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Prairie Grove Baptist Church met on Sat. Aug. 22, 1903

After preaching by Bro. BLAYLOCK, the church set in conference.

An opportunity for membership was given S. W. McCLANAHAN presented himself; asked to be restored to the fellowship of the church. His statement not being satisfactory to all a motion prevailed asking Bro. Mc to wait a while and further prove his sincerity.

Minute of June meeting was read and approved.

Sister CANTWELL having failed to fulfill her promise to meet the church, a charge for unchristian conduct was preferred against her and the church withdrew fellowship from her.

Upon motion, the church agreed to hold a protracted meeting commencing on Friday night before the 4th Sunday in Sept. next.

By request, J. E. ADAMS stated an acknowledgement of Bro. Ben HUGHES for being drunk. Bro. Ben was present and verified the statement, a song was sung and all extended the right hand to Bro. Ben in token of their willingness to forgive him. J. E. ADAMS asked the church to make a contribution for Associational Missions.

Contribution amounted to sixteen dollars for Associational Missions.

By motion, adjourned.



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