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Prairie Grove Baptist Church met Sat. Dec. 26, 1903

Brother BLAYLOCK preached upon the subject "Life and Death" text - Jno. 12:24

After preaching service, the church in conference transacted the following business

Minute of last meeting read and approved.

By motion, the church changed the time of holding the regular monthly meetings from the 4th Sunday and Saturday before in each month to the first Sunday and Saturday before in each month.

Upon motion, the following Preamble and Resolution was adopted.

(See Resolution on page 81)

Upon motion, the church preferred charge against Bro. McCLANAHAN for nonattendance at church service and for disorderly conduct and upon further motion, the church sustained the charge and withdrew fellowship from him.

Upon motion, adjourned to meet on Sat. at 11o'clock a. m. before the first Sunday in Jan., 1904


J. E. ADAMS, C. C.

Sequoyah County
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