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Decoration at Sallisaw City Cemetery is Memorial Day.

Page number listed are from the records of Mallory Funeral Home  Records in Sallisaw.


ACKER, Harold M., Sept. 8, 1929(Sequoyah County,) - Sept. 6, 2008(Tulsa.) s/o Pervin ACKER and Myra (DOBBS) ACKER. He married Annabelle TOLES, June 16, 1956, in Tryon.

ACREE, Leola Claudine, February 8, 1922 -Sept. 2001, d/o Gertrude and Ben GARVIN. She married Raymond E. ACREE on December 26, 1942, in Charleston, Mo..

ACREE, Michael, June 8, 1943 (Ok) - Nov 26, 1951, s/o Raymond E. ACREE and Leola GARVIN, Sallisaw Cemetery, page 52

ACUFF, Burgess Calvin, Oct 21, 1903 (Ottawa Co., Ok) - Feb 17, 1941, s/o J.C. ACUFF (Polk Co., Ark) and Nancy F. GRIFFIN (Polk Co. Ark), h/o Malicia BISWELL ACUFF, Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 147

ACUFF, Joel Calvin, Feb. 27, 1864 ( Aldrich, Mo.) - Jan. 23, 1937, h/o Nancy F. ACUFF, s/o Charlie ACUFF (Tenn) and Jane NEAL (Tenn.) Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 187

ADAIR, Laura L., Nov. 2 1874( I.T.) -March 3, 1926 d/o Albert WELCH, Sallisaw City Cemetery page 93

ADAIR, Laura (WELCH), (tombstone reads Mama Adair 1874-1926), Nov. 1874 - March 13, 1926, d/o Alfred G. & Mira (Elmira) FIELDS WELCH w/o Tandy Walker ADAIR.

ADAIR, Tandy Walker, May 10, 1868 -Feb. 21, 1937 (tombstone reads Papa Adair 1868- 1937) s/o John B. and Betty (CLINGAN) ADAIR. h/o Laura Welch ADAIR

ADAMS, Donna J., Oct. 24, 1959(Sallisaw,) - June 14, 2007(Sallisaw), d/o Earnest RICHARDSON and Ola (CORBIT) RICHARDSON

AGENT, Darlene LOWRIMORE, Jan. 31, 1941(Panama,) - Dec 21, 2008(Sallisaw) d/o Maro Arthur LOWRIMORE and Othel Elsie (HOLDEN) LOWRIMORE. She married W. Neal AGENT Jr., Dec. 19, 1957, in Stilwell. He preceded her in death, Oct. 6, 2007, in Sallisaw.

AGENT, Paul Wayne, July 3, 1943(Sallisaw,) - Oct 9, 2008(Sallisaw) s/o Nathan Clay AGENT and Margie STEWART. Survivors include his wife, Rhonda of the home;

AGENT, Phyllis KING BOLTON, Oct. 25, 1910- Oct. 18, 1998 d/o Dr. J. Fred BOLTON and Ruby (KING) BOLTON. md Paul Forest AGENT Feb. 3, 1933, in Purcell.

AGENT, SALLY B., Jan. 16, 1912 (Cherokee) - April 17, 2002(Ada), d/o William BAHR. She married William Seth AGENT Sr. on May 2, 1937 in Oklahoma City. He preceded her in death on March 16, 1970.

AGENT, W. Neal, October 25, 1940(Sallisaw, Oklahoma,) - October 6, 2007, s/o Watie Neal "Jack" AGENT, Sr. and Lillian Irene MATHEWS AGENT. He was married to Darlene LOWRIMORE on December 19, 1957 in Stilwell, Oklahoma.

AKIN, William Pete, March 18, 1868 (Carters Creek, Tenn) - Feb 25, 1932, h/o Dela SPEIR AKIN, s/o Frank AKIN (Tenn) and Nowelyn POLK (Tenn), Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 114

AKIN, Mrs. W. P., died March 3, 1909 Sallisaw City Cemetery page 93

ALCANTARA, Baby Guadalupe, July 14, 2007(Poteau,) - July 14, 2007(Poteau), d/o Benigno ALCANTARA and Claudia Patricia (VELAZQUEZ) ALCANTARA.

ALDRIDGE, Mary E., Feb. 18, 1862 (Crawford Co. Ark.) - June 20, 1934, w/o Walton ALDRIDGE, d/o ----Shoemaker (Germany) and Mary WHITE (Germany) buried Sallisaw Oklahoma page 30

ALEXANDER, Arthur Franklin, Jan. 17, 1919- Feb. 22, 1998 s/o Hollis Seldon ALEXANDER and Katie Helen (HEPLER) ALEXANDER. md Mealese OVERMAN Nov. 1, 1940, in Hernando, Miss. .

ALFORD, Joseph, Feb. 5, 1853 in Ark. - November 23, 1922 Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 180

ALLEN, Benjamin Franklin, Dec. 29, 1898 (Ok.) - Oct. 18, 1929,s/o Frank ALLEN (Ark) and Mollie HOLMES (Ark.), Sallsiaw City Cemetery, page 159

ALLEN, Bertha Mae, Feb. 22, 1904 - July 10, 2001, d/o William OWENS and Avis (ATKERSON) OWENS md John ALLEN May 27, 1921 in Sallisaw he died Nov. 9, 1969.

ALLEN, Billy Dale, Sept. 12, 1934(Ringling,) - May 17, 2011(Sallisaw.) s/o of Aubrey Curtis "Bob" ALLEN and Alta Rhea (ANDERSON) ALLEN NEWTON. On Dec. 3, 1954, he was married to Donna Kathryn KARCHER in Shawnee.

ALLEN, David Harrison, April 4, 1926 - March 31, 1999 s/o Thomas Ruffen ALLEN and Eliza Jane (DAWES) ALLEN. md Virginia MORTON Jan. 13, 1999, in Sallisaw.

ALLEN, Delores, Nov. 12, 1946(Eldorado, Ark.,) - July 26, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark) d/o Elmer Franklin BATEY and Faye (SIMPSON) BATEY. She married Arthur ALLEN, April 16, 1971, in Fort Smith.

ALLEN, Horace Garrell, Jan 4, 1940(Sallisaw) - July 27, 2012(Tulsa). s/o Horace Jefferson and Susie Ellen (PALMER) ALLEN

ALLEN, Thomas R., Born: March 2,1878-Died: June 25, 1959

ALLENBAUGH, Carl Edward, May 8, 1923- Oct. 9, 2001 s/o Ernest Fredrick 'Fred' ALLENBAUGH and Zella Maude (STEWART) ALLENBAUGH. married Irene Lucille FORBUS on Sept. 19, 1944, in Muskogee

ANDERSON, Arbie Mae, Feb. 22, 1907- May 22, 1985, d/o Elige Emitt & Ida Belle SANDLIN POWELL md R.C. ANDERSON June 6, 1925 in Van Buren, Ark. He preceded her in death .

ANDERSON, Charley Maine, March 16, 1922(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - May 8, 2006( Gore.), to D.B. ANDERSON and Hazel Mae (LONG) ANDERSON.

ANDERSON, Etta Leaw, Jan. 31, 1868 (Doylestown, Pa) - July 13, 1935, d/o Lamar LEAW (Pa) and Rebecca LEAW (Pa), Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 84

ANDERSON, Frank M., age 72 years died July 11, 1939, h/o Sophia ANDERSON buried Sallisaw Oklahoma, page 182

ANDERSON, Jettie, May, Feb. 20, 1909 (Franklin County, Ark) -June 26, 2002 (Vian), d/o Jess Edward and Jennie Bell HOOD TWEEDY

ANDERSON, John Clay, age 73, 8 months, 10 days (born Logan Co. Ark.) - June 1, 1933, s/o Richard ANDERSON (Tn) and Sarah BROWN, Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 195

ANDERSON, Pvt. John H., Nov. 22, 1895 Ark. - September 14, 1918 in France, s/o John C. ANDERSON (Ark) & ??? HUTCHINS (Georgia) Sallisaw Cemetery Aug. 7, 1921 page 97

ANDERSON, William P., March 3, 1870 (Logan Co. Ark.)- Nov. 20, 1935, h/o Annie B. ANDERSON, s/o Frank ANDERSON (Ark) and Callie FORD or FORT (California), Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 104

ANTHONY, Lyla Lee, Feb. 15, 1927(Sallisaw) – April 27, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark), d/o Roy H. MILLS and Etta (LYNCH) MILLS.

ARMSTRONG, Robert W., Feb 13, 1875 (New Castle, Pennsylvania) -April 12, 1941, s/o Robert W. ARMSTRONG Sr. (Lawrence Co, Pa) and Amanda GRIEVES (Lawrence Co, Pa), Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 162

ASBILL, Julia Kathryn, Dec 30, 1918 (Stilwell ) - Dec 9, 2003 (Vian), d/o Frank BROWN and Emma BUCKNER.

ASBILL, Ross, July 24, 1929(Bunch, Oklahoma,) - April 5, 2010(Sallisaw) s/o Joe ASBILL and Lizzie (MILLS) ASBILL. He married Meldene (HOWARD) ASBILL on June 17, 1955 in Sallisaw, Ok.

ASBILL, Walter Lee, March 17, 1949 (OKC) - July 21, 2003 (OKC), s/o Walter Parker ASBILL and Lula Lee (PRUITT) ASBILL

ASBILL, Walter Parker, Oct. 22, 1921 (Bunch)- March 1, 2002 (Fort Smith, Ark), s/o Joe and Lizzie MILLS ASBILL married Lula LEE on June 11, 1948 in Oklahoma City

ATKESON, Cassie Viola, July 19, 1908 - June 24, 2000

ATKERSON, Nora, Jan. 5, 1884 or Jan. 24, 1883 - Feb. 6, 1937, w/o S.W. ATKERSON, d/o Robert H. HASTINGS (Ga) andCathryn SOUTHERLAND (Ala), Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 189

ATKERSON, Soloman, Aug 18, 1877 (Ala) - Aug 2, 1946, s/o Jeff D. ATKERSON (Ark) and Margaret ABBOTT (Ala.), Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 18

ATKINS, Alex Bule, July 17, 1846 (Stannton, Va) - Dec. 20, 1930, h/o Eliza W. FORD ATKINS Sallisaw City Cemetery, page 40

ATTEBERY, John Marvin, Jan. 19, 1914(Shawnee,) - July 12, 2006(Fort Smith), s/o John Wesley and Anna Ellen (CLATON) He married Lucille SLOAN, July 24, 1936. She preceded him in death in Jan. of 2004.1

ATTEBERY, Lucille, Sept 6, 1912 (Sallisaw) - Jan 2, 2004 (Sallisaw), d/o Benjamin SLOAN and Ollie DIFFEE SLOAN, md John ATTEBERY on July 24, 1936 in Fort Smith, Ark.

AUSTIN, George Stephen, Feb 1, 1880(Buford, Ark ) - May 30, 1952,  s/o Robert AUSTIN and Nancy M AUSTIN nee HOPPER

BABB, Bertha Ellen, April 1, 1917,(Bluff Community) –June 24, 2006(Sallisaw) d/o Comodore ROGERS and Laura (MASTERSON) ROGERS.

BAGLEY, Thelma E., Feb. 5, 1908(Sallisaw) – May 28, 2004(Sallisaw) d/o Charles Wesley PALMER and Fannie Patsy McCOY. Mrs. BAGLEY married Floyd Fonzil BAGLEY on Feb. 15, 1929, in Drakes Prairie. He preceded her in death on Nov. 26, 1996.

BAILEY, Clara Jane, July 31, 1919(Brent) –Aug. 16, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark) d/o Charles Andrew FARGO and Rosa (JACKSON) FARGO. She married Charles Andrew BAILEY, Aug. 5, 1936, in Sadie. He preceded her in death, Oct. 31, 1995 in Fort Smith, Ark

BAILEY, Darrell Ray, Feb. 27, 1958(Okmulgee,) - March 7, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o Herbert Hoover BAILEY and Norma Katheryn YOUNG.

BAILEY, G.B., April 1, 1930(Sadie) - May 19, 2009(Muskogee) s/o Grover BAILEY and Myrtle (METHANY) BAILEY. He married Bernice REECE, June 1953, in Rockford, Ill. She preceded him in death, Dec. 1994.

BAILEY, Rev. Hoover, July 25, 1930(Brent,) - May 31, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Albert “Bert” BAILEY and Enda (BURCHAM) BAILEY. He married Norma Katherine YOUNG, in 1950, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death, Dec. 1, 1984, in Sallisaw

BAILEY, Kenneth E., 76, Oct. 22, 2006(Fort Smith) He was preceded in death by his wife, Georgia "Pam" BAILEY

BAILEY, Ralph Andrew, June 21, 1943(Sallisaw,) - Sept 29, 2003(Muskogee.) s/o Charley and Clara (FARGO) BAILEY. He married Dianne WHITE  on Nov. 12, 1976, in Eufaula

BALDWIN, Gladys Lorraine REED, Nov. 7, 1916(Carthage, Mo.) - April 29, 2001(Oklahoma City d/o Harry J. and Mabel (BROWN) REED.) She married Oliver R. BALDWIN June 13, 1948, in Winfield, Kan. He preceded her in death Aug. 26, 1986.

BALLINGER, Carl Lee, March 17, 1920(Van Buren, Ark.) - March 10, 2000(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o John William BALLINGER and Maud ASKINS BALLINGER. He married Delores PALMER on June 3, 1947, in Fort Smith, Ark.

BALLINGER, Dolores PALMER,April 12, 1929(Sallisaw) - Nov.18, 2012(Sallisaw), d/o Duff PALMER and Pearl Emma (PRYOR) PALMER. She married Carl Lee BALLINGER on June 3, 1947, in Fort Smith, Ark.

BANE, Betty L., March 11, 1928(Omaha, Neb.) - April 11, 2008(Tulsa) d/o Laurens E. ORCHARD and Lucille E. (ROHWER) ORCHARD. She married Charles T. BANE, Feb. 28, 1948, in Omaha.

BANE, Charles T.,  Nov. 8, 1925(Oakland, Iowa) – June 9, 2011(Tulsa.)  s/o John Y. BANE and Ruth (SETZ) BANE. He married Betty Louise ORCHARD on Feb. 28, 1948, in Omaha, Neb. She preceded him in death on April 11, 2008.

BANE, Ruth SETZ, March 8, 1898(Oakland, Iowa) - Aug. 22, 1982, d/o Felix SETZ and Ethelinda DURHAM SETZ. Mrs. BANE was preceded in death by her husband, John Y. BANE, on Nov. 11, 1981.

BARGER, Eugene E., April 13, 1932(Sonnett, Montana,) - Jan. 17, 1999(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Earl Jacob BARGER and Ocie Alice (RATCLIFF) BARGER. He married Marilyn MERONEY May 25, 1955, in Billings, Montana.

BARNES, Marion Lee, March 13, 1928(Mountain View) - Feb. 21, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o Ben BARNES and Tillie Lindsey BARNES. He married Illa BRUTON on July 16, 1954, in Guymon.

BARNETT Jr., Harvey Lee,  May 13, 1966(Van Buren, Ark.,) – s/o Harvey Lee BARNETT Sr. and Roxie Ann Ross HOFFMAN.  June 9, 2011, in Muskogee.

BASLER, Geneva B., Aug. 19, 1925(Sallisaw) -June 24, 2009(Roland) d/o John Franklin BURNS and Pearl Mae (PETREE) BURNS.

BATEMAN, Ashley LeeAnn, Jan. 19, 1998(Fort Smith, Ark.) - Feb. 17, 2004(Sallisaw) d/o David BATEMAN and Rhonda (GOINES) BATEMAN.

BATEY, Faye SIMPSON, Jan. 19, 1927(El Dorado, Ark.,) - Dec. 22, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o John Henry SIMPSON and Opal Marie (COLE) SIMPSON. She married Elmer Franklin BATEY. He preceded her in death, Jan. 1, 1967, in Fort Smith.

BATEY, John Franklin, March 21, 1958(Pine Bluff, Ark.) - May 19, 2001( Fort Smith) s/o Elmer Franklin BATEY and Faye Rene SIMPSON BATEY.

BATY, Lorene Faye, Nov. 25, 1945(Fairview) - March 5, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Walter Allen BATY and Rosa Izora (CAVECY) BATY.

BAUGUS, Mary Virginia, Dec. 20, 1916(Muskogee) – April 5, 2007(Muskogee.) d/o Charlie H. HOLMES and Jessie Elizabeth (JONES) HOLMES. She married Ira Earl BAUGUS, Sept. 23, 1934, in Chandler. He preceded her in death, April 5, 2007, in Muskogee

BEAGLEY, Robert R. 87, May 24, 1916(Mokena, Ill.) - 2003 s/o Howard Lemuel BEAGLEY and Edna Mae NEWTON BEAGLEY

BEAIRD, Alan Lee, Oct. 13, 1946(Borger, Tex.,) - Oct. 7, 2001(Sallisaw) s/o Robert H. T. BEAIRD and Margaret Arvril (SCHULTZ) BEAIRD. He married Angela Quaye DRAKE on Sept. 9, 1966, in Reno, Nev.

BEATY, Paul Reba, Dec. 4, 1908(Sallisaw) - March 22, 2000(Sallisaw) s/o Dix and Easter (HENDRIX) BEATY. He married Anna Louise ROGERS Nov. 7, 1951, in Van Buren, Ark. She preceded him in death Oct. 19, 1992.

BECK, Alma Anne, Aug. 9, 1910(Garfield County) - Dec. 6, 2000(Wichita, Kan.) d/o William Harrison HARTMAN and Nancy Viola (WASSON) HARTMAN. She married Marvin Thomas Orval BECK June 1, 1933, in Hillsdale. He preceded her in death Feb. 18, 1990, in Fort Smith.

BELLER, Ruby, July 5, 1920(Muldrow) - March 9, 2006(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Henry Burgess HARDIN and Price Sterlin (WALKER) HARDIN. She married Rev. Virgil BELLER, April 6, 1940, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death, Dec. 9, 1982, in Fort Smith

BIBB, Charles Jack "Charlie", April 16, 1959(Tulsa) - May 28, 2008(Fort Smith.) s/o Jackie Dean BIBB and Robbie Joann (DRISCOLL) BIBB. He marrieed Kathryn BIBB

BIBB, Martha Minervia, Dec. 18, 1915(Sallisaw) - April 11, 2000(Poteau.) d/o Cread H. ORENDORFF and Lena Rachel DAVIS ORENDORFF. She married her first husband, Charles Madison CROSSNO Jr. April 16, 1939, in Tahlequah. She married her second husband, Herman Wilfred BIBB Oct. 5, 1979, in Russellville, Ark.

BIBB, Mary F., Sept. 8, 1925(Sallisaw,) - Dec. 15, 2001(Vian) d/o Richard H. BIBB and Florence Malinda (JOHNS) BIBB.

