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BENTON, JR., Benjamin "Hobie" "Brother", Nov. 9, 1942(Foreman,) - Nov 25, 2005(Fort Smith, Ark), s/o Benjamin BENTON, Jr. and Wynona WARE. He married Effie BENTON;

BENTON, SR., Benjamin "Skinner", Feb. 13, 1921 - Aug 17, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark) s/o James Garfield BENTON and Birdie (Releford) BENTON.

BENTON, Birdie Hattie RELEFORD, August 13, 1882(Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation) – June 22, 1974(Seq Co OK) s/o James RELEFORD and Mary Alice DOTSON RELEFORD, married James G BENTON in 1905

BENTON, Birdie Jean, January 14, 1930(Redland, Oklahoma) - November 26, 1971(Wichita, Kansas )  d/o James G. BENTON and Hattie Birdie(RELEFORD) BENTON. 

BENTON, Chester, (47) Dec. 7, 1999

BENTON, James Garfield, August 16, 1882 (Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation) -April 12, 1952(Muldrow, Seq Co., OK), married Birdie Hattie RELEFORD in 1905.

BENTON, Ozell F. "Zeke", March 16, 1951- May 23, 2000

BENTON, Wynona Katherine, April 24, 1920 (Redland) - July16, 2003 (Fort Smith), d/o McKinley WARE and Minnie (DAVIS) WARE. married Benjamin BENTON Sr. on March 26, 1939.

BILLINGS, Doann 56, died on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011(Moffett.)

BYRD, Verdelma E., Jan. 3, 1922(Ardmore.) - April 29, 2008(Poteau.)

CROSLIN, Barbara Gayle, Dec. 10, 1941(Wichita Falls, Texas,) - Nov. 20, 2007(Fort Worth, Texas) d/o William Jefferson and Jewell Dealy (MONK) SUDDETH. She married Buddy CROSLIN, Nov. 2, 1956, in Dalhart, Texas.

CROSSLIN, Sam, age 30 years died March 23, 1914, Centerpoint Cemetery

DAVIS, George Edward, Jan. 15, 1936 (Foreman) - Oct. 17, 2002 (Fort Smith, Ark.), s/o Isaac DAVIS and Emma GREEN DAVIS

DOTSON, Hannah JOLLY, August 15, 1833(Nashville, Tennessee) - 1912(Redland, Seq Co. OK) d/o Dudley JOLLY and Betsey BRYANT JOLLY, She married Isaac DOTSON they had eight children.

DOTSON, ISAAC, 1837(Raysides Parish, Louisiana, near Union Hill) – 1899(Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation) He married Hanna JOLLY DOTSON they had eight children

DOTSON, John, Feb 20, 1863(Lee's Creek, Crawford Co, Arkansas) – Jan 19, 1955(Seq co OK),s/o Isaac DOTSON and Hannah JOLLY DOTSON, married Mary MELTON in 1895 three children.

FOREMAN, Freeley, age 30 years died October 19, 1923, c/o Richard Foreman (I.T.) & Sallie Beck (I.T.) Centerpoint Cemetery, page 238

FOREMAN, Roscoe, May 12, 1890 (Seq Co) - Dec 16, 1941, s/o Zack FOREMAN (Fort Gibson, Ok) and Mattie BELL (Seq Co), h/o Luella FOREMAN, Centerpoint Cemetery, page 16,

FLURRY, John Henry , March 17, 1929 - Nov. 30, 1999 s/o William and Minnie (NICKERSON) FLURRY.

FLURRY, Minnie, Dec. 25, 1893 - Aug. 13, 1985, d/o Jeff and Amanda NIXON

GREEN, Signal, Dec. 18, 1875 - Jan. 16, 1920 Centerpoint Cemetery . Page 262

JOHNSON. Bernice "Lude", Sept. 12, 1932(Redland,) - Jan 2, 2007(Muldrow), d/o Charlie RELEFORD and Lillian NICHOLSON. husband, Willis Goodlow JOHNSON

JOHNSON Jr., Willis Otis “Dickie” 63, died on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2011(Fort Smith) s/o Willis JOHNSON Sr.;

MAXWELL, Campell L, January 2, 1926(Foreman,) - April 22, 2005(Fort Smith, Ark), s/o Odell MAXWELL and Ora CAMPBELL. He married Lucy MAXWELL.

