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The Roland Missionary Baptist Church met in regular conference July 11, 1908 after sermon by Bro MERIDITH of Muldrow, Okla. and prayer by Bro. J. E. COX. Invitation for membership was extended.

Minutes of previous regular conference read and approved; also minutes of call conference of June 28, 1908.

The matter of the difference between Bro. R. H. THOMPSON and Bro. ADAMS was again brought up.

The council which was called by the church (they had made their investigation of the matter the previous day) was then requested to make their report. Bro. COX read the result of their investigations.

By motion, the report was received.

By motion, the report was referred back to the council for amendments.

Motion prevailed, that conference adjourned until after evening services.

Pursuant to motion of adjournment reconvened in conference after sermon by Bro. COX and devotional services.

Bro. COX was asked to make his

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additional report in behalf of the council.

By motion, by Bro. R. V. THOMPSON the report of the council was received.

Motion to adopt the report prevailed.

Motion carried that the church Clerk be instructed to copy the proceedings of the council and add the account of the reconciliation.

Motion prevailed that the Clerk be instructed to enter the Pastor's subscription list upon the minutes of the church book.

By motion, adjourned.



Note: (in different handwriting)

For record of the manner of reconciliation between the Brethren R. H.

THOMPSON and J. E. ADAMS see note on page 151

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