BLACK, Frank, May 7, 1921(Yellville, Ark.) - Aug. 16, 2004 s/o Jewel H. BLACK and Bess J. (SLAMA) BLACK He married May Elizabeth GRIFFITH on Dec. 21, 1947, in Sallisaw. Mr. BLACK was preceded in death by his wife, on March 18, 2004,

BLACK, Virginia Lee, Oct. 17, 1902(Alma, Ark.) - Feb. 14, 1999(Sallisaw) d/o Lon W. BLACK and Lulu A. (CARAWAY ) BLACK.

BLACKARD, Maynard, Jan. 5, 1920(Muldrow) – April 5, 2003(Fort Smith) s/o Edgar E. BLACKARD and Belle (SNOW) BLACKARD.

BLACKBURN, Lela , May 2, 1929(Fort Coffee) - Aug. 20, 2010(Sallisaw) d/o Coy JACKSON and Stella (CORBIN) JACKSON. She married Arthur Y. BLACKBURN on Aug. 19, 1947, in Jackson, Calif. He preceded her in death on Feb. 20, 1994.

BLACKBURN, Lewis E., Jan. 26, 1919(Cushing,) - Sept. 22, 1998*Sallisaw.) s/o Francis Marion BLACKBURN and Zoa (BLAIR) BLACKBURN. He married Rose Ellen BLACKBURN Aug. 22, 1940, in Stillwater.

BLACKBURN, Rose Ellen, July 20, 1920(Pryor) – April 17, 2003(Muldrow) d/o George William ANDERSON and Cora Mae (HARP) ANDERSON. She married Lewis E. BLACKBURN on Aug. 22, 1940, in Stillwater. He preceded her in death on Sept 22, 1998.

BLADEN, Lance, March 14, 1933(Hyattsville, Md.) - Aug. 23, 2000(Sallisaw.) s/o Franklin L. BLADEN and Helen L (LEIZAR) BLADEN. He married Margaret BLADEN;

BLAYLOCK, Ronald, Nov. 9, 1959(Fort Smith, Ark.) - June 13, 2006(Fort Smith) s/o Mitchell BLAYLOCK and Francene (GORMLEY) BLAYLOCK. He married Shana BLAYLOCK

BLEAKLEY, Mary Frances "Madie", April 23, 1921(Long community) - September 2001, d/o Elburn WOODY and Bessie (HOWELL) WOODY.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Edgar BLEAKLEY.

BOLDEN, Clarence E., Dec. 27, 1919(Nicut,) - March 26, 1999 s/o Allen and Rena Bolden. He married Flora BOLDEN

BOLDEN, Flora W., Aug 2, 1914(Akins) - July 6, 2003(Bristow) d/o Jeff  HAMBY and Lillian Marvin (EZELL) DYSART. She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband for over 57 years, Clarence BOLDEN;

BOLDEN, Verda Faye, Aug. 18, 1914(Van Buren, Ark.) - March 30, 2008(Sand Springs) d/o Plas MASTERSON and Mary (GRAHAM) MASTERSON. She married Luther Lee BOLDEN, Oct. 16, 1939, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death, May 16, 1990, in Sand Springs.

BONES, Ellen Louise, Nov. 24, 1930(Fort Smith, Ark.) - March 26, 2008(Sallisaw.) d/o John "Cretty" CLEMONS and Mary Ellen (MEDLIN) CLEMONS. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, Corbin BRIDGES

BOOZE, Mary Elizabeth, Dec. 26, 1919(Sallisaw) - June 7, 2002(Wichita) d/o Ertie Hiram DUDLEY and Mimie (HARRISON) DUDLEY. She married Mike Ferguson BOOZE in Nov. 1943, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Jan. 22, 1987.

BORIN, Donna, Sept. 20, 1918(Van Alstyne, Texas) - Nov. 11, 2000(Tulsa) d/o Ben Franklin TILLERY and Lena (CROCKER) TILLERY.

BOSTIC, David “Hoss”,  Jan. 13, 1939(Coolidge, Ariz.,) – May 29, 2011(Tulsa.)  s/o Ed and Ruby (PLUNK) BOSTIC, He married Shirley;

BOUNDS, Bob O., Sept. 13, 1930(Wayne County, Missouri,) – Feb. 1, 2011(Midwest City.) s/o Timothy Raymond BOUNDS and Georgie Edith OWENS.  He married Katy E. NELSON on May 13, 2003, in Fort Smith, Ark.

BOYD, Betty Ilene, April 17, 1918(Duck Hill, Miss) - Feb. 23, 2007(Sallisaw) d/o Joe RANSOM and Jackie Marie (SANDERS) RANSOM CALLOWAY. She married Jasper M. BOYD, who preceded her in death, Aug. 23, 1981.

BOYD, Dolores Christine, Dec 19, 1927(Roland) - Sept 16, 2012(Fort Smith) d/o Willie and Etta (BRYAN) HORNER. She was preceded in death by her husband, the Rev Harold BOYD

BOYD, Rev. Harold, July 24, 1926(Blue Mouse community) -J uly 11, 2003(Fort Smith.) s/o Joseph "Jody" BOYD and Maud (CZARNIKOW) BOYD. Mr. BOYD married Dolores DYER on Oct 28, 1944, in Van Buren, Ark.

BOYD, Katherine Stephens, Aug. 30, 1909(Sequoyah County) - April 19, 2004 d/o Oscar Lewis STEPHENS and Mattie STEWART STEPHENS.)She married William Harold BOYD on April 17, 1938, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Aug. 2, 1989.

BOYD, Lucille, March 31, 1910(Muldrow) - Jan. 14, 2001(Sallisaw.) d/o Alex C. BUFFINGTON and Stella Mae (RUSSELL) BUFFINGTON. She married Joseph Monroe BOYD in 1938 in Muldrow. He preceded her in death Jan. 3, 1959, in Sallisaw.

BRACKETT, Charles L, May 3, 1932(Sallisaw) - November 2009

BRACKETT, Nettie Iretta, Jan. 18, 1913(Sallisaw) – July 7, 1999(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Noah SPARKS and Effie (SLATER) SPARKS. She married Ira C. BRACKETT on August 24, 1929, in Marble City. He preceded her in death Feb. 28, 1989.

BRADLEY, Bernice CHUCULATE, Dec. 13, 1915(Sallisaw) - March 20, 1999(Oklahoma City) d/o Walter Earl BRADLEY and Vennie Gladys (CHUCULATE) BRADLEY.

BRANT, Eula Faye COONROD, May 31, 1921(Yale) -Jan. 30, 2007(Muldrow) d/o Jesse COONROD and Vennie Viola (SIMNETT) COONROD. She married Walter Lewis BRANT on May 26, 1941, in Newkirk. He preceded her in death on Nov. 2, 2001, in Fort Smith, Ark.

BRANT, Godfrey Ray, Oct 20, 1937(Stigler) - Aug 28, 2012, to D C and Lizzie BRANT He married Joyce

BRANT, Walter L., 83, Nov. 2, 2001(Fort Smith, Ark.) He married Eula Faye COONROD on May 26, 1941, in Newkirk.

BRAUGHLER, Danny Allen, Dec. 27, 1964(Torrence, Calif.,) – May 24, 2011(Sallisaw). s/o Leonard Jay BRAUGHLER and Ruth Marie (CASEY) COOTS.

BREASHEARS, Plura L., July 6, 1918(McKey community) –Feb 9, 2003(Sallisaw) d/o Maurice Everett RAY and Ada (MARSH) RAY. She married Frank James BREASHEARS on Feb. 8, 1941, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on May 1, 1958.

BREEDLOVE, Dorothy Mae, Aug. 12, 1925(Sallisaw) - Jan. 10, 2002(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Joe WELCH and Ethel (LACKEY) WELCH. She married Dr. James Walton BREEDLOVE on May 20, 1946. He preceded her in death on Mar. 27, 1994.

BREEDLOVE, Maxine E., May 15, 1909(Sallisaw) –Oct. 18, 2002(Sallisaw) d/o Will N. FRANCES and Mollie (HINTON) BREEDLOVE. Mrs. BREEDLOVE married William Curtis BREEDLOVE on June 8, 1928, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on June 4, 1991

BREWER, Elizabeth Leona "Bessie", Jan. 16, 1921(Hartville, Mo.) -Sept. 23, 1999(Tulsa) d/o David Nelson Martin and Minnie Ann (PRUITT) MARTIN. She married Edwin Harley "Ed" BREWER Sept. 8, 1940, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death June 19, 1996.

BREWER, Eva Marie CALLAHAN, March 8, 1915(Sallisaw) - June 18, 2005(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Rev. Druary C. Quzeene CALLAHAN and Nancy (SHOOK) CALLAHAN. She married Garvin Eugene BREWER October 16, 1932, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death Nov. 18, 1983.

BREWER, Lula, Aug. 16, 1914(Leslie County, Kentucky) - Nov. 2, 2007(Sallisaw.) d/o G.W. BAILEY and Martha (ENGLE) BAILEY. She was preceded in death by her husband, George,

BRIDGEWATER, T. J., Sept. 13, 1934(Corning, Ark.) - Nov. 26, 2005(Sallisaw) s/o Thomas James Oral BRIDGEWATER and Beulah (JAMES) BRIDGEWATER. He married Inez TURMAN, Jan. 5, 1955, in Poteau.

BROCK, Britt, Feb 23, 1914(Muldrow) – April 12, 2003(Vian) s/o Ben Edward BROCK and Carrie (BENEAUX) BROCK. He married Eula Virgie ASBILL on Feb. 10, 1934, in Fort Smith, Ark.

BROCK, Eula V., Sept. 28, 1917(Brushy Community) - July 13, 2006(McAlester.) d/o Robert ASBILL and Parlee (ELLISON) ASBILL. She married Britt Allen BROCK, Feb. 10, 1934, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death, April 12, 2003, in Vian.

BROGDON, Edward F., February 23, 1929(Sallisaw,) - November 24, 2009(Muldrow,) s/o Fletcher and Bulah(JACKSON) BROGDON He married Melladene.

BROOKS, Rachel M., July 2, 1920(McKey community) – May 2, 2002(Sallisaw) d/o Joseph Newton HOLT and Minnie Ellen (TOWERY) HOLT. She married Jack Franklin BROOKS on Oct. 7, 1939, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on April 1, 1990.

BROTHERS, Eva Marie, Dec. 23, 1932(Wadena, Minn.) - Sept. 25, 2012(Minn) d/o Annie Frank and Leslie L. SUTTON. She married Buddie BROTHERS on Oct. 24, 1989. Survivors are her husband, Buddie BROTHERS; She was preceded in death by her second husband, Tim McGINNIS

BROTHERTON, Molly Ruth, April 9, 1919(Paw Paw community) - Aug. 20, 2000(Vian.) d/o Claude and Lillie G. (MIZE) LASTER.

BROWN, Eula, March 26, 1893(Batesville, Ark.) - Aug. 26, 1982(Sallisaw) d/o William DAVIS and Mary TRAMMELL DAVIS. She married Edward BROWN on Nov. 6, 1920, in Vian.

BROWN, Sharline CARTER, Oct. 25, 1965(Bakersfield, Calif.) - Sept. 3, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o William Everett CARTER and Mildred CARTER. She married Paul Dwayne BROWN on Oct. 1, 1999, in Sallisaw.

BRUTON, Christine E., Feb. 8, 1927(McKey community) - Sept. 25, 2004(Fort Smith, Ark) d/o Zeb EDGMON and Addie Mary HOLT EDGMON. She married Wadie Richard BRUTON on Feb. 24, 1951, in Van Buren, Ark

BURRIS, Roy L., Jan. 24, 1909(Weathers,) - May 14, 2001(Sallisaw) s/o Turner BURRIS and Ella (JORDAN) BURRIS.

BRUTON, Wadie Richard, July 17, 1921(Drakes Prairie) -Aug. 1, 2007(Sallisaw) a/o Walter C. BRUTON and Grace (ADAMS) BRUTON. He married Christine E. BRUTON, Feb. 24, 1951, in Van Buren, Ark. She preceded him in death, Sept. 26, 2004, in Sallisaw.

BUGHER, Ida B., Feb. 26, 1912(Blair) - Jan. 11, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark) d/o Kibble K.T. STOVALL and Susie Catherine (JOHNSON) STOVALL. She married Roland BUGHER, July 5, 1951, in Fort Smith.

BURNS, Danny, Dec. 8, 1948(Sallisaw) - Oct. 29, 2003(Little Rock, Ark.) s/o Harrell Owen BURNS and Mary Mildred (Shepherd) BURNS. He married Lahoma Marie GRISHAM on Nov. 20, 1970, in Sallisaw.

BURNS, Maxine B., Feb. 22, 1931(Sallisaw) – Dec. 16, 2004(Jenks) d/o Bogie BLAYLOCK and Millie BETHANY BLAYLOCK. She married James J. BURNS on May 2, 1951, in Van Buren, Ark.

BURRIS, Roy L., Jan. 24, 1909(Weathers) - May 14, 2001(Sallisaw) s/o Turner BURRIS and Ella (JORDAN) BURRIS.

BURROW, Winter David, Aug. 24, 1913(Hanson) - Aug 4, 2003(Cyril nursing home) s/o William D. BURROW and Emma (CARTER) BURROW. He married Dorothy HERRING on June 8, 1936, in Oklahoma City.

BUSIC, Lucille, Feb. 1, 1904(Perkins) – April 28, 1999(Riverside, Ill) d/o James Dwight STEDMAN and Amanda Jane (EVANS) STEDMAN.

BUTLER, Fred James, Aug. 3, 1912(Mississippi) - Oct. 31, 2002(Sallisaw) Mr. BUTLER was preceded in death by his wife, Mary BUTLER.

BYRD, Billy, March 21, 1940(Sallisaw) - Dec. 15, 2003(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Fred BYRD and Sally (PECK) BYRD. He married Sharry Kay JARRARD on Sept. 5, 1959, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death on May 31, 1998.

BYRD, Sharry Kay, March 13, 1941(Webbers Falls) - May 31, 1998(Fort Smith.) d/o Deloy and Ova STEPHENS JARRARD in Webbers Falls. She and husband, Bill BYRD were married Sept. 5, 1959, in Sallisaw.

CALHOUN Jr., Evert Byrd, Oct 2, 1921(Brent) - July 26, 2012(Fort Smith) s/o Evert Byrd CALHOUN  Sr and Minverva Abigail (JACKSON) CALHOUN. He married Alta L COPELAND on May 17, 1946, in Sallisaw.

CALHOUN, J.W. Dec. 14, 1929(Pines Valley) - Jan. 2, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.)  s/o Evert Byrd CALHOUN and Manervia (JACKSON) CALHOUN. He married Mozelle Faye CHOATE on Feb. 18, 1955, in Sallisaw. 

CALHOUN, James Hobert, Dec. 17, 1926(Sallisaw) – September 11, 1982(Sallisaw), s/o Evert B. CALHOUN Sr. and Minerva Abigail JACKSON CALHOUN in Sallisaw. He married Bobbie, CALHOUN

CALHOUN, Spencer, Feb. 8, 1926(Brent Community) - Jan. 10, 2006(Vian) s/o James Marion CALHOUN and Vera Blanche (SPENCER) CALHOUN. He married Irma Jean VEAL, May 28, 1954, in Big Lake, Texas.

CALLAHAN, B.Q. "Dean", Dec. 19, 1920(Drakes Prairie) – Sept. 15, 2008(Sallisaw) s/o Rev. Drury C. CALLAHAN and Nancy (SHOOK) CALLAHAN. He married Lucille Marie HESTER, Nov. 26, 1941, in Las Vegas, Nev. She preceded him in death, Sept. 30, 2007, in Fort Smith, Ark.

CALLAHAN, Bonnie M., Sept. 12, 1922(Muldrow,) - June 28, 2007(Amber.) d/o Tom ALLEN and Eliza (DAWES) ALLEN. She married Raymond Virgil CALLAHAN, Feb. 17, 1940, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death, Sept. 10, 2005, in Chickasha.

CALLAHAN, Brice K., April 4, 1914(Drakes Prairie) – Jan. 5, 2005(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Benjamin Paten CALLAHAN and Sarah Elizabeth (SHOOK) CALLAHAN. He married Eutha CALLAHAN on Dec. 5, 1933, in McKey.

CALLAHAN, Drury Paten, June 1, 1921(Sallisaw) - May 18, 2002(Vian) s/o Benjamin Paten CALLAHAN and Sarah Elizabeth (SHOOK) CALLAHAN.

CALLAHAN, Eutha WATTS, Dec. 30, 1917(Drakes Prairie community) - March 4, 2012(Sallisaw), d/o Ellis Harmon WATTS and Fairy (WAGES) WATTS PETERS. She married Brice K. CALLAHAN on Dec. 5, 1933, in McKey. He preceded her in death on Jan. 5, 2005, in Fort Smith, Ark.

CALLAHAN, L. Marie, March 28, 1922(Bluff) - d/o Clarence K. HESTER and Pearl Vinnie (MILLER) HESTER. Sept. 30, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark.) She married Benjamin Quzeen B.Q. "Dean" CALLAHAN, Nov. 26, 1941, in Las Vegas, N.V.

CALLAHAN, Oletha MAYNARD, Sept. 28, 1914(Sallisaw,) - May 10, 2001(Vian.) d/o Harvey E. MAYNARD and Charlotte Pearl (GRITTS) MAYNARD. She married Roy Benjamin CALLAHAN Sept. 17, 1933, in the McKey community.

CALLAHAN, Raymond V., June 10, 1923(Drakes Prairie) –Sept. 10, 2005(Amber.) s/o Benjamin CALLAHAN and Elizabeth (SHOOK) CALLAHAN. He married Bonnie Mable ALLEN Feb. 17, 1940, in Sallisaw.

CALLAHAN, Roy Benjamin , June 12, 1912(Drake Prairie community) - June 24, 2003(Vian) s/o Benjamin Paten CALLAHAN and Sarah Elizabeth (SHOOK) CALLAHAN. He married Oletha L. MAYNARD on Sept 17, 1933, in McKey community. She preceded him in death on May 10, 2001.

CALLOWAY, Odie Dale, Sept. 2, 1931(Gans) - Aug. 14, 2002(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Ed Lee CALLOWAY and Sophia (WRIGHT) CALLOWAY. He married Jessie Mae BRUTON on Oct 15, 1956, in Poteau.

CAMERON, Charles Ray, Jan. 9, 1931(Muskogee) – April 21, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Jack COPELAND and Esther (CAMERON) COPELAND.

CAMPBELL, Wayne Howard , Nov. 9, 1922(Brent) - May 20, 2006(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Mark Miles CAMPBELL and Serena Elizabeth (NORRID) CAMPBELL. He married Ollie Louise BROOKS on Feb. 9, 1946, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death, March 21, 1992, in Sallisaw.

