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     For June, July, & August 2000 

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COLYER Posted by Lori <darrow@livingonline.com> on Tue, 20Jun2000

Edgar Colyer, son of Henry Collier/Colyer and Sara Ann Seaton born about 1883.. Looking for any census info, family info, etc. They were at one time in Collinsville, and IT. Sarah Ann daughter of Barton Seaton and Mary Jane Willis, her brother Emory born 1874, would love to find info on all these family member. Colyer family left OK, about 1930's. .or so I have been told for KS/Mo... and eventually here in MI. Trying to confirm siblings of Edgar as Moses and Garland. Any assistance appreciated. and will gladly exchange any info I have, and /or assist with info in Michigan.
TABER, Arch Posted by Annie Baker <iame@uswest.net> on Tue, 20Jun2000

Need information on Arch Taber married to Belle Hunter
Lived in Jenks, Tulsa Co.
Thomas, Elmer, Stanley, Tilda, Charley, Gladys, Minnie.
ROGERS Posted by Kathy <katielyn564@juno.com> on Fri, 30Jun2000

Seeking information on family of Calvin Isaac Rogers who was born in MO(1878)and died(1956)in Tulsa. Is buried in Sperry, OK. Had a son named Robert Rogers of Ramona.
MOORE Posted by Chris Hodson <rchodson@brightok.net> on Sun 9Jul2000

Looking for information about the descendants of Della Moore Arms born Aug 13, 1890, died March 21, 1950, buried in Tulsa County, Tulsa, Ok. Her Parents were Samuel Nathan Moore; born Jan 16, 1852 in Kentucky and Martha Hardin or Harden Moore born Jan 18, 1864 in Missouri. Her brother's name is James Thomas Moore born at Joplin, Mo., Aug 20, 1885. Samuel Nathan Moore died June 26, 1932 buried at Vinita, OK and Martha Moore Brewer died Aug 26, 1944 buried at McAlester, OK
ROGERS Posted by Mary Teeter <teets43@core.com> on Thu 13Jul2000

Looking for information on Frank Rogers or a T Rogers they owned and operated Rogers Galvanizing located in Tulsa, OK. Frank was married to my grandmother until her death in 1947. I know that he remarried and had a daughter by his second wife.
CHILDREN'S HOME Posted by Carl Wuth <caw@theriver.con> on Thu 13Jul2000

Can anyone tell me what happened to the Children's Home that was on W. Easton? I know it was there as late as 1954. I'm not sure, but I believe it was run by Tulsa County. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
DUNLAP Posted by Debi Young <Debi_67@juno.com> on Mon 17Jul2000

Posted by Kathy Smith <kathysmith@mad.scientist.com>
on Tue 18Jul2000
Looking for information on my MOORE - SHELTON - GARDNER / GARDINER / GORDONAIRE family from Oklahoma. Henry (?) GARDINER Born: 1820-1834 MO/IN Bur: Bartlesville, Osage, (poss. Bristow, Creek) OK (Veteran's cemetery??)
Married: MO
J. A. SHELTON Born: MO Bur: Bartlesville, Osage, OK
Their children:
Rachel Adeline GARDINER Born: 9 Sep 1863 poss. Galveston Isle TX , OK
Malissa Jane GARDINER Born: 23 Jan 1860 MO Died: 12 Sep 1941 Ramona, Washington, OK Bur: 14 Sep 1941 Barnsdall Cemetery, Osage, OK daughter of: Henry (?) GARDINER & J. A. SHELTON

Andrew John ARCHER Born: 25 Dec 1833 OH (d. 1893) (bur Veterans Cemetery, OK) (owned lots of land in Tulsa.
(Doctor of men and horses)

Nanna ARCHER Born: Bristow, Creek, OK
George ARCHER Born: ca 1881 TX
A. Rosie ARCHER Born: Bristow, Creek, OK
Addie ARCHER Born: Bristow, Creek, OK
Lillie Armenda ARCHER Born: 15 Feb 1883 Creek Indian Lands,OK, now Bristow, Creek
Ben ARCHER Born: 27 Sep 1886 Cherokee Strip, OK
Bill ARCHER Born: 1891 Creek Indian Lands, OK, now Bristow,Creek
J. B. ARCHER Born:

