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The Baptist Church at Roland Okla. met in Sat Oct. 10th, 1908.

After preaching by the Pastor. The church in conference transacted business as follows.

Minute of July meeting, read also report of council therein embraced after correction minute was approved.

Upon motion, by R. H. THOMPSON charge was preferred against Sister TEAGUE for adultery and Sisters S. W. MAYFIELD, Mary A. CLARK and Susan WALKER were appointed a committee to confer with Sister TEAGUE.

By request letters of Recommendation were granted to R. F. CAMPBELL and Ellie CAMPBELL and Otto ADAMS and Sallie ADAMS.

Motion by R. H. THOMPSON to prefer charge against R. J. HUGHES for going to law with a Brother was lost.

On motion by R. H. THOMPSON, the church preferred charge against B. S. WALKER for dram drinking in swearing. J. M. C. WOOD and Susan WALKER were appointed a committee to see him.

Announcement was made that we take collection for Associational Missions on Sunday the 11th at close of preaching service and C. C. requested all to promptly pay the Pastor's salary.

On motion, adjourned.


J. E. ADAMS, C. C.

Collection for Associational Missions on Oct. 11th, 1908 amounted to $21.65 and $1.15 for minutes.


Sequoyah County
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