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After preaching services Sunday May 20, 1906 the Baptist Church at Roland I. T. received Sister Mary Ann CLARK into full fellowship on letter of recognition.


The Baptist Church at Roland met on Sat. May 19th of

Preaching by the Pastor. Subject: Missions

After preaching, Bro. BLAYLOCK led in Prayer.

After prayer, the church set in conference.

Minute of last meeting was then read and approved.

Brother R. H. THOMPSON stated that Bro. JERUIDINA requested that we have the gospel preached in his neighborhood on Lee's Creek.

The church decided it was best for the missionary of Lebar Creek Association to support them.

Motion carried to instruct the Clerk to write to each church of the Arkansas Valley Association and request them to send messengers to meet with us in our next conference on Sat. before the 3rd Sunday in June next to consider the matter of electing an associational missionary.

Sister Roxie WATTS, having left us and joined the Methodist, the church withdrew church fellowship from her.

Charge was preferred against Bro. Albert MALONEY for using profane language and then unchristian conduct and the moderator asked that any Brother seeing him to notify of this action of the church.

By motion, adjourned.



Sequoyah County
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