hill
HOBBS Roy Floyd   W. H. Hill
HOBBS Ruth   Pat Hobbs
HOBBS Thelma   A. U. Gayler
HOBBS Woodrow   W. H. Hobbs
HOLLAND Leo   J. H. Holland
HOLLAND Lucille   J. W. Hall
HOLLAND Ollie   J. H. Holland
HUBBS Eugene   T. C. Hubbs
HUBBS Fern   G. E. Hubbs
HUME Irene   Luther Hume
HUTSON Bobbie   R. L. Wooldridge
IHRIG Aldean   H. P. Ihrig
IHRIG Dottie   H. P. Ihrig
IHRIG Hazel   H. P. Ihrig
IHRIG Otto   H. P. Ihrig
JACKSON Berna   Mollie Johnson
JACKSON Inez   Mollie Johnson
JACOBS Alean   T. M. Jacobs
JACOBS Henry   T. M. Jacobs
JACOBS Oza May   T. M. Jacobs
JACOBS William   T. M. Jacobs
LABOR Lueda   E. Labor
LANE Joe   Ted L. Lane
LANE Mary Katherine   Ted L. Lane
LANE Teddy   Ted L. Lane
LANGLEY Ben   Bill Langley
LANGLEY Chester   W. S. Langley
LEFLORE Harrison   A. M. Brock
LEFLORE Robert   Henry Leflore
MANN Irene   J. E. Mann
MANN Ruby Lee   Rebecca Mann
MARLOW John   W. M. Marlow
MAYNARD Billie   Clyde Maynard
MAYNARD Millard   Joel Maynard
MAYNER Clara   T. L. Mayner
MAYNER Earnest   T. L. Mayner
MAYNER Mable   T. L. Mayner
McCLEARY Florence   W. W. McCleary
McCLEARY Lawrence   W. W. McCleary
McCLURE Sammy   S. W. McClure
McCLURKEN Earl   Goldie McClurken
McCLURKEN Mary   Goldie McClurken
McCLURKEN Ruth   Goldie McClurken
McCOSLAND Delno   M. M. Radican
McCOY Robert   R. H. McCoy
McCOY Willie   R. H. McCoy
McFATRIDGE Herman   Morris McFatridge
McFATRIDGE Morris   Morris McFatridge
McGUIRE Dovie   J. W. McGuire
MORRISON Euline   A. C. Morrison
MORRISON Iva Ray   A. C. Morrison
MORRISON Lester   A. C. Morrison
MORRISON Rowell   A. C. Morrison
MORSE Audry   Harry Morse
MORSE Edward   Harry Morse
NICHOLS Leroy   Roy Nichols
NICHOLS Mattie   Oscar Nichols
NICHOLS Nadine   Roy Nichols
NICHOLS Noma Jean   Oscar Nichols
ORR Betty Lou   Phil Orr
ORR E. J.   Phil Orr
PILLEY Robert   Lena Harris
PLUMLEE Buster   R. J. Richardson
PORTER Orville   B. L. Porter
POWELL Goman   John Powell
POWELL Saloman   John Powell
PRICE Lois   M. B. Price
PRICE Meredith   M. B. Price
PRICE Osburn   M. B. Price
RADICAN Murlene   M. N. Radican
RADICAN Madine   M. N. Radican
RADICAN Noel   Ruth Fleming
RADICAN Ruth   M. N. Radican
REVELLE Melvin   J. W. Revelle
REVELLE Thelma   John Revelle
RICH Ruby   C. C. Rich
ROBBINS Elvie May   D. O. Atteberry
ROGERS Annette   A. L. Rogers
ROGERS Dorothy   A. L. Rogers
ROGERS Hilburn   A. L. Rogers
ROGERS Leona   A. L. Rogers
ROGERS Opal   A. L. Rogers
ROGERS Willie Dee   A. L. Rogers
ROZELL Dorothy   O. E. Rozell
ROZELL Hazel   O. E. Rozell
ROZELL Nadine   O. E. Rozell
ROZELL Oscar   O. E. Rozell
ROZELL Virginia   O. E. Rozell
SHOEMAKE Shockley   Ora Belle Shoemake
SMITH Bernice   C. H. Smith
SMITH Billie Joe   C. H. Smith
SMITH Charles   C. H. Smith
SMITH Fagan   C. H. Smith
SMITH J. T.   C. H. Smith
STEVENS Debb   M. V. Stevens
STEVENS Dorothy Mae   M. V. Stevens
STEVENS Ruby   R. E. Stevens
STEPHENS Evelyn   M. V. Stephens
TABOR Helen   W. C. Tabor
TABOR J. E.   Thornton Tabor
TABOR Leona   E. Labor
TABOR Sigle   W. C. Tabor
TATE Alonzo   W. A. Tate
TATE Delroy   W. A. Tate
TAYLOR Chester   Rosa Taylor
TAYLOR Hazel   J. S. Taylor
TAYLOR J. G.   Rosa Taylor
TAYLOR Lorene   I. G. Taylor
TAYLOR Ruby   Rosa Taylor
TAYLOR Truman   C. H. Taylor
TEMPLETON Dolphus   E. A. Templeton
TEMPLETON Helen Gene   E. A. Templeton
TEMPLETON Junior   E. A. Templeton
TEMPLETON Marie   E. A. Templeton
THURMAN Leroy   Stella Thurman
TRAMMELL Beatrice   Ben Trammell
TRAMMELL Gerald   Ben Trammell
TRAMMELL Jack   Ben Trammell
TREVATHAM Pauline   Ray Trevatham
TREVATHAM Vivian   Ray Trevatham
WALKER Lendon   John H. Walker
WALKER Myrtle   John H. Walker
WALKER Paris   John H. Walker
WALKER Perry   John H. Walker
WALKER Syble   John H. Walker
WALL Nellie   J. W. Wall
WALLACE L. D.   S. A. Wallace
WALTON Willie James   S. T. Walton
WARREN Charles   C. A. Warren
WARREN Johnnie Ray   C. A. Warren
WARREN Roy Robert   C. A. Warren
WATKINS Guy   W. W. Watkins
WATKINS Winfield   W. W. Watkins
WILLIAMS Eunice   J. C. Williams
WILLIAMS Wesley   J. C. Williams
WOODRUFF Billie   D. V. Woodruff
WOOLDRIDGE Clyde   Clyde Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Flossie   Russell Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Imogene   Clyde Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Louis   Olen Wooldridge
WOOLDRIDGE Mary Ruth   Olen Wooldridge
WRIGHT Johnnie   J. M. Wright
WRIGHT Opal   J. M. Wright
YOUNG Bud   Jim Doyle
YOUNG Louis   Jim Doyle
YOUNG Nellie   Jim Doyle
YOUNG R. C.   Jim Doyle
YOUNG Troy   Jim Doyle

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