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Location NE 1/4 Section 18-15-22


John Rogers filed on the land, where the cemetery is, in 1900. John's father, Daniel Rogers, died in 1903 and John buried him there on the farm. John then donated a portion of land for a community cemetery. John was buried in the Strong City Cemetery in 1941.


6 unknown graves, No dates

ALLEN, Mary Hawkins 1854 - 12JUN1904

ARCHER, Charles 08OCT1933 - 08OCT1933 Son of Lawrence & Vida

ARCHER, Virginia Mae 28MAY1925 - 10FEB1929

BEALS, Baby No dates

BEALS, Baby No dates Child of Ila Beals

BROWN, Baby No dates

CANTRELL, Mrs. No dates

DUNCAN, Susie 05DEC1870 - 06JUL1909

EMMITT, Arbie B. 14MAY1910 - 15JUL1910

EMMITT, Leota I. 20MAY1913 - 25JUN1913

FOSTER, Mrs. No dates

HINKLE, Baby No dates

HUBBARD, John Wesley No date - . Son of John Hubbard

HYMAN, Baby No dates Baby of Andrew Hyman

HYMAN, Baby No dates Baby of Fred Hyman

LATHROP, James A. 1826 - 1903

LATHROP, Jennie A. 1842 - 1904 Wife of James A.

LATHROP, No name No dates

LEWIS, George 1879 - 1962

MARTIN, Joe No dates

MCCLELLAN, Arbie E. 17SEP1878 - 28DEC1907

MCCLELLAN, Lucy 1842 - 1925

MCCLELLAN, Ralph 21FEB1837 - 16JAN1909

MCCLELLAN, Ralph No dates Baby of Emmitt

PYEATT, Baby 1929 - 1929

PYEATT, Baby 29NOV1928 - 29NOV1928 Son of Orl & Estelle

ROBINSON, Elizabeth Jane 02APR1853 - 27MAY1907

ROBINSON, Jennie 04NOV1889 - 31APR1904

ROBINSON, Mary E. 13APR1852 - 18MAY1911

ROGERS, Daniel W. 26NOV1841 - 03FEB1903

ROGERS, William 26NOV1851 - 08OCT1922

SMITH, Jessie W. 01OCT1836 - 01JAN1913

THOMAS, Dora No date - 10MAR???? Carved on red rock

WALKER, Baby 10DEC1910 - 11JAN1911 Son of Curtis & Dicie

WELTY, Catharine 20DEC1895 - 20NOV1905