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ANDERSON, Earnest David, Feb. 2, 1940(Chandler, Ariz) - April 18 2000(Fort Smith), s/o David Monroe ANDERSON and Martha Geneva (BISE) ANDERSON. He married Shirley A. INMON May 17, 1958, in Dallas 

BALLINGER, Bonnie, June 2, 1924(Muldrow) - April 17, 1999 (Fort Smith),  d/o John and Martha (DAVIS) PETREE.. She married G. W. BALLINGER Aug. 14, 1948, in Fort Smith.

BALLINGER Sr., Clark Wayne, Oct. 11, 1949(Sallisaw,) - Jan. 12, 1998(Sallisaw) s/o George William BALLINGER and Bonnie Versia (PETREE) BALLINGER.

BETHEL, Mattie M., May 5, 1868 (Louisiana) - March 7, 1951, d/o Jake WYATT and Sarah Ann WISE, w/o Charles F. BETHEL, Camp Creek Cemetery, Muldrow, Ok, page 182

CALCOTE, Gerald Dean , July 15, 1932(Ole Remy community) - Nov. 13, 1999(Little Rock, Ark), s/o Nathan Cade CALCOTE and Eica Elizabeth (O'NEAL) CALCOTE. He married Naomi Faith BROWN March 12, 1962, in Stilwell

CHAPMAN, Richard Earl "Buddy", July 23, 1949(Muldrow, Oklahoma,) - November 23, 2009(Ft. Smith, Arkansas.) s/o Fred L. CHAPMAN and Ruth (BOWDEN) CHAPMAN. He married Sharon Kay (SHACKELFORD) CHAPMAN on February 21, 1970 Muldrow, Oklahoma.

CHAPMAN, Shannon Earl Aug. 25, 1975(Fort Smith) -  March 7, 1999(Muldrow), s/o   Richard Earl CHAPMAN and Sharon Kay (SHACKELFORD) CHAPMAN.  

CORBIT, Kaelynn Grace, Aug 6, 2012 - Aug 7, 2012. d/o Jessica and Clayton CORBIT

CROSSLIN, Nanette Lea, Aug. 24, 1966(Dallas, Texas,) - Dec. 1, 2012,(Tulsa) d/o Ray Edmond HOUSE Sr., and Donna Lou (WALLS) HOUSE. She married Ronald Gene CROSSLIN on Jan. 7, 1990, in Las Vegas, Nev.

DENNIS, James, Feb 22, 1961(Granite City, ILL)-Oct 22, 209(Fort Smith) s/o Bruce Calvin DENNIS and Violet Bertha (WEEKS) DENNIS,his wife, Makayla (SMITH) DENNIS,

EUBANKS, Paul Jr., March 13, 1937 (Roland, Ok) - March 15, 1937, s/o Paul EUBANKS (Ark) and Rose WANN (Ark), Upper Camp Creek Cemetery, page 3

FARMER, F red Galveston, April 27, 1892 (Muldrow, Sequoyah District, Indian Territory,) - January 1985, s/o Henry FARMER and Eliza BLACKARD FARMER. He married Ella WILSON on Oct. 13, 1912 in Muldrow. She preceded him in death on Oct. 18, 1979.

FAULKNER, Leora Faye TRAMMELL, Feb. 1, 1926(Long) – July 3, 2011(Roland.) d/o Elmer TRAMMELL and Addie (ALLEN) TRAMMELL. She married Bobby Ray FAULKNER on April 16, 1960.

FAULKNER, Wrenshaw W., 49 years, 11 months, 18 days (Greenwood Junction, Ok) died Dec 1945, s/o Brouk FAULKNER (Ark) and Nance M. WEBB (Franklin Co., Kansas, h/o May, Upper Camp Creek Cemetery, page 154,

FREE, Barney, Jan. 16, 1917 (Roland, Ok) - June 11, 1929, s/o J.E. FREE (Ark) and Ruth MORTON (I.T.), Camp Creek Cemetery, page 137

FUGETT, Gary D. July 23, 1966(Fort Smith) - Aug. 2, 1999(Muldrow ), s/o Larry Gene Fugett and Josephine Maryann (HATCH) FUGETT. 