CANNON, Charles Luther, Oct. 13, 1942(Tahlequah) – Oct. 31, 2002(Sallisaw.) s/o Charlie CANNON and Pearl (WARD) CANNON. He married Norma CANNON on April 5, 1969, in Sallisaw.

CANNON, Norma J., Oct. 5, 1946(Drakes Prairie) - May 1, 2011(Sallisaw.)  d/o Frank James BRESHEARS and Plura Lorene RAY.  She married Charles Luther CANNON on April 5, 1969, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Oct. 31, 2002, in Sallisaw. 

CAPEHART, Juanita, Dec. 16, 1911(Gore) – April 17, 2006(Sallisaw) d/o William CHOATE and Mary (BENGE) CHOATE. She married Louie Everett CAPEHART, Aug. 19, 1932, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death, June 9, 1993, in Fort Smith, Ark.

CAPPS, Gladys, Aug. 3, 1912(Muskogee) - Oct. 24, 2007(Sallisaw.) d.o Daniel H. MORRIS and Hattie Mae (POTTS) MORRIS. She married George Dewey CAPPS, Jan. 15, 1959, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death, July 19, 1991, in Muskogee.

CAPPS, Lavelle, March 31, 1904(Van Buren, Ark.) - June 18, 2001(Commerce, Texas) d/o Marion Calvin CASSADY and Sarah Elisa TEMPLE CASSADY. She married Oscar Elmer CAPPS on October 6, 1927 in Sallisaw. he died in 1972.

CARLETON, Clay Lindsey, March 13, 1922(Sadie) - March 29, 2001(Tulsa) s/o Francis and Julia CARLETON.

CARLILE, Geneva Ruby STORTS, Sept. 22, 1917(Sallisaw) - Aug. 20, 2002(Navasota, Texas.) d/o William Thurman STORTS and Ray DANIELS DAVIS. She was preceded in death by her husband, Clifford Raymond CARLILE;

CARLILE, II, John Stephen, Jan. 31, 1933(Sallisaw) – May 1998, s/o Nila Stephen Jack and Pauline (YOUNG) CARLILE. He married Patricia (RANEY) CARLILE

COWDEN, Hubbard Clay , April 10, 1910(Braggs) – Oct. 1, 1999(Muskogee) s/o William F. COWDEN and Nancy Jane (BLANKENSHIP) COWDEN. He married Pauline Vera ELLIS May 27, 1942, in Muskogee.

CARLILE, Mildred Anna ARMSTRONG, Dec. 9, 1910(Castle) - Sept. 13, 2000(Tulsa.) d/o Robert Walker ARMSTRONG and Margaret Jane (EDMUNDSON) ARMSTRONG. Mrs. CARLILE married Paul Vore CARLILE Aug. 21, 1938, in Meeker. He preceded her in death Dec. 6, 1977 in Sallisaw.

CARLILE, Rubye Lee, May 24, 1916(Sallisaw,) - Feb. 16, 2002(Tulsa.) d/o Douglas Henry BLAIR and Hannah Lee BLAIR. She married Robert Blackstone "R.B." CARLILE on Sept. 4, 1939, in Paris, Ark. Mrs. CARLILE was preceded in death by her husband on April 12, 1998,

CARROLL, Inez, Nov. 19, 1910(Denmark, Ark.) - April 13, 1998, (Sallisaw) d/o Noah and Martha THRASHER ELLIS. She married C.D. CARROLL in August 1992 in Hanson.

CASEY, Bertha Elizabeth, Dec. 4, 1907(Hanson community) -Aug. 1, 2004(Perryton, Texas) d/o Samuel Benton WATSON and Mary Ellen THOMAS. She married John Wesley CASEY on Oct. 18, 1925, in Sloans Chapel community. He preceded her in death in October of 1947.

CASEY, John B. "Peach", Sept. 21, 1927(Vian) - May 20, 2001(Tulsa) s/o John Wesley CASEY and Bertha Elizabeth (WATSON) CASEY. He married Barbara Lee McEVER April 14, 1951, in Fort Smith, Ark.

CASSADY, Ann WILLIAMS, Aug. 24, 1913(Sallisaw) - Aug. 21, 2005(Sallisaw) d/o Sam WILLIAMS and Maria (SMITH) WILLIAMS. She married Calvin CASSADY, Sr. Jan. 30, 1932, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death March 21, 1989, in Sallisaw.

CASSADY, Clara FOLSOM, July 20, 1905(Akins community, Sequoyah District, Oklahoma, Indian Territory,) - March 28, 1998(Sallisaw.) d/o Ocie and Nevada (EMBERTON) FOLSOM. She married Alva Ray CASSADY Dec. 25, 1926, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on March 15, 1983.

CASSADY, Floyd Fredrick "Dude", Dec. 12, 1916(Sequoyah County) - April 4, 2003(Talihina) s/o W.F. CASSADY and Bonnie RHODES. He married Lorene JAMES on Nov. 21, 1946, in Drumwright.

CHAPMAN, Peggy O., Dec. 27, 1928(Michigan,) - July 24, 2007(Sallisaw) d/o Charles Robert and Evelyn. She was preceded in death by her husband.

CHEEK, B. Lea WOODWARD, February 18, 1925(Hanson) – May 4, 2005(Sallisaw) d/o Welborn WOODWARD and Anna (SUTTON) WOODWARD. She married Bill CHEEK December 24, 1944 in Sallisaw.

CHILDERS, Hazel SPRINGWATER, June 29, 1915(Gans) – April 11, 2005(Ft. Smith, Ark.) d/o Henry Cole SPRINGWATER and Jessie Mae (RHOADS) SPRINGWATER. She married Orval Rex CHILDERS in February of 1932 in Gans.

CHILDERS, Helen WARREN, Jan. 26, 1934(Gore) - Dec. 31, 2006(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Peter Josh WARREN and Ola Frances (MUNCY) WARREN. She married Virgil Lee CHILDERS, June 3, 1952, in Van Buren, Ark. He preceded her in death, Aug. 23, 1989, in Fort Smith.

CHRISCO, Bonnie, March 25, 1910(Sallisaw,) - June 29,1999(Stigler.) d/o Samuel Drew KNOX and Mary (CLAUNCH) KNOX.

CHUCULATE, Hastings, Oct 31, 1914(Sallisaw,) - Oct 1, 2003(Sallisaw.) d/o George W CHUCULATE and Elmira (FAULKNER) CHUCULATE. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Della Mae PENCE CHUCULATE in 1980; and his second wife, Pauline RANDLE CHUCULATE in 1996.

CHUCULATE, Richard , April 16, 1913(Sallisaw) - Feb. 5, 2006(Fort Smith, Ark) s/o Isaac CHUCULATE and Nellie (CHRISTIE) CHUCULATE. He married Maxine BREUNINGER in South Dakota.

CLARK, Daisy C., Aug. 10, 1920(Marble City) - Jan. 28, 2000(Gore) d/o Clarence and Mamie Leigh HARP. She married Loran CLARK Oct. 11, 1940, in the Horn District, west of Sallisaw. He preceded her in death Feb. 15, 1987.

CLARK, Elsie M. , June 29, 1922(Redland, Sequoyah County,) - Oct. 21, 2006(Stigler.) d/o Wallace BLACK and Nellie (UNERWOOD) BLACK. She married James Ralph CLARK, March 6, 1947, in Fort Smith. He preceded her in death, March 22, 2001, in Fort Smith.

CLARK, James Ralph , July 6, 1922(Fayetteville, Ark.) - March 22, 2001(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o J.W. "Bud" CLARK and Alabama "Bam" (ROBERTS) CLARK. Mr. CLARK married Elsie BLACK on March 6, 1947, in Fort Smith.

CLELAND, Pearl F., March 17, 1903(Brent Indian Territory in Sequoyah County) - Jan. 17, 2003( Matinez.)

CLEMMONS, James W., July 19, 1916(Tomberlin, Ark.) - April 6, 2002(Sallisaw.) s/o James William CLEMMONS and Susie Emma (WOOD) CLEMMONS. He married Cherokee Adair (FOX) CLEMMONS on March 13, 1943 in Dallas, Texas. She preceded him in death on Dec. 24, 1986.

CLOVER, Lucille BRUTON, April 4, 1927(Harrison community) - March 5, 2003(Sallisaw) d/o Walter Calvin BRUTON and Grace Lorene (ADAMS) BRUTON. She married Henry Hamilton CLOVER on March 5, 1965, in Poteau. He preceded her in death in June 1988

COCKRELL, Franklin, Dec. 13, 1935(Wabbeseka, Ark.,) – April 17, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.)  s/o Horace Franklin COCKRELL Sr., and Aretta (FREEMAN) COCKRELL. He married Opal Carolyn DiGIACINTO in 1988 in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death Nov. 30, 2010.

COCKRELL, Opal Carolyn, April 6, 1939(Gore) - Nov. 30, 2010(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Marco DiGIACINTO and Bernice (SIMMONS) DiGIACINTO.

COLE, Cluvy Clyde, July 22, 1906(Sallisaw, Indian Territory,) -Dec. 23, 2002(Sallisaw) s/o Jacob Alexander COLE and Dora Melinda (WOOD) COLE. He married Velma Lois JOPLIN KEITH on May 31, 1982, in Sallisaw.

COLE, Harlie Lee, Dec. 16, 1918(Wagoner) - Aug. 7, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o John Lee COLE and Anzo MEADOWS. He married Nellie Mae MOSS on Sept. 25, 1945, in Akron, Ohio.

COLE, Harvey Lee, Dec. 6, 1927(Maple community) - Nov. 7, 2006(Edmond) s/o Elmer COLE and Artie (WOODWARD) COLE. He married Joyce Geneva ROSS on May 17, 1947, in Fort Smith, Ark.

COLE, Velma Lois, Jan. 3, 1910(Polk County, Ark.) - July 4, 2006(Sallisaw) d/o Thomas Aaron JOPLIN and Millie Jane (LEMMINGS) JOPLIN. She was preceded in death by her husbands, William E. KEITH and Clavy Clyde COLE.

COLLINS, Mona Rae, Jan. 3, 1937(Muldrow) - May 4, 2005(Sallisaw) d/o John Wade VAUGHAN and Theodocia (BLACK) VAUGHAN, she married Stanley COLLINS on Aug. 20, 1954, in Roland.

COOK, Christine, February 6, 1916(Dwight Mission) – March 31, 2001(Sallisaw) d/o Abe DOTSON and Minnie (ANDREW) DOTSON. Mrs. COOK married Lewis Carlton "Carl" COOK on December 31, 1939, in Sallisaw.

COOK, Inez, Feb. 9, 1913(Polk County, Ark.) - May 17, 2006(Sallisaw) d/o James L. COLE and Idella Caroline (BARRON) COLE. She married Fred Monroe COOK, Oct. 14, 1932, in McKey. He preceded her in death, Feb. 25, 1961, in Fort Smith, Ark.

COOK, Trevis Coy, March 11, 1934(Liberty community,) - Dec. 5, 1998(Sallisaw) s/o Garland Lee COOK and Rosena Catherine (CALCOTE) COOK.

COOKE, Robert, Aug. 4, 1962,(San Diego, Calif.) - Jan. 11, 2003(Sallisaw) s/o Emily BOVEE. He married Rhonda Rhoana SUTTON on Dec. 2, 2002, in Arkansas

COOPER, Richard Lee “Dick”, Dec. 12, 1940(Ottumwa, Iowa) - April 6, 2011(Overland Park) s/o Marion and Alberta (KOOGLER) COOPER. Dick married Ramona Sue COTTON on Jan. 26, 1962, in Stilwell.

Ruth Marie COOTS, Aug 30, 1946(Long Beach, Calif.) - July 28, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark).

COPELAND, Elpha, June 10, 1915(Brentwood, Ark.) - March 5, 2001(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o William J. CARTER and Ida Mae (FOUTCH) CARTER. She married Paul COPELAND who preceded her in death in 1975.

COPELAND, Orville Issac, Jan. 7, 1919(Sallisaw,) -Jan. 13, 1999(Tulsa.) s/o Anderson COPELAND and Lilly (PATTERSON) COPELAND. He married his wife, Claudine, May 9, 1964.

CORLEY, Delores V. (LATIMER), Dec. 19, 1936,(Sallisaw) - Feb. 14, 2003(Sallisaw) d/o Earl E. LATIMER Sr. and Gladys Bonnie (WREN) LATIMER.

CORRELL, Julia Mae, Dec. 29, 1909(Sallisaw) - Aug. 4, 2002(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Robert G. PORTER and Annie (CARRIKER) PORTER. She married Perry CORRELL on July 2, 1945, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Oct. 24, 1990.

COTTON, Dr. Bert H., May 26, 1911 – Oct 13, 1982(Pasadena, Calif.) s/o Bert COTTON Sr.

COTTON, Carl Wear 90, Feb. 11, 1908( Adair Prairie) - COTTON, s/o George Washington COTTON and Sara Elizabeth (WEAR) COTTON. He married Lillian Mae HELTON on March 2, 1935, in Sallisaw

COTTON, Lillian Mae HELTON, March 26, 1918(Sequoyah County) - July 15, 2008(Sallisaw) d/o Charles Arthur HELTON and Iva Mae (BELL) HELTON. She married Carl Wear COTTON, March 2, 1935, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death, Aug. 6, 1998, in Sallisaw.

COWAN, A.M. Walter, Dec. 13, 1919(Fort Coffee) - Nov. 30, 2004(Sallisaw s/o James Wilce COWAN and Hattie Ann (MATHIS) COWAN. ) He married Clara MAIER on Dec. 9, 1939, in Spiro.

COWDEN, Pauline Vera, July 21, 1915(Adair County) – Feb. 23, 2008(Sallisaw) d/o George Clinton ELLIS and Nellie (WINSEL) ELLIS. She married Hubbard Clay COWDEN, May 27, 1942, in Muskogee. He preceded her in death, Oct. 1 1999, in Muskogee.

COX, Claud Raymond, Aug. 6, 1916(Ada,) -Feb. 28, 2000(Sallisaw) s/o Claud Gordon COX and Mittie Mae (JONES) COX. He married Lois Regina EDWARDS Nov. 18, 1941, in Tacoma, Wash

COX, M. Jo, July 13, 1937(Cromwell) - Jan. 2, 2007(Sallisaw) d/o J.C. and Cora (COFFMAN) WHITTEN. She married Robert C. COX, Sept. 3, 1978, in Spiro.

COX, Robert C., Oct. 31, 1933(Muskogee) - Feb. 12, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Sherman Wayne COX and Daisey Velma (JOHNSON) COX. He married M. Jo WHITTEN, Sep. 3, 1978, in Spiro. She preceded him in death, Jan. 2, 2007, in Sallisaw.

CREECH, Mavis Roberta, June 22, 1917(Stilwell) - Sept 2001, d/o Elmer Lafayette BOHANNON and Flora Lee VANN BOHANNON. She married Maurice Victor CREECH on March 25, 1960, in Fort Smith, Ark.

CROW, Nettie Ozelle (THAXTON), Aug. 1, 1895(Thaxton, Miss.) - July 6, 1998(Sallisaw) d/o Dr. Montgomery Campbell THAXTON and Mary Elizabeth "Betty" FARRAR THAXTON. She married Charles Houston CROW Sr. Oct. 6, 1912, in Eula, Texas.

CROWDER, Billy Lee, Dec. 8, 1936(Antlers) -Aug 21, 2003(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o William Hurn CROWDER and Billie (SKILES) CROWDER. He married Judy Carol WEAVER on July 14, 1993, in Oklahoma City.

CRUTCHFIELD, Ada BROWING, May 22, 1921(Harlan, Ky.) -Sept. 9, 2004(Sallisaw) d/o Wilson Sherman BROWING and Sarah Belle (HOWARD) BROWING. She married Neal CRUTCHFIELD on Aug, 26, 1938, in Pineville, Ky.

CRUTCHFIELD, Neal, Dec. 17, 1917(Bunch) - Sept. 23, 2002(Sallisaw.) s/o Silas CRUTCHFIELD and Dora (TROSPER) CRUTCHFIELD. He married Ada BROWING on Aug. 26, 1938, in Pineville, Ky.

CURRY, Faye Sept. 24, 1943(Gans) - Jan. 21, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark)  do Watie NORRID and Violet (McCOMBS)  NORRID.

CURRY, Ida P., June 19, 1913(Sequoyah County) - Sept. 12, 2005(Sallisaw) d/o E.L. LONG and Maggie (McCORN LONG. She married John Raymond CURRY, April 13, 1929, in McKey. He preceded her in death, March 3, 1979

CURRY, Jimmy Lee "Jimbo", Sept. 25, 1967(Sallisaw) - Aug. 26, 2005(Sallisaw) s/o Aaron Jimmy CURRY and Hedy Faye (NORRID) CURRY.

CURRY, Mollie Adline POWELL CURRY, Oct. 21, 1914(Sadie) - Sept. 15, 2007(Muskogee) d/o Thomas Jerry POWELL and Lillie Mae (HORN) POWELL. She married Aaron Thomas CURRY, Jr., Jan. 14, 1936, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death, May 8, 1993, in Oktaha

DAUGHERTY, Mary Winifred “Winnie”, April 19, 1927(Muldrow) - Jan. 16, 2012(Tulsa) d/o Lee McGEHEE and Viola McGEHEE. She married James Walter DAUGHERTY on May 19, 1947, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death on Nov. 21, 1992

DAVIDSON, Frances Helen, Nov. 12, 1915(Sequoyah County,) - March 18, 1998(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Burgin and Lettie (WOODRING) ISRAEL. She married Frank DAVIDSON, May 22, 1960, in Miami. He preceded her in death Jan. 24, 1988.

DAVIS, Annie Oleeta "Leta", July 15, 1925(near Sallisaw,) - Feb. 14, 2002(Sallisaw) d/o Wesley Wadie RAPE and Ada Vesta (COOK) RAPE. She married Rev. Charles Leland DAVIS on April 27, 1944, in Buffington.

DAVIS, Rev. Charley Leland, Feb. 9, 1924(Sadie) - Aug. 18, 2010(Sallisaw) s/o Charley Robert DAVIS and Rebecca Jane (POWELL) DAVIS. He married Annie Oleeta RAPE on April 27, 1944, in Buffington. She preceded him in death on Feb. 14, 2004, in Sallisaw.

DAVIS, Dollie Marie, December 26, 1908(Sallisaw) - June 5, 1999(Sallisaw.) d/o Charley Wesley BORIN and Laura Isabelle (MCCAIN) BORIN. She married Norman Hobert Davis on July 7, 1930, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death Jan. 6, 1988.