_________ HENDRIX

1. Malissa is on the 1920 Census, McIntosh Co., Cobb Twp living with her son George Archer.
2. Malissa Jane Hendrix lived in Barnsdall, Osage, OK until 1929. Funeral held at Fire Baptized Holiness Church
(at Bartlesville or Ramona, Washington, OK) Rogers Funeral Home in Skiatook officiating.

Rachel Adeline GARDINER Born: 9 Sep 1863 poss Galveston Isle TX , OK Died: 9 Sep 1939 Rose, Mayes, OK Bur: Sep
1939 Rose, Mayes, OK, Elm Grove Cemetery daughter of: Henry (?) GARDINER & J.A. SHELTON

William Henry MOORE Born: abt 1853 poss Logan Co. KY Died: abt 1904 Hartshorne, Pittsburgh, OK Bur: Hartshorne,
Pittsburgh, OK

Maggie MOORE Born: OK
Hie MOORE Born: OK
Teenie MOORE Born: OK
Bert MOORE Born: 31 Jan 1889 Creek Indian Lands, OK, now Henryetta, Okmulgee
Fred Sephus MOORE Born: 22 Jun 1893 Creek Indian Lands, OK, now Bristow, Creek
Bob MOORE Born: 4/14 Feb 1896 Cherokee Strip, OK, now Rose, Mayes
Annie Alma MOORE Born: 2 Sep/Nov 1898 Creek Indian Lands, OK, now Bristow, Creek
Lucy May MOORE Born: 1901/02

Married/2: 5 Jan 1908 McIntosh Co. OK
D. S. STOCKTON Born: abt 1858

More information is at my website. Please contact me if you have any information..
PARKER Posted by Kathi George <krgeorge@comp.uark.edu> on Tue 25Jul2000

I am trying to locate any info on my great-grandfather. I may not have his name correct, which may be why I can't find stuff on him. I have his name as Marion Avery PARKER (spelling may not be correct, either) and he was married to Sarah Francis TULLIS (she is supposedly from Texas) and as far as I know, they only had one child, my grandfather, Roy John PARKER (b. 27 Apr 1912, probably in Carter County). I was told that they lived briefly in TULSA COUNTY after Grandpa was born. I do know that he is buried in Rosehill Cemetary in Ardmore, Carter County, OK as the marker with "M. A. PARKER" is next to Grandpa's grave, but with no other info than that. If I can find even the slightest bit of information (or even more) it would be a tremendous help. We (as kids) were always told that great-grandpa's grandfather was QUANAH PARKER, the Comanche war chief. But from all the info that I've ever collected on him, I doubt this simply because of the dates of the ages of his sons, as he had several. And it would have been one of them to have been Marion's father.
DOOLY Posted by Jim Thompson <jlthompson@mcn.net> on Mon 31Jul2000

I'm looking for the obituary for Matthew Emmett DOOLY or DOOLEY who died in Tulsa OK on 25 Jan. 1943. I'll pay for copying and mailing costs.
DUNKERSON Posted by Floretta Dicus Woodworth <dicustree@uswest.net> on Sun 6Aug2000

Looking for info on family members by the last name of Dunkerson who lived in Tulsa and Fort Smith. My g-grandmother was Lorinda Badgerow Dunkerson b. 2 Jan 1861 Canada d. 29 Oct 1929 in Tulsa and is buried in Ft. Smith. Her daughter Theodoshia Dunkerson, Dicus was my grandmother At the time of Lorinda's death she lived with her brother Delila D."Doc" Dunkerson. She had other family members who lived in Arkansas and Kansas around Galena. Anyone having info to share please contact me
KELLEY Posted by Kathey Kelley Hunt <d.k.hunt@airmail.net> on Mon 7Aug2000

