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Special Conference

Sunday June 28, 1908

Motion by Bro. J. E. ADAMS adopted to call church into conference for purpose of inviting a council to advise with the church.

Motion, prevailed that the church call a council to meet with the church at 3 p.m. on Friday before the second Sunday in July.

Motion, carried that the council is hereby instructed to take up the grievance that now exists in the church and investigate the matter from beginning to end.

Motion by Bro. ADAMS that five men be selected to compose the council.

By Motion, Bros. J. E. COX of Ozark, Ark., J. R. PARKER of Muldrow, Okla., Calvin LITTLE and R. R. ACKSON of McClaine, Okla. And George FINE of Aikins were selected.

Motion adopted that the expenses of the council be defrayed.

By motion, adjourned.


C. A. TAFT, C. C. Pro Tem

Sequoyah County
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