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Decoration at  Lee's Chapel Cemetery is the third Sunday in May.

ADAMS, Larry Otto, June 18, 1948 (Fort Smith, Ark) - Dec. 4, 2002 (Fort Smith), s/o Claude ADAMS and Pearl Irene WELCH VICTORY, MD Pamela AUMAN on Feb. 5, 1971 in El Paso, Texas.

ADAMS, Pam, March 9, 1952(El Paso, Texas,) - Aug. 25, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark.) to Royce Wayne AUMAN and Esther BLOCKER. She married Larry Otto ADAMS, Feb. 5, 1971, in El Paso. He preceded her in death, Dec. 4, 2002, in Fort Smith.

ALEXANDER, Vicki Lynn, Aug. 4, 1968 - Feb. 10, 2001, d/o George Clarence CURTIS & Lucille Marie HEICK CURTIS

ALLEN, Onie Anna BETHANY, , March 2, 1901 – September 16, 1922(of Tuberculosis), d/o William Marion BETHANY and Laura Ann KUHN, w/o LL ALLEN

ALLEN, George Jr., July 8, 1940 (Muldrow) - July 18, 1941, s/o Jeo. ALLEN (Muldrow) and Mary McKINNEY (Seq Co.), Lee's Chapel Cemetery page 181

ALLEN, Romba L. WELCH , 7 Mar 1914--21 Feb 1932, d/o Eli and Cora WELCH

ALLEN, Abb no dates

ALLEN, Wyema Paulene, 16 Feb 1932-- 20 Feb 1932, d/o Romba and Abb ALLEN.

ANDERSON, Andrew Dempsey, July 27, 1923 - July 5, 2001, s/o Buen & Rebecca Frances "Fannie" MOORE HAMBY. Md Shirley Andeson Oct. 30,1 948. She died May 14, 1999.

BANKSTON, Augusta DOBBS, August 1, 1921(Akins) - November 2, 2004, d/o Hugh and Dora DOBBS. She was preceded in death by her husband, Wilmer Lee BANKSTON;

BLAYLOCK, Moody Ray, March 14, 1935(Muldrow) - Jan. 2, 2005( Fort Smith, Ark.), s/o Ray and Lucille (SHACKELFORD) BLAYLOCK.He married Margaret BLAYLOCK;

BREEDLOVE, Jackie Carol, Oct. 10, 1957(Bell Gardens, Calif.) -April 30, 2012(Grove.) d/o James KEITH and Joann Rose KEITH. She married Owen David BREEDLOVE;

BROWN, Damon Joe, Dec. 16, 1942 - June 30, 1985, s/o Roy E. & Ruby BROWN married Marcia TYSON Nov. 7, 1964, in Kansas City.

BROWN, Ruby P. HAYWOOD, Feb. 21, 1912(Muldrow.) - Aug. 30, 2011(Roland.) d/o Ada and Oscar HAYWOOD. Ruby married Roy BROWN on Nov. 19, 1926, in Muldrow. She was preceded in death by her husband

BUSH, Luther T., Nov. 11, 1928 - June 8, 2001, s/o Luther Lonzo BUSH and Naomi McCRACKLIN BUSH md Beverly Ann GODWIN

CHERRY, Emma WALKER, Nov 15, 1865 (Winston Co., AL) -Sept 21, 1924 (Seq Co, Ok), d/o Isaac WALKER and Harriet WILLIS both from Alabama, 1st husband George TAYLOR, 2nd husband J.C. "Cull" CHERRY

CLARK, Bonnie M., Dec. 7, 1931(Sallisaw,) - March 5, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark) - to Thomas and Audry FRAZIER. She was preceded in death by her husband, Bob CLARK,

COFFMAN, Carolyn Delores, March 9, 1938 (Vian) - Oct. 3, 2002 (Sallisaw), d/o Hugh E. QUALLS and Lillian MACNATE QUALLS,

COKER, Mayme FAULKNER, June 4, 1893 -April 8, 1915, d/o John and Mary FAULKNER, w/o Sidney L COKER.

COLEMAN, Chris A., age 34, died March 15, 2001,

COOK, Keith Benson, April 16, 1963(Fort Smith, Ark.) - Jan 18, 2010(Muldrow) to Jerry Benson COOK and Judy Mae LEWIS BOWMAN.

COUGHRAN, Henry, Nov 27, 1871 (Ark) - June 10, 1944, s/o Mark COUGHRAN (Ky), Lee's Chapel Cemetery, page 25,

COUGHRAN, Jessie V., Feb. 27, 1942 - Jan. 2, 2001, d/o Jesse Burll & Mable Virginia CAPEHART WEAVER md William Monroe COUGHRAN Oct. 30, 1956, in Muldrow, He preceded her in death Dec. 29, 1993.

COURTNEY, Beverly L., 77, June 30, 2002 (Fort Smith)

COX, Homer E., June 30, 1937(Chowchilla, Calif.,) - Nov 4, 2008(Sallisaw) s/o Homer Victor COX and Marie (ROBERTS) COX. . He married Deloris Annabelle REECE, July 22, 1955, in Stigler.

CRANE, Lillie Irene, Jan. 16, 1930, in Muldrow, to Martin COUGHRAN and Tilley COUGHRAN. She died Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2007, in Fort Smith, Ark. She married James Alfred CRANE who preceded her in death.