DAVIS, Hester, April 17, 1916(Brushy) - May 28, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Thomas Jefferson DAVIS and Mary Elizabeth (WATERS) DAVIS. She married Jerry Preston DAVIS Sr., Sept. 12, 1929, in Bunch. He preceded her in death, Nov. 25, 1995 in Tahlequah

DAVIS Sr., John W., Feb. 11, 1917(Big Cabin) - June 6, 2003(Sallisaw) s/o John W. DAVIS Sr. and Goldie R. (HACKER) DAVIS. He married, Mary Rose (CHEPREGI) DAVIS;

DAVIS, Juanita Louise, Oct. 4, 1924(Cherokee County) - Aug. 10, 2002(Greenwood, Ark.) d/o Millard RHOADES and Marie (CAYWOOD) RHOADES. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Calvin WHITEKILLER, and her second husband, J.B. DAVIS.

DAVIS, Mary Rose, Oct. 25, 1926(East Chicago, Ind.) - Feb. 1, 2012(Sallisaw) d/o Moses and Julia (MOLNAR) CHEPREGI She married John W. DAVIS Jr.

DAVIS, Willie E., March 28, 1913(Fackler, Ala.,) - March 25, 2000 d/o William and Avis (ATKERSON) OWENS.

DAY, Ruth Ann (VANN), Feb. 5, 1915(Sallisaw) - April 18, 2002(Russellville, Mo.) d/o William VANN and Iva Jane (MULLIN) VANN. Survivors include her husband, Louise T. DAY of the home

DEAN, Marie, 84, died Nov. 21, 2003. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ben "Dizzy" DEAN;

DEAN, Odes Lynell, June 9, 1920(Dardanelle, Ark.) - Feb. 1, 2000(Sallisaw) s/o Leonard and Annie Jewel (GARNER) DEAN. He married Leanor Climey NANCY Sept. 16, 1950, in Salinas, Calif.

DEESE, Leaton E., Dec. 3, 1927(Liberty community) - Sept. 29, 1998(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o William Ed DEESE and Beatrice Belle WATERS. He married Margaret Maydean BRUTON Oct. 19, 1959, in Stilwell

DENNIS, Herbert H., April 1, 1929(Sand Town Bottoms, Oklahoma,) - October 20, 2011(Sallisaw, Oklahoma). s/o of Calvin DENNIS and Viola HOLT DENNIS. He married Hazel Lee MYERS DENNIS on November 17, 1954 in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

DENTON, Alex, Aug. 14, 1924(Tracadie, Canada.) - Nov. 21, 2006(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Frank Arthur DENTON and Frances Melinda (WORRALL) DENTON He married Melba Alene PEACE JONES on Dec. 28, 1973, in Sallisaw.

DENTON, Hazel KEITH, March 6, 1915(Sallisaw) –April 1, 2008(Tulsa) d/o Samuel KEITH and Lucy DANIELS

DENTON, Louella Mae, May 2, 1925(Sequoyah County) - July 22, 1985(Fort Smith), d/o Benjamin Benton BILYEU and Huldah Katherine HUCKLEBY BILYEU She was preceded in death by her husband, John DENTON.

DENTON, Melba PEACE JONES, July 23, 1921(Short) - Dec. 31, 2009(Sallisaw) d/o Henry Lindsey PEACE and Katie Alice (BRANSON) PEACE. She married James Alexander DENTON Dec. 28, 1973, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death Nov. 21, 2009, in Fort Smith, Ark.

DERAMUS, Myrtle Sue, 91, June 17, 2000(Muldrow)

DICKENS, Doris June, Nov. 22, 1941(Delano, Calif.) - June 12, 2008(Sallisaw) d/o R.A. PRUITT and K.T. Marie (PAYNE) PRUITT. She married Kenneth Don DICKENS Sr., Dec. 7, 1957, in Reno, Nev. He preceded her in death, May 24, 2008, in Fort Smith, Ark.

DICKEY, Loris Lahoma GOODWIN, April 1, 1911(Sallisaw) - Feb. 20, 2006((Sallisaw) d/o Walter GOODWIN and Rose Ada ADAIR GOODWIN She married Raymond Norphet DICKEY on Feb. 28, 1937, in Little Rock, Ark. She was preceded in death by her husband, Raymond, on Aug. 29, 1966

DIFFEE, Ira, Aug. 30, 1910(Sallisaw) -March 21, 2000(Sallisaw) s/o William Alexander DIFFEE and Mary (DIXON) DIFFEE. He married Jessie Gertrude (PRICE) DIFFEE

DIFFEE, Jessie, Feb. 1, 1915(Sallisaw) - June 16, 2004(Muskogee) d/o Mack PRICE and Katie (HOLDER) PRICE.

DIXON, William Lee, Dec. 31, 1952(Sallisaw) – July 29, 2006(Tulsa) s/o Richard Lee DIXON and Geraldine (FINE) DIXON. He married Jacalyn Gene FLANIGAN, Dec. 28, 1985, in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

DOBBS, Alma J., June 12, 1932(Campbell, Mo.) -June 28, 2008(Sallisaw) d/o Ralph IRBY and Ninnie Jewel (BATEMAN) IRBY. She married Orville Harold DOBBS, Oct. 30, 1953, in Pontiac, Mich. He preceded her in death, March 5, 1992, in Sallisaw.

DOBBS, Otis J., April 22, 1919(McKey community) - July 21, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o Henry Harold DOBBS and Bessie Jane (BYNUM) DOBBS. He married Iva EDGMON on Jan. 6, 1946, in Fort Smith, Ark.

DOBBS, O.W. "Windy", March 22, 1926(McKey) - March 15, 2005(Vian) s/o Henry Harold DOBBS and Bessie Jane (BYNUM) DOBBS He married Avis McMILLAN on July 24, 1950 in Angola, Ind.

DODD, Wilman C., Dec 29, 1923(Maple community) – Feb 2, 2003(Fort Smith,) s/o Robert Andrew DODD and Loner Ethel (BERGEN) DODD.

DODSON Jr., Dan F., Nov. 1, 1929(Jasper, Ark.) - July 2004 s/o Dan Fullbright DODSON Sr. and Annie Gladys (HOPPIS) DODSON. Mr. DODSON married Edna Gladys MATHIS on Oct. 29, 1954, in Shawnee

DOLLAR, Amos Y. , Aug. 10, 1909(Judsonia, Ark.) - Sept. 5, 2000(Sallisaw) s/o Joseph Yondel DOLLAR and Katherine Pauline (Hettie) DOLLAR. He married Vera Bell DOLLAR Dec. 1, 1929, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death March 6, 1998.

DOLLAR, Vera Bell , Sept. 17, 1908(Ole Remy community) - March 6, 1998,(Fort Smith, Ark.) S d/o Arthur and Annie Pearl (BLACKARD) SAGELY. he married A.Y. DOLLAR, Dec.1, 1929, in Sallisaw.

DORITY, Calvin Watie "Ricky", March 2, 1956, in Sallisaw, to Lucille BRUTON CLOVER. He died Saturday, Jan 10, 2009, in Sallisaw. He married Patricia Lynn TUNNELL, June 14, 1983, in Stilwell.

DOTSON, Morris D., June 30, 1919(Vian) - June 7, 2006(Sallisaw) s/o George DOTSON and Belle COMBS. He married Gertrude;

DRAKE, Charles Manuel, May 27, 1933(Sallisaw) - Jan. 2, 2006(Sallisaw) s/o John Manuel DRAKE and Augusta Mae (GANN) DRAKE. he married Helen Marie PINKERTON Drake, Sept. 4, 1950, in Van Buren, Ark.

DRAKE, Don Earl, March 8, 1937(Sallisaw) - June 30, 2012(Sallisaw) s/o John Manuel and Augusta Mae(GANN) DRAKE. He married LaJuana Janet DAVIS on July 25, 1955, in Stilwell

DRAKE, Jennie Lee, May 29, 1943 - Feb. 6, 2001(Sallisaw) d/o Danell Dawes and Virginia FLEETWOOD VICKERS. She married Seymour Edgar DRAKE May 26, 1961, in Sallisaw.

DRAKE, Ruby O., March 25, 1910(Sallisaw) - Jan. 11, 2007(Sallisaw) d/o Bean Winifred SLOAN and Ollie Corine DIFFEE. She married Raymond P. DRAKE, Aug. 15, 1930, in Shawnee. He preceded her in death, Jan. 31, 1968, in Fort Smith, Ark.

DUDLEY, Robert B. "Bob", Dec. 29, 1928(Westville,) - Dec. 14, 2002(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Jess Floyd DUDLEY and Floy Opal BYRD DUDLEY. He married Elsie Marie CALLAHAN DUDLEY, on May 23, 1975, in Sallisaw.

DUNN, Carl W., April 21, 1930(Sallisaw) – Sept. 25, 2012(Vian) s/o John DUNN and Delia HULSE DUNN EPPLER.

DUNN, Charles D. "Lotes", Oct. 29, 1934(Sallisaw,) - Oct. 22, 2005,(Tulsa) s/o Cornell DUNN and Mattie (BRYANT) DUNN.

EAST, Jared Michael, April 3, 1986(Stillwater) - s/o Donald Lee BARDWELL and Roxann Gail (EAST) BARDWELL. May 30, 2005(Sallisaw).

EDGEMON, Cecil F., May 27, 1920(McKey Community) - Oct. 10, 2006(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Frank EDGMON(SP) and Bertha (BELL) EDGMON(SP). He married Leona Mae BYERS, May 27, 1943, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death, Oct. 11, 1990, in Sallisaw.

EDWARDS, Gussie Aline, Dec. 9, 1914(Sallisaw) - April 29, 2000(Sallisaw.) d/o Willis Oscar McCLANAHAN and Jessie Lee (SLOAN) McCLANAHAN. She married Charlie Dutch EDWARDS March 17, 1934, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death June 7, 1986.

EDWARDS, Harper D., Jan. 14, 1906(Muldrow, Indian Territory,) - Sept. 17, 2007(Vian) s/o George Washington EDWARDS and Belle (RHODES) EDWARDS. He married Bonnie Iva EDWARDS, Feb. 20, 1938, in Crawford County, Arkansas. She preceded him in death, Feb. 16, 1995, in Sallisaw.

EGGLESTON, Jr., Dale, Jan. 7, 1948(Oklahoma City) – Aug. 8, 2006(Sallisaw) s/o Dale EGGLESTON, Sr. and Mary Ellen (THARP) EGGLESTON VAUGHN. He married Linda Joyce DIGIACINTO, May 23, 1968, in Stigler.

EPPLER, Della E. , Sept. 26, 1909(Stilwell,) - March 3, 2000(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Isaac Newton HULSE and Maggie (PARSONS) HULSE.

ESMAILI, Jacqueline Elizabeth "Jakki", Nov. 8, 1961(Dallas) - Nov. 10, 2001(Wheat Ridge, Colo.) d/o Henry Earl "Pete" BAKER Jr. and Dorothy Jane (AGENT) BAKER. She married Mehran ESMAILI on May 5, 1986, in Dallas.

EUBANKS, Carl E., May 13, 1936(Sallisaw, ) -June 3, 2008(Sallisaw) s/o Charles Ray EUBANKS and Frances Anetta (COTNEY) EUBANKS. . Survivors include his wife, Christine of the home;

EUBANKS, Odessia, June 6, 1918(Sequoyah County) - Nov. 27, 2006(Stilwell) her husband, John EUBANKS,

EVANS, Bessie E. 85, died May 23, 1998(Greenbrier Center in Enid) She was preceded in death by her husband, Lonnie EVANS, SR.,

EVANS, Iris Oleta, May 23, 1926(Sequoyah County,) -Dec. 20, 2002(Fort Smith) d/o Herman Felton STAFFAN and Katherine Margaret (RIGSBY) STAFFAN.

DODD, Louise, Nov. 19, 1925(Long) - July 4, 2011(Sallisaw) d/o Mose Oliver REDDEN and Ethel Mae (HOWELL) REDDEN. She married Wilman DODD in Van Buren, Ark. He preceded her in death on Feb. 2, 2003, in Fort Smith, Ark.

DODSON, Danny Ray, June 22, 1958(Sallisaw) - Aug. 6, 2010(Sallisaw) s/o Dan DODSON and Edna Gladys (MATHIS) DODSON. He married Teresa Ann BOWLES DODSON on Sept. 21, 1985, in Sallisaw.

DRAKE, Don Earl, March 8, 1937Sallisaw) - June 30, 2012(Sallisaw), s/o John   Manuel  and Augusta Mae(GANN) DRAKE On July 25, 1955, in Stilwell he married LaJuana Janet DAVIS. There were married 56 years until she passed away, on May 4, 2012.

DUNCAN, Ralph Lee, May 17, 1939Atwood) - May 2, 2011(Sallisaw)  s/o Doyle Homer and Beatrice Pauline (McCARN) DUNCAN. He married Audra DUNCAN

EATON, Pauline Kay, Aug. 26, 1946(Tahlequah) - Dec. 12, 2011(Sallisaw) d/o Noble A. CASEY and Dora (ASBILL) CASEY. She married Willard Leslie EATON on June 3, 1978, in Fairbanks, Alaska.

ECHOLS, Chester Lee, Feb. 25, 1922(Stigler) - Dec. 14, 2010(Sallisaw) s/o Doy Socrates ECHOLS and Blanche (FOLSOM) ECHOLS. He married Marie SMITH on Aug. 4, 1946.

EIFFERT, Rhonda WINKLER, July 6, 1971(Newton, Kan.) - May 19, 2010(Muskogee) d/o Johnny Lee WINKLER and Edna Faye (RICHARDSON) WINKLER. She married Keith Walter EIFFERT on Jan. 20, 2005, in Fort Smith, Ark.

ELLIS, Leland O., Aug. 29, 1933(Hanson) - July 20, 2011. He married Regina STREBECK on Jan. 15, 1955.

ELLIS, Margie Marie, Aug. 9, 1933(Sallisaw) - Dec. 3, 2011(Sallisaw) d/o Bogie BLAYLOCK and Millie Marie (BTHANY) BLAYLOCK. She married George Melvin ELLIS on Aug. 15, 1951, in Van Buren, Ark.

ELLIS, Shirley Lee, May 27, 1945(Sallisaw) - June 25, 2010(Sallisaw) d/o James Ernest ROSS and Letha Sylvia PIERCE. She married Charles ELLIS. He preceded her in death on April 23, 2007.

ELWICK, Donald Gene, March 30, 1922(Abilene, Kan.) - Dec. 15, 2011(Sallisaw) s/o Carwin Leroy and Dora (ELLIOT) ELWICK He married Edice Ann STEELE on Nov. 23, 1944.

ENGLAND, Bert, May 13, 1923(Sallisaw) - Feb. 8, 2012(Edmond) s/o Matthew ENGLAND and Para Lee (JACKSON) ENGLAND. He married Elma A DUBUC on Dec. 12, 1944, in Gans. Survivors include his wife of 67 years, Elma ENGLAND

FARMER, Lela Jean, Dec. 9, 1925(Miami, Okla.) - Feb. 24, 2012(Oklahoma City) d/o Ott REYNOLDS and Gazelle (HOLDER) REYNOLDS. She married Ray Harlan FARMER on March 7, 1947, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Oct. 20, 1995.

FARRIS, Charles Edward, Nov. 3, 1922(Price’s Chapel) - Feb. 10, 2012(Sallisaw) s/o John Oliver and Mary Flavia (GRIFFITH) FARRIS He married Lorene “Dolly” SANDERS,

FISHBURN, Emma J., Aug. 1, 1919(Lewistown, Mont.) – d/o Felix and Anna (PLOVONIC) JERBIC June 3, 2011(Sallisaw) She was preceded in death by her  husband, Elvin

FITZSIMMONS, Margie Louise, Oct. 16, 1922(Vian) - May 18, 2011(Gore.) d/o Ira Pinkston GOODWIN and Minnie Belle (RUARK) GOODWIN. She married Wilson Carnell FITZSIMMONS Sr., on Aug. 10, 1942, in Sallisaw.

FLETCHER, Bobby Gene , Nov. 21, 1932(Muldrow) - Oct. 2, 2011(Van Buren, Ark.) s/o Lewis FLETCHER and Jane (CONLEY) FLETCHER. He married Barbara Lorene BONDS on Aug. 8, 1994, in Ozark, Ark.

GIBSON, Steven MASON , Dec. 30, 1966(Fort Smith, Ark.) - July 2, 2011(Fort Smith) s/o Paul Rogers GIBSON and Viola Marcella (MASON) GIBSON. He married Renea Ellen DIAMOND on Dec. 15, 2001, in Muldrow

GROGGINS, Paula Kay, May 16, 1922(Alma, Arkansas) - March 31, 2010(Nicoma Park, Oklahoma.) d/o John BALLINGER and Maudie Ann BALLINGER. She married Carl GROGGINS;

HALE, Edith KIBBE, May 7, 1932(Brent community) - Jan. 26, 2010(Sallisaw) d/o Henry BRACKELL and Ada TAYLOR. She married Jerry “Tom” HALE on Dec. 29, 1982, in Sallisaw.

HALL, James William “Jim”, Nov. 3, 1952(Fort Smith, Ark.) - March 5, 2012(Bentonville, Ark.) s/o Robert Earl “Bob” HALL and Katherine Louise (BROWN) HALL.

HARDEN, James Edward, June 29, 1918(Sallisaw) - Nov. 28, 2010(Sallisaw) s/o James Haggard HARDEN and Victoria Texas (ROBERSON) HARDEN. He married Opal Juanita RIGGS on May 8, 1937, in Sequoyah County. She preceded him in death on May 27, 2006.

HARDIN, John William, Jan. 10, 1933(Redland) - Aug. 15, 2010(Muldrow) s/o Homer W. HARDIN and Anise (HOUSER) HARDIN. He married E. Doris ISHAM on Nov. 19, 1962, in Seattle, Wash.

HARP, Ralph C. “Sode”, Sept. 24, 1932(Drakes Prairie) - Dec. 22, 2011(Sallisaw) the son of Clarence HARP and Mamie (LEIGH) HARP. He was married to Marsha Ann KOHLER on Jan. 6, 1978, in Sallisaw.

HARMON, Audra Lucille, Sept. 6, 1918(McKey) - Sept. 8, 2011, d/o Joe WILLIAMS and Edna (LINLEY) WILLIAMS. She married Jewell Richard HARMON on Dec. 6, 1937, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on March 27, 1995, in Sallisaw.

HAWKINS, Wayne W., May 1, 1920(Brent community) - March 26, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.), s/o Thomas Melvin HAWKINS and Alta Josephine (AMOS) HAWKINS.  March 26, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.). He was preceded in death by his first wife, Aileen Janis HAWKINS in 1990. he married his second wife Nelda.

