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After preaching service on Sunday Feb. 22, 1903

Letters of recognition were granted to T. B. DAVENPORT, Lizzie DAVENPORT and Lula DAVENPORT

P. F. DOOLY, Mod


The Baptist Church at Prairie Grove Ind. Ter. Met on Mar. 21, 1903

After song and prayer service, Bro. THOMPSON preached

Subject-"Importance and Worth of Strength in Christian Warfare." Text-Eph. 6:10

Bro. DOOLY being absent-Bro. THOMPSON was chosen Moderator Pro Tem

Minute of last meeting read and amended by striking out the word requested and inserting in it's place the word arranged making the minute read.

Upon motion, the church arranged with Bro. DOOLY & C.

Upon statement of Bro. WATTS, the church on motion preferred charge for drunkenness against Bro. S. W. McCLANAHAN and withdrew fellowship from him.

Bro. WATTS was appointed to visit Bro. Ed McCLANAHAN and ascertain the cause of his long continued absence from church meetings, and was also appointed to see Sister CANTWELL concerning a report that she had been attending dancing parties and dancing. Upon motion, the church preferred charge for unchristian conduct against Cleora MIZE and withdrew fellowship from her.

By motion, adjourned.

R. V. THOMPSON, Mod Pro Tem


Sequoyah County
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