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Located in the NW 1/4 11-15-22


The land for the cemetery was given by Henry MUSIC.


This information came from the book, "Cemeteries and More" by Glena Belle CRANE.


Updates and corrections have been provided by Wanda PURCELL.


ARCHER, Elsie,  1916 - 1918, Dau of Cal ARCHER


ARCHER, Emery, 09OCT1884 - 29OCT1917


ARCHER, G.W., 17FEB1826 - 09JAN1912, Father of Cal & Emery


ARCHER, Mary E., 04FEB1846 - 1920


BRIGGS, Baby, no dates


KEPLEY, Baby, no dates,  Dau of John KEPLEY


KEPLEY, James, 03FEB1914 - 26JUL1929


KEPLEY, J.H., 02AUG1869 - 14OCT1941


MUSIC, Henry, 1878 - 1918


MUSIC, Willie, 28JUN1908 - 11FEB1909


PYEATT, Baby, no dates


PYEATT, Baby, no dates ,  Dau of Ethel PYEATT


RICE, Baby, no dates, Dau of John RICE


TRIPLETT, Baby, no dates,  Dau of John TRIPLETT


TRIPLETT, John, 1875 - 1908