Seek info on Edwin Simpson KELLEY (1857-1935) who moved to Tulsa Co circa 1910-1912 from Dallas & Kaufman Counties in TX and married Ella Carson WHITEHURST Watsom Hall Harrell (1853 - 1935)soon afterward. They evidently knew each other in TX.
Edwin was a saloonist and grocer by trade. He had saloons in Kaufman & Dallas Counties TX from 1878-1910. He had been married & had 4 children who lived in TX.
Ella had a son in the Tulsa area-Norman J HALL. And a daughter in NJ - Eliza Penelope HALL ANTHONY.
Ella had previously been married to Richard WATSON in 1869 MO, Joseph HALL 1876 MO >TX, George B HARRELL 1891 in Kaufman Co TX & divorced him.
They are both buried in Memorial Park in Tulsa.
HARVELL Posted by Sharon Black <black@1starnet.com> on Mon 7Aug2000

Sons of John M. HARVELL and Ella ADAMS were living in Tulsa in 1937 when they applied for social security cards. Both listed the same address. These sons were Wade Walter Harvell, born 1909 and John Wilson Harvell, born 1912. I'm looking for descendants of this family and will exchange information.
BURCHFIELD Posted by Gwenb <vebu8081@aol.com> on Fri 11Aug2000

Looking for information to verify death in Tulsa County of Nora BURCHFIELD, b. 1865 Ill., and died in 1925 in Tulsa.
Wife of Charles BURCHFIELD, maiden name, Oldfield. Nora had 2 children from a previous marriage, a girl, AnnaMae, and a boy, William Henry Robertson. If you have any info on this person please notify me
JOHNSTON Posted by Kathy Smith <Sandrako2@aol.com> on Fri 11Aug2000

Please I am looking for someone to help solve my friend Lena Johnston's murder. Lena was arrested in August 1998 at her B.A. home for citations that weren't hers. She was taken to jail where her husband came and bonded her out. They said that it would take several hours before she would be released so she told her husband to go home and that she would call whenever she was ready to go home. She was released around midnight and walked down to the Citgo station to call her husband. She had no money so she asked a customer for phone money. She called her husband and he told her not to leave. Before he could get there, she was gone. They found her about 2:00am in the 36th street No and Harvard area in the middle of the road. If anyone know s anything about this crime please email me or contact crime stoppers. Lena was a good person and didn't deserve to die so young and in that way. Maybe one of you out there have some information, or maybe know someone that does. Please help if you can!!!!!Thanks
ESTES Posted by MARIE <IMAEstes@aol.com> on Sun 13 Aug2000

I am searching for Charles Estes. All I know is he lived in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in 1928, he had brothers Tom Estes, Thomas N Estes, sister Josephine, their mother was Mary Estes, that is all I know, I need information on this family of Estes
KELLY Posted by Jim Nobles <jmnobles@worldnet.att.net> on Tue 15Aug2000

HUMPHREYS Posted by Barbara K. Shepherd <bshep@inav.net> on Wed 16Aug2000

I am looking for information on Hugh Godfrey Humphreys and his wife Clara Ax(e). I believe he was born about 1870 in Wales.
Family information says:
:Hugh Humphreys arrived in USA at age 14-18 illegally via Canada. When he applied for citizenship, which was granted, the story hit all the NY papers. He found jobs for the rest of his family and sent passage to all of them so they could come to America.
:He was a well-known singer and a writer.
:He wrote "The Accounts of an Oil Company" which was widely used by Harvard and many colleges throughout the country.

