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1934 School Census


Census submitted by Teresa Young

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these records were typed as written. any mistakes were on the original document

Tuskahoma School Dist. #I-4 1934 Census
Last Name First Name   Parents
AIKMAN Norma   Lizzie Aikman
ALTOM Aubrey   B. B. Altom
ALTOM Ava   B. B. Altom
ALTOM Geraldine   B. B. Altom
ALTOM Maurice   B. B. Altom
ANDERSON Edwin   R. N. Anderson
ANDERSON Grady   Emaline Anderson
ANDERSON Henry   Henry Anderson
ATKINS Tellus   Sonny Adkins
BAILEY Ada   J. B. Bailey
BAILEY Alfred   J. B. Bailey
BAILEY Ava   J. B. Bailey
BALLARD Aaron   James C. Ballard
BALLARD Ancel   James C. Ballard
BALLARD Evelyn   James C. Ballard
BALLARD Mae   James C. Ballard
BALLARD Minnie Jean   James C. Ballard
BARLOW Bill   Anna Barlow
BARLOW Catherine   Anna Barlow
BARLOW Mable   Anna Barlow
BARLOW Maggie   Anna Barlow
BECK Delton   Ninon Beck
BECK James   Tandy Beck
BECK Junior   Tandy Beck
BERRY Lessie B.   W. M. Berry
BERRY William E.   W. M. Berry
BISHOP Evelyn   Jack Bishop
BISHOP Ivan   Jack Bishop
BLAGG Clayton   B. F. Blagg
BLAGG Dorothy   B. F. Blagg
BLAGG Herbert   B. F. Blagg
BLAGG Marie   B. F. Blagg
BLASINGAME Jr.   Mary Blasingame
BLASINGAME Thelma   Mary Blasingame
BLASINGAME Wanda   Mary Blasingame
BLASINGAME Winnie   Mary Blasingame
BLEVINS Marvin   Bill Blevins
BOHANON Edgar   Elsie A. Moore
BOHANON Ellis   Elsie A. Moore
BOHANON Ida May   Green Bohanon
BOHANON Rachel   Mary Bohanon
BOONE Dortha   J. F. Boone
BOONE James   J. F. Boone
BOONE John   J. F. Boone
BOONE Mary Ann   J. F. Boone
BOWEN Helen   H. S. Bowen
BOWEN Howard   Eula Bowen
BOWEN Juanita   H. S. Bowen
BOWEN Margie   H. S. Bowen
BOX Kathleen   E. L. Box
BOYD Edward   Kate Boyd
BOYD 6/1/2003   Kate Boyd
BOYD Lillie Mae   Kate Boyd
BOYD Margaret   Kate Boyd
BRANAM Eugene   L. J. Branam
BRANAM James Andrew   L. J. Branam
BRANDON Frank   Bessie Mae Brandon
BRANDON Lucille   Bessie Mae Brandon
BRANDON William Fred   Bessie Mae Brandon
BRINKLEY Cleo   C. F. Brinkley
BRINKLEY Drew   M. L. Broughton
BRINKLEY Geneva   C. F. Brinkley
BRINKLEY Nevin   Minnie Brinkley
BRINKLEY Reba   C. F. Brinkley
BRYAN Bessie   J. T. Bryan
BRYAN Jessie   J. T. Bryan
BRYAN Marvin   John Bryan
BRYAN Naomi   J. T. Bryan
BRYAN Olen   Katie Bryan
BRYAN Virginia   Katie Bryan
BRYAN Vivian   Katie Bryan
BRYAN Woodrow   J. T. Bryan
BURNETT Agnes   R. F. Burnett
BURNETT Inez   R. F. Burnett
BURNETT Margaret   R. F. Burnett
BURNETT R. H.   R. F. Burnett
BURNETT Ruth   R. F. Burnett
BURNS Atha   Cora Burns
BURNS John Henry   Tate A. Burns
BURNS Juanita   Tate A. Burns
BURNS Nora   Tate A. Burns
BURNS Vera   Tate A. Burns
BUTLER William S., Jr.   W. H. Isherwood
BUTLER W. J.   Katie Butler
CALVIN Chauncey   Nora Calvin
CALVIN E. J.   Nora Calvin
CALVIN Eunice Inez   Nora Calvin
CAMPBELL Mildred Faye   C. H. Nelson
CASTLE Albert   A. J. Castle
CASTLE Lucille   A. J. Castle
CASTLE Noel   A. J. Castle