CURTIS, George C., 77, of Fort Smith, Ark., DIED MARCH 2007; his wife, Lucille;

CURTIS, Josh, Jan. 1, 1986 - Feb. 10, 2001, s/o Vicki Lynn CURTIS ALEXANDER

DECKER, Peter Calip "Toolie", May 22, 1904- Sept 25, 1936

DECKER, Lon Leo, 1903- March 23, 1927

DeLaCERDA,  TACIA, April 8, 1985 (Muldrow) -April 14, 2003 (Muldrow), d/o Zane Wallace GRAY Jr. and Delia Marie CUDE GRAY, md Jesse Richard DeLaCERDA on Nov 23, 2002 in Fort Smith.

DORITY III, Elmer, Sept. 18, 1972 - March 2, 2000

DORITY, William "Frank", 69, died Jan 15, 2003 (Oklahoma City

DOWNING, Amanda Welch, 1873 (Robinsville, NC) -May 29, 1940, d/o Nancy RATTLER, Lee Creek Cemetery, page 74

DRAKE, Joyce L., March 13, 1917(Cottonwood Community,) - May 29, 2007(Muldrow.) d/o Washburn LEE and Ellen TAYLOR LEE. She was preceded in death by her husbands, Ira Paul LANEY, Ernest BROYLES and Seymour DRAKE,

ELROD, George Francis, 1861 - 1905

ERWIN, Cynthia Lou "Cindy", Aug. 6, 1967(Sallisaw) - March 3, 2007(Booneville), d/o Dallas QUALLS and June QUALLS. her husband, Tom;

FALKNER (Faulkner), John, Aug 10, 1847 - March 10, 1910, h/o Mary Ellen

FARGO, Lula, age 32 years, 9 months, 2 days, (Mulberry, Ark) - died July 15, 1929, d/o John RAMSEY (Ark) , w/o Walter R. FARGO, Lee Cemetery, page 144

FARMER, Emma Lee, Jan. 23, 1920(Cottonwood) - April 4, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark). d/o Washburn LEE and Ellen Egathia (TAYLOR) LEE. She married Frank Henry FARMER on Feb. 5, 1944, in Muldrow. He preceded her in death on Jan. 10, 2003.

FARMER, Frank Henry, Dec. 2, 1910 (Hanson) - Jan. 10, 2003 (Sallisaw), s/o Lee FARMER and Mary MEEKS FARMER, md Emma Jane LEE on Feb. 5, 1944 in Muldrow.

FAULKNER(Falkner), John, Aug 10, 1847 -March 10, 1910, h/o Mary Ellen

FAULKNER, Mary Ellen, Jan. 23, 1848 - Jan. 20, 1933, w/o John FAULKNER

FAULKNER, Frank, Oct28, 1869 - Sept 22, 1894, s/o John and Mary FAULKNER.

FENCE, Columbus, Birthdate Abt. 1859 Died 11-25-1882 Husband of  Joanna Jacobs and father of Cora Jennings. Row 20 Space 2

FENCE, Walter Duncan birthdate Abt. 1852 Died 03-25-1887. Husband of Lucinda Sweat. Father of George, Ella Margie AKA (Maud Ella), and Jennie Fence. Row 20 Space 1

FOUTS, Lois Evelyn, Aug. 19. 1921(Charleston, Ark.,) - Nov 3, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark)d/o John CORBELL and Goldie (GILBERT) CORBELL. She married Ernest Layfette FOUTS on Nov. 25, 1939, in Fort Smith. He preceded her in death March 17, 1982, in Muldrow.

FULCE, John E, Jan. 26, 1927(Kilmichael, Ms.) - Sept 24, 2009(Fort Smith, Ar) s/o Jim Tom FULCE and Lucy (BEASON) FULCE. He was married to Marguerite Irene (GALLOWAY) FULCE on Jan. 5, 1954 in Poteau, Ok. She preceded him in death on Oct. 31, 1990 in Ft. Smith, Ar.

GARD, Charles, March 14, 1935(St. Louis,) - Jan 12, 2006(Gans), s/o Charles Diville GARD and Felma Marie (GOODMAN) GARD. He married Josephine Melba MIER, Oct. 26, 1961, in St. Louis.

GILBERT Jr, Cleo, Sept 2, 1970(Fort Smith, Ark.) - July 20, 2012(Muldrow)  s/o Frankie Cleo GILBERT Sr. and La Donna Sue (GARNER) GILBERT.  he married Susan

GOAD, R.Q., Jan. 25, 1918 (Sallisaw) -Aug. 9, 1934, c/o E.D. GOAD (Logan Co, Ark) and Effie EUBANKS (Franklin Co, Ark), Lees Chapel Cemetery, page 34

GRAY SR., Junior Leon, March 25, 1923-March 28, 2001, s/o William Thomas GRAY & Ethel (HOLT) GRAY md Mary Ann CARR on Nov. 30, 1941, in Fort Smith.

GRAY, Mary Ann CARR, March 24, 1926(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - Jan. 19, 2008(Muldrow.) d/o George D. CARR and Rebbeca Susan (McKINNEY) CARR. She married Junior Leon GRAY, Nov. 30, 1941, in Fort Smith. He preceded her in death, March 28, 2001, in Muldrow.

