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As submitted to church

Report of council consisting of Bro. J. E. COX, Chairman, Bro. George FINES, Clerk and Bros. R. R. JACKSON,  John R. PARKER and Calvin LITTLE.

Dear Brethren,

We your council have endeavored to get all the evidence possible and after prayerful consideration, have decided that each of the brothers had become offended and according to Matthew 18:15 were under obligations to seek a reconciliation. We find that Bro. R. H. THOMPSON did go to Bro. ADAMS as directed by Christ in Mathew 18:15 and after failing to bring about the reconciliation did tell it to the church by making charges against Bro. ADAMS, whereupon the church received the charges. Bro. ADAMS answered the charges by admitting that they were true. The church then voted as to whether the charges should be sustained and failed to sustain them.

Dear Brethren,

We believe that Bro. THOMPSON acted according to the Bible as the charges were admitted by Bro. ADAMS, that the church ought

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to have sustained them, and have endeavored to restore fellowship between the brethren; and in failing to comply with the blessed Christ's teachings made a mistake. The action of the church not being in our judgment according to the scriptures, Bro. R. V. THOMPSON had the right to dissent from the action of the church as an individual member; but we think that he made a mistake in using the word fellowship and we do pray to God that he may over rule all these mistakes to the good of the Roland Church and to His glory.

We reaffirm our statements made this morning that as the evidence shows that these brethren have made hurtful statements about or to each other that they should withdraw them. The statements that we believe were wrong and should be withdrawn are as follows:

(1) Bro. ADAMS said that Bro. THOMPSON had done him a dirty trick

(2) That he disregarded his word and honor, and

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that before he would do as he (THOMPSON) had done that he would suffer his right arm taken from his body.

We find that Bro. THOMPSON said to Bro. ADAMS that he felt that if he had complied with Bro. ADAMS'S request and written the letter that it would not have restored confidence. That he would be buying something and not getting it after he had paid for it. He did not believe it then and didn't believe it now.

All of these expressions we believe were made when these brethren were not in a good humor; and that since they had time to reflect over them that they ought to be willing to withdraw them and endeavor to restore confidence and fellowship between themselves.

Dear Brethren,

We have acted carefully and prayerfully and give the above statement and pray that you receive it in the spirit that we have tried to give it.

J. C. COX, Chairman

Geo. FINE, Sec.

Sequoyah County
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