CASTLE Quna   A. J. Castle
CATLETT Bumis   Rufus E. Catlett
CATLETT Genevia   Rufus E. Catlett
CHAPMAN Farris   Abe Chapman
CHAPMAN Hazel   Abe Chapman
CHAPMAN Inez   Abe Chapman
CHAPMAN Irene   Abe Chapman
CHAPMAN Joan   Abe Chapman
CHERRY Dorene   Pearl Cherry
CHERRY Emmett   Pearl Cherry
CHURCH Ellen   M. M. Thompson
CHURCH Iva   M. M. Thompson
CHURCH Orene   M. M. Thompson
CHURCH Roy   M. M. Thompson
CLEATON Billie   J. P. Cleaton
CLEATON Camalette   Emmo Cleaton
CLEATON Delious   J. P. Cleaton
CLEATON Emery   J. P. Cleaton
CLEATON Hazel   Emery S. Cleaton
CLEATON Mary   Emery S. Cleaton
CLEATON Shelah   Emery S. Cleaton
CLIFT Don Melvin   Don Clift
CLIFT Georgia   Don Clift
CLIFT Hazel   Don Clift
CLIFT Houston   Don Clift
COGBURN Bethel   N. R. Cogburn
COGBURN Edgar   Nellie Cogburn
COGBURN Elvis   Joe Cogburn
COGBURN Lee   R. J. Cogburn
COGBURN Loyd   N. R. Cogburn
COGBURN Raymond   Nellie Cogburn
COGBURN Thomas   Guy Cogburn
COOPER Maxine   Ninon Beck
DAVENPORT Fred   W. E. Davenport
DAVENPORT Helen   W. E. Davenport
DAVIS Evelyn   I. O. Davis
DAVIS Lucille   H. H. Davis
DAVIS Manuel   H. H. Davis
DAVIS Marcell   H. H. Davis
DAVIS Nancy   H. H. Davis
DAVIS Roberta   H. H. Davis
DOTSON Curtis   Elish Dotson
DOTSON Turner   Elisha Dotson
DOTSON Vivian   Elisha Dotson
DUNCAN Beatrice   Faye Duncan
DUNCAN Irene   Faye Duncan
DUNLAP Betty Joe   J. W. Dunlap
DUNLAP Pauline   J. W. Dunlap
ELKINS Corno   Walter Elkins
ELKINS Euna Mae   Walter Elkins
ELKINS Joe   Walter Elkins
ELKINS Roy   Walter Elkins
EWING Geo R.   G. P. Ewing
FENWICK Ben Edward   Bertha Hix
FENWICK Maudella   Bertha Hix
FENWICK Ralph   Bertha Hix
FLYNN Clifford   M. F. Flynn
FLYNN Dortha   M. F. Flynn
FLYNN Ira   M. F. Flynn
FLYNN Noble   M. F. Flynn
FROST Jearline   A. B. Frost
FROST Jewell   A. B. Frost
FROST Truly   A. B. Frost
FULLER Beatrice   C. S. Watson
FULLER Otto   C. S. Watson
GANN Clyde   Geo Wooden
GANN Elsie   A. C. Gann
GANN Erma Lee   V. W. Gann
GANN Floyd   O. F. Gann
GANN Loyd   A. C. Gann
GARDNER G. W.   L. E. Gardner
GARRISON Bessie   John Garrison
GARRISON Bradford   L. J. Garrison
GARRISON Jr.   L. J. Garrison
GARRISON Millie   L. J. Garrison
GARVIN Bernice   O. W. Garvin
GARVIN Ora   O. W. Garvin
GLADNEY Malcomb   E. M. Gladney
GRAY R. C.   John Gray
GREEN Bill R.   May Green
HAMILTON Roy Dean   W. F. Hamilton
HAMILTON Velma   W. F. Hamilton
HARRIS Kathleen   John Hill
HARRIS Videll   Simon Harris
HAYNES Gather   W. E. Haynes
HAYNES Joan   W. E. Haynes
HAYNES William Eugene   W. E. Haynes
HEMPHILL Robert Gene   M. B. Bruce
HENDERSON Dick   Z. M. Henderson
HENDERSON Pete   Z. M. Henderson
HENDRICK Bernard   H. L. Hendrick
HENDRICK Finis   H. L. Hendrick
HENDRICK Lloyd Ray   H. L. Hendrick
HENDRIX Bill   Myrtle Hendrix
HENDRIX Everett   Myrtle Hendrix
HENDRIX Minford   Myrtle Hendrix
HENDRIX Ralph   R. G. Sanders
HENDRIX R. B.   Myrtle Hendrix
HENDRIX Walter   Myrtle Hendrix
HILL Estelle   J. C. Hill
HILL Forest   J. C. Hill
HILL Maxine   J. C. Hill
HILL Oran   J. C. Hill