HAGGARD, Kathryn Frances, Oct. 9, 1957 - June 28, 2010(Fort Smith, Ark.), d/o Samuel CRAWFORD and Barbara JUDD.

HALE, Orville Lafayette, Nov. 27, 1922 (Muldrow) - Aug. 9, 1934, s/o Tom W. HALE (Muldrow) and Carrlie L. GAMMILL (Ark), Lees Chapel Cemetery, page 35

HALLUM, Alice Joyce, January 2, 1918(Lee's Chapel Community, Oklahoma,) - April 19, 2010(Roland)d/o Grundie Orban "G.O." HALLUM and Maude (LEE) HALLUM.

HAMBY, Alvie Lee, March 4, 1945(Kansas City, Mo.) -  Sept. 4, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Buen Vester HAMBY and Rebecca Francis (MOORE) "Fannie" HAMBY.

HAMBY, Eldon B., Nov. 6, 1940 (Muldrow) - July 22, 2002 (Kansas City, Mo), s/o Buen Vester HAMBY and Rebecca Frances MOORE HAMBY, md Janet Eunice JOHNSON Dec. 27, 1983 in Seq Co.

HAMBY, Rebecca, April 15,1903 (Redland) - May 28, 2004, d/o Daniel Benjamin MOORE and Lillie Mae SANDLIN. She was preceded in death by her husband, Buen Vester HAMBY on Feb. 18, 1967;

HAMBY, Roger Daniel, Dec. 29, 1937(Muldrow,) - April 17, 2006(Sallisaw.), s/o Buen Vester HAMBY and Rebecca Francis "Fannie" (MOORE) HAMBY. He married Kathleen Kay TOMASEVIC, Dec. 4, 1965, in Kansas City, Mo. She preceded him in death, April 8, 1991, in Muskogee.

HANNA, Howard B., 85, s/o Robert and Erma HANNA(Pittsburg.) died April 18, 2006. He Married Paula (FRAZIER) HANNA;

HARDWICK, Earnest Vernon, April 8, 1926 (Chismville, Logan Co., Ark) - Aug 20, 1971 (Fort Smith, Ark), s/o Marion and Eva ANDERSON HARDWICK, Veteran of WWII

HARDWICK, Retha Lahoma, March 15, 1937 (Bakersfield, Calif.)- Oct. 7, 2002 (Sallisaw), d/o Cass MOQUITT and Mabel WELCH, md Earnest HARDWICK and Chuck FOSTER, both preceded her in death.

HARRISON, Jesse Olen, April 28, 1947(Mulberry, Ark.,) - Aug. 25, 2011(Sallisaw.) s/o Flay HARRISON and Nora (MASTERSON) HARRISON. He married Kathryn LaVerne COPELAND on May 15, 1987, in Van Buren Ark.

HAYS, Christian Keith, Feb. 23, 2009(Fort Hood, Texas,) - April 16, 2009(Fort Hood) s/o Matthew Keith HAYS and Jessica Renea (LEE) HAYS.

HAYWOOD, David, Sept. 6, 1936- Dec. 17, 2000, s/o James Calvin HAYWOOD SR., & Dollie May ENGLAND HAYWOOD.

HAYWOOD SR., James Calvin, June 19, 1915 - July 5, 1999 s/o Oscar HAYWOOD and Ada (RAMEY) HAYWOOD. md Dollie May ENGLAND Jan. 21, 1934, in Muldrow. She preceded him in death June 15, 1994.

HENDRIX, James Lourance, Jan. 3, 1933(Bella Vista, California,) - Feb 18, 2007(Tulsa), s/o Alex Jack HENDRIX and Jessie Mae (STEELE) HENDRIX. He married Wilma June "Jan" QUALLS, May 6, 1966, in Carson City, Nev .

HOLLOMAN, Bob Dean, Oct. 26, 1930(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - Oct 10, 2009(Fort Smith, AR) to Archie Lee HOLLOMAN and Nellie Myrtle (CLARK) HOLLOMAN. He married Mildred Faye GREEN, June 30, 1950, in Fort Smith. She preceded him in death, Jan. 13, 2006, in Muldrow.

HOLLOMAN, Mildred Faye, April 19, 1931(Long Community,) - Jan 13, 2006 (Muldrow), d/o Arvil GREEN and Anna Lucinda (BUFFINGTON) GREEN. She married Bob Dean HOLLOMAN, June 30, 1950, in Fort Smith, Ark.

HOLLOMAN, Russell "Russ", May 25, 1956(Torrance, Calif.) - Jan 13, 2006(Fort Smith), s/o Bob Dean HOLLOMAN and Mildred Faye (GREEN) HOLLOMAN. He married Catherine Aline CALMA, Feb. 14, 1998, in Maui, Hawaii.

HOLT, Billy Ray, Nov. 27, 1944(Muldrow,) - August 13, 2005(Tulsa), s/o Loyd Haskell HOLT, Sr. and Leola Mae (FARMER) HOLT.

HOLT, Carl David, Aug 6, 1962 April 27, 1998 s/o William Lawton HOLT and Linda MCCLEOD HADLEY. m Mary Ellen WILLIAMS Sept. 16, 1994, in Muldrow.

HOLT, Greg, Sept 20, 1963 (Fort Smith) - June 8, 2003 (Fort Smith), s/o Lloyd "Buddy" HOLT Jr. and Callie (MATHIS) HOLT.

