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The Baptist Church at Roland Okla. in call conference.

Sept. 20, 1908.

Elected J. A. JOHNSON, R. H. THOMPSON, C. A. TAFT and J. M. C. WOODS as messengers to the annual meeting of the Arkansas Valley Baptist Association and R. E. SUMMERHILL, Amanda MAYFIELD and J. E. ADAMS as alternates and instructed Bro. C. A. TAFT, C. C. Pro Tem to prepare the annual letter.

Adjourned, in order.


C. A. TAFT, CC Pro Tem

Note: The minute of July 11th meeting was read and approved by the clerk to the church

in conference on Oct. 10th, 1908 and the minute was adopted after being amended

and the following note is added to supply the amendment.

Note: After the report of the council was read by Bro. COX and received by the church

and pending a motion to adopt the 'Report" J. E. ADAMS by the permission of the

Moderator arose and appealed to Bro. R. H. THOMPSON to settle their differences

by mutually forgiving each other and agreeing never to mention the matter again.

Stating that it would be impossible for either one to change his mind about the

conduct of the other but as Christian men and brethren we can forgive each other.

Bro. THOMPSON accepted the proposition and the two clasped each other's hand in

token of their sincerity.


Sequoyah County
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