:Became vice president of Skelly Oil. Is anyone working on this family line?
SIMPSON/PARKER Posted by Rosa Quinton <bearque@brightok.net> on wed 16Aug2000

I am looking for Leon Simpson. He is reported to have worked as a welder in Tulsa. He is the son of Jimmy and Laura Simpson. Jimmy is the son of Barbara Ann Parker and James T. Simpson. Jimmy had a brother by the name of Rex that died in Porum in 1982. Barbara Ann Parker is my grand father, Isom Isaac Parker's , sister. I have a picture taken in 1948 that I am trying to confirm that one of the two ladies in it is Barbara. There are three young men in it that I don't recognize. They possibly could be Rex, Jimmy and one of there cousins on the Simpson side.
WOOSLEY Posted by Julia Moore <jmoore@landam.com> on Thu 17Aug2000

Searching for a death certificate on Ethel Edna Denson Woosley.
FELKER Posted by Robin Fleker Blass <goofy_mom_2000@yahoo.com> on Fri 18Aug2000

Can anyone help me get a copy of my grandfathers obituary
His name was George W. Felker he died on July 12, 1967
in Tulsa,  Oklahoma. I live in Pennsylvania and I never had
the chance to meet him so any help would be greatly
appreciated, I have also been told that his wife died on
the same day her first name was Mildred. Any information
on them would mean a lot to me. Thank you for your time.
CRABTREE Posted by Audrey <aksdt448@cs.com> on Fri 11Aug200

My great grandfather was buried in Tulsa county in April 1934.He was a residence of Jenks but I'm not sure where he was buried. I would love to have a photo and obit out of the paper. My great grandfather's name is SAMUEL C. CRABTREE of Jenks Tulsa Co.
KENNEDY Posted by Geri Kennedy-Young <GKYoung72@aol.com> on Fri 14Jul2000

Looking for descendants of my great uncle, Samuel W. Kennedy, who died in Bixby, Tulsa Co,. OK 7 Sept 1934. He was the son of William Mallory Kennedy and Rebecca Carolina DeArman who were in Collin Co., TX. in 1888. Samuel was b in Yell Co. AR in 1875.
Children were: Irene, Mailene, Matie, Maude, Clifford, and William.
His brother, Charles Patton Kennedy, was my grandfather. Any information to help me locate the children of Sam Kennedy will be greatly appreciated.
SMITH Posted by Pam Perry <pperry@gwi.net> on Fri 14Jul2000

Looking for a recent obituary for a friend who died Tuesday July 11 in a car accident, Danielle Smith near Tulsa Co. , OK.
GERMANY Posted by Beverly Baber <jay_bee_74955@yahoo.com> on Sun 6Aug2000

I would like to have a copy of obit. of my grandmother Ida Stark Germany she died Feb 8,1932.
HUNT Posted by Judy Ann Helm<MOHELM555@aol.com> on Thu 15Jun2000

Working on class reunion. Looking for obit for a Larry Hunt, lived and died in Tulsa County Oklahoma in the area of 1980 to 1990. Was married to Sandra (McNeely), divorced, had two children. Birth year would have been about 1941 or 1942.
BEHN Posted by Kim <egran71696@aol.com> on Tue 6Jun2000

I am looking for information on Prince Albert and Emma Behn. I am told that that they were buried in Tulsa. I am hoping someone had a cemetery book and was able to look those and other Behn names if possible. Thanks in advance.
BROWN Posted by Jean Burke <jburke@eurekaherald.com> on Sun 4Jun2000

I'm looking for information on Rufus and Theodosha Brown who lived in the Owasso, OK area. Theodosha was my great aunt and she died on May 12, 1946 and burial was in Fairview cemetery at Owasso, OK. She also had a sister living in the area who was married to Fred Brown and my great aunts mother, my great-grandmother Elizabeth Holland is buried in the close surrounding area. I'm looking for any decendants of these two great aunts. Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks 
MCMONIGLE Posted by David L. McMonigle <davemcmo@voyager.net> on sun 4Jun2000

I have established a personal web page on the descendants of a James McMonigle & Osse Jacobs of Southwestern Pennsylvania through five children who grew to adulthood, married, and had children. Four of these five children would make Harrison County, Indiana their home at one time or another. Several of their descendants migrated to Tulsa County, Oklahoma and the surrounding area at various times. This web site has 38 people and 14 surnames with connections to Tulsa County, primarily allied with the surname of "McMonigle." Any Tulsa County researcher is encouraged to visit this site and determine if they are related to or familiar with any of the family lines involved. Click the web site link below:

KNIPP Posted by Velma (Knipp) Hatfield <vhatfiel@webworks2000.net> on Sun 28May2000

Oscar Herman KNIPP born 9 Oct. 1894 to William Sanford KNIPP and Lillie B. KNIPP, died 7 Nov 1942 in Tulsa. OK. He was married to Mable QUERIN on 22 Feb 1918, later divorced, their children were: Mary Louise KNIPP married Vernon TITTLE, their children were Mary Elizabeth, Vernon Daniel and Judith Ann; William Sanford KNIPP, born 7 Sept 1922 and Charles Edgar KNIPP born 12 Sept 1924. Oscar was a first cousin to my father and family members here in Indiana have lost track of this family. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
SMITH Posted by Jim Johannes <jimmynmi1@msn.com>   on Sat 27May2000

Seeking information on MARGARET SMITH b. about 1935, and her sister EILEEN SMITH b. about 1938. Parents OLIVER CHARLES & MARIE P. SMITH. He was also known as DAVID W. SMITH. He was in TULSA co. in the early 20s.
There half sister and family would like to contact them.
KNAPPENBERGER Posted by Sue Knappenberger Appleton <jsappleton@prodigy.net> on Fri 26May2000

The Knappenberger family is searching for information related to Viva Knappenberger who was living in Tulsa OK in 1980 and Mrs. Sara Knappenberger Mauthe who also was living in Tulsa OK in 1980. Any information on these or other Knappenbergers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
DEBOOS Posted by Charla Hardesty <hardsty@pacbell.net> on Wed 24May2000

I've been told Mary DeBoos became a Palmer College graduate and set up her practice of Chiropractic in Tulsa soon after 1924. Would like to learn more about her. A real liberated woman. Would like to know if she is buried in Tulsa, also.
WADE/HIGGINS Posted by R. G. Ensor <ensor@richhill.net> on sun 21May2000

Ida Bell Wade born Mo about 1885 married a ? Higgins, lived in Tulsa Ok area. Any infm on her descendents or husband name etc. Appreciated. Believe she had two daughters.
BRASHEAR Posted by Beth Peck Cooper <BPCa4U@aol.com> on Fri 19May2000

I am in hopes of finding any relatives of Clyde Brashear of Broken Arrow, OK; who died Mar 1979. He would have been grandson of Edward Harrison BRASHEAR and Minnie Catherine MOORE and eldest son of Cecil Loyde BRASHEAR and Lela Lou Manda DAY. I believe Clyde's 2nd wife to be Cleta ? from Wichita, KS and may have adopted her ?three children.

Clyde was my Mother's (now deceased, Juanita BRASHEAR HOWELL PECK's) brother. Any relative please contact me, to share any information I have about the BRASHEAR family!


HOLMQUIST Posted by Deborah Hollowbush <dlhglh@aol.com> on Sun 14May2000

Could someone tell me who or where I can contact to get a copy of an obituary for someone who died Apr 8,1944 in Tulsa.
BURNER Posted by Bud Burner <BudinOK@hotmail.com> on Sat 13May2000

I am looking for direct descendants of Russell BURNER who lived in Tulsa. Russell was born March 21, 1903 m. Cleo Fields on May 28, 1927. Father of Russell was Lee N. Burner b.Apr. 4, 1868 in Clark Co. IL d. Dec. 18, 1957 in Enid OK. Mother was Julia Ann Millis b. March 6 1877 in Clark CO IL d. August 20, 1949 in Skeleton Township, OK
OGLE Posted by Charlene Gilliam <gilliam@brightok.net> on Thu 11May2000

We are looking for family of our great aunt Eunice Howe Ogle who lived in Tulsa last we knew.
STEPHENS Posted by Mary Stephens <mary1rn@aol.com> on Fri 5May2000