HOLT, Leola Mae Feb. 1, 1919 - Jan. 12, 2001 d/o Robert Lee and Mary Ellen MEEKS FARMER md Loyd H. HOLT Sr. Dec. 23, 1936, in Muldrow. He died July 6, 1984 in Fort Smith.

HOLT, Mary Ann, Jan. 12, 1938 (Muldrow) - Jan. 19, 1938, d/o Loyd HOLT (Muldrow) and Leola FARMER (Muldrow), Lees Chapel Cemetery, page 62

HOLT, Sidney Albert, ( 87 years old) June 12, 1998 s/o William and Mary Elizabeth (JACKSON) HOLT. m Gladys Hermal (DOBBS) HOLT March 12, 11937, in Muldrow.

HOLT, Stephen Todd, Dec. 3, 1967(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - March 25, 2011(Gans.) s/o Loyd “Buddy” HOLT Jr. and Callie MATHIS HOLT BARNES.

HOLT, William Lawton, April 22, 1937(Sequoyah County) - Dec 16, 1998(Fort Smith), s/o Sidney A HOLT and Gladys Hermal (DOBBS) HOLT.

HUGGINS, Edgar Samuel, July 2, 1919(Brent Commuity) - Dec 10,2 003 (Roland), s/o Sam HUGGINS and Elizabeth RENFRO HUNGGINS, md Eula Dean HALLUM on Dec 8, 1941, in Cottonwood community. She preceded him in death Nov 7, 1972.

INLOW, Brenda Joyce VEST 71, of Springfield, Mo.,

IVEY, Char Christian, July 8, 1946(Dallas, Texas,) - April 22, 2010(Dallas) d/o Anita May DAVIS.

JACKSON, Bonnie Lee LEDBETTER, April 18, 1951(Blythesville, Ark.,) - May 9, 2008(Muskogee.) d/o Willie L. LEDBETTER and Catherine Cecelia (MABRAY) LEDBETTER. She married James Edward JACKSON, June 31, 1989, in Muldrow.

JACKSON, Gordon, Aug. 16, 1924 (Seq Co) - April 15, 1927, s/o Sam JACKSON (Ark) and Minerva HOLT (Ok), Lees Chapel Cemetery, page 168

JACKSON, Kathern Maybell, December 6, 1902(Cecil, Franklin County, Ark) - August 12, 1982 (Fort Smith), d/o Thomas Fred EUBANKS and Mollie Ruth MILLER EUBANKS

JACKSON, Minerva, March 17, 1886 (Muldrow) - March 6, 1938, d/o Bill HOLT (NC) and Nellie POOLS (Ga), w/o Sam JACKSON, Lees Chapel Cemetery, page 72

JACKSON, Thelma Louise, April 13, 1922 (Seq Co) - Jan 16, 1943, d/o Sam JACKSON (Crawford Co., Ark) and Minerva HOLT (Seq Co), Lee's Chapel Cemetery, page 118,

JENNINGS, Katie Lee, 1923 (Mulberry, Ark) - Sept 28, 1947, d/o J.H. HARMON and Ethel McADOO, w/o J.D. JENNINGS JR., Lee's Chapel Cemetery, page 141,

JENNINGS, Rev. Lester C., May 25, 1919 (Levelland, Texas) - Dec 14, 2004 (FortSmith), s/o Chester JENNINGS and Opal Fay (DUNCAN) JENNINGS.

JONES, Jacob Alva, Jan 31, 1933(Redland,) - Jan 12, 2009(Fort Smith) to Emmitt Virgil JONES and Emma Lena (WOLFE) JONES. He married Judy RUSSELL, Aug 24, 1990, in Tulsa.

JONES, Judy RUSSELL , July 24, 1935(Redland) - Jan. 11, 2012(Muldrow), d/o John RUSSELL and Judith (DAY) RUSSELL. She married Jacob Alva JONES on Aug. 24, 1986, in Tulsa. He preceded her in death on Jan. 12, 2009.

JONES, Mildred, April 13, 1928 (Paw Paw Bottoms) - March 28, 2003 (Sallisaw), d/o Eli Jefferson WELCH and Cora Elizabeth TOUNZEN WELCH. Md G.B. JONES on Sept 23, 1950 in Van Buren, Ark. He died July 24, 1994.

JONES, Peggy Ann, Feb. 14, 1943(Woodland, Calif.) - Jan. 1, 2013(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o James Edwin GASTINEAU and Eura WOODY. She married Charles Leroy JONES on May 4, 1964, in Stilwell.

KEITH, James Harvey, April 23, 1944(Muldrow) - Aug. 1, 2010(Roland.)  s/o Odis Elvin KEITH and Edna Mae (STAMPS) KEITH.

KEITH, James William, May 2, 1923(Muldrow,) - July 22, 2006(Roland), s/o William Harvey KEITH and Audrey Edna (LEE) KEITH. He married Joann V. ROSE, Feb. 9, 1950, in Van Buren, Ark. She preceded him in death in 1954 in Muldrow.

KEITH, Jimmy Dale, Feb. 23, 1951(Oklahoma City,) - July 8, 2006(Hackett), s/o James William KEITH and Velma Joann (ROSE) KEITH.