HAYNES, Alma Sue, Aug. 9, 1927(Tulsa) - Dec. 31, 2011(Enid) d/o John Thomas LESTER and Hebe (FRANKLIN) LESTER. She married Paul HAYNES on March 15, 1951, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death on Oct. 31, 2010.

HAYS, Rev. W.W., Aug. 31, 1927(Fort Smith, Ark.) - Jan. 17, 2010(Fort Smith) s/o Perry HAYS and Etta (JAMES) HAYS. He married Edith Mae CRASE on Aug. 4, 1945, in Cassville, Mo. She preceded him in death on Oct. 10, 2003, in Roland.

HEAPE, Opal B, Jan 15, 1922(Bly) - Aug 14, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o James Robert HICKS and Lillie Mae (ADAMS) HICKS. She married Harry Leon HEAPE on July 25, 1942, in Nowata. He preceded her in death on Jan 6, 2008.

HENNING, Cindy, May 20, 1962(Fort Smith, Ark.) - d/o Aaron Jimmy CURRY and Hedy Faye (NORRID) CURRY. Aug. 23, 2011(Muskogee)

HENRY, Hubert Dale, Dec. 9, 1949(Sallisaw) - Oct. 2, 2011(Vian) s/o Emery David HENRY and Hazel Inez (BRUNK) HENRY.

HENRY, Ruth, July 1, 1923(Gans) -Nov. 27, 2011(Sallisaw.) d/o Joseph Plumber RHOADS and Molly Georgia (McDANIELS) RHOADS. She married Elvin Delbert HENRY on July 29, 1939, in Gans. He preceded her in death on April 17, 1996.

HIGHT, Freda Mae, July 4, 1930Brushy) – April 16, 2011(Jenks.)  d/o Walter GIBSON and Jewell (ROGERS) GIBSON. She married Robert Melvin HIGHT Jan. 16, 1947, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on May 4, 2006. 

HOHN, Shere’e Janette Dec. 3, 1980(Billings, Mont) – April 24, 2011(Muldrow) d/o Larry James HOHN and Janette Bernice (BARGER) HOHN.

HOLMES Jr., Henry Irvine, April 13, 1919(Leakey, Texas) - March 8, 2011(Checotah) s/o H.I. and Myrtle (BROOKS) HOLMES. He married Inez “Youvon” GAPEN on Aug. 15, 1944, in Crawford, Nebraska.

HOWARD, Velvie Lois, April 15, 1929(Sherman, Texas) -. Sept. 21, 2012(Sallisaw) d/o of Francis Marion PATRICK and Estie (NEAL) PATRICK. She married Freddie Lee HOWARD on Dec. 22, 1942, in Bonham, Texas.

 HENSON, David Lyne, Feb. 27, 1955(Tulsa) – Oct. 15, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o William Floyd HENSON and Lena Mae (HUMPHREY) HENSON. He was a painter. He married Karen Lynn GOLAY on Nov. 12, 1974, in Tulsa.

HUNT, Jack, Feb. 26, 1929(Muskogee, Okla) - Feb. 11, 2010(Sallisaw), He married Jeanie HUNT

HURLEY Jr., George W., Aug. 27, 1931(Salina) - Nov. 24, 2012(Fayetteville, Ark.) s/o George William HURLEY Sr. and Edith (GOINS) HURLEY.

JAMES, Walter Eugene, Jan. 4, 1927(Charleston, Ark.,) - April 9, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Harvey Jackson JAMES and Jesse Elba (SHIRLEY) JAMES. He married Lois Marie ASHLEY on May 29, 1947, in Hot Springs, Ark.

JAMISON, Ivie Cleo, July 19, 1911(Sallisaw) - Feb. 27, 2010(Sallisaw) d/o Lee PHILPOT and Elizabeth (BREWER) PHILPOT.

JONES, Charles, Feb. 18, 1943( Drumwright) - .Jan. 18, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.)  s/o Jim McCONNELL and Edith (CURRY) McCONNELLHe married Jonnie Kaye RICHARDSON on Dec. 29, 1978, in Stilwell.

 JONES, Linda ANDERSON, Dec. 11, 1944(Oklahoma City) – April 27, 2011(Vian) d/o Burl R. KELLY and Beulah Mae (LUTTRELL) JOHNSON.   She married Mickey Riley JONES

KEEN, Lora MATTHEWS, Dec. 10, 1944(Sallisaw) - Jan. 16, 2010(Sallisaw) d/o Loy Melvin MATTHEWS Sr. and Amy Elizabeth (ROSS) MATTHEWS.

KEIRSEY, Lawanna, Nov. 16, 1971(Fort Smith, Ark.) - d/o Larry GUINN and Judy (HALE) GUINN. Feb. 28, 2012(Fort Smith)

KING, Hazelgene McLELLAN, April 1, 1925(Pawhuska) - May 17, 2011(Fort Smith.) d/o  John T. “Jack” McLELLAN and Myrtle Belle (MARSHALL) McLELLAN. She married Thomas William “Tom” KING on Oct. 23, 1945, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on April 30, 1981, in Sallisaw.

KROFT, Buddie, May 2, 1932(Cherokee, Ala.) - July 26, 2011(Sallisaw) s/o James KROFT and Velma Alzee (HANNON) KROFT. He married Doris T. PURCELL in May 1971, in Wichita Falls, Texas. She preceded him in death on Dec. 24, 1987.

KUMPE, Rubye Lorene, Feb. 16, 1921(Albion) - Oct. 12, 2011(Tulsa) d/o Joe BURCHFIELD and Dora May (BARNES) BURCHFIELD. She married William Andrew KUMPE on Jan. 16, 1948, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death on Sept. 15, 1978.

LAWSON, Odie, Aug. 13, 1935(Elkhart, Texas) - Dec. 15, 2010(Sallisaw) s/o Norman LAWSON and Climie Elaine (BLAND) LAWSON. He married Martha Sue BROOKS in September 2001, in Van Buren, Ark.

LEE, Jeffery Alan, Nov 16, 1964(Sallisaw) - July 16, 2012. s/o Wilburn LEE and Melva HOLT GLASGOW. He married Laurie LEE;

LeVANDER, Ted , Jan. 31, 1928(Youngstown, Ohio) - March 20, 2012(Roland). s/o Theodore A. HEDEN and Mirian SHERMAN. He married Mary Belle TABER on Dec. 18, 1965, in Winter Haven, Calif. She preceded him in death on Sept. 15, 2001.

LILLARD, Frank, Jan. 18, 1945(Fort Smith, Ark.) -Oct. 23, 2011(Pocola) s/o Woodrow Wilson LILLARD and Mayme Vesta (SMITH) LILLARD.

LORTON, Donald Wayne, May 1, 1938(Barnsdall) - Dec. 23, 2011(Tulsa). s/o Ernest Cleo LORTON and Lucille Helen ELVINGTON.

LOVERN, Bill R., July 9, 1922(Long) - Jan. 21, 2010(Sallisaw) s/o Wade Ray LOVERN and Addie (BREWER) LOVERN. He married Lola Mae BIBB on Jan. 25, 1942, in Ozark, Ark.

LOWE, Linda Sue, Sept. 21, 1950(Akins) - Dec. 3, 2011(Sallisaw.) d/o Joel LOWE and Lucille (EDWARDS) LOWE.

LOWE, Willis, June 28, 1938(Akins.) - Feb. 5, 2012(Wellington, KS), s/o Joel and Lucille (EDWARDS) LOWE On June 7, 1957, Willis and Betty HARMAN were united in marriage in Sallisaw.

MARION, Mary WALL, June 4, 1927(Lamar, Ark.) - Feb. 27, 2012(Roland) d/o William Herschel OVERBEY and Cora Ann (PITCHFORD) OVERBEY. first husband, the Rev. O.J. WALL and second husband, Jim MARION,

MATTHEWS, Geraldine, July 15, 1923(Sallisaw) - Oct. 12, 2012(Tulsa) d/o Frank STRICKLAND and Lucy SETSER STRICKLAND DIXON. She was preced in death by her first husband, William Harrison WAGES; second husband, Ralph MATTHEWS;

MATTHEWS Jr., Loy Melvin, Aug. 22, 1931(Sallisaw) - Feb. 9, 2011(Sallisaw, s/o Loy Melvin MATTHEWS Sr. and Amy (ROSS) MATTHEWS. He married Dorothy Hellen COLE on Aug. 5, 1955, in Stilwell.

MATTESON, Ruby Cloeta COMPTON, Sept. 7, 1922(Harrison) - March 30, 2012(Sallisaw.) d/o Orval COMPTON and Jessie (BRUTON) COMPTON. She was preceded in death by the father of her children, Thell MAYNARD; second husband, Arthur MATTESON;

MATTOX, Charles Ernest, May 14, 1923(Wilburton, OK) - October 12, 2011(Sallisaw, OK.) s/o Emmette Esta MATTOX and Flora Jane BENNETT MATTOX. Charles’s first marriage to Lou Elba MARTIN ended in 1983. Charles then married Linda Kay ALMY on October 4, 1985

MAYO, JR, Richard “Dick” Wheeler, Nov. 19, 1929(Fort Smith, Ark.) - August 2011, s/o Richard Wheeler and Florence (BAKER) MAYO, In 1953 he married Barbara Ann BRADFORD of McAlester. They were divorced in 1973. He married Grace COWAN CHASTAIN in 1986.

McCOY, Mickel Shane, March 25, 1972(Fort Smith, Ark.) - June 29, 2010(Fort Smith) to Jerry Dwayne McCOY and Carolen Rose (TURPIN) McCOY. He married Susan Nell JENKINS on Dec. 19, 2009, in Muldrow.

McCULLOUGH, Alpha E, March 14, 1918(Izard County, Arkansas,) - April 23, 2010(Owasso) d/o John Walter McCULLOUGH and Laura Martella (HIGHTOWER) McCULLOUGH.

McGOWAN, Martha Ann EPPLER, Feb 12, 1935(Sallisaw) - June 30, 2012(Sallisaw) d/o Bill EPPLER and Delia (HALSE) EPPLER. She married Clayton McGOWAN in 1952. He preceded her in death on May 20, 1980.

 McMAHON, Jerry Eugene, July 8, 1938, in Keefeton to Charles Emmett McMAHON and Alice (HIGHTOWER) McMAHON. He died on Friday, Aug. 26, 2011, in Sallisaw. He was a maintenance machinist at Beckart. He married Mary Lee WHEELER on Aug. 19, 1964, in Sallisaw.

MEADOWS, Clayton, Feb 26, 1950(Pampa, Texas) - s/o Johnny William and Lela Catherine (GRAY) MEADOWS Aug 18, 2012(Oklahoma City) He married Tana MEADOWS

MEECE Jr., Clifford T., March 19, 1938(Grandfield) - Dec. 23, 2011(Sallisaw) s/o Clifford T. Sr. and Ruby (RENNELS) MEECE. He married Frances Ann GORE, on Aug. 26, 1962,

MILLER, Samuel "Charlie", Aug 24, 1967(Fort Smith) - Aug 28, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Richard Johnson MILLER and Janet Rose (RICHARDSON) MILLER. He married Tammy Kay WASHINGTON MILLER on Nov 13, 1993, in Van Buren, Ark.

MITCHELL, Dr. Bob Gunter, May 16, 1931 - Oct. 26, 2012((Sallisaw) He was born to Okla GUNTER and Sam L. MITCHELL

MOCK, Rufus Wayne “Tige”, June 14, 1926(Addington) - March 24, 2012(Keller) s/o G.C. and Frances MOCK. He married Bivra Jean CASEY on June 9, 1951, in Dallas, Texas. She preceded him in death on Sept. 27, 2003

MYERS, Thelma CASEY, Aug. 28, 1930(Long Beach, Calif.) - Feb. 12, 2011(Muskogee) d/o Margaret Viola WATERS CASEY. She married Robert Shannon MYERS.

NATION, Bill Edward, Dec. 20, 1938(Gore) - Dec. 27, 2010(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Franklin NATION and Mary Beatrice WILLIAMS. He married Brenda Kay NATION on July 5, 1960, in Stilwell. She preceded him in death on March 22, 2000.

NEWMAN, Richard Wayne, Dec. 25, 1943(Toledo, Ohio) - May 2, 2011(Spring City, Tenn) s/o Richard NEWMAN and Gladys (MATHIS) NEWMAN.

OWENS, Ruby Idell "Ikie" BINZ, August 23, 1941(Fort Smith, Arkansas) – March 15, 2010(Bossier City, Louisiana) d/o Harold C. and Ruby (WEAVER) TAYLOR

PARK, Harry “Bob”, Feb. 20, 1923(Laurens, S.C.) - July 16, 2010(Tulsa) s/o Harry Arthur PARK and Norma (YODER) PARK. He married Vera Marie BAGLEY on Jan. 11, 1980, in Sallisaw.

PARSONS, Syble Estella, Oct. 24, 1923(Hanson) - March 15, 2011(Sallisaw), d/o Elsie Emma (STAFFAN) MILLER. She married William Brice “W.B.” PARSONS on May 19, 1941, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death Jan. 9, 1992.

PATTERSON, Lee Scott, Oct. 25, 1958(Fort Smith, Ark.) - Aug. 20, 2011(Roland) s/o Scott and Edith (SHOFNER) PATTERSON.

PATTERSON, Nora Darlene, Aug. 26, 1947(Reno, Nev.) - Oct. 1, 2012(Sallisaw) d/o George and Lula (BAILEY) BREWER. She married Carl Fred PATTERSON on March 4, 1966, in Sallisaw.

PETERS, Wynona WALKINGSTICK, Sept. 22, 1918(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - June 23, 2011(Sallisaw) d/o Lewis WALKINGSTICK and Mamie (MOORE) WALKINGSTICK.) She married Milton C. PETERS on Oct. 23, 1938.

PHILLIPS, Ruby Mae, Nov. 27, 1928(Sallisaw) - April 14, 2012(Ozark, Ark.) d/o Ert DUDLEY and Mimia (HARRISON) DUDLEY. She married Billy Gene PHILLIPS on Jan. 22, 1947, in Van Buren, Ark.

PHILPOT, Richard Wayne, Sept 2, 1953(Delano, Calif.) - Jan 11, 2010(Tulsa) s/o Wesley Doyal and Jewell Dean (ISHAM) PHILPOT.

PHILPOT, Wesley D., July 7, 1923(Sallisaw) - Nov. 6, 2012(Sallisaw) s/o Marvin Lee PHILPOT and Bartie Elizabeth (BREWER) PHILPOT. He was preceded in death by his wife, Jewell Dean (ISHAM) PHILPOT;

PHIPPS, SR, Conley L, April 2, 1935(Henryetta) - Aug 26, 2012 s/o Thomas and Bernice (TIPTON) PHIPPS. He was preceded in death by his wife of 48 years, Raymie PHIPPS.

PHIPPS, Raymodeen GEE , Feb. 21, 1935(Tucker) - Jan. 4, 2012(Tulsa) d/o Eugene Franklin and Nada (SHARP) GEE. She married Conley PHIPPS on Aug. 31, 1963, and was married 48 years.

PITTS, Barbara Jean, June 24, 1942(Escalon, Calif.) – Feb. 2, 2011(Sallisaw) d/o Elmer and Eunice (MORRIS) PITTS

PLUNKETT, James Iven, Aug. 16, 1931(Sallisaw) - Oct. 11, 2011(Sallisaw) s/o William Olen and Pauline Lucille (HARDEN) PLUNKETT. He married Ruby PLUNKETT

PRUITT, George Clinton, April 18, 1931(Canute) - Sept. 12, 2011(Coffeyville) s/o Jim PRUITT and Grace (ELLIS) PRUITT. He married Marilyn STRICKLAN on Dec. 17, 1955, in Coffeyville

QUEEN, Vera Dorothy, Jan. 23, 1913(Missouri,) - Feb. 8, 2001(Antlers) d/o John and Maud (ASKINS) BALLINGER. She was preceded in death by her husband, Ray QUEEN;

RANDOLPH, Darrel, April 21, 1927(Sallisaw) - July 19, 2006(Sallisaw) s/o James Henry RANDOLPH and Beathous (GREENFIELD) RANDOLPH. He was preceded in death by his wife, Thelma ROSS RANDOLPH

RANDOLPH, Donald Faye, April 16, 1933(Hanson) - Jan. 6, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Faye Alexander RANDOLPH and Opal Kathleen (MATLOCK) RANDOLPH. He married Meldona Faye BAGLEY on Aug. 31, 1952. She preceded him in death on Dec. 1, 1992

RANDOLPH, Faye A, April 28, 1911(Stigler) – Jan 6, 2010(Sallisaw.) s/o A T RANDOLPH and Mollie HARRELL RANDOLPH. He was married to Opal Kathleen MATLOCK on December 26, 1931 in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. She preceded him in death on March 27, 2005.

RANDOLPH, Velma Leona, April 30, 1926(Sadie) - Oct. 11, 2011(Gans.) d/o Robert DAVIS and Rebecca Jane (POWELL) DAVIS. She married Thomas Clayton RANDOLPH on Dec. 17, 1943, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death on July 13, 1982. 

RANDOLPH, Opal M., June 20, 1913(Hanson Community) - March 27, 2005 (Sallisaw) d/o Hugh MATLOCK and Florena "Rena" (THOMAS) MATLOCK. She married Faye Alexander RANDOLPH on Dec. 26, 1932, at First Baptist Church in Sallisaw.

RANEY, Modelle COLLINS, July 3, 1917(Tahlequah,) - Nov. 27, 2006(Tulsa) d/o Benjamin Harrison "Ben H." COLLINS and Alma (JAMES) COLLINS. She married Raymond Avery "Pete" RANEY, June 9, 1940, in Charleston, Ark.

RAPE, Cletus, Jan. 7, 1918(Sallisaw) - Sept. 10, 2005(Vian), d/o Ben ROBERTS and Myrtle KUYKENDALL.

RAWLS, Carlene Adron (HASTINGS), Sept. 2, 1913(Gans) - May 11,1999(Sallisaw ) d/o Elis Robert HASTINGS and Lucille Agnes (KENDRICK) HASTINGS.

REAL, Vickie Sue, April 11, 1958(Sallisaw) - . March 12, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Mose KIBBE and Edith Lorene KIBBE HALE

REED, Betty 80, Sept. 7, 1919(Weleetka,) - Feb. 27, 2000(Houma, LA) d.o Lowell Taylor NEWLON and Vera (SEED) NEWLON. Mrs. REED was preceded in death by her husband, Robert C. REED.

REED, Boyd A., March 12, 1921(Hartman, Ark.) - Aug. 30, 2008(Vian) s/o Rasa REED and Sylvania (HUBBARD) REED. He married Mattie Edna PETREE, Aug. 15, 1946, in Fort Smith, Ark. She preceded him in death, Nov. 13, 1995, in Fort Smith.