I am needing the obit. for Kenneth Stephens b. 6/8/1920 and d. 8/1985, Bixby, Tulsa Co., Ok. Any help would be much appreciated. Mary Stephens
BELL Posted by Shelby <dddmdoss@cs.com> on Wed 3May2000

Looking for any info on Mabel Kernell Bell and her husband in Tulsa Co. Her last known residence was 4537S Gary Ave. Tulsa, 74105. She was the daughter of Julia Hawkins Kernell and George Washington Kernell. She was b. 9-19-1892 in AR and d. 11-1981 in Tulsa. I haven't been able to locate her grave. Her brother's were Herschel, Homer, and sister's Lillian Hoffman and Evelyn Watson Please e-mail with any info. Thanks.
GLASGOW Posted by Jack Glasgow <Iamjo@webtv.net> on Tue 2May2000

Maize Russell GLASGOW, died Tulsa 27 Oct 1937. Age 81. Was retired Tulsa City employee. Born Mo. Son Clarence(?) predeceased him. Survived by Gladys Myers, Granddaughter. of Tulsa. Also by nephew E.P. Hays of Houston, Tx. & Lela Glasgow, daughter in law of Tulsa. Interested in contacting any of preceeding or their descendants.
HARMON Posted by Yevonne Gunter <NMIG@aol.com> on Tue 2May2000

Looking for names of the parents, siblings, husband, and children of Bonita May HARMON. Bonita May HARMON was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma about 1925. She was residing in LaFeria, Cameron county, Texas in 1942. This is all of the information that I have on Bonita May HARMON. Bonita May HARMON is the grandmother of my daughter.
SHEFFIELD Posted by Nancy Sheffield Baxter <nbaxter@ipa.net> on Thu 27Apr2000

Can anyone tell me if there is a listing of tombstones/graves at the Rose Hill Cemetery? I need info from my aunt's tombstone. She died as a young child and we know that she did have a tombstone. Her name was Virginia (or Barbara---family members not absolutely sure) Sheffield & she was b about 1923-26 and died when she was about 3. I really need the death date if at all possible. I will gladly reimburse you for the cost of sending this info. Thank you.

Nancy S. Baxter, 330 17th St. #16, Batesville, AR 72501, 870-698-1261.
BROWN Posted by Jean Burke <jburke@eurekaherald.com> on Tue 18Apr2000

I am looking for ancestors of sisters Flora (Holland) Brown and Theodosha Tennessee (Holland) Brown. Their parents were John & Elizabeth Holland. I believe they were born in Douglas county Missouri in the 1880's. I know they lived in the Owasso area for many years. Their mother (my great-grandmother) is buried in an area cemetery in Tulsa county.
MIDWIVES Posted by Annie Baker <iame@uswest.net> on Sun 16Apr2000

Does anyone in Bixby,Tulsa Co. have a relative that was a
midwife in Bixby in 1931?
CLARK Posted by Annie Baker <iame@uswest.net> on Sun 16Apr2000

Need information on Willie(female)Clark who married Tom Terry.
Their daughter Mary Louise was born in Tulsa
and daughter Margaret Marie(Mickey) was born in Bixby.
SLAPE Posted by Dee Newbord <lnewbord@mindspring.com> on tue 11Apr2000

Would someone be so kind as to do a lookup for me? I am trying to determine the marriage date of my grandmother, Lillie May Slape, and John F. Nicholas. I believe Mr. Nicholas lived in or around Bigsby prior to their marriage, so may have obtained the license in Tulsa County, but were married in Wagoner County between 1950 and July 1956. Any help is deeply appreciated.
TAXI DRIVER 1936 Posted by Rachel Henkelmann <rachel-henkelmann@utulsa.edu> on Tue 11Apr2000

At the elementary school named "University School" (which is in conjunction with The University of Tulsa), a badge engraved with: Taxi Driver, Tulsa, 1936, and 990 was found. The University School was built on a lot where 3-4 houses once stood. Therefore, it is thought that a resident once living there was a taxi driver. For research purposes, I am trying to find information about the owner of this badge. If anyone has any connections with this badge, please let me know. Thank you.
TAXI Posted by RE <Americafaye@webtv.net> on Tue 11Apr2000 in Response to Above.

