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The Baptist Church at Roland met on Saturday Sept. 11, 1909 and after preaching by Bro. McElroy, the church in conference transacted business as follows.

Minutes of last meeting read and after correction, approved. Bro. SUMMERHILL then stated that the expense of building the pulpit had been paid. Bro. R. V. THOMPSON stated that he was at present unable to state the exact amount he had received for the surplus lumber of the church house building.

J. E. ADAMS stated that Bro. Jim KLING had requested him to tell the church that he (Jim KLING) had joined the Holiness People: where upon motion prevailed to prefer charge against Bro. KLING for heresy and withdrew fellowship from him. Bro. SUMMERHILL stated that he had heard that Bro. Ben HUGHES had been drunk or drinking intoxicants as a beverage. Motion by Bro. R. H. THOMPSON to prefer charge against Bro. HUGHES and withdrew fellowship carried.

Bro. J. H. BLAYLOCK then stated that Bro. C. A. TAFT had charged him with a very grave offence and that the charge was wholly false; and that

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he had gone to Bro. TAFT alone and tried to effect a reconciliation and had failed- that he had then taken two other brethren with him- namely, R. H. THOMPSON and J. E. ADAMS and that a reconciliation was not yet effected. J. E. Adams then stated that Bro. Taft declined or refused to give all his reasons for accusing Bro. BLAYLOCK as he had and that he and Bro. THOMPSON had told him that in their judgment it was his duty to fully inform Bro. BLAYLOCK of his reasons for so accusing him or withdraw his accusation. And upon motion, by J. E. ADAMS the church asked Bro. TAFT to privately inform Bro. BLAYLOCK of all his reasons for accusing him as he had.

Motion prevailed to elector select messengers to the District Association, volunteers were then called for and the following named brethren and sisters volunteered- R. E. SUMMERHILL, R. H. THOMPSON, J. M. C. WOOD and Ellie SUMMERHILL. J. E. ADAMS made a statement and asked for information and was by the Moderator ruled out of order.

On motion, adjourned till next regular conference meeting day.

C. A. McELROY, Mod

J. E. ADAMS, C. C.

Sequoyah County
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