REED, Doyle, Dec. 7, 1934(Sallisaw) - Oct. 31, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o George Bate REED and Mellie Elsie USSERY.

REED, Mellie Elsie, Feb. 25, 1905(Shiloh Community Indian Territory) - March 29, 2002(Sallisaw) d/o Samuel USSREY and Margaret Ann (FOREMAN) USSREY.

REMY, Calvin Loyd,  May 24, 1921(Shady Point) - June 22, 2011(Sallisaw.)  s/o Anderson REMY and Rue (WRIGHT) REMY.  He married Janice PALMER on May 27, 1942, in Sallisaw.

REMY, James "Jim" Loyd, Sept. 30, 1946(Sallisaw) - June 9, 2006(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Calvin Loyd REMY and Janice (PALMER) REMY. He married Hazel May HIGGINS, May 27, 1965, in Sallisaw.

REMY, Mary Katherine, born in Fort Smith - March 11, 2007(Fort Smith) d/o Leland and Margurette Marie (TODD) WEBB She married on Aug. 10, 1974 in the First Baptist Church, Sallisaw. her husband, Calvin A. REMY,

REMY, Roy V. , Sept. 17, 1923(Sallisaw,) - Oct. 14, 2002(Sallisaw.) s/o Anderson REMY and Rue (WRIGHT) REMY. He died Monday, He married Syble Marie McCLURE on Feb. 28, 1942 in Muldrow.

RENEER, Peggy Ruth, April 30, 1931(Snowmac, Okla.) - Aug. 10, 2002(Sallisaw.) d/o Jack MAYES and Sarah Alice (TROSTLE) MAYES. She married Arthur Reman RENEER on Nov. 10, 1951, in Nogales, Ariz. he preceded her in death on Nov. 23, 1996.

REYNOLDS, Annice, Feb. 23, 1931(Hope, Ark.) - Dec. 8, 2010(Roland) d/o Ezra Thomas MARTIN and Mary Dale SELLS. She married Jay REYNOLDS on Dec. 18, 1948, in Sallisaw

RHOADES, Nellie Louise, March 17, 1933(Chroudant, La.) -Sept. 23, 1999(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Leymon Alldean AULDS and Ruby Lillian (HENDRICKS) AULDS ROBERTS. She married Forrest S. RHOADES JR. June 17, 1949, in Oklahoma City. He preceded her in death May 9, 1981.

RICHARDSON, Betty Ann MARRS, Nov. 17, 1929 - d/o John and Lois (BROWN) MARRS in Sallisaw. She married Fred J. RICHARDSON in 1947, in Fort Smith, Ark. Betty was preceded in death by her parents John in 1978, and Lois in 2003, her husband, Fred in 1974,

RICHARDSON, Fannie Estella, d/o William KILPATRICK and Ada WEST KILPATRICK on March 23, 1907(Sallisaw,) Sequoyah District, Indian Territory. She died Monday, April 22, 1985, in Sallisaw. She married Ladell RICHARDSON in December 1925, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death.

RICHARDSON, Gary W., Oct. 29, 1946(Brushy) - July 5, 2008(Sallisaw) s/o Theodore RICHARDSON and Jewel Long. He married Pat RICHARDSON, May 17, 1989, in Van Buren, Ark. She preceded him in death Oct. 10, 1989, in Sallisaw.

RIDER, Doris Maxine, July 6, 1921(Sallisaw) - Aug. 2, 2011(Vian) d/o Thomas N. and Tiny M. (RIGSBY) RIDER.

RIDER, John Penny, Aug. 12, 1924(Sallisaw) - May 4, 2010(Sallisaw) s/o Tip RIDER and Victoria RIDER. He married Jocyle Darlene MOORE on May 22, 1996, in Sallisaw

RIDINGER, G. Marlene, March 29, 1929(McCurtain) – Jan. 9, 2011(Sallisaw, d/o George MUSE and Acie Frances (BROWN) MUSE.) She married Robert Gene “Bob” RIDINGER on Nov. 4, 1946, in Reno, Nev. He preceded her in death on Oct. 17, 2000.

RIDINGER, Robert Gene, March 16, 1926(Milwaukee, Wis.) - Oct. 17, 2000(Sallisaw) s/o Robert S. RIDINGER and Marjorie L. (BECRAFT: RIDINGER. He married Marlene MUSE Nov. 4, 1946, in Reno,

RIETZ, Helen, May 5, 1913(Iberia, Mo.) - Dec. 4, 2002(Sallisaw) She was preceded in death by her husband, John R. RIETZ on Feb. 9, 1976;

RIGGS, Cliffie Doris, May 3, 1908(Quincy, Ark.) - July 13, 2004(Vian) d/o Wesley B. HARRISON and Ethel W. RYKER HARRISON. She was preceded in death by her husband, Arch RIGGS in 1967.

RIGGS, Elizabeth HOPPIS, Jan. 28, 1925(Jasper, Ark.) - Aug. 13, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Stella HOPPIS. She married Harmon RIGGS, Sept. 14, 1941. He preceded her in death, March 31, 1982, in Sallisaw.

RILEY, C. W. , March 22, 1945(Bartlesville,) - June 1999, s/o George Clifford RILEY and Frances Pauline (TENNENT) RILEY. Mr. RILEY married Martha Othelia LOWRIMORE Dec. 19, 1970, in Tulsa.

RISENHOOVER, Mary Lois "Loisy", Aug. 14, 1932(Sallisaw) - Nov. 18, 2000(Muskogee) d/o George Bate REED and Mellie Elsie (USSREY) REED) She married Earl RISENHOOVER in 1951.

ROARK, Frank O., Nov. 4, 1924(Sapulpa) - Aug. 27, 2007(Sallisaw) s/o Charles C. ROARK and Clara (BROCKMAN) ROARK. He married Ruth Ann FORD, June 2, 1952, in Ardmore. She preceded him in death, May 1, 2001, in Fort Smith.

ROBERTS, Barnes D., March 21, 1924(Akins) - March 16, 1998(Sallisaw) s/o Willie Gray and Neoma (BARNES) ROBERTS. He married Vada V. WEBB in 1950 in Van Buren, Ark.

ROBERT, Vada Viola, Oct. 27, 1924(Sequoyah County) - Feb. 9, 2009(Sallisaw) d/o Jack WEBB and Blanche (PALMER) WEBB. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, Barnes D. ROBERT

ROBERTS, J.C., Sept. 1, 1936(Ville Platte, La.) - June 8, 2006(Sallisaw) s/o Curly Roberts and Delina (BELLON) ROBERTS. He married Minerva GREEN, Aug. 29, 1959, in Opelousas, La.

ROGERS, Alyce Jayne, Aug. 19, 1935(Spiro) - Feb. 10, 2005(Sallisaw), d/o Ed McCLAIN and Beulah BLACKMON, She married Garland ROGERS

ROGERS, Avos A., Feb. 8, 1922(Muldrow) – Dec 25, 2005(Vian) s/o John R. and Courtney (MATTHEWS) ROGERS. He was preceded in death by his parents, his wife, Marie "Chick" ROGERS

ROGERS, Helen Wood , Nov. 18, 1925(Roland) - Jan. 21, 2000(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Robert L. WOOD Sr. and Choral (SMITH) WOOD. She married Jesse W. ROGERS Feb. 1, 1944, in Sallisaw.

ROGERS, Jackie Wayne, June 27, 1963(Fort Smith, Ark.) - Nov. 1, 2003(Sallisaw) s/o Houston B. ROGERS and Earlene C. (CHANDLER) ROGERS. He married Lisa Dawn SUMPTER on Sept. 5, 1987, in Sallisaw.

ROGERS, Jerry Lee RAPE, Feb. 26, 1941 -Oct. 3, 2007. s/o Cletus and Jess (ROGERS) RAPE. He married Jena ROGERS

ROGERS, Jesse W., Aug. 27, 1921(Mineral Springs) - Oct. 4, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o James Madison ROGERS and Nettie (Stella) ROGERS. He married Helen WOOD, Feb. 1, 1944, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death Jan. 21, 2000, in Fort Smith.

ROGERS, Patricia Pauline “Pat”, Aug. 29, 1932(Scranton, Ark.) - Aug. 1, 2009(Sallisaw) d/o Autry DAVIS and Marie (WHITBY) DAVIS. She married Elton Wayne ROGERS, Dec. 4, 1952, in Muldrow.

ROGERS, Wanda “Pat”, March 22, 1929(Gans) - Feb. 10, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Cecil MERRILL and Edith (JACKSON) MERRILL.

ROGERS, Wilbur David, Sept. 11, 1929 - March 28, 2005, s/o John C. and Autumn (DRAKE) ROGERS. Survivors include his wife, Stella ROGERS of the home;

ROMANS, Betty HARRISON, April 23, 2933(Sallisaw) - Jan 17, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark) d/o Wesley Benjamin HARRISON and Ethel Wilhelmina (RYKER) HARRISON. She married George Bentley ROMANS Jr. on Sept 3, 1939, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Feb 4, 2008, in Fort Smith.

ROMANS, Jr., George Bentley, May 28, 1916(Sallisaw) - Feb. 4, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o George Bentley ROMANS, Sr. and Eva (TEETER) ROMANS. He married Betty ROMANS, Sept. 3, 1939, in Sallisaw.

ROSS, Lester L., Jan. 23, 1915(Sallisaw) - July 4, 2005(Sallisaw) s/o Jim ROSS and Almeda (PAULK) ROSS. H He married Laura ELLIS May 22, 1937, in Sallisaw.

ROSS, Letha EUBANKS , Dec. 16, 1916(McAlester,) -May 2, 2000(Sallisaw) d/o James Bruce WHITE and Martha Belle (PENNINGTON) WHITE. Survivors include her husband, Bill ROSS;

RUESTOW, Nina, She died on Monday, Jan. 24, 2005, in Fort Smith

RYKER, George Milton, June 11, 1897(Ryker, Ark.) - Nov 22, 1982(Clarksville ) s/o Thomas Jared RYKER and Almeda May SHOEMAKER RYKER

SALLEE, Grace "Eloyce", October 26, 1921(Overbrook, Love County,) - July 21, 2001(Sallisaw.) d/o Raymond Edward HIGGINS and Grace Elzeda (BARHAM) HIGGINS. She married Roy Othel SALLEE on September 5, 1941, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death on March 5, 1997.

SALLEE, Vera Evelyn RHODES, Nov. 22, 1919(Sallisaw) - Aug. 7, 2010 (Nashville, Tenn.) d/o Carl RHODES and Mina (SLATER) RHODES. In 1940, Evelyn married John Marion SALLEE. In 1940. John preceded Evelyn in death in 1980

SCOGGINS, Helen D’ Alfonsi, July 31, 1927(Los Angeles, Calif.) - Oct. 31, 2009(Tulsa) d/o Alexander D’ALFONSI and Mary (PETTINATO) D’ALFONSI. She married John Alfred SCOGGINS, Dec. 28, 1944, in Los Angeles.

SCOTT, Bates, July 14, 1914(Brent community) -April 9, 2003(Broken Arrow) s/o Roscoe DeVigor and Laura Myrtle (FOWLER) SCOTT. He married Dorothy L. CALHOUN on Sept 7, 1940 in Sallisaw.

SCOTT, Bill “Scotty”, Nov. 7, 1925(Sallisaw) - Feb. 8, 2009(Sallisaw) s/o Willie SCOTT and Eddie Lee (DANE) SCOTT. He married Barbara Kay WARDEN, Aug. 4, 1956, in Sallisaw.

SCOTT, Bobby, Sept. 12, 1974(Sallisaw) - Dec. 8,, 2010(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Bobby Harold SCOTT Sr. and Nora Belle JONES HAYES. He married Jennifer Deshaun TAYLOR on July 23, 2004, in Fort Smith.

SCOTT, Bobby Dale, June 24, 1931(Sallisaw,) - Jan. 5, 2005(Sallisaw) s/o Claude SCOTT Sr. and Okla (WRIGHT) SCOTT.

SCOTT, Dorothy Louise CALHOUN, July 30, 1919(Brent community) - April 22, 2003(Coweta) d/o Everet CALHOUN Sr. and Minerva Abigail (JACKSON) CALHOUN. She married Bates SCOTT on Sept. 7, 1940, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on April 9, 2003.

SCOTT, Grady, April 10, 1917(Antlers,) - April 5, 2010(Fort Smith, Ark) s/o of Ebony Wood SCOTT and Geneva (MAXWELL) SCOTT. He married Leona Maxine (BOSWELL) SCOTT on Oct. 21, 1972, in Webbers Falls.

SCOTT, Hazel Laura May, Sept. 30, 1914(Brent community,) - Nov. 18, 2004,(Sallisaw) d/o Arthur Jesse HOLLIS and Cora Lee (BARHAM) HOLLIS. She married Owen Woodrow SCOTT on April 19, 1936, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Jan. 30, 1989.

SCOTT, Johnny, June 22, 1934(Sallisaw) - Jan. 14, 2000(Sallisaw) s/o Claude and Okla (WRIGHT) SCOTT.

SCOTT, Pauline Odom, Oct. 15, 1921,(Poteau) - April 9, 2000(Broken Arrow.) She was preceded in death by her husband, William "Bill" SCOTT of Vian;

SCOTT, Ruth Ann SPENCER, Nov. 2, 1933(Sallisaw) – May 22, 2004(Sallisaw) d/o Clyde SPENCER and Emma (HELTON) SPENCER. She married Don L. SCOTT on Dec. 23, 1953, in Waldron, Ark. He preceded her in death on March 10, 1987.

SELANDER, Charlene Lorrie, Dec. 17, 1965(Cortez, Colo.) - Dec. 13, 2011(Sallisaw). d/o Charles Dwain and Loretta (WALKER) SELANDER

SELLS, Hass James, Feb. 19, 1900(Oklahoma) Dec. 28, 1983(Sallisaw), s/o Peter SELLS and Seeley LOVITT SELLS . Survivors include the wife Rose

SELLS, Rose A., Oct. 17, 1910(Fayetteville, Ark.) - d/o Aaron HOPPER and Alice IVY. She died on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2004, in Sallisaw.

SERATT, James "Bill", Oct. 25, 1916(Nicut) - Sept. 10, 2005(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Sam SERATT and Lou SERATT. He married Wendeline RUSH June 15, 1946, in Kansas City, Mo.

SERATT, Wendoline "Wendy", Aug. 30, 1921(Urbana, Mo.) - July 12, 2008(Camdenton, Mo.) d/o Warner RUSH and Eunice (DORMAN) RUSH. She married James B. SERATT, June 15, 1946, in Kansas City, Mo.

SHACKELFORD, Cleo T. "Shack", Dec. 7, 1910(Paw Paw community) – June 1, 1999(Sallisaw) s/o Stephen Harris SHACKELFORD and Jessie Belle (PETTIT) SHACKELFORD.

SHAHAN, Phyllis Patricia, Oct. 29, 1933(Fanshawe,) - March 10, 2000, d/o John and Icle (JONES) KEIFER. She married Harland Jack SHAHAN Aug. 20, 1948, in Sebastopol, Calif.

SHARP, Margaret WILSON, Dec. 30, 1917(Sallisaw) – March 28, 2001(Sallisaw) d/o Joe A. WILSON and Martha J. (BRACKETT) WILSON. Mrs. SHARP married William Lee "Bill" SHARP Jr., Oct. 13, 1941, at the First Baptist Church in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on July 19, 1992

SHAW, Sybil Mae, May 31, 1924(Webbers Falls) - Dec. 15, 2012(Warner) d/o Calvin Edward SMITHSON and Beckie (COPPINGER) SMITHSON. She married Odis Cebern SHAW in 1942. He preceded her in death on Jan. 20, 2000.

SHELTON, Velma PAYNE, Oct. 3, 1911(Bluff community) - Aug 2002 d/o Earl Angus (E.A.) PAYNE and Florence (CAPPS) PAYNE. She married Forest Lovely "Bart" SHELTON on Aug. 27, 1930, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on April 30, 1968.

SHEPARD, Arthur Dee, June 14, 1912(Greencastle, Mo.) - Aug. 9, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o Horace Dee and Emma (DAVISSON) SHEPARD. Mr. SHEPARD married Ellen MULHERIN on April 13, 1941, in Denver, Colo.

SHEPARD, Ellen M., Dec. 7, 1915(Marengo, Iowa,) - Nov. 23, 2004(St. Louis) d/o Joseph John MULHERIN and Bridget Estelle (HANSON) MULHERIN. She married Arthur Dee SHEPARD on April 13, 1941, in Denver. He preceded her in death on Aug. 9, 2004.

SHEPPARD, Bill, December 10, 1935(Macomb, Oklahoma,) – January 11, 2011(Sallisaw, Oklahoma) s/o of Thomas Herman SHEPPARD and Eula Dee (MACKLIN) SHEPPARD.

SHEPPARD, Wynona WATTS, Jan. 21, 1940(Copeland-Sadie community) – Dec. 19, 2010(Sallisaw.) d/o James WATTS and Juanita (COPLAND) WATTS.

SHERWOOD, Ervin Hezekiah, Dec. 13, 1908(Anderson, Mo.) - May 28, 2007(Sallisaw) s/o George Riley SHERWOOD and Emma Mae (EPPERSON) SHERWOOD. He married Othal SHERWOOD, Sept. 3, 1936, in Gans.

SHERWOOD, Othal MELTON, June 19, 1915(Sallisaw) - May 19, 2010(Sallisaw) d/o Jessie Leonard MELTON Sr. and Maudie (HINDMAN) MELTON. She married Ervin Hezekiah SHERWOOD on Sept. 3, 1936, in Gans. He preceded her in death on May 28, 2007, in Sallisaw.

SHORE, Joe, Aug. 1, 1891(Indiana.) - Oct. 20, 1982 He married Marie Rebecca SMITH in 1912.

SMITH, Edwina RISENHOOVER, Oct. 25, 1952(Sallisaw) - April 26, 2003(Fort Smith, Ark) d/o Earl Ray RISENHOOVER and Mary Lois (REED) RISENHOOVER.

SMITH, Esther Emma COPELAND, Jan. 10, 1916(Brent community) - April 15, 1999(Fort Smith, Ark. ) d/o Isaac M. "Ike" CAMERON and Elizabeth P. CAMERON.

SMITH, Euleta Catherine, Sept. 12, 1915(Pisgah, Ark.) - Dec. 30, 2001(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Henry Gordon HAMILTON and Mary Cora (MARTIN) HAMILTON. She married James Arvil SMITH in 1938 in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Aug. 10, 1991.

SMITH, Frances Rose, born in Vian - Aug. 1, 1998(Sallisaw) d/ o Bee CAMPBELL and Lilly (MILLS) CAMPBELL.

SMITH, Jimmie Lee, April 1, 1940(Westville) - Feb. 23, 2007(Gans) s/o Charles Commodore SMITH and Stella Christine (RHINE) SMITH. He married Georgia Lynn COX on June 10, 1961, in Westville.