Could you give me the physical address of where the school is ? My dad was a taxi driver at that time and he and my mother lived in different areas of Tulsa. I might would know the address, but I don't know where University School is located. It has been since 1952 that we lived in Tulsa.
TAXI Posted by Rachel Henkelmann <rachel-henkelmann@utulsa.edu> on Tue 11Apr2000 in Response to Above.

The only address I could find for the University School was 326 S. College. I hope this helps. Thanks for the speedy response!
Posted by Re <Americafaye@webtv.net> on Wed, 12 Apr 2000, in response to Above 

Thank you. Well when you said S College I thought maybe, but I called my sister and we lived at 801 (?) N. College. Hope you find the owner.
EVERS Posted by Mary Evers <usnammed@midwest.net> on Tue 4Apr2000

I am searching for info/obit on James Pryor Evers, who moved from Kentucky to Tulsa approx 1911. James died 1946 or 1947 according to his tombstone back in Kentucky. I am trying to find further information that would be listed in his obituary. Also, I hope to visit friend in Broken Arrow during Spring Break. Would anyone be willing to give suggestions where to search in Tulsa County?
THEUBER Posted by Kerrie Glaspie <kglaspie60@yahoo.com> on Mon 3Apr2000

I'm searching for a relative of mine. Daniel Theuber was divorced in 1998 or 1999. He also plays in ping pong tournaments.
FORD Posted by Duane Ford <taikan@sover.net> on Sat 1Apr2000

I am searching for descendents of my granduncle, Marvin Halbert "Hal" Ford. He was born in Missouri on July 30, 1894 and died in Tulsa Jan. 3, 1970.
CARSON Posted by Fran Barnard <fgbarn3840@aol.com> on Mon 27Mar2000

I am looking for families of Tom Carson, John Carson, A. E. or A. B. Carson. Approximate dates would be 1865 to present. My great great grandmother was Lucinda Jane Carson who was born in Illinois in 1844. She married John Rousey Griffin in 1861 at Hickory Hill, Texas I know she had relatives by the name of Tom probably Thomas, Bill or William Carson. A diary I have references A. B. Carson or A. E. Carson, who I believe was a Methodist minister in Tulsa Co., Ok. Other names mentioned as relatives include Ella Blalock. Any information will be appreciated.
WILES Posted by Mitchell G. Wiles <nwiles@pacinfo.com> on sun 26Mar2000

Would like to find a copy of the 1941 yearbook of Tulsa Central High School, Tulsa Co., Oklahoma

I graduated from Tulsa Central High School (Tulsa Co., Okla.)

in May 1941.I understand that the high school no longer exists. Neither does my copy of the yearbook!! If anyone has a copy of the 1941 yearbook and is willing to part with it, it would find a happy home with me.
REESE Posted by T. Reid <TReid01@aol.com> on Thu 23Mar2000

Looking for obituary for Elza Edward Reese died 24 Jul 1976 Tulsa Co, OK. Lived Sand Springs. Any assistance would be appreciated.
WILSON Posted by Bob McGuire<nanmc10@aol.com> on Wed 22Mar2000

Frank Wilson Jr. and Robert Wilson are the children, now in their 60's of Frank and Emma Wilson. Their parents and my parents are all now deceased. I need to contact these two men. They do not have a phone and are presently living in Tulsa as they have most of their adult lives. Could someone help. Bob McGuire, a cousin.
FAGER Posted by Bob McGuire <nanmc10@aol.com> on Wed 22Mar2000

In 1946 I visited Tulsa with my Aunt & Uncle Harry Wilson. Wm. or Bill Fager was an employee of Texaco at the time. They had a son, who would have been about 12-14 at the time. I would like to contact him. I have always thought he was