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The Baptist church at Roland Okla. met April 1909

After preaching service by the Pastor, the church set in conference.

Minute of last meeting was read and approved.

No further business was presented and conference, adjourned in order.

C. A. McELROY, Mod

J. E. ADAMS, C. C.

The Roland Baptist Church came together in regular conference May 8th, 1919.

Minute of April conference was read and approved.

Motion prevailed that the matter of principles and constitution as adopted by the "get together" meeting at the Little Rock meeting be considered and passed upon on Sunday May 9th, 1909 immediately after close of Sunday School Service.

By motion, adjourned.

C. A. McELROY, Mod

C. A. TAFT, CC Pro Tem

On Sunday, May 9th, 1909 the proposed constitution and principles of the Baptist General Association was endorsed by the church.

C. A. McElroy, Mod

J. E. Adams, CC

Sequoyah County
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