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Pushmataha County Places

 A place with a link only in the Township Map column may not appear on the map.
The location was determined from other sources.

Key to Maps of Towns in Pushmataha County

This table includes a link to every map on which I've found each town.  If an entry in the Township Map column shows a link to only the Township & Range, then that town does not actually appear on the current map but I've found out which township and sometimes which section it was in from other sources.  





Detailed Township Map

Abbott No No No 2S 16E


No No


2 1N 16E





9 2N 21E
Antlers Yes Yes Yes 2-3-10-11 4S 16E


No Yes No 19 4S 17E
Big Rocks No No No  1 4S 16E
Blaywell No Yes No ?
Bowers No No No 17 2N 21E
Butler Yes No No ?
Burwell No No No 24 4S 20E
Clayton Yes Yes Yes  1 1N 28E

6 1N 19E

Cloudy No No Yes 14 3S 19E
Cohn No No No 17 2N 21E
Cole No No No 29 2N 20E
Corinne No Yes No 23 4S 19E
Council House No No No 14 2N 19E
Crum Creek No No No 26 1N 17E
Darwin No Yes Yes  6 3S 15E
Davenport Yes No No ?
Dela No No Yes 21 4S 17E
Dexter No No No 6 1N 19E
Dunbar No Yes No 19 1S 17E
Elsey Yes No No ?
Ethel No No No 5 4S 17E
Eubanks No Yes No 35 1S 16E
Fewell No No No 36 1N 21E

29 1N 22E

Finley No Yes Yes 2 3S 17E
Gee No No No 1S 19E
Greenwood No No No 28 4S 16E
Honobia No No Yes 24 1N 22E
Jack Fork No Yes No ?
Johns No No No 5 1S 16E
Jumbo No No Yes 28 1S 15E

35 1S 16E

Kellond No Yes Yes 28 3S 16E
Kiamichi No Yes Yes 14 2N 20E
Kosoma Yes Yes No 27 2S 16E
Ludlow No Yes No 24 1N 22E
Lycenm No No No 28 2N 19E
Miller No Yes Yes 5 3S 15E
Moyers No No Yes 6 3S 16E
Moyers Sw. No Yes No ?
Nashoba No Yes Yes 9 1S 20E
Niles Store No No No 17-20 3S 15E
Nip No No No ?
Nolla No No No 12 1S 20E
Noman No No No ?
North Soble No No No 30 4S 20E
Oleta No No Yes 17 4S 19E
Pine No No No 26 1N 17E
Rattan No No Yes 22 4S 18E
Rodney Yes No No 10 3S 16E
Sardis No No Yes 9 2N 18E
Shappaway No No No ?
Snow No No Yes 10 2S 18E
Sobol No No Yes 32 4N 20E
Standley Yes No No ?
Stanley Sta. Yes Yes Yes 24 1N 17E
Ten Mile Sta. No No No 13 3S 15E
Tuskahoma No


Yes 26 2N 19E
Wadena Yes Yes No 11 2S 16E
Walton No No No 2 2S 16E
Wilson No No No 4 2S 16E
Zoraya No Yes No 31 2S 15E


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