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Charter Members of Prairie Grove Baptist Church

1st Sister Amanda MAYFIELD

2nd Bro. R. H. THOMPSON

3rd Bro H. P. MILLS

4th Bro. J. R. PARKER


6th Sister Ellie SUMMERHILL

7th Sister Fannie TURNER

8th Bro. R. V. THOMPSON

9th Sister Fannie THOMPSON

Bro. J. E. ADAMS - by letter

Sister Mary ADAMS - by letter

Bro. Charley POUNCY - by letter

Sister Rosie POUNCY - by letter

Bro. S. W. McCLANAHAN - by letter

Bro. Edward McCLANAHAN - by letter

Sister Jane McCLANAHAN - by letter

Bro. Ben. HUGHES - by baptism

Bro. Normal MILLS - by baptism

Bro. Otto ADAMS - by baptism

Sister Ethel MILLS- by baptism

Bro. Rufus MILLS - by baptism

Bro. Vans MILLS- by baptism

Sister Jennie MILLS- by baptism

Bro. Claud BARNES - by baptism

Bro. Osie HUGHES - by baptism

Bro. Fred CAMPBELL - by baptism

Sequoyah County
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