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Prairie Grove Church met on Sat. May 24th, 1902

After preaching Bro. DOOLY called the church to order for the transaction of business.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved except that the clerk was instructed to do amends the minute as to show that the pastor preaches for us on each 2nd Sunday and Sat. night before making two preaching services each month. Bro. SUMMERHILL stated that Bro. Lee MORRISON had been drunk. Bro. DAVENPORT stated that he had talked with Bro. MORRISON still Bro. MORRISON was absent.

Upon motion, the church preferred charges of drunkenness against him and Bro. WATTS and DAVENPORT were appointed to notify him of the action of the church.

Bros. P. A. WATTS and J. E. ADAMS volunteered to go and see Sister HARRELL concerning a report that she had been giving dancing parties at her house.

By motion, adjourned.

P. F. DOOLY, Mod



Sequoyah County
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