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After preaching service on Sunday May 20th, 1906

The church at Roland I. T. received Sister Mary Ann CLARK into full fellowship by letter of recommendation.


The Baptist Church at Roland I. T. met on Sat. 11 o'clock June 16th, 1906

After preaching by the Pastor, the church set in conference.

Minute of May meeting was read and approved.

Motion prevailed to attend to other matters of business that may demand attention before considering the matter of Associational Missions in order to give more time for messengers to arrive.

The church deferred final action in regard to the charge against Bro. Albert MALONEY until next meeting.

Motion carried to begin protracted meeting on Friday night before the first Sunday in August next.

A charge was preferred against Bro. George KEYS for drunkenness and the Moderator appointed J. H. BLAYLOCK

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R. H. THOMPSON and J. E. ADAMS a committee to see him and report to the church at next conference.

It having been reported that Bro. Ben WALKER had been drunk, the Moderator appointed J. H. Blaylock, R. H. THOMPSON, and J. E. ADAMS committee to investigate the report.

On motion, Bro. Robt. THOMPSON was authorized to sell the surplus lumbers belonging to the church and report proceeds subject to the direction of the church.

The subject of associational missions was then taken up.

Brethren WOFFORD and ANDERSON were present from Hanson Church and Bro. Geo. FINE from Sweet Town Church.

Letters from Rock Hill Liberty Pleasant Grove No. 1 and Brushy Churches were read by the Clerk.

Motion carried to elect Bros. BLAYLOCK and THOMPSON to do mission work in destitute places all of their time that is not already arranged for the remainder of this associational year

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and that Roland Church alone assume the duty of paying Bro. THOMPSON and that we ask the Sister Churches of the Arkansas Valley Association to help us pay Bro. BLAYLOCK.

Motion prevailed to allow each of them two dollars per day.

The Clerk was then instructed to inform the Sister Churches of this action of the church through the Baptist search tight or by letter to the churches or both.

On motion, adjourned.



On Sunday night, June 17th, 1906 Roland Church in conference requested Bro. J. H. BLAYLOCK to assist her Pastor in his services in the protracted meeting in August.



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