HILL Sybil   J. C. Hill
HOFSTETTER Celia Rea   L. J. Hofstetter
HOFSTETTER L. J. Jr.   L. J. Hofstetter
HOLT Claud Newton   Dessie Holt
HOLT Lorene   Dessie Holt
HOOSER Earnest   N. H. Hooser
HOOSER Ernestine   N. H. Hooser
HOOSER Eugenia   N. H. Hooser
HOOSER John A.   Helen Hooser
HOOSER R. D.   N. H. Hooser
HOWDESHELL Marie   T. D. Nix
HOWDESHELL Virginia   W. H. Howdeshell
HUDLOW Cora   Jim Hudlow
HUDLOW Ethel Mae   Willie Hudlow
HUDLOW Floyd   Jim Hudlow
HUDLOW Louise   Sam Hudlow
HUDLOW Marie   Sam Hudlow
HUDLOW Richard   Willie Hudlow
HUDLOW Ruth   Sam Hudlow
HUTCHINS Elizabeth   Jennie Hutchins
JAMES Idela   Henry James
JAMES Iola   Henry James
JAMES Lepolean   Henry James
JAMES Lola Lee   Henry James
JAMES Pearline   Mattie James
JOHNSON Blake Jr.   Cleo Johnson
JOHNSON Jewell   Cleo Johnson
JOHNSON Thurman   Cleo Johnson
JONES Clayton Jr.   Ruth M. Jones
JONES Mercedes   J. Jones
JONES Paul   J. Jones
JONES Richard   J. Jones
JUSTICE Bobby Don   J. R. Justice
JUSTICE Finis   Lydio Justice
JUSTICE H. S.   John Justice
KARR Betty Gene   Jobe Karr
KARR Billy Jobe   Jobe Karr
KIMBERLIN Beulah   R. D. Kimberlin
KIMBERLIN Dale   R. D. Kimberlin
KING Edith   J. W. King
LEATHERS Hazel   G. C. Leathers
LEATHERS Luther   G. C. Leathers
LEWIS Curtis   C. E. Lewis
LEWIS Rosanne   C. E. Lewis
LOCKARD G. L. Jr.   G. L.. Lockard
MABRIE Lawrence   Jennie Hutchins
MAHONEY Aline   F. A. Mahoney
MAHONEY Carroll   F. A. Mahoney
MAHONEY Gerald   F. A. Mahoney
MAHONEY Imogene   F. A. Mahoney
MALONE Freddie   Emma McGuire
MALONE Juanita   Katie Butler
McCAUGHAN John O.   Thomas McCaughan
McCAUGHAN Mildred   Virginia McCaughan
McCAUGHAN Ruth   Thos. McCaughan
McCLAIN Eva L.   W. L. McClain
McCLAIN Henry   W. L. McClain
McCLAIN Lillian   W. L. McClain
McCLAIN Mary   W. L. McClain
McCRAW J. C.   Nettie McCraw
McGUIRE Francis   F. H. McGuire
McGUIRE John   F. H. McGuire
McGUIRE Willie H.   Emma McGuire
McKINEY Samuel   Ed Harris
McKINNEY Levina   Rachel King
McKINNEY Mary Ellen   Josh McKinney
McNATT Everett   Everett McNatt
McNATT John W.   W. A. McNatt
MOORE Alford   Pearl Cherry
MORRIS Viola   Lue Fenwick
NEWBERRY Jessie Ray   A. S. Newberry
NIX Lois   Tom Nix
NIX Margaret   W. O. Nix
NIX Thomas   T. D. Nix
ORAND Marshel   L. D. White
ORAND Norene   L. D. White
ORR James R.   Beatrice Mahoney
PALMER Arthur Ray   A. A. Palmer
PALMER Cecil   C. E. Palmer
PALMER Dixie   A. A. Palmer
PALMER Edward   C. E. Palmer
PALMER Lila Mae   A. A. Palmer
PAYNE Albert   J. H. Payne
PAYNE Elbert   J. H. Payne
PAYNE Foy   J. H. Payne
PAYNE Frank   J. H. Payne
PAYNE Odie   J. H. Payne
PAYNE Odis   J. H. Payne
PENNY Edward   R. H. Penny
PERSINGER Abbie   C. A. Persinger
PERSINGER Armilda   C. A. Persinger
PERSINGER Mamie   C. A. Persinger
PERSINGER Wilma   C. A. Persinger
PETERS Alford   N. R. Cogburn
PETERS Elva   N. R. Cogburn
PHILLIPS Arch   A. W. Phillips
PHILLIPS Floyd   Mae Howdeshell
PHILLIPS Laverne   Arch Phillips
PHILLIPS Thelma   A. W. Phillips
PHILLIPS Velma   A. W. Phillips