KEITH, Joy COUCH, Oct. 4, 1953(Scottsburg, Ind.) - July 21, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark.), d/o Ruby COUCH and Elsie (HUDSON) COUCH. She married David Glen KEITH, April 6, 1973, in Muldrow

KEITH, Ronnie, May 17, 1959(Whittier, Calif.,) - May 22, 2008(Grove), s/o James William KEITH and Joann (ROSE) KEITH.

KEITH, Susie Lee, May 26, 1927 (Drumwright) - July 2003, d/o William Harvey KEITH and Edna Mae FAULKNER KEITH.

LEDBETTER, Willie L., September 24, 1917-August 17, 2001, s/o Guy and Lucy E. FISHER LEDBETTER

LEE, Billy Gean, March 14, 1935 (Muldrow) - Oct 29, 1949, s/o Frank LEE and Mary DORITY, Lee's Chapel Cemetery, page 90

LEE, Edna M., July 13, 1926(Vian,) - Sept 12, 2008(Muldrow) d/o Tom SINGLETON and Mary Ann (VESSELL) SINGLETON. She married George H. LEE, April 16, 1946, in Fort Smith, Ark.

LEE, Fred Junior, April 13, 1924(in Lee's Chapel community,) - April 5, 2007(Tahlequah), s/o Fred Elmer LEE and Maggie Elizabeth (FAULKNER) LEE. . He married Edith M. BAGLEY, Feb. 5, 1944, in Muldrow.

LEE, Harold, March 16, 1950(Paw Paw community) - April 21, 2007(Tulsa), s/o George Hyles LEE and Edna (SINGLETON) LEE. He married Deborah CAMPBELL on April 18, 1977.

LEE, James Paul, March 15, 1915(Cottonwood Community,) - Nov 28, 2005(Fort Smith, Ark), s/o Wash LEE and Ellen (TAYLOR) LEE. He married Sybil Olene PEMBERTON, Sept. 28, 1940, in Muldrow.

LEE, Sybil PEMBERTON, June 11, 1916(Redland) – Aug. 19, 2010(Fort Smith,) d/o Perry Oliver PEMBERTON and Francis Elinder (CHURCHILL) PEMBERTON. She married James Paul LEE on Sept. 28, 1940, in Muldrow. He preceded her in death on Nov. 28, 2005, in Fort Smith.

LEE, Tom Collins, Sept 23, 1923 July 23, 1998 s/o Frank & Mary Dority LEE  m. Wanda Ruth Carr Dec. 24, 1946

LEE, Sybil PEMBERTON, June 11, 1916(Redland) - Aug. 19, 2010(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Perry Oliver PEMBERTON and Francis Elinder (CHURCHILL) PEMBERTON. She married James Paul LEE on Sept. 28, 1940, in Muldrow. He preceded her in death on Nov. 28, 2005, in Fort Smith.

LEWIS, Carolyn Gail, June 14, 1951(Ulysses, Kan.,) - April 17, 2009(Sallisaw) d/o Star SIMS and Mary Elizabeth (EDWARDS) She married Eddie LEWIS, Aug. 28, 1969, in Muldrow.

LEWIS, Chief Ted Roosevelt, Sept 22, 1920 May 25, 1998 s/o Fount Elza and Lou Vennie (LEE) LEWIS. m Ruby Jerell SINGLETON, Oct. 5, 1940, in Sequoyah County.

LEWIS, E.J., March 7, 1914(Muldrow,) - Jan. 20, 2005 (Fort Smith, Ark), s/o Fount LEWIS and Lou Vennie (LEE) LEWIS. He married Lillie Mae RYAN in Nov. 1937 in Van Buren, Ark. She preceded him in death on Oct. 17, 1993.

LEWIS, Freddy Patton, Sept. 27, 1941(Lee’s Chapel) - Feb. 10, 2011(Muldrow.) s/o Robert LEWIS and Cassie Mae (ROGERS) LEWIS. He married Mary June RUSSELL on Aug. 14, 1976, in Muldrow.

LEWIS, Hazel WALKER, 1910 (Seq Co, OK) - ?????, d/o Isaac "Bud" William Washington WALKER of OK and Sarilda PRUITT of Mo., md Elmer LEWIS of Muldrow, Ok.

LEWIS, Oralee, Nov. 30, 1919 (Danville, Ark.) - Dec. 19, 2002 (Fort Smith, Ark), d/o Oscar GILKEY and Melissa COWELL GILKERY, md Hubert Hughes LEWIS Sr on June 12, 1939 in Fort Smith, he preceded her in death on March 22, 1995.

LEWIS, Rose Mary "Rosie", Dec. 19, 1946 (Morgantown, W.Va) -Feb. 14, 2002 ( Fort Smith, Ark), d/o William "Bill" and Leona McCABE HARVEY, md Donald ‘Duck' LEWIS.

LEWIS, Ruby J., April 2, 1922 (Vian) -May 18, 2003 (Muldrow), d/o Tom SINGLETON and Mary VESSELL SINGLETON, She married Chief Ted Roosevelt LEWIS on Oct 5, 1940, in Sequoyah County. He preceded her in death on May 25, 1998.

