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Constitution of Prairie Grove Baptist Church

1st This church shall be known by the name of Prairie Grove

C. N. I. T.

2nd All persons wishing to become members shall first give

evidence of their faith in Christ, which shall entitle them

to the ordinance of baptism they then shall be considered

members in full fellowship and entitled to all the fellowships

of the Church.

3rd If any person or persons presenting a letter of

Recommendations from another Church of our faith and

order shall by the of all the members present be entitled to

full membership

4th The officers of this Church shall consist of a Moderator,

Clerk, and Deacon.

5th Officers of this church may be elected annually or monthly

except that of Deacons, which shall continue, own good


6th The moderator shall preside over all deliberations of the

Church but not aloud to vote unless there is an equal

decision of all members present. Then he may give the

casting vote.

7th The clerk shall keep a faithful record of all the business and

read the same as the Church may require.

8th The Deacons shall receive and keep the funds and dispose of

them as the church my direct.

9th All questions shall be decided by a majority of all members

present except in receiving any dismissing members which

shall be unanimous.

10th No member shall be aloud to exercise a public gift as a

preacher the whole consent of the church.

11th No preacher shall be aloud to administer the ordinances of

the church except a regular ordained minister.

12th The church may hold call meetings as often as she deems necessary

but the clerk will be required to read the minute at the next

regular meeting.

13th All visiting brothers and sisters of our faith and order may

be invited to participate in our deliberation and the Lord's

Supper but not aloud to vote.

14th All members of the church is expected to attend each church

meeting and any male member failing to attend for 3 regular

meeting in succession shall be dealt with as the church may

require unless a reasonable excuse is offered.

15th This constitution may be revised or annexed when ever two

thirds of the members present may require the same

16th Any member violating this constitution or departing from the

Articles of Faith as adapted or make a breach of covenant as

is interred into shall be subject to be ???? with according to

the meaning of such departure, breach, or violation as the

wisdom of the church may direct.

Sequoyah County
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