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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Sardis, Dist. #5 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
ABBOTT Calvin   J. W. Abbott
ABBOTT Henry   J. W. Abbott
ANDERSON Kenneth Leo   L. B. Anderson
ANDERSON Mary Ann   L. B. Anderson
ARMSTRONG Carl   Frank Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Esteel   Frank Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Pearl   Frank Armstrong
BAKER Anna   R. R. Baker
BAKER Boyd   R. R. Baker
BAKER Edith   Ben Baker
BAKER Jewell Dean   R. R. Baker
BAKER Lesley   Ben Baker
BAKER Levy   R. R. Baker
BAKER Marvin   R. R. Baker
BAKER Rosa   R. R. Baker
BELL Edith   J. R. Anderson
BELL George   J. R. Anderson
BELL Imogene   Elsie Anderson
BRUMFIELD James Allen   Leroy Brumfield
BOHANON Gladys   Ella Baucom
BOHANON Frankie   E. J. Bohanon
BOHANON Louise   E. J. Bohanon
BOHANON Robert   G. R. Baucom
BOHANON Viola   E. J. Bohanon
BOHANON Wanda   E. J. Bohanon
BOHANON William   E. J. Bohanon
BROOKS Gertrude   J. E. Fitzgerald
BRYAN Helen   Dee Bryan
BRYAN Lora   Dee Bryan
BRYAN Melvin   Annie Bryan
BRYAN Mildred   Dee Bryan
CARLTON Iva   J. J. Carlton
CARTER Auda   P. H. Lockhart
CLINE Oscar   Frank Cline
CRAVENS Glen   C. C. Cravens
CRAVENS Leona   C. C. Cravens
CUMMINGS Reba   Mervin Cummings
DAUGHERTY John   W. S. Daughterty
DAUGHERTY Melvin   W. S. Daughterty
DAUGHERTY Myrtle   W. S. Daughterty
DAUGHERTY Verna   W. S. Daughterty
DAUGHERTY Violet   W. S. Daughterty
DEHART Carl Joe   Mae Dehart
DEHART Pauline   Alfred Dehart
FITE Beulah   J. H. Fite
FITE Catherine   W. J. Fite
FITE Frankie   W. J. Fite
FITE Garland   J. H. Fite
FITE Harvey   J. H. Fite
FITE Holley   W. J. Fite
FITE Iva   W. J. Fite
FITE Lula   W. J. Fite
FITE Richard   W. J. Fite
FITE William   W. J. Fite
FITZGERALD Floyd   J. E. Fitzgerald
FORD Collene   C. C. Ford
FORD Earl   C. C. Ford
FORD Imogene   C. C. Ford
FORD J. W.   C. C. Ford
GILL Lela   Loyle A. Gill
GILL Oren   Loyle A. Gill
GILL Orville   Loyle A. Gill
HENRY Edward   Oscar Henry
HENRY Hazel   Oscar Henry
HENRY Verna   Oscar Henry
HUGHES Grace   Allie Hughes
HUGHES Olen   A. A. Hughes
HURD Bernice   Ray Hurd
HURD Billie G.   Ray Hurd
HURD Ray   Ray Hurd
JAMES Ruby   P. H. Lockhart
KING Chester   Louis King
KING Haskell   Louis King
KING Jessie   Louis King
KING Lesley   Louis King
LEE Alfred   J. L. Lee
LEE Bill   J. L. Lee
LEE Jack   J. L. Lee
LEE Jaunita   J. L. Lee
LEE Lois   J. L. Lee
LITTLE Loretta   L. J. Little
LOCKHART Hazel   P. H. Lockhart
LOCKHART Holace   P. H. Lockhart
MABRAY Auda Bell   Fannie Mabray
MABRAY Dessie   Fannie Mabray
MABRAY H. A.   Fannie Mabray
MABRAY Junior   Fannie Mabray
MABRAY Melvin   Fannie Mabray
MABRAY Wanda   J. F. O'Neal
McCOY Artie   J. C. McCoy
McCOY Dolly   J. C. McCoy
McCOY George   J. C. McCoy
McCOY Helen   Lee McCoy
McCOY Jewell   P. H. Lockhart
McCOY Junior   Alice McCoy
McCOY Lilly   L. W. King
McCOY Lucille   Alice McCoy
McCOY William   J. C. McCoy
MONTGOMERY Clyde   Clyde Montgomery
MONTGOMERY Elmer   Clyde Montgomery
MORRIS Arvis Bert   J. S. Morris
MORRIS Vernon   J. S. Morris
NEWMAN Joan   J. B. Newman
NEWMAN Ray   J. B. Newman
NEWMAN Roy   J. B. Newman
O'NEAL Chester   J. F. O'Neal
O'NEAL Euince   J. F. O'Neal
PATRICK Orville   A. M. Taylor
PATRICK Taylor   A. M. Taylor
RAINS Dorothy   Dave Rains
RAINS Virgil   Dave Rains
REDDING Edgar   Marshall Redding
REDDING Edward   Marshall Redding
REDDING Stella   Marshall Redding
RHODES Lavern   Allie Hughes
RHODES Louise   Allie Hughes
RUTLEDGE Cleamon   G. A. Rutledge
RUTLEDGE Gladys   G. A. Rutledge
RUTLEDGE Jr.   G. A. Rutledge
RUTLEDGE Ruel   G. A. Rutledge
RUTLEDGE Vera   G. A. Rutledge
SAGE Albert   Eugene Sage
SAGE Harold   Eugene Sage
SHOCKLEY Harvey   J. M. Shockley
SHOCKLEY Lela   J. M. Shockley
SHOCKLEY Pauline   J. M. Shockley
SORRELS Doyle   Lula Sorrels
SORRELS Mildred   Lula Sorrels
SORRELS Othel   Lula Sorrels
SPROUSE Roland   Till Sprouse
SPRUELL Leon   J. W. Spruell
SPRUELL Norman   J. W. Spruell
SPRUELL Pauline   J. W. Spruell
STANDEFER Betty Joe   O. L. Standefer
STANDEFER J. C.   O. L. Standefer
STANDEFER Marie Nell   V. J. Standefer
STANDEFER Wyvanee   O. L. Standefer
THOMPSON Bonnie   Ralph Thompson
THOMPSON Cecil   Alfred Thompson
THOMPSON Douglas   Alfred Thompson
THOMPSON Helen   Ralph Thompson
WADE Alberta   Helen Wade
WADE W. J.   Helen Wade
WILKINS Ada Mae   George Wilkins
WILKINS J. W.   D. F. Wilkins
WILKINS Nona Lee   George Wilkins
YOUNG Henry Wesley   Grover Young

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