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Nov. 13, 1909

Roland Baptist Church came together in regular conference Nov. 13, 1909.

After sermon by Bro. McELROY invitation for membership was offered. After which following business was transacted. Minutes last conference read and approved. On motion, the matter of difference between Bros. J. H. BLAYLOCK and C. A. TAFT was continued. Difficulty between Bros. R. H. THOMPSON and W. R. HUGHES mentioned as a reference.

Bro. THOMPSON stated that he and Bro. HUGHES had failed to settle satisfactorily. That he had selected Bro. J. A. Johnson to assist and Bro. HUGHES had selected Prof. J. N. DAVIS. The committee decided that Bro. HUGHES owed Bro. THOMPSON the amount claimed.

Motion prevailed that the Church ask Bro. HUGHES to settle his account with THOMPSON Bros. According to the decision of the arbitration committee.

It being regular time for the election of Pastor, Clerk and Executive Committeeman for ensuring year, the church went into election of, same. Eld. C. A. McELROY was called for pastor. C. A. TAFT elected Clerk and R. H. THOMPSON executive committeeman. C. A. TAFT stated that there had been some alterations in the records of the church.

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book that he was not responsible for after it had been turned back to Bro. ADAMS.

By motion, Bros. J. M. C. WOOD, J. H. BLAYLOCK and R. E. SUMMERHILL were appointed to go over the church book with the Clerk and correct any irregularities they may find and report at next meeting.

By motion, the Deacons were instructed to circulate subscription for Pastor's salary and report at next meeting.

By motion, adjourned.

C. A. McELROY, Mod

C. A. TAFT, C. C.

Note: November 27, 1909

After preaching evening preaching services collection of $8.45 was taken for

Foreign missions.

Motion carried that the church be represented at General Association of United

States either by letter or by some Brothers if any can go.

Sequoyah County
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