LEWIS, Virginia Lucille, April 13, 1936 (Long community)- Dec 20, 2003 (Roland), d/o William Riley BROOKS and Lucille PARRIS BROOKS, md Bill LEWIS on July 23, 1955 in Fort Smith, Ark

MARR, Arthur Clarence, Sept. 12, 1918 - May 25, 2001, s/o George Washington MARR and Pinkey Mae (EVANS) MARR md Grace Nadine JACKSON on March 27, 1946 in Fort Smith.

MARR, George, Nov. 23, 1946(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - Oct 3, 2007(Muldrow) s/o Arthur Clarence MARR and Grace Nadine (JACKSON) MARR. He married Janice MARR, May 19, 2000, in Van Buren, Ark.

MARR, Wynona OWENSBY, Sept. 20, 1919 (Gans) - March 26, 2002 (Fort Smith, Ark), d/o Sankie Lewis OWENSBY and Sadie Frances (DOYLE) OWENSBY, md Winfred MARR on Dec. 15, 1949, in Oakland, Calif. He died Aug. 1998.

MARTIN,  Earnest Taylor, Dec. 9, 1927- March 6, 1999 s/o Richard Fred MARTIN and Minnie (TAYLOR) MARTIN. md Lily Darlene BAGLEY July 8, 1949, in Van Buren. She died Aug. 1, 1985.

MARTIN, Erma Wahlela FOURS, Feb. 2, 1921(Sequoyah County,) - April 2, 2005 (Fort Smith, Ark), d/o Roy FOUTS and Leva (TURNER) FOUTS. She married Joel SINGLETON, C.M. HANSFORD, and Adolph MARTIN. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Joel SINGLETON; her second husband, C.M. HANSFORD; her third husband, Adolph MARTIN

MAYNER, Joe M., Sept. 30, 1932(Peterpender, Ark.,) - Aug. 12, 2011(Little Rock, Ark.) s/o Artney MAYNER and Lillie (BARLOW) MAYNER. He married Patsy Ruth PASSMORE on Sept. 13, 1958, in Mill Valley, Calif.

METHENY, JAMES ‘JIMMY’ C., April 4, 1940(Paw Paw Bottoms,) - June 12, 2000(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Calvin Dalton METHENY and Wynona OWENSBY MARR.

MOORE, Hershel Edward, Feb. 27, 1936 - Aug. 1983, md Alma Jean LOVEGROVE Dec. 18, 1977 in Muldrow

MOORE, Katheryn Bernice, Oct. 12, 1927(Muldrow) - Jan. 2, 2013(Roland) d/o Roy Ernest BROWN and Ruby Pauline (HAYWOOD) BROWN. She was preceded in death by her husband, Charles Orin MOORE in 1989;

MORGAN, Cora B., w/o W.A. Oct. 3, 1870 - March 30, 1905

MORGAN, Myrtle I. , d/o W.A. & Cora B.July 15, 1905 - April 4, 1909

MORGAN, Paul Edmond, Sept. 16, 1942(Hereford, Texas, ) -  June 2, 2010(Fort Smith) s/o Walter Whit MORGAN and Pauline (BULLOCK) MORGAN. He married Regina Joyce BROYLES on Feb. 12, 1983, in Muldrow.

MORGAN, W. A., 1864-1928 f/o Vennie McConnell

NELSON, Shelba 64, of Fort Smith, Ark died, April 11, 2004, in Fort Smith.

OXFORD, Phyllis J., Dec. 22, 1959(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - June 25, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark.,), d/o Eldon OXFORD and Betty Jean (MONTGOMERY) OXFORD.

PASSMORE, FAY, 82, died Jan 25, 2005 (Fort Smith), She was preceded in death by her husband, Thomas PASSMORE.

PASSMORE, Jesse James, 30, Dec. 14, 2001 s/o James Lloyd PASSMORE and Denise and Robert GLENNA

QUALLS, Dallas Ray Andrew, Jan. 35, 1941 - March 17, 2001, s/o Hugh and Lillian QUALLS married Laquetta June CRAIGHEAD on Aug. 25, 1965, in Stilwell.

QUALLS, Jerry Arlen, March 23, 1951(Vian) - July 23, 2010(Sallisaw.) s/o Hugh QUALLS and Lillian (McNATT) QUALLS.

QUALLS, Kenneth, July 15, 1945- Oct. 7, 2001, s/o Hugh Andy Robert QUALLS and Lillian Amy (McNATT) QUALLS.

QUALLS, Lequetta June CRAIGHEAD, Oct. 24, 1944(Vian) - April 10, 2011(Oklahoma.) d/o Jack CRAIGHEAD and Bonnie Victoria Lorene (MILLIGAN) CRAIGHEAD. She married Dallas Ray Andrew QUALLS Aug. 25, 1965, in Stilwell. He preceded her in death on March 17, 2001.

RAMEY, Carthel H., Sept. 10, 1913(Lee's Chapel,) - Feb. 12, 2008(Stilwell.) s/o Robert Ramey and Menerva (Holt) RameyHe married Bernice C. HOLIMAN VANDERHEIDEN, Dec. 27, 1997, in Fort Smith, Ark. He was preceded in death by his wife of 62 years, Marie RAMEY.

RAMEY, Lillian Marie, Jan 16, 1913 (Hanson) - Sept 25, 2003 (Muldrow), d/o Robert Lee FARMER and Mary (MEEKS) FARMER, She married Robert Vernie "Son" RAMEY on Sept 2, 1932, in Muldrow. He preceded her in death on Nov 18, 1977.