HALL, Joyce Ann, (June 27, 1944) - Oct. 3, 2012(Fort Smith) d/o Walter Whit MORGAN and Elsie (STOCKTON) MORGAN. She married Henry HALL on April 4, 1962, in Stilwell.

HARVELL, Barbara Lou LENINGTON, June 8, 1933(Barling, Ark.,) - Feb 4, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark). d/o Curtis LENINGTON and Cecelia (HALL) LENINGTON. She married Barney Leo HARVELL on June 24, 1953, in Fort Smith.

HARVELL, Barney Leo, Feb. 27, 1927(Redland) - Feb. 5, 2012(Fort Smith, Ark.), s/o Barney Alonzo HARVELL and Minnie Ann (SHAMBLIN) HARVELL. He married Barbara Lou LENINGTON on June 24, 1953, in Fort Smith. She preceded him in death on Feb. 4, 2011.

HARVELL, Clyde “Mutt” Jan. 30, 1917(Roland) - Aug. 28, 1998(Fort Smith), s/o Ewing Wesley HARVELL and Pearl Maud (ROSE) HARVELL He married Rubye Elizabeth JACKSON May 7, 1935, in Muldrow. She preceded him in death April 30, 1987 Upper Camp Creek

HARVELL, Clyde Ray, May 16, 1943(Muldrow) - Feb. 18, 2012(Cassville, Mo.) s/o Clyde Willard HARVELL and Rubye Elizabeth (JACKSON) HARVELL. He married Kristy Dawn PARTIN on Nov. 7, 2008.

HOUSE Sr., Ray Edmond, Aug. 12, 1934(Vian) - Oct. 24, 2010(Fort Smith.) s/o Joe HOUSE and Velma Lee (RHODES) HOUSE. He married Jewell UNDERWOOD on April 8, 2004, in Fort Smith. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Donna Lou HOUSE,

JONES, Betty Faye Elouise, January 8, 1938 (Medina, Texas,) - July 23, 1985(Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o Charles WALKER and Tina Mae McGREW WALKER She married Chad E. JONES on July 4, 1955 in Clayton, N.M. 

LASITER, Ellie Belle, Dec. 31, 1925(Muldrow)  - Dec. 13, 1999(Fort Smith), d/o  John Wesley PETREE and Martha Jane DAVIS. She married Henry Jackson PETREE Jan. 25, 1949, in Van Buren, Ark. He preceded her in death Feb. 19, 1979. 

LASITER, James Henry, Nov. 25, 1949(Sallisaw) - April 13, 2011,(Sallisaw. ) s/o Henry Jackson LASITER and Ellie Belle (PETREE) LASITER. He married Brenda Rose HADDOX Jan. 18, 1969.

LEE, Nora A., September 15, 1966(Alma, Ark) – April 2, 2009(Muldrow), d/o Tony JONES and Glenda (SWAIN) JONES,

MANNEN, Betty WATTS, February 19, 1924 (Muldrow) – April 17, 2009(San Diego, California) d/o Archie WATTS and Elizabeth Ada (NEAL) WATTS, She was preceded in death by her husband, Fred MANNEN

MORGAN, Harvey Lee, June 20, 1932(Muldrow,) - Nov 28, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark) s/o Walter Whit MORGAN and Elsie (STOCKTON) MORGAN. He was preceded in death by his wife, Grace MORGAN;

MORGAN, Louie Oct. 21, 1941 (McKinney, Texas) -April 20, 1999(Fort Smith), s/o Whit and Elsie (STOCKTON) MORGAN. He married Doris Lorraine LILE Sept. 29, 1979, in Fort Smith. 

