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Prairie Grove School House, Cherokee Nation, Ind. Ter.

Sunday March 24, 1898

The following names Brethren and Sisters met at the above named place & date at 11 o'clock for the purpose of organizing A Missionary Baptist Church after hearing a sermon from Bro. P. F. DOOLY. Motion was made to elect Bro. Dooly moderator, and Bro. R. H. THOMPSON, clerk which was unanimously carried. After which the church proceeded to read the letters.

- The first, being Sister Amanda MAYFIELD's-letter from Macedonia Baptist Church,

Union Town, Ark.

- The Second, being Bro. H. P. MILLS-letter from Mount Olive Baptist Church.

- The Third, being Bro. J. R. PARKER-letter from Pleasant Grove Baptist Church

- The Fourth, being Bro. R. E. & Sister E. Summerhill-letters from Muldrow Baptist

Church, Muldrow Ind. Ter.

- The Fifth, being Sister Fannie TURNER's -letter from Muldrow Baptist Church, Muldrow

Ind. Ter.

- The Sixth, being Bro. R. H. THOMPSON-letter from Macedonia Baptist Church, Mian.

Taurn., Ark.

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Sequoyah County
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