SMITH, Juanita F., Dec. 25, 1916(Akins community) – April 15, 2007(Sallisaw) d/o Christopher C. FRANKS and Arminta (RAMSEY) FRANKS. She married Alfred N. "Pete" SMITH, May 18, 1962. He preceded her in death.

SMITH, Madge MORRIS, Dec. 27, 1924(Sallisaw) - Oct. 3, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Millard Austin MORRIS and Fannie (DUVAL) MORRIS. She married Robert Francis SMITH, May 26, 1972, in Alice, Texas. He preceded her in death, May 3, 2002, in Sallisaw.

SMITH, Margie LEIGH , Sept. 3, 1925(Drake Prairie community) - Sept. 17, 1999(Rockford, Ill.) d/o Floyd and Bonnie Dawn (BRUTON) LEIGH.She married Doyle Lamar SMITH Aug. 29, 1953, in Belvedere, Ill.

SMITH, Minnie Mae , April 13, 1922(Van Buren, Ark.,) - Feb. 19, 1999(Sallisaw.) d/o James Bartley HERITAGE and Mary Catherine (ROUTH) HERITAGE. She married Floyd Cleveland SMITH June 3, 1939, in Stilwell. He preceded her in death Aug. 18, 1992.

SMITH, Oma Pauline DOBBS “Polly” , June 16, 1924(McKey community,) - Aug. 9, 2011(Tulsa) d/o Henry Harold DOBBS and Bessie Jane (BYNUM) DOBBS. She married Nelson Alexander SMITH on Jan. 25, 1947, in Paris, Texas. He preceded her in death on April 7, 1991, in Fayetteville, Ark.

SMITH, Paul Edward, Jan. 21, 1928(Akins) - Feb. 9, 2011(Sallisaw.)  s/o Watie Blakely SMITH and Jeffie Dee (COTNEY) SMITH.  He married Alma HAMILTON on July 9, 1981, in Sallisaw.

SMITH, Robert Francis "Bob", June 17, 1931(Newcastle, Indiana) - s/o Edgar SMITH and Rhoda (McQUERRY) SMITH. He married Madge MORRIS on May 26, 1972 in Alice, Texas.

SMITH Jr., Robert Lee "R.L.", July 26, 1927(Sequoyah County) - Aug. 1, 2008(Sallisaw) s/o Robert Lee SMITH Sr. and Minnie Ann (CRAIG) SMITH . He married Wanda Bernice THOMPSON, May 17, 1947, in Fort Smith,

SMITHER, Fern MYERS, Sept 9, 1924(Gans) -July 18, 2003(Sallisaw) d/o Rev. Oscar H. MYERS and Myrtle (RHODES) MYERS. She married Harper SMITHER;

SMITHSON, Carol , May 21, 1951(Gans) – April 2003, d/o Bert and Elma ENGLAND. She married Glen "Bud" SMITHSON;

SMITHSON, W.A. "Smitty", Feb. 22, 1923(, near Braggs) - April 3, 2007(Sallisaw) s/o Willis Asberry SMITHSON and Maudie Lee (McBEE) SMITHSON. He married Anna Doris SUMPTER in Muskogee.

ADAMS-SNELL, Suzette SHAHAN, March 21, 1973(Wichita, Kan) - Feb. 15, 2008(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Dennis SHAHAN and Helen (RICHARDSON) SHAHAN.

SIPE, Archie Homer, Aug. 15, 1922(Fallis) - Jan. 19, 1985(Tulsa) s/o Robert Bruce SIPE and Bessie Jane DECKER SIPE. He married Cecil Lillie REMY Aug 2, 1943, in Sallisaw.

SKINNER, Rev. David, July 14, 1944(Lawton,) - June 24, 2005(Tulsa.) s/o Donald Dale SKINNER and Maxine M. (TRACY) SKINNER. He married Kathy SKINNER Nov. 23, 2002, in Sallisaw.

SKINNER, Don, Oct. 26, 1919(Archers Fork, Ohio) –March 19, 2005(Sallisaw.) s/o William Norman SKINNER and Laura Victoria (HAUGHT) SKINNER. He married Maxine M. TRACY on Dec. 12, 1942 in Lawton.

SORRELLS, Slyvia L. , Dec. 3, 1921(Sallisaw) - Sept 4, 2003(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Albert Garland CLEM and Myrtle (SALLEE) CLEM. She married Lowell WHITAKER. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Ernest WHITTENBURG and second husband, Warner Leon SORRELLS.

SOUTHERN, Cleo May, Aug. 3, 1904(Muldrow, Sequoyah District Oklahoma, Indian Territory) - April 13, 1998(Muldrow.) d/o George and Amy (SHAVER) KEYS. She married Wes SOUTHERN, who preceded her in death in 1958.

SPARKS, Dorothia Peggy, April 5, 1925. - Jan. 16, 2001 She married Woody SPARKS Nov. 17, 1954, in Las Vegas, Nev. Mrs. SPARKS was preceded in death by her husband, Woody SPARKS.

SPARKS, Jack W., Nov. 25, 1916(Stroud) - Aug. 16, 2005(Sallisaw) s/o Noah Wilford SPARKS, Sr. and Effie Amelia (SLATER) SPARKS.

SPARKS, John Lester "Sonny", June 22, 1926(Sallisaw) - March 3, 2008(Sallisaw.) s/o John Lester and Mary (FRYE) SPARKS. He married Faye WILSON

SPARKS, Woodie Wood, Jan. 28, 1918(Sallisaw) - March 11, 2000(Muldrow) s/o Noah and Effie (SLATER) SPARKS. He married Peggie BODINE in 1942 in Las Vegas.

SPENCER, James William "Bud", Aug. 8, 1936(Sallisaw,) - April 25, 1999(Sallisaw) s/o Clyde and Emma (HELTON) SPENCER. He married Christine BARNOSKI May 14, 1969, in Tahlequah. She preceded him in death June 12, 1991.

SPENCER, Stacy Mae, July 30, 1972(Tahlequah) - Oct. 17, 1999(Sallisaw) d/o James William "Bud" SPENCER and Christine (BARNOSKIE) SPENCER.

SPRINGWATER, Deegan Scott, April 30, 2002(Tulsa) - April 30, 2002(Tulsa) s/o Jacob Scott "Jake" SPRINGWATER and Kimberley Renee "Kim" (KEITH) SPRINGWATER.

STAFFORD, Don, Aug. 22, 1930(Newark,) - June 22, 2002(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Frank STAFFORD and Sarah (LUTTRELL) STAFFORD. He married Jo Ann BRADLEY on June 2, 1964, in North Carolina.

STANDRIDGE, Mary (BOUTELLER), Aug. 26, 1904(Yukon.) - Oct. 13, 2001(Vian.) She was preceded in death by her husband, Floyd STANDRIDGE.

STANFIELD, Glynda Kay PARSONS, July 28, 1955(Lubbock, Texas) - d/o William Brice "W. B." PARSONS and Syble Estella (STAFFAN) PARSONS. May 3, 1999(Oklahoma City.) She married Delbert STANFIELD March 5, 1982, in Oklahoma City.

STANLEY, Velma Lea, August 10, 1932(Nicut) – June 23, 2005(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Clayton E. WALKER and Birdie Lea (RICHARDSON) WALKER. She married Edward Lewis "Ed" STANLEY Feb. 15, 1957 in Woodland, Calif.

STEELE, Nelson David "Dave", May 17, 1923(Moffett) - Feb. 7, 1999(Fort Smith) s/o Louis Marion STEELE and Mary WEESE STEELE. He married Ruth Ann BARRY December 23, 1944, in Fort Benning, Ga.

STEELE, Thelma R., Sept. 13, 1919(Sallisaw) - Nov. 18, 2006(Wichita, Kan.) d/o Oscar BORIN and Cora Clemintine (PETREE) BORIN. She married James Clyde STEELE, July 16, 1938, in Shreveport, La. He preceded her in death, Nov. 4, 1993, in Sallisaw.

STEVENSON, Billy Willis, Aug. 5, 1920(Van Buren, Ark.) - Oct. 5, 2009(Crown Point.) s/o Alex STEVENSON and Ida WILLIS. He married Ellen Miller BOWERS;

STEWART, Mary Jo, August 1, 1930(Seminole,) - July 15, 2001(Tulsa) d/o Gilliam EVANS and Hallie (GOODMAN) EVANS. She married Shawnee STEWART on August 22, 1948 in Sallisaw

STINNETT, Faxon, Aug. 28, 1907(Reed, Ark.) - May 25, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o William Fenwick STINNET and Mattie Lois (FAXON) STINNET He married Mary Elizabeth MAY on June 25, 1933, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death on Nov. 26, 1996.

STITES, Douglas E. "Doug" , Jan. 2, 1943(Sallisaw) – April 15, 1998(Sallisaw) s/o John Thomas and Lessie Irene CURL STITES,

STOKES, Katherine INGLE, July 16, 1917(Shamrock) - Oct. 28, 2012(Sallisaw) d/o of Anna (CHAPMAN) MORGAN and Earnest MORGAN.

STORTS, M. Dean, May 23, 1922(Sallisaw) – Aug. 10, 1999(Muskogee.) s/o William T. STORTS and Ray (DAVIS) STORTS. He married Beverly LINCOLN Jan. 19, 1990, in Tahlequah.

STREBECK, Margaret Lillian THOMPSON, Dec. 15, 1917(near Ozark, Ark.) - Jan. 30, 2009(Fort Smith) d/o John and Betty Ann (PAGE) THOMPSON. She married Tim STREBECK, Sept. 22, 1934, in Sallisaw.

SULLIVAN, Lynda Dianne, July 12, 1955(Stilwell) – Jan. 18, 2004(Sallisaw) d/o Watie Lavern GOODWIN and Norma Jean SIEGENTHALER. Survivors include her husband, Steve SULLIVAN of the home;

SUMPTER, Bobby Glen, Dec. 28, 1947(Paso Robles, Calif.) - Oct. 21, 2011(Sallisaw) s/o Elzy Gus SUMPTER and Anna Jane (WOODWARD) SUMPTER.

SWANNER, Delores WRIGHT, October 12, 1929(Henryetta) - May 19, 2005(Muskogee) d/o Ernest Dohrer and Claudia (WARREN) DOHRER. She was married to Joe Ray SWANNER who preceded her in death.

SWANNER, Joe Ray, Oct. 15, 1923(Winnsboro, Texas) - Feb. 15, 1998, s/o Buster J. SWANNER and Myrtle Lee (SUTTON) SWANNER. He married Delores WRIGHT July 5, 1974, in Westville.

SWEETEN, Albert, Oct. 29, 1953(McCurtain,) - June 20, 2005(Spiro) s/o Henry SWEETEN and Iree (LOVELL) SWEETEN. He married Sheila TURMAN Sept. 26, 1981 in Stigler.

TAPLEY, Earlene, 81, May 18, 2008 - MAY 2008 d/o Mr. and Mrs. E.O. TAPLEY, her sisters, Elwanda and Priscilla, and brothers Cornelius and Allen Ray.

TATHAM, James Larry "J. L.", March 8, 1945(Tulsa) - Jan. 20, 1999(Enid) s/o Leslie and Virble (CHRISCO) TATHAM. He married Marsha WHITTEN June 19, 1970, in Muskogee.

TATHAM, James Leslie, Jan. 12, 1915(Brushy Mountain) – July 12, 2007(Sallisaw) s/o Louis Arch TATHAM and Winnie Etta (ESKEW) TATHAM. He married Virble Virginia CHRISCO, Jan. 18, 1940, in Sallisaw.

TAYLOR, Billie Sue, July 21, 1929(Muskogee) - Sept. 21, 2008(Fort Smith,) d/o Ira THRASHER and Gladys (LEWIS) THRASHER.

TAYLOR, Rev. Elbert F. , Feb. 4, 1928(Vian) – Aug 24, 2003(Sallisaw) s/o Leonard Melton TAYLOR and Georgia Anna (SMITH) TAYLOR. He married Leota Violet REID on June 16, 1951, in Akins community.

TAYLOR, Ettie Louise, May 22, 1929(Spiro) - April 5, 2008(Sallisaw) d/o Ott and Opel (HOBBS) HOOSIER.

TAYLOR, Leon Franklin, July 12, 1961(Sallisaw) - Jan. 13, 2008(Sallisaw) s/ o Elbert Franklin TAYLOR and Leota Violet (REID) TAYLOR RUARK.

TAYLOR, Lillie BYERS, March 19, 1925(Sallisaw) - Sept. 18, 2006(Sallisaw.) d/o Henry SASSER and Stella (REED) SASSER. She was first married to Jack BYERS, who preceded her in death, on April 29, 1956. She later married Tom TAYLOR who also preceded her in death Jan. 25, 1977

TAYLOR, Sherman Don, May 24, 1963(Oceanside, Calif.) - September 2, 2001(Muldrow.)s/o Dillard Dewayne TAYLOR and Tamara Lou HAIR TAYLOR JONES. Mr. TAYLOR married Teresa Jean ADAMS on July 23, 1982, in Sallisaw.

TERRY, Eva, Dec. 19, 1915(Hamberg,) - May 16, 2001(Sallisaw) d/o Lewis Southworth JOHNSON and Claudia Pulchera (GULLAGE) JOHNSON. She married Elmer Lafayette TERRY Aug. 28, 1936, in Little Rock, Ark. He preceded her in death June 16, 1986.

THACKER, Ellene "Wig", Feb. 6, 1920(Sallisaw,) - Sept. 21, 2000,(Sallisaw.) d/o Earl Angus PAYNE and Florence (CAPPS) PAYNE. She married Raymond Edward THACKER June 9, 1984, in Vian. He preceded her in death Feb. 19, 1989.

THOMAS, Doris M., Jan. 11, 1934(Overton, Texas) - April 17, 2000, ad/o Elmer and Edith (SMITH) MILLER. Survivors include her husband, Jerry of the home;

THOMASON, Arvil, Sept. 10, 1926(Vian) – April 22, 2006(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Ben THOMASON and Letha (HESS) THOMASON. He married Velma Mae BAILEY, Dec. 10, 1947, in Sallisaw.

THOMPSON, Bonnie, April 27, 1911(Gans) - Jan. 6, 2000(Sallisaw) d/o A.F. and Pearl (BENGE) HARRISON. She married Raymond THOMPSON May 12, 1934, in Stilwell. He preceded her in death Nov. 30, 19993.

THOMPSON, Viola, Nov. 25, 1913(Rush Springs) – July 9, 2009(Dewey) d/o Frank GOINS and Nannie (WILLIAMS) GOINS.

TILLEY, Herma O. KUYKENDALL , Dec. 30, 1919(Sallisaw) - Jan. 30, 2007(Sloans Chapel community) d/o Frank STEELY and Josie (SPENCER) STEELY.

TOOTLE, Beulah C. BROGDON, Feb. 24, 1902(Crawford County, Ark.) - Oct. 9, 1999(Sallisaw), d/o Raymond and Jessie (WEST) JACKSON. She married Fletcher BROGDON July 6, 1919, in Muldrow. He preceded her in death in 1974 in Muldrow.

TOUNZEN Sr., Howard Dale, Aug. 25, 1945(Fort Smith, Ark.) - April 5, 2012(Fort Smith s/o Horace and Jesse Pauline (CANTRELL) TOUNZEN,) He I married Patricia JoAnne TOUNZEN

TRUDEAU Jr., James Andrew "Jim", April 15, 1920(Limon, Colo.) - July 10, 2000(Tulsa) s/o James Andrew TRUDEAU Sr. and Ida KNAPP TRUDEAU He married Mary Ahnawake PLUNKETT TRUDEAU on Jan. 2, 1971, in Sallisaw. 

TUBBS, Madolyn, July 23, 1921(Birmingham, Ala,) - March 11, 2000(Sallisaw.) d/o Rufus M. COMER and Eula ROGERS COMER. She married Stanley Ivon TUBBS on June 20, 1940, in Raton, N.M. He preceded her in death on March 25, 1989.

TUCKER, Darrell Wayne, April 11, 1954(Tulsa) - Aug. 17, 2008(Tulsa) s/o Nolan TUCKER and Helen Marie (BURRIS) LEDBETTER.

TUCKER, Opal Jane, Dec. 22, 1921(Sallisaw) - March 10, 2012(Sallisaw) d/o Matthew ENGLAND and Parlee Princess (JACKSON) ENGLAND. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Eul Charles BLOUNT on Dec. 15, 1981, her second husband, Dillard Roy TUCKER on Sept. 13, 2001,

TUNNELL, Martha Helen, May 10, 1923(Booneville, Miss.) - July 9, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Henry H. COLEMAN and Mary (SMITH) COLEMAN. She was preceded in death by her her husband, Garnish TUNNELL,

TURLEY, Russell M., Oct. 16, 1913(Krebs,) - July 16 , 1985(Muskogee), s/o Jess TURLEY and Ida BINDBEUTEL TURLEY. On December 25, 1937 he married the former Dorothy PAYNE in Stigler.

TURMAN, Evelyn Marie MILLER, Feb. 11, 1931(Blackgum) – d/o Homer MILLER and Emma (ESSERY) MILLER. She married Virgil Ray TURMAN, July 28, 1950, in Muldrow. He preceded her in death, Oct. 23, 1996, in Stigler.

TURMAN, Lorena Elizabeth, March 23, 1895(Paris, Ark.) Oct. 20, 1982(Sallisaw) d/o John C. ANDERSON and Hassie HUTCHINS ANDERSON

TURNER, Audra Mae, Dec. 10, 1922(Cecil, Ark.) - Sept. 20, 1999(Sallisaw) d/o Charles J. WHITE and Mary Ellen (BENHAM) WHITE. She married Lee Wesley TURNER Aug. 20, 1956, in Pineville, Ark. He preceded her in death July 12, 1991.

TURNER, Leona Christine, Jan 8, 1929(Sallisaw) - July 15, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Ben Harrison Thomason and Letha Lou Alice (HESS) THOMASON. She married Marlin Eugene TURNER on Jan 26, 1952, in Fort Smith. He preceded her in death on March 25, 1985.

TURNER, Mary A., Sept. 10, 1928(Hanson) - March 9, 2007(Sallisaw) d/o Buck CULLUM and Ruby (ANDERSON) CULLUM. She married James A. TURNER on July 8, 1957, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Jan. 25, 1992, in Fort Smith, Ark. She was also preceded in death by her parents, her husband, Max YANCY,

TWEEDY, Will Robert, July 27, 1902(Ozark, Ark.) - July 19, 2004(Tulsa) s/o Robert Jackson TWEEDY and Lona (SHEW) TWEEDY. He married Stella Mae WOOD on Oct. 29, 1923, in Sallisaw.

UNDERWOOD, Sissie Cora, July 24, 1913(Sallisaw) - March 17, 2008(Sallisaw) d/o Henry SASSER and Stella (REED) SASSER. She was preceded in death by her husband, George McClellan UNDERWOOD in 1959, in Sallisaw.

VALDIVIA, Rodolfo E. "Rudi", April 30, 1965(Valvillo, Agvascalientes, Mexico,) - May 27, 1999(near Stilwell.) s/o Guillermo and Luz Maria (ESQUEDA) VALDIVIA. He married Jodi Lynn FOSTER Sept. 28, 1991, in Sallisaw.

VAN DE LINDER, Dr. O.R, Dec. 10, 1916(Winnepeg, Canada,) - Dec. 16, 2002(Tahlequah.) s/o Oren William VAN DE LINDER and Margaret (McNEIL) VAN DE LINDER. He married Marie JONES VAN DE LINDER on Oct. 17, 1942, in Kansas City. She preceded him in death on April 11, 1994.

VANN, Ken, April 9, 1938(Eldorado.) - Dec. 30, 2002(Fort Smith, Ark.), s/o Orville H. and Georgia (LEATHERS) VANN. He married Joy CROSS on Nov. 14, 1963, in Fort Smith.

VASS, Margaret HEUSS, Dec. 6, 1908(Anderson, Ind.) - Dec. 4, 2005(Sallisaw) d/o Adolph HEUSS and Mary (FARBER) HEUSS. She married John Donald VASS, Dec. 27, 1935, in Illinois. He preceded her in death, Jan. 27, 1987, in Sallisaw.

WADE, Ima HENRY , Nov. 23, 1911(Brent,) - Sept. 1, 1998(Van Buren, Ark.) d/o Bob and Mary (CHASTAIN) SMITH.

WALKER, Reba Faye, Aug. 4, 1921(Danville, Ark.) - July 29, 1998(Tulsa) d/o Arthur Edgar and Maude Ella (BROADRICK) DAVIS. She married Dr. Russell L. WALKER June 6, 1942, in Sallisaw.

WALL, Robert Jason, Nov. 4, 1975,(Fort Smith, Ark.,) - Feb. 16, 1999(Tulsa.) s/o Wyvona (WALLACE) WALL and Robert WALL. He married Kasey LANDERS Dec. 26, 1993, in College Station, Texas.

WALLACE, Effie, Nov. 23, 1919(Sadie) - Dec. 13, 2012(Sallisaw) d/o Homer Arlis BURCHAM and Elvie Vey (HICKS) BURCHAM. She married Cleary “Buck” WALLACE on Dec. 31, 1936, in Gans. He preceded her in death on Dec. 17, 1997.

WALLS, Jessie Nora, Sept. 26, 1913(Sallisaw) - Dec. 21, 2004(Tulsa) d/o Henry Russell MEADOWS and Addie Mae (McCOMBS) MEADOWS. She married Perry Bradley WALLS on Dec. 26, 1935, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Feb. 2, 1962.

WALTERS, Leroy, Nov. 20, 1954(Sallisaw) - July 7, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o Roy Lee WALTERS and Perdita MILLIKIN WALTERS.

WALTERS, Perdita A., Feb. 5, 1917(Drakes Prairie,) - Sept. 8, 2007(Sallisaw) d/o George MILLIKIN and Fannie (NICHOLS) MILLIKIN. She married Roy Lee WALTERS on Oct. 15, 1938, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death on April 11, 1974, in Sallisaw.

WALTON, Barbara Jo, Sept. 11, 1942(Tulsa) - Jan. 4, 2001(Sallisaw) She married Orvil D. WALTON

WALTON, Homer Lee, June 12, 1932(Keota,) - Feb. 24, 2005(Sallisaw) s/o Ben Walton and Clara Lee (TEAGUE) WALTON.

WALTON, Orvil D. Feb. 23, 1941(Keota,) - Dec. 3, 2004(Sallisaw) s/o Ben WALTON and Clara Lee (TEAGUE) WALTON. He married Barbara Jo HENSON in Aug. of 1973, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death on Jan. 4, 2001.

WALTON, R.W. "Dub", Oct. 17, 1938(Keota) - Feb. 17, 2008(Sallisaw) s/o Ben WALTON and Claire Lee (TEAGUE) WALTON. He married Wynona ROMINE, Dec. 15, 1978, in Sallisaw.

WALTON, Wynona Romine , Feb. 9, 1938(Cowlington) -April 14, 2009(Sapulpa) d/o Jess L. ROMINE and Annie ROMINE. She married R.W. “Dub” WALTON, Dec. 15, 1978, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death, Feb. 17, 2008, in Sallisaw.

WARD, Evelyn BYNUM, Oct. 13, 1914(Peggs,) - Oct. 8, 2007(Sallisaw) d/o Robert BYNUM Sr. and Lilly Ethel (SETSER) BYNUM. She was preceded in death by her husband, James Howard WARD,

WARD, Glenn E., April 18, 1920(Rich Mountain, Ark.) - March 29, 2001(Tulsa) s/o Thomas Luther "T.L." WARD and Matta  Isabel (PECK) WARD.

WARDEN Harry C., March 7, 1888(Niangus, Mo.) - Feb. 2, 1984(Sallisaw), s/o Marion Franklin WARDEN and Margaret Josephine GARDNER WARDEN He married Era Lee RICHEY on Oct. 12, 1909, in Gainesville, Texas. She preceded her husband in death on Aug. 16, 1977.

WATIE, John, Jan. 30, 1918(Sallisaw) - Feb. 4, 1984(Sallisaw) s/o Pearl Lee WATIE and Annie BRACKETT WATIE in Sallisaw.

WATTS, Anna Elizabeth SMITH, April 12, 1927(Seminole) - Oct. 25, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Charles Alexander SMITH and Lorena Marie (AKIENS) SMITH. She married Ford Henry WATTS on April 12, 1943, in Fort Smith. He preceded her in death on Sept. 14, 2011.

WATTS, Cletis, Aug. 15, 1911(Sallisaw,) - March 11, 2005 (Ft. Smith, Ark.) d.o Clinton Cleveland WATTS and Sidonia (LOFTIN) WATTS.

WATTS, Ford H., June 6, 1923(Drake Prairie) - Sept. 14, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Ellis Harmon and Fairy Ann (WAGES) WATTS PETERS. He married Anna Elizabeth SMITH on April 12, 1943, in Fort Smith.

WATTS, Iris C., Oct. 23, 1921(Van Buren, Ark.) - June 17, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Raymond Cicero "Ray" LEACH and Ruby Emma (FINE) LEACH. She married Wayne D. WATTS, May 5, 1946, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death, May 11, 1998, in Fort Smith.

WATTS, Wayne D., Nov. 8, 1921(Sallisaw.) - May 1998, s/o Clinton Cleveland WATTS and Sidonia Loftin WATTS. He married Iris C. LEACH WATTS May 5, 1946, in Sallisaw.

WEAR, Jewel Irene, April 29, 1917(Muldrow) - Feb. 8, 2007(Tulsa.) d/o William Riley JONES and Maud Bell (OLIVER) JONES. She married Dale Eugene WEAR, July 6, 1944, in Vallejo, Calif.

WEAR, Nellie Dorothy "Nell", April 28, 1898(Fanshawe, LeFlore, District, Indian Territory) - Aug. 14, 1982(Tulsa), d/o Danny E. SARTOR and Nora CRENSHAW SARTOR. She married Robert Jack WEAR in 1917 in Sallisaw.

WEAVER, Bonnie, Nov. 28, 1921(Hartman, Ark.,) - Dec. 3, 2001(Fort Smith, Ark. ) d/o Samuel Levi DOBBS and Hazel Virginia (SMITH) DOBBS. Mrs. WEAVER married Franklin W. WEAVER on June 1, 1945, in Fort Smith.

WEBB, Ernest William, June 1, 1928(Brushy community) - Jan. 14, 2004(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Jack WEBB and Blanche PALMER. He married Roberta May MURRAY on Jan. 8, 1953, in San Francisco. Survivors include his wife, Roberta WEBB of the home; t

WEBB, Margurette M. (TODD), She died Jan.. 19, 2003(Fort Smith,) d/o John Albert TODD and Daisy Pearl (RUSSELL) TODD in Sallisaw. She married Leland WEBB in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Oct. 9, 1996.

WEESE, Imogene, June 11, 1925(Sallisaw) – Aug. 14, 2009(Tulsa) Aug. 19, 2006(Sallisaw) d/o Duff PALMER and Pearl Emma (PRYOR) PALMER. She married John William "Bill" WEESE, April 7, 1945, in Dyer, Ark. He preceded her in death, Dec. 23, 2003, in Fort Smith.

WEESE, John William "Bill", died Dec 2003 He married Imogene PALMER on April 7, 1945, in Dyer, Ark.

 WELCH, Lorelei CHOWING,  Jan. 10, 1926(Bristow) - Jan. 3, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Ernest Thomas CHOWING and Lucille (IRVIN) CHOWING.  She married Joe Marion WELCH on Oct. 31, 1959, in Sallisaw. 

WELCH, Margaret A., April 1, 1916(Muldrow) – Dec. 7, 2003(Oklahoma City) d/o Maud Ethel (CLABORN) McDOLE and Arthur A. McDOLE.

WELCH, Patricia Ann “Pat”, June 19, 1935(Okmulgee) - Aug. 8, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Henry “HI” MARTIN and Margaret (OSBURN) MARTIN. She married Jack Palmer WELCH, Aug. 8, 1969, in Sallisaw.

WESTFALL, Archie C., Dec 25, 1925,(Fort Cobb,) - Oct 12, 2003(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Jimmy WESTFALL and Lillie (CARTER) WESTFALL. He married Emma Lee VINCENT on Aug 1, 1947, in Visalia, Calif.

WHEELER, Alma MOORE, May 21, 1907(McKey, Indian Territory,) - Dec. 26, 2001(Sallisaw) d/o Henry W. and Ina Lee (ADAIR) MOORE. Mrs. WHEELER married William Richard "Buck" WHEELER Oct. 28, 1928, in Ozark, Ark.

WHEELER, Lenna Mae, June 11, 1932(Sequoyah County) - Nov. 1, 2000(Fort Smith, Ark.) d//o James A. and Dora (O'NEAL) CHILDERS. She married Richard Perry WHEELER June 2, 1951, at the First Methodist Church in Sallisaw

WHEELER, Martha Shannon, April 24, 1921(Sallisaw) - June 2, 2001(Dallas, Texas) d/o W.W. WHEELER Jr. and Jessie EMMA (MECHAM) WHEELER,

WHISENHUNT, John Franklin, Dec. 12, 1951(Fort Smith, Ark.) - Dec. 29, 2002(Roland) s/o Leroy WHISENHUNT and Wilma Ethel (MONTGOMERY) WHISENHUNT. He married Brenda Faye ALLEN on May 23, 1991, in Hot Springs, Ark.

WHITE, Billye Jean, Oct. 28, 1928(Paris, Ark.) - May 1, 2006(Tulsa) d/o Pete WHITE and Elsie (PARKER) WHITE.

WHITENER, Peggy, June 21, 1932(Tulsa) - Jan. 19, 2008(Sallisaw) d/o Dollen and Edna Louise (BURTON) REED. She married Leland WHITENER, Dec. 31, 1952, in Oklahoma City.

WHISETT, Joseph E., Sept. 17, 1921(Sallisaw) – Jan. 14, 2006(Sallisaw) s/o William Foreman WHISETT and Ida Ella (BROWN) WHISETT. He was the grandson of Sallisaw's first mayor, William E. WHISETT. He married Marjorie HOWARD. She preceded him in death, Oct. 3, 2003, in Sallisaw.

WHITSETT, Marjorie , June 24, 1925(Mitchell, S.D.) - d/o George and Pauline (HOAGLAND) HOWARD. Oct. 3, 2003(Sallisaw) She married Joseph E. WHITSETT

WHITWORTH, Alicene (Alice) Inez,  March 2, 1924(Sallisaw) - Dec. 3, 1982, d/o William H. WILEY and Maggie SMITH WILEY. she married Virgil Ewing WHITWORTH,

WILDER, Brenda Kay, Sept. 21, 1951(Tulsa) –Feb. 16, 2000(Little Rock) s/o Jack WILDER Jr. and Bessie (CAVES) WILDER.

WILEY, Billie, Dec. 16, 1926(Sallisaw) - Nov. 25, 2007(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o William WILEY and Maggie. Survivors include his wife, Hilda of the home;

WILEY, Frank L., Jan. 23, 1932(Sallisaw) - Dec. 21, 2002. s/o Bill WILEY and Maggie SMITH.

WILEY, Opal Laverne, Sept. 3, 1921(Denmark, Ark.,) - Dec. 27, 2004(Sallisaw) d/o Charley THRASHER and Carrie KING THRASHER. She married William W. WILEY on Nov. 13, 1940, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on Aug. 14, 1972.

WILKINS, Gary Lee, March 20, 1949(Fort Smith, Ark.) - Sept. 19, 2011(Sallisaw) s/o Raymond WILKINS and Reba (McGEE) WILKINS. . He married Judy Kay THORMAN on June 25, 1966, in Stilwell. 

WILLIAMS, Atha ROWLAND, Feb. 3, 1915(Foreman community) -March 19, 2001(Tulsa.) d/o William Henry ROWLAND and Pearl (BOYDSTON) ROWLAND. She married John W. WILLIAMS in February 1935. He preceded her in death on October 2, 1993.

WILLIAMS, Helen M., Dec. 1, 1919(Akins Community) - May 30, 2005(Ft. Smith, Ark.) d/o Jewel WALTERS and Verne (FRANKS) WALTERS. She married Rufus Clay (R.C.) WILLIAMS August 7, 1943, in Oklahoma City. He preceded her in death on April 13, 1978.

WILLIAMS Jr., Howard, Dec. 9, 1940(Brent community) - April 7, 2002(Sallisaw.) s/o Roy Howard WILLIAMS Sr. and Vivian Josephine (STEVENSON) WILLIAMS.

WILLIAMS, Kenley Ray, May 25, 1930(Vonore, Tenn.,) - July 29, 2011(Tulsa.) s/o Barney WILLIAMS and Dena Mae (BIVENS) WILLIAMS. He married Sue WILLIAMS on June 9, 1952, in Anadarko.

WILLIAMS, Virginia Dale MAYO "Gen"94, July 6, 1904(Sallisaw, Sequoyah District, Indian Territory,) - Aug. 3, 1998(Oklahoma City) d/o W. D. and Jessie Virginia WHEELER MAYO. She married Lewis O. WILLIAMS Oct. 31, 1927, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death in 1971.

WILSON, Latrese, 21, April 12, 2012(Las Vegas.)

WILSON, Margaret A., Oct. 15, 1902(Clarksville, Ark.) - Oct. 31, 2004(Sallisaw) d/o Daniel Jordan MATTHEWS and Sarah Emmaline (ROBERTS) MATTHEWS. Mrs. WILSON married Fred B. WILSON on Aug. 23, 1923, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death on March 13, 1976.

WILSON, D.O., Dr. William McKesson, Nov. 12, 1910(Twin Rocks, Penn.,) - June 2001, s/o James S. WILSON and Clara A. (SWIFT) WILSON. Dr. WILSON married Margaret Delrose STUBY WILSON Aug. 12, 1936, in Williston, W.Va. She preceded him in death on Nov. 24, 1986

WISE, Dale Alvin, June 3, 1919(Pompeii, Mich.) - Nov. 27, 1999(Sallisaw) s/o Alvin and Ruth (WALKER) WISE. He married Meryl Irene HOLLOWAY July 11, 1936, in Jay. She preceded him in death Jan. 13, 1998.

WISE, Meryl Irene, Jan. 10, 1917(Thayer, Mo.) - Jan. 13, 1998(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Charlie and Etta (PILAND) HOLLOWAY. She married Dale Alvin WISE July 11, 1936, in Jay.

WOFFORD, Nora Bell, Nov. 4, 1904(Elkins, Ark) – April 24, 2003(Oklahoma City) d/o Dave RICHARDSON and Susie (HARRIS) RICHARDSON. She married Tatum Lafayett "Tate" WOFFORD on Aug. 21, 1920, in Hanson. He preceded her in death on Oct. 4, 1984.

WOODS, Henry, April 18, 1912(Akins community) -Jan. 7, 1999(Fort Smith, Ark.) s/o Henry Wade WOODS and Junie Ellen (DENNY) WOODS. He married Nancy Modene STEELY  June 30, 1934, in Sallisaw.

WOODY, Joe Curtis "Curt", Jan. 30, 1941(Long,) - Sept. 8, 2008(Sallisaw) s/o Raymond WOODY and Dewey Ione (STITES) "Maxine" WOODY. He married E. Nadine HOLLIS, April 21, 1962, in Sallisaw.

WOOTEN, Evelyn Alleen, Nov. 15, 1918(Lincoln,) - Nov. 6, 2003(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Roy A. and Willie (ELLIS) THORNTON.

WORLEY, Herman Steely, Jan. 24, 1905(Pine Knot, Ky.) - s/oo Jesse and Lydia (WHITE) WORLEY. Nov. 20, 1998(Sallisaw.) He married Lula Carraway BLACK Jan. 5, 1933, in Sallisaw. She preceded him in death Nov. 24, 1995.

WORTHEAM, Robert Lynn “bob”, July 28 1950(Kansas City, Mo) - May 25, 1998(Sallilsaw) , s/o Ives William and Mary Kay BOSTIC WORTHEAM

YOUNG, Billy George, July 20, 1935(Sallisaw,) - Nov. 29, 2001 s/o George Washington and Sophie YOUNG. his wife, Loretta of the home;

YOUNG, Bobby Dale, Dec. 19, 1936(McCoy) - Dec. 11, 1999(Sallisaw) s/o George Washington YOUNG and Sophia E. (WOODS) YOUNG. He married Sarah Ann HAWTHORNE Oct. 6, 1962, in Perryton, Texas.

YOUNG, Ida Mae, April 21, 1905(Sequoyah District, Oklahoma Indian Territory) – Nov. 16, 1999(Oklahoma City) d/o John and Rebecca Louise DOBBS. She married W.E. YOUNG April 2, 1925, in Sallisaw. He preceded her in death Oct. 31, 1993.

YOUNG, Loretta, Nov. 5, 1935(Harrison, Ark.) - July 21, 2000(Sallisaw.) d/o Walter CARR and Essie (FARMER) CARR. Survivors include her husband, Alfred Dee YOUNG:

YOUNG, Raymond William, May 9, 1940(Akins community) - March 23, 2001(Sallisaw) s/o William Franklin YOUNG and Lenora Jane (AUSTIN) YOUNG. He married Laura Ann RICHARDSON Dec. 5, 1964, in Akins.