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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Red Hill, Dist. #27 1934 Census
Last Name First Name Age Parents
ALLEN Elizabeth 18 A. J. Allen
ALLEN James Earl 7 Adolphus Allen
ALLEN Leroy 12 Adolphus Allen
ALEXANDER Jaunita 13 W. N. Alexander
BEEN Harold 10 Mont Been
BROCK Clarence 11 A. G. Brock
BROCK Ernest 14 A. G. Brock
BROCK Sylvia 20 A. G. Brock
BULEY Bertha 15 Will Buley
BULEY Clyde 18 Will Buley
BULEY Jaunita 8 Will Buley
BULEY Thomas 12 Will Buley
CASH Jacquelyn 9 Jack Cash
CASH Joyce 7 Jack Cash
COFFELT Bernard 15 L. Coffelt
COFFELT Joanie 13 Clara Coffelt
COLLINS J. H. Jr. 8 J. H. Collins
COLSTON Carroll 20 G. F. Colston
COLSTON Earnest 12 G. F. Colston
COLSTON Ledore 16 G. F. Colston
CULP Alton 11 Leavy Culp
CULP Aneta 12 Leavy Culp
CULP Carl 7 Leavy Culp
CULP Opal 8 Leavy Culp
CULP Thelma 17 Leavy Culp
EDMOND Duard 15 Clarence Edmond
EDMOND Irene 16 Clarence Edmond
EDMOND Kenneth 10 Clarence Edmond
EDMOND V. H. 8 Clarence Edmond
EDMOND Weona 12 Clarence Edmond
ETCHIESON Eli 8 J. P. Etchieson
ETCHIESON Juanita 12 J. P. Etchieson
ETCHIESON Junior 10 J. P. Etchieson
ETCHIESON Mattie 13 J. P. Etchieson
ETCHIESON Roy 11 J. P. Etchieson
HALE Fred 9 Dick Hale
HALE Richard 12 Dick Hale
HATCHER Birdie 19 J. M. Hatcher
HATCHER Doris 13 J. A. Hatcher
HATCHER Lois 15 J. M. Hatcher
HATCHER Naomi 7 C. R. Vance
HENSLEY Robert 19 Jessie Hensley
LOCK Nettie Mae 8 Monroe Lock
MILLER Charles 15 S. T. Miller
MILLER Clarence 11 S. T. Miller
MILLER Maxine 8 S. T. Miller
MILLER Robert 13 S. T. Miller
PAYNE Bernice 19 W. F. Payne
PAYNE Genevieve 21 W. F. Payne
PIXLEY Dura Mae 11 Dallas Pixley
PIXLEY Pat 10 Dallas Pixley
SCOTT Adell 19 W. C. Scott
SCOTT Bill 6 Nannie Scott
SCOTT Charlie 13 W. C. & Nannie Scott
SCOTT Dorothy 11 W. C. & Nannie Scott
SCOTT Helen 8 W. C. & Nannie Scott
SCOTT Lurt 17 Nannie Scott
SCOTT Sam 15 W. C. Scott
SMITH Jaunita 7 L. L. Smith
SMITH Jimmie 9 L. L. Smith
SMITH Paul 12 L. L. Smith
SMITH Pauline 15 L. L. Smith
SULLIVAN Cecil 20 John Sullivan
SULLIVAN Louis 18 John Sullivan
SULLIVAN Thelma 15 J. F. Sullivan
THOMAS Mary Jo 6 Joe Thomas
WALKER Bert 12 W. A. Walker
WALKER Bertha 14 W. A. Walker
WALKER Della 12 W. A. Walker
WALKER Frank 9 Della Walker
WALKER Lee 16 Della Walker
WALKER Lula 7 Della Walker
WALKER Nannie 7 Della Walker
WALKER Nora Bell 9 Della Walker
WALKER William 19 Della Walker
WISE Jessie Lee 13 A. A. Wise

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