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The Baptist Church at Roland Oklahoma

Again came together in regular meeting on Jan. 9th, 1909.

Pastor was absent and on motion, Bro. J. H. BLAYLOCK was chosen Mod Pro Tem and after prayer service, the church set in conference.

Minute of Dec. meeting was read, amended and approved.

R. H. THOMPSON reported that Bro. WATTS had promised to meet the church at this time also, stated that he had not seen Bro. McCLANAHAN - Report received and committee continued.

J. M. WOOD and W. R. HUGHES reported that Bro. COIL had joined the Presbyterians.

On motion, the church withdrew fellowship from Bro. COIL upon the charge preferred against him at last meeting.

A collection was then taken to pay the expenses of our Messengers to the State Association amounting to _______________

Upon motion, the reading of the covenant and rules of Deacons was deferred till next meeting.

By motion, adjourned.


J. E. ADAMS, C. C.

Sequoyah County
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