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Prairie Grove Baptist Church met April 25th, 1903

After preaching, Bro. DOOLY announced the church in conference and gave opportunity for membership. Bro. J. H. BLAYLOCK, his wife Sister F. S. BLAYLOCK and Sister Myrtle and Bertha BLAYLOCK were received into full fellowship by letters from White Oak Baptist Church near Ozark, Ark.

Minute of March meeting was then read and approved committee appointed to visit Bro. Ed McCLANAHAN reported that Bro. Ed stated that his absence from church meetings was on account of having no convenient way to come and that he would come to church as soon as possible.

Committee asked further time to see Sister CANTWELL, which was granted.

By motion, adjourned

P. F. DOOLY, Mod

J. E. ADAMS, Church Clk

The Baptist Church at Prairie Grove I. T. met May 23, 1903

Preaching by Brother DOOLY followed by Bro. THOMPSON. Text-1st Pet. 2-5

Prayer led by Bro. BLAYLOCK after which Bro. DOOLY announced the church in conference.

Minute of April meeting was read and approved. Opportunity for membership was given.

Bro. WATTS who was appointed to Sister CANTWELL was absent.

By motion, adjourned.

P. F. DOOLY, Mod

J. E. ADAMS, C. C.

Sequoyah County
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