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minute of Dec. meeting read and approved.

By motion, the church instructed her Deacon to prepare and circulate a subscription for Bro. DOOLY'S salary for the year 1903.

Letters of recommendation were asked for Thomas O. ADAMS, Jimmie MORRISON and Sister T. D. MORRISON, which were granted, and the clerk instructed to write them.

By motion, adjourned.

R. V. THOMPSON, Mod Pro Tem


The Baptist Church at Prairie Grove Ind. Ter. Met on Saturday Feb. 21, 1903

After prayer led by Bro. R. V. THOMPSON and preaching by Brother DOOLEY

The church set in conference and gave opportunity for membership. Brother James WOOD and Sister Rhoda WOOD were received into full fellowship by letter from Macedonia Church and Bro. WOOD was recognized as Deacon.

Minute of Jan. meeting was then read and approved

Upon motion, the church arranged with Brother DOOLY to preach on Sunday nights of our regular meeting days.

By motion, adjourned.

P. F. DOOLY, Mod

J. E. ADAMS, CC Sequoyah County
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