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On Saturday Night Nov. 23, 1901

The church again met for preaching services and after preaching by Brother R. V. THOMPSON. By request of Brother W. S. McCLANAHAN the church was called to order for conference by Brother THOMPSON

When Brother McCLANAHAN stated that he felt that he had done wrong and was sorry for what he had done and asked the church to forgive him. By motion, the church expressed her willingness to forgive him and by motion, adjourned.


J. E. ADAMS, C Clk

Prairie Grove Church met on Saturday Dec. 21, 1901

Preaching by Brother N. G. BURROW. Text - John 14: 12

After which, the church was announced in conference by Brother P. F. DOOLY.

Minute of last meeting read and approved.

J. E. ADAMS reported ninety-five dollars and seventy-five cents subscribed for Pastor Salary but had not completed the work of circulating subscription. Upon motion of Bro. R. V. THOMPSON the clerk was instructed to place the subscription on our church record when completed

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J. E. ADAMS stated that Brother Edwin McCLANAHAN have had desecrated the Sabbath by fishing and had promised in private conversation to make a public statement to the church concerning it but had not done so.

On motion, Bro. P. A. WATTS and J. E. ADAMS were appointed a committee to see him and instruct and admonish him to discharge him duty concerning the matter.

A collection amounting to one dollar was taken to help pay Bro. WEAVER'S expenses to the meeting of the Board of the Territorial Convention on the 27th Dec.

By motion, adjourned.

P. F. DOOLY, Mod


On Sat. night Dec. 21, 1902

After preaching Bro. DOOLY announced the church in conference and Bro. P. A. WATTS stated an acknowledgement of Bro. Edwin McCLANAHAN and request that the church forgive him, which was accepted, and a motion prevailed expressing the church's willingness to forgive him.

By motion, adjourned.

P. F. DOOLY, Mod


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