MORGAN, Pauline Aug. 2, 1922(Mineral Springs communit) - July 24, 1999(Roland), d/o   Dave and Elsie (STOCKTON) BULLOCK.  She married Whit MORGAN May 28, 1951, in Clovis, N. M. He preceded her in death July 23, 1980.

NEAL, Ronald McKenzie “Ron”, May 10, 1973(Fort Smith) - Feb. 1, 2000( Fort Smith), Tom C. NEAL, Jr. and Cindy J. (TETRO) NEAL.

OLSON, Facilla E., Sept. 12, 1928(Fort Smith, Ark.) - May 22, 2011(Tulsa.) d/o J.D. FULLER and Elois (WRAY) FULLER. She was preceded in death by her husband, Donlad C. OLSON,

OSBORNE, Homer Gene, Feb. 23, 1937(Roland,) -Oct 30, 2009(Fort Smith, Ark) s/o James Elmer OSBORNE and Rhoda Beatrice (RHODES) OSBORNE. He married Melva Joy HARRIS, Aug. 3, 1987, in Roland.

OSBORNE, Marilyn J. “Granny”, Aug 2, 1932(Muldrow) – March 26, 2009(Ft Smith, Ark), d/o Rass BLEDSOE an Lula WHEELER BLEDSOE. She married Virgil Allen OSBORNE on October 11, 1947 in Van Buren, Arkansas. He preceded her in death on May 20, 1992 in Roland

OSBORNE, William Lee, June 7, 1920(Ole Remy) - Nov. 16, 2011(Roland.) s/o James Elmer OSBORNE and Rhoda Beatrice (RHODES) OSBORNE. He married Frances Charlotte JONES on March 22, 1947, in Fort Smith, Ark.

ORSBURN, Ellen BROWN, March 17, 1926(Maple) – June 6, 2011(Fort Smith, Ark) d/o Henry DAVIS and Thena (BOLIN) DAVIS TOLLETTE. She was preceded in death by her husband, Earl BROWN

REED, Beverly J., Jan. 28, 1929(San Bernardino, Calif.,) - Aug. 10, 2011(Locust Grove.)do William Earl TRAZLER and Evelyn Marie (BROWN) TRAXLER. She married Ewing C. REED on Sept. 3, 1964, in Tulsa. He preceded her in death on July 27, 2006.

RHODES, Artie ROGERS, March 28, 1920(Mineral Springs) – Nov. 24, 2012(Sallisaw) d/o James Madison ROGERS and Nettie Stella (ROGERS) ROGERS. She was preceded in death by her husband, Hodge RHODES;

RHODES, Lewis L., Oct 5, 1878 (Mo) - Aug 1, 1950, s/o Thomas RHODES and Martha HALL, Upper Camp Creek Cemetery, page 153,

RICHARDSON, Jimmie Dene, Jan. 13, 1938 (Sallisaw, Ok.) - Sept. 16, 1939, s/o Henry B. RICHARDSON (Springfield, Mo.) and Nettie PETRE (Seq Co.), Camp Creek Cemetery, page 7

RICHARDSON, Nettie, April 12, 1911(Muldrow) - April 28, 2000(Muldrow), John Wesley PETREE and Martha Jane (DAVIS) PETREE,  She was preceded in death by her husband, Henry RICHARDSON in 1961. 

RIDDLE, Billy Cohn, Aug. 10, 1943( Liberty,) -Oct 7. 2009(Fort Smith, Ar) s/o Jess Willard RIDDLE and Dessie Arzona (CASTEEL) RIDDLE. He married Brenda Jean PALMER, April 8, 1963, in Stilwell.