PHILLIPS Wauyel   A. W. Phillips
PRATER Billie   U. C. Prater
PRATER Calvin   U. C. Prater
PRATER Mary Jo   Wm. H. Prater
PRATER Pernice   Lula V. Prater
PRICE Jo Ella   Jeff Price
PRICE Rachel   Lucy Harris
PRICE Willie B.   Jeff Price
REED Patricia   H. I. Reed
RENEGAR Lillie Fay   A. Renegar
ROBERTSON Jack   O. L. Robertson
ROBERTSON Ruby   O. L. Robertson
ROLISON Dillard   Ada Rolison
ROLISON Geneva   Ada Rolison
ROLISON John Henry   Ada Rolison
ROLISON Louise   Ada Rolison
SHAW Cora Mae   Beulah Shaw
SHAW Della B.   Beulah Shaw
SHAW Eugene   Beulah Shaw
SHAW Geneva   Beulah Shaw
SHAW Gertrude   Beulah Shaw
SHEPHERD Ernest   Maggie Wooldridge
SHEPHERD Hershel   J. S. Shepherd
SHEPHERD Ike   J. S. Shepherd
SHEPHERD Joseph   J. S. Shepherd
SHOEMATE Dorothy   Elma Shoemate
SHOEMATE Ernest   J. R. Shoemate
SHOEMATE Everett   Rufus Shoemate
SHOEMATE Ralph   Rufus Shoemate
SHOEMATE Wayne   Elma Shoemate
SMITH Alberta   L. C. Smith
SMITH Athla   L. C. Smith
SMITH Dortha   Roxanna Smith
SMITH Edith   H. M. Smith
SMITH Elvin   Myrtle Palmer
SMITH Emily   L. C. Smith
SMITH Jimmie   C. E. Palmer
SMITH Julia   Roxana Spring
SMITH Lillie   Roxana Spring
SMITH Quinton   Roxana Spring
SMITH Samuel   Roxana Spring
SMITH Vincent   Maggie Smith
SPRING Ada Bell   Sonny Adkins
SPRING Annie Mae   Billie Spring
SPRING Edmond   Billie Spring
SPRING Henretta   Billie Spring
SPRING Ollie   Billie Spring
SPRINGS Helen   Henretta Springs
SPRINGS Ivory   Jimmie Vann
SPRINGS Levi   Grady Springs
SPRINGS Nat M.   Billie Springs
SNELL Eugene   Eddie Harris
STANDEFER Newt Jr.   N. C. Standefer
STARR Harold   John Starr
STARR Leonard   Clara Starr
STARR Lorene   Clara Starr
STARR Marie   Clara Starr
STARR Warren   Clara Starr
STROUD Dot Lee   Walter Stroud
STROUD Jack   W. R. Stroud
SUMMERS James E.   C. H. Summers
VALENTINE Mildred   Jimmie Vann
VANN Charles   Jimmie Vann
WADE Juanita   A. W. Wade
WAND Alice   Ed Wand
WAND Dortha   Ed Wand
WAND Lella   Ed Wand
WAND Warren G.   Ed Wand
WARD Billie Lee   W. G. Frazier
WATKINS Etta   Luella Watkins
WATKINS Lee   Fate Watkins
WATKINS Loyal   Luella Watkins
WATKINS Loyd   Lonella Watkins
WATKINS Luther   Fate Watkins
WATKINS Urice   Lonella Watkins
WATSON D. B.   C. S. Watson
WATSON W. A.   C. S. Watson
WHEAT Curtis Ray   W. D. Wheat
WHEAT Hershel   W. D. Wheat
WHEAT Viola   W. D. Wheat
WILLIFORD Robert   Henry Williford
WINTON Dona   L. J. Winton
WINTON Pearl   Louis Winton
WOODS Edith   J. T. Bryan
WOODS Ruby   John Bryan
WOOLSEY Charles Lee   C. W. Woolsey
WOOLSEY Edith   C. W. Woolsey
WOOLSEY Ethel   C. W. Woolsey
WOOLSEY Katherine   Ruby McCraw
WOOLSEY Marie   Ruby McCraw
WOOLSEY Melvin   Ruby McCraw
WORKMAN Bobby Lee   Goldie Workman
WRIGHT Mercel   Buck Wright
YOUNG Bernice   U. S. Young
YOUNG Cecil   Audie Young
YOUNG Dick   U. S. Young
YOUNG Selbert   U. S. Young
YOUNGBLOOD Edith   Ora Youngblood
YOUNGBLOOD L. C.   Ora Youngblood
YOUNGBLOOD Syble   Ora Youngblood

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