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Note: On the fourth Sunday in Jan. 1909 the church paid Bro. M. P. MATHINEY $9.10


The church again met on Feb. 13th, 1909.

Preaching by Bro. McELROY-

Minute of last meeting was read and approved.

Bro. R. H. THOMPSON reported that Bro. WATTS had promised to be here at this meeting, if not providentially prevented

Also, stated that Bro. McCLANAHAN had been drunk. Report received and committee discharged.

Upon motion, the church preferred charge against Bro. McLANAHAN for drunkenness and the Clerk was directed to write him and inform him of the charge.

J. E. ADAMS offered hid resignation as teacher in the Sunday school, which was accepted.

The covenant, and rules of Deacons were then read by the Clerk.

A song was sung, and the men here engaged in handshaking in token of a renewal of our covenant and adjourned.

C. A. McELROY, Mod

J. E. ADAMS, C. C.

Sequoyah County
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