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- The Seventh, being Bro. R. V. & Sister Fannie THOMPSON'S it being known that they

have their letter. They came in with the understanding that they were to turn their

letters over to the Clerk

On motion we agreed to all after Articles of Faith & Church Government, as given in Pemottons Church Manuel. After which we extended to each other hand of church fellowship. After this being P????ies a church.

A motion was made to elect Bro. P. F. DOOLY as Pastor & Mod. for the remainder of this of this Associational year which was unanimously carried & on motion. Bro. J. R. PARKER was elected Church clerk.

On motion the church agreed upon the name of Prairie Grove Baptist Church.

On motion there was a committee appointed consisting of Bro. H. P. MILLS, Bro. R. E. SUMMERHILL & J. R. PARKER to see the school directors & requested to report at next meeting.

On motion the church agreed to hold her regular monthly meetings on the fourth Lord's Day & Saturday before. By motion, the church went into the organization of a Sunday school, which resulted in the election of Bro. H. P. MILLS as Supt. & Bro. R. H. THOMPSON assistant Supt. & Sister Fannie TURNER Sec. & Treas.

Bro. P. F. DOOLY, MO


Sequoyah County
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