ROGERS, James M., June 16, 1889 - Nov 20, 1947, s/o Deck ROGERS and Hanna MEDOWS, h/o Lucy, Upper Camp Creek Cemetery, page 156,

RUCKMAN, Joseph Edward, 67 years, 6 months, 24 days, (Illinois) - Oct 10, 1945, s/o Izarah RUCKMAN and Lou CUTSINGER, h/o Mattie RUCKMAN, Upper Camp Creek Cemetery, page 134

RUCKMAN, Lucille, June 10, 1925(Roland,) - Feb 11, 2009 (Muldrow)d/o Daniel Wesley SHAMBLIN and Ollie Mae (MOTON) SHAMBLIN. She married Ernest Clyde RUCKMAN, Oct. 25, 1940, in Roland. He preceded her in death, June 14, 2007, Muldrow.

SCHEUERMAN, Jessie Ruth, Jan. 1, 1927(Fort Smith) - Oct. 6, 1999(Roland),  d/o Jessie Dennis FULLER and Elois WRAY FULLER.,  She was preceded in death by her husband, Vernon P. SCHEUERMAN in 1967,

SECOND, Ruby Velma, April 26, 1905(near Muldrow, Sequoyah District, Indian Territory.) - November 7, 1982 (Fort Smith, Ark.) d/o John Calvin RIDDLE and Alpha Omega TOON RIDDLE.  She was preceded in death by her husband, Tom.

SPANGLER, Pauline WATTS, April 1, 1914  (Muldrow) - March 23, 1999(Sallisaw), d/o Thomas Archie WATTS and Elizabeth Ada (NEAL) WATTS. She married John Wesley SPANGLER July 28, 1934, in Fort Smith, Ark. He preceded her in death Aug. 30, 1983.

TABOR, Freddie Joe, Jan. 8, 1940(Liberty) - Oct. 9, 2010(Muldrow.) s/o Sherd TABOR and Truda Elanor (LONDON) TABOR

TABOR, James Robert, June 6, 1897 (Long, Ok) -Dec. 5, 1930, s/o J. H. TABOR (Mo) and Lora ROBARDS (Ark), h/o Dovie TABOR, Camp Creek Cemetery, page 37

TRAMMELL, Dean E. Jan. 7, 1921( Liberty community) -  May 20, 1999(Fort Smith),  s/o Elmer DeWillis TRAMMELL and Mary Adeline (ALLEN) TRAMMELL. He married Eula Lucille WOODWARD Aug. 13, 1942, in Stilwell. She preceded him in death Feb. 15, 1995.

TURNER, E C, Sept. 18, 1934(Lone Oak.) - Jan. 2, 1985(Fort Smith), s/o Elbert C. TURNER and Hallie Louise GAMMILL TURNER

ULMER, Garry Don, April 8, 1940(Fort Smith, Ark.,) -Sept. 20, 2009(Fort Smith.) s/o Jack Garrett ULMER and Evelyn (HEARD) ULMER. He married Ima Ruth WEAVER, May 30, 1958, in Stilwell.

WANN, H.A., May 19, 1865 (Springfield, Mo) -Oct. 20, 1936, s/o Mathew WANN (Mo) and Americatex CORBITT, h/o Mattie WANN, New Camp Creek Cemetery, page 167

WANN, Leonard Clarence, Aug. 5, 1922(Muldrow) –Nov. 30, 2012(Talihina) s/o William Henry WANN and Emma (CORBIT) WANN. He married Margie Lee (FERGUSON) WANN.

WHEAT, Branson Marion Jan. 11, 1923( Liberty community) -  Oct. 25, 1998(Bixby),  s/o Ariga Mitchel WHEAT and Maudie Mae (LOONEY) WHEAT. He married Caroline Bertha (BESCHONER) HESTER June 7, 1985, in Miami

WHEAT, Douglas Mitchell, Dec. 16, 1924 ( Liberty community) - April 24, 2000(Muskogee), s/o Ariga Mitchell WHEAT and Maudie Mae (LOONEY) WHEAT. He married Leola Belle RUCKMAN March 23, 1945, in Muldrow.


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