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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Sugar Loaf School, Dist. #38 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
BAGWELL Janice   J. O. Bagwell
BAGWELL Madeene   J. O. Bagwell
BAKER J. T.   J. B. Barnhart
BARNHART Alma   J. C. Barnhart
BISHOP Herman   W. H. Bishop
BISHOP Van   W. H. Bishop
BOGGS Clifton   J. K. Boggs
BOGGS Fern   J. R. Boggs
BOGGS Gilbert   J. R. Boggs
BOGGS Hattie   J. R. Boggs
BOGGS Imogene   J. R. Boggs
BOGGS Melvy   J. R. Boggs
BOGGS Mildred   J. R. Boggs
BROWN Allie   J. R. Brown
BROWN Hattie   Bill Brown
BURGIN Levorn   L. H. Burgin
BURGIN Roy   L. H. Burgin
BURGIN Troy   L. H. Burgin
CARPENTER Beatrice   Dora Carpenter
COGGIN Cornell   W. L. Coggin
COGGIN June   Essie Coggin
COGGIN Lucille   W. L. Coggin
COGGIN Mary Jean   W. L. Coggin
COLBY Elmo   Maud Neal
COLBY Wester   Mrs. Neal
CONN Louise   O. B. Conn
CONN Ola Mae   D. B. Conn
DOBBS Clyde   Andy Dobbs
DOBBS Edith   Andy Dobbs
DOBBS Fay   Andy Dobbs
DOBBS Fern   Andy Dobbs
DOSHIER G. W.   G. W. Doshier
FAULKNER Frank   J. W. Faulkner
FAULKNER Fred   J. W. Faulkner
FAULKNER Melvin   J. W. Faulkner
FINLEY Loretta   M. T. Finley
FINLEY Talmadge   Ollie Finley
FINLEY Theodus   M. T. Finley
FIELDS Dimple   Tom Fields
FIELDS Floyd   Tom Fields
FIELDS Lillie   Tom Fields
FIELDS Murriel May   Tom Fields
GERMAN Evelyn Mae   J. B. McKnight
GILES Flossie   J. B. Smithson
GOODNER A. B.   A. B. Goodner
HARBUCK Atwood   A. L. Harbuck
HARBUCK Floyd   A. L. Harbuck
HARBUCK Olaf   A. L. Harbuck
HARBUCK Edna Mae   Floyd Harper
HARBUCK Marie   Floyd Harper
HASTINGS Floyd L.   L. M. Hastings
HASTINGS Janice   L. M. Hastings
HOLLINGSWORTH Bertie   G. W. Hollingsworth
HOLLINGSWORTH Clyde   G. W. Hollingsworth
HOLLINGSWORTH James   G. W. Hollingsworth
HOLLINGSWORTH Ludia   G. W. Hollingsworth
HORTON Ellen   B. J. Wheeler
JORDAN Beatrice   J. H. Jordan
JORDAN John H.   J. H. Jordan
LASTER Catherine   J. W. Laster
LOMAN Margie Lee   R. R. Loman
MARTIN Dimple   G. W. Martin
MARTIN Doris   G. W. Martin
MARTIN Emma J.   G. W. Martin
MARTIN George   J. H. Martin
MARTIN Vera   G. W. Martin
McKINLEY Gladys   W. M. McKinley
McKINLEY Ines   W. M. McKinley
McKINLEY Lois   W. M. McKinley
McKINLEY Monroe   W. M. McKinley
McKNIGHT Gordon   J. B. McKnight
McKNIGHT Janita   J. B. McKnight
McKNIGHT Melvin   W. R. McKnight
MESSER Harold   E. M. Messer
MESSER Helen   E. M. Messer
MESSER Louis   E. M. Messer
MORGAN Billie   W. M. Morgan
MORGAN Clinton   W. M. Morgan
MORGAN Ella Marie   W. M. Morgan
MORGAN Jessie R.   W. M. Morgan
MORGAN James   W. M. Morgan
NELSON Buster   Ronald Nelson
NELSON J. R.   Ronald Nelson
PALMER J. R.   Geneva Palmer
PALMER Viola   Geneva Palmer
REED I. B.   W. L. Reed
ROBERSON Wallace   B. H. Roberson
SINGLETORY Mildred   B. F. Hastings
SINGLETORY Pearl   B. F. Hastings
SINGLETORY Troy   Mandie Hastings
SMITH Eanon   Hubert Smith
SMITH Eudell   Hubert Smith
SMITH Patsy   Bonard Smith
SMITH Vedas   Bonard Smith
SMITHSON Effie May   Frank Smithson
SMITHSON Jessie Ray   J. B. Smithson
SMITHSON Lydia L.   J. B. Smithson
SMITHSON Margaret   J. B. Smithson
SMITHSON Viola   J. B. Smithson
SORRELLS Cleo   J. O. Sorrells
SORRELLS Dale   Clariece Sorrells
SORRELLS Glen   E. L. Sorrells
SORRELLS Harold   E. L. Sorrells
SORRELLS Joe   J. O. Sorrells
SORRELLS Paul   J. O. Sorrells
STEELY Lucille   A. W. Steely
STEELY T. J.   A. W. Steely
STEELY Wilma   A. W. Steely
TALLEY Artie   L. J. Talley
TALLEY Ruth   L. J. Talley
WESTBROOK Marion   H. C. Westbrook
WESTBROOK Orville   Gordon Westbrook
WHEELER A. A.   J. P. Wheeler
WHEELER Bertha Lee   Bart Wheeler
WHEELER Delbert   J. P. Wheeler
WHEELER Floris   J. P. Wheeler
WHEELER Lucille   J. P. Wheeler
WHEELER Thurman   J. P. Wheeler

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