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Prairie Grove Baptist Church met on Sat, Nov. 22, 1902

After preaching by Bro. DOOLY, the church in conference transacted the following business

1st minute of Sept. meeting read and approved

2nd Committee appointed to investigate the reports concerning the charge against Sister SHARVER not ready to report. Committee retained.

Bro. Fred CAMPBELL refused to make any acknowledgement and requested the church to excluded him and upon motion, the church withdrew her fellowship from him.

This being the regular time to elect Pastor and Clk.

Upon motion, the election was put off until next regular meeting.

By motion, adjourned.


The Baptist Church at Prairie Grove Ind. Ter. Met on Sat. Dec. 27, 1902

After prayer and preaching service Brother DOOLY announced the church in conference and called for reading of minute of last meeting, which was read and approved.

Report of committee in case of Sister SHARVER was called for

Bros. R. V. THOMPSON and J. E. ADAMS submitted a

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Sequoyah County
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