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Prairie Grove Church met on Sat. April 27, 1901 and after preaching by Bro. P. F. DOOLY the church in conference transacted the following business.

Minute of last meeting read and approved.

By motion the church requested Bro. DOOLY to preach at Paw Paw once a month indefinitely.

By motion, adjourned.

P. F. DOOLY, Mod


After preaching by Bro. DOOLY on Sunday April 28, 1901. Bro. R. E. and Sister Ellie SUMMERHILLl were received into the fellowship of the church by letter from Sallisaw Church and Bro. SUMMERHILL was recognized as a Deacon. Sister Fannie TURNER was received on promise of a letter from Sallisaw Church and Brother W. R. HUGHES was received by relationship.

P. F. DOOLY, Mod

J. E. ADAMS, Clk

Sequoyah County
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