MAXWELL, Lucy Charlene, 86, died Sunday, Aug. 3, 2008.

NANCE, Lea Etta, Feb. 28, 1941(Redland,) - Nov 7, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark) d/o Benjamin and Wynona (WARE) BENTON.

PEREZ, Jose Luis CHEATER, - April 14, 2010(Tahlequah, Oklahoma,) s/o of Jose Humberto PEREZ and Pamela Jenna CHEATER.

RELEFORD, Bobby Joe, Jan. 29, 1951- July 25, 1998 s/o Jesse VANN & Bernice Releford

RELEFORD, Charles, Feb. 4, 1951- March 22, 2001, s/o Charles Eugene CRAVENS and Mary Alice RELEFORD

RELEFORD. Charles, November 14, 1878(Billingsly, Washington, Co., Ark) – November 22, 1961(Muldrow, Seq Co., OK), s/o James RELEFORD and Mary Alice DOTSON RELEFORD, He married Lillian NICHOLSON.

RELEFORD, Isaac, 1821(Rutherford Co, Rutherford, TN,) - September 1, 1901(Indian Territory, Ok.) he married Eliza DOTSON. They had three sons.

RELEFORD. Lillian NICHOLSON, 1875(Indian Territory, OK) – 1969(Muldrow Seq Co,OK), married Charles RELEFORD in Muldrow several children were born of this union. She lived her whole life in Muldrow.

RELEFORD, Jessie , 1901 (Indian Territory, OK) – 1957(Redland, Seq Co.,OK), d/o  James RELEFORD and Mary Alice RELEFORD, She and Jerry FOREMAN had two sons.

RELEFORD, Mary Alice DOTSON, September 19, 1854(Lee's Creek, Crawford Co., Arkansas) – November 17, 1951 (Muldrow, Seq Co.,OK), d/o Isaac DOTSON and Hanna JOLLY, she married James RELEFORD in Billingsly, Arkansas, June 19, 1881. they had seven children.

RELEFORD, Reba Kay, Feb. 25, 1957- April, 1985, d/o Ocie & Emma WALLACE RELEFORD

RELEFORD. Sarah 'Doll”, December 1895(Indian Territory, Seq Co.,OK) – 1934(Redland, Seq Co., OK), d/o James RELEFORD and Mary Alice RELEFORD, She never married and had no children.

RELEFORD, Willie Markus, 1904(Indian Territory, OK) – 1923(Redland, Seq Co. OK) s/o James RELEFORD and Mary Alice RELEFORD he was 19 years old when he died. He never married and had no children.

ROTHERS, Darrel, May 23, 1938(Havensville, Kan.) - June 25, 2010(Vian) s/o Phil and Ferne (KELLY) ROTHERS He married, Gayle

WALLACE, Minnie T., April 15, 1910 d/o Barthy & Norcain THOMSON.. She married James Ruben WALLACE in 1941 in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death Jan. 22, 1994.

WOODIS, Evelyn FLURRY, Nov. 21, 1924 (Foreman) - July 10, 2002 (Moffett), d/o William and Minnie NICKERSON FLURRY,

WOODIS, John Henry,  Sept. 3, 1920 - Aug. 3, 1999, s/o Joe and Anna WOODIS. md Evelyn FLURRY

YOUNGBLOOD, Dennis, Jan. 14, 1917 (Redland) - April 24, 2002 (Fort Smith, Ark), s/o Buddy and Dora LANGSTON YOUNGBLOOD, md Lizetta BELL, she preceded him in death.

YOUNGBLOOD, Ella Mae, March 8, 1923(Redland.) - Aug. 2, 2006

YOUNGBLOOD, J.T., Nov. 21, 1934(Redland) - Nov 1, 2006, s/o Buddy YOUNGBLOOD and Dora LANGSTON.

YOUNGBLOOD, Silas, May 10, 1927(Redland) - April 8, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Buddy and Dora (LANGSTON) YOUNGBLOOD. He married Rosie;

YOUNGBLOOD, Willie Ann, July 10,1943 - Dec 8, 2005, d/o Ella Mae STAMPS YOUNGBLOOD and Eulous YOUNGBLOOD Sr.


Sequoyah County
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