REDFORD, Jack, Aug. 10, 1957(Sallisaw) - April 5, 2005 (Muldrow), s/o Edward E. REDFORD and Shirley Ann (HARVELL) REDFORD. He married Melinda Kay LEE on July 22, 1977 at Cottonwood Freewill Baptist Church in Muldrow

REEVES, Kenneth R., July 31, 1943(Hugeton, Kan.,) - Aug. 16, 2008(Roland.), s/o Arlie REEVES and Irene Veta (DANNELS) REEVES. He married Mona Gail RUSSELL, Sept. 3, 1976, in Poteau. She preceded him in death, May 24, 2002, in Roland.

REEVES, Mona Gayle, Dec. 26, 1940 (Paw Paw community, Okla.) - May 24, 2002 (Roland), d/o Neoma OWENSBY RUSSELL, md Ken REEVES on Sept 3, 1976 in Poteau.

REEVES, Sidney Essa, Oct. 6, 1907 (Batesville, Ark.) -Jan. 3, 2003 (Eureka, Calif.), d/o Lonzo Lafatte WALL and Ida Roselie WALLS WALL, md Fred Archie REEVES on Sept. 9, 1922 in Revenia, Texas. He died Dec. 9, 1972

RIDDLE, Cindy, July 31, 1960 (Fort Smith, Ark) - Oct. 13, 2002 (Muldrow), d/o Monroe COUGHRAN and Jessie WEAVER COUGHRAN, md Ricky Lee RIDDLE on July 30, 1978 in Muldrow.

RISLEY, Martha E., Jan. 9, 1921 (Gore) - April 26, 2002 (Fort Smith, Ark), d/o T.E. and Sarah GOINS JAMES, md Gene T. RISLEY on Dec. 5, 1947 in Visalia, Calif.

ROGERS, Billy Huston, died Aug 18, 1939, s/o Huston ROGERS (Seq Co) and Marie HORN (Ark), Lee's Chapel Cemetery, page 196

ROGERS, Houston B., May 2, 1919(Short) - Oct. 19, 1998(Fort Smith) s/o Jack and Maud Lee (JACKSON) ROGERS. m Earlene C. CHANDLER Dec. 9, 1961, in Stilwell.

ROGERS, Laura Masterson, Feb. 24, 1889 (Japton, Ark) - April 3, 1935, d/o Charlie

ROGERS, Raymond, Aug. 5, 1915 (Seq. Co, Ok) - July 28, 1936, s/o Jack ROGERS (Alma, Ark) and Maud JACKSON (Seq.Co), h/o Ruth RUSSELL ROGERS, Lee's Chapel Cemetery, page 150

ROWLAND, David Wayne, Feb. 10, 1960(Sallisaw) – Dec 30, 2010(Muldrow) s/o Earl Martin ROWLAND and Reba Sue (VEST) ROWLAND.

ROWLAND, Earl Martin, Dec. 5, 1929(Brent,) - May 7, 2008(Sallisaw.) s/o Buster Mart ROWLAND and Zell Margie (JACKSON) ROWLAND. He married Reba Sue VEST, Oct. 9, 1953, in Sallisaw.

ROWLAND, Reba Sue VEST, June 7, 1936(Muldrow) – Feb. 25, 2011(Muldrow) d/o Otto Heston VEST and Stella May (McKINNEY) VEST. She married Earl Martin ROWLAND on Oct. 9, 1953, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on May 7, 2008.

RUSSELL, Cecil, July 26, 1933(Muldrow,) - November 26, 2006(Muldrow), s/o Luther RUSSELL and Jewell (ROGERS) RUSSELL. He married Nina Marie BROWN, August 20, 1955, in Poteau. She preceded him in death, Dec. 23, 1990 in Covington, Ky. He was preceded in death by his second wife Marla WEST.

RUSSELL, Neoma Juanita, Dec. 10, 1922(Redland,) - March 16, 2009(Roland) d/o Sankie Louis OWENSBY and Sadie Frances (DOYLE) OWENSBY. She married Elbert Junior RUSSELL, July 26, 1952, in Van Buren, Ark. He preceded her in death, Sept. 14, 1985, in Fort Smith, Ark.

RUTLEDGE, Todd Ryan, May 7, 1986,(Sallisaw,) - Feb. 26, 2011(Ponca City.) s/o of Dennis Wayne RUTLEDGE and Barbara Sue (NYKERK) RUTLEDGE.

SHACKELFORD, Infant, died June 17, 1943, c/o Ivan SHACKELFORD (Seq Co) and Reba LEE (Seq Co), Lee's Chapel Cemetery, page 146,

SHACKELFORD, Reba Flossie, April 20, 1913 (Muldrow) -Aug 26, 1947, d/o Frank LEE (Muldrow) and Mary DAUGHERTY (Mo), w/o Ivan H., Lee's Chapel Cemetery, page 135,

SPENCE, James Chester, April 7, 1898 (Ark) - Nov. 21, 1934, s/o Jim SPENCE (Texas) and Alice REMEY (Yardell, Ark), h/o Minnie DENHAM, Lees Chapel Cemetery, page 45

TABOR, Juanita L., Dec. 26, 1940 May 3, 1998 d/o D. T. Duck and Hazel Lucille (OWENS) TUCK. m Donald TABOR Sept 12, 1974 in Muldrow.

TILLERY, Jack Jr., Dec. 2, 1934(Altus,) - September 26, 2005(Fort Smith) - s/o Jack TILLERY and Naomi (GRADY) TILLERY. He married Nona Faye QUALLS, Nov. of 1960, in Poteau.

VAUGHAN, Docia Elizabeth, Jan. 17, 1915 -Nov. 7, 2001, d/o Sam BLACK and Edith (HITE) BLACK. married John Wade VAUGHAN Sr. on Jan. 17, 1936., in Roland. He preceded her in death on April 4, 1993.

VICTORY, Irene, May 13, 1925 - Nov. 14, 2000 d/o Eli Jefferson Welch & Cora Adeline McCREARY WELCH.

VON HOLT SR., Richard E., April 16, 1943 - July 8, 1999 s/o Ralph VONHOLT and Inez VONHOLT.

WALKER, Madeline, Nov 9, 1913 (Seq Co, OK) -Feb 3, 1934 (Fort Smith, AR), d/o Isaac "Bud" William Washington WALKER of Ok and Sarilda (Jake Ross) PRUITT  WALKER of Mo.,

WALKER, Sarilda (Jake Ross) PRUITT), 1885 (Sarcoxie, MO) - Nov 9, 1924 (Seq Co., OK), w/o Isaac "Bud" William Washington WALKER and m/o Mildred and Hazel WALKER.

WARREN, Minnie Lou "Decker", Feb 9, 1908-- March 31, 1959

WASSON, James C., March 22, 1921 (Oklahoma) - Sept 1923 (from bee stings Muldrow, OK), s/o James C. WASSON and Laura TAYLOR WASSON.

WEAVEL, Edna Mae KEITH, Nov. 8, 1921 (Muldrow) - Nov. 16, 2002 ( Fort Smith, Ark.), d/o Samuel Lee STAMPS and Bessie Mae BEARCE STAMPS. Md Odas Elvin KEITH on Oct. 5, 1940 in Muldrow, he preceded her in death on April 7, 1990 in Fort Smith. Md Tom WEAVEL on March 3, 1993 in Belfonte community he preceded her in death on May 5, 2002 in Roland.

WELCH, Alonzo Wilber, 21 Apr 1911-14 Dec 1986, h/o Perlene JYLES WELCH

WELCH, Cora Adaline McCreary, 7 Jan 1891-19 Aug 1956 w/o Eli Jefferson WELCH.

WELCH, Eli Jefferson, 2 Mar 1887-25 Aug. 1968, h/o Cora Adaline McCREARY

WELCH, Homer Dodson, 25 Feb 1916-- 11 Dec 1988, s/o Eli and Cora WELCH.

WELCH, Maybell Adell, 6 Aug 1918-- 17 Dec 1967, d/o Eli and Cora WELCH.

WELCH, Perlene Jyles,>???- 17 Feb 1973, w/o Alonzo WELCH

WELCH, Verma Jo, 4 Aug 1931-- 14 May 1977, d/o Alonzo and Verma Jo WELCH

WEST, Jerry Dale, Sept. 27, 1955(Fort Smith, Ark.) - Nov. 15, 2004(Sallisaw), s/o James WEST and Joan YADEN WEST. He married Lori Jean FULCE on Sept. 17, 1993, in Van Buren, Ark.

WILSON, Alice VEST, April 7, 1925(Redland) - June 18, 2004(Fort Smith, Ark.), d/o William Henry CHURCHILL and Loretta Mae (KING) CHURCHILL. She married her first husband, Otto Heston VEST Jr. on March 30, 1942, in Muldrow. He preceded her in death on March 15, 1977. Her second husband, Bobby Don WILSON preceded her in death on Sept. 17, 1998. They were married on Nov. 16, 1982, in Tahlequah

WILSON, Bobby Dean, Nov. 16, 1924(Hulbert) - Sept. 17, 1998(Fort Smith) s/o Orville Ray WILSON. m Alice Mae CHURCHILL VEST Nov. 16, 1982, in Tahlequah

WOLFE, Eurica  Belletta, Oct. 7, 1904(Lavaca, AR) - April 30, 1998, d/o Sterling Price PARKER and Rebecca Jane PARKER, w/o (1st husband) Charles R. SARNBLAD, (2nd husband) Robert Franklin CARR, (3rd husband) Marvin WOLFE.

WOLFE, Mildred WALKER, Sept 25, 1921 (Seq Co, Ok) -Feb. 24, 1946 (Fort Smith, AR), d/o Isaac "Bud" William Washington WALKER of Ok and Sarilda PRUITT of Mo., md Arvil Gay WOLFE of Redland, Ok., She is buried with an Infant Girl.

WRIGHT, Jim W., April 14, 1925(Moffett) – Dec. 22, 2011(Roland) s/o Thomas Edward WRIGHT and Johnnie C. (COCKRUM) WRIGHT. He married Opal Lee SHADELL on Oct. 31, 1945, in Van Buren, Ark.

WRIGHT, Thomas E. "Tom", January 15, 1947(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - May 31, 2005(Hot Springs, Ark), s/o Jim Willard WRIGHT and Opal Lee (SHADELL) WRIGHT. . He married Sally CRAWFORD January 8, 1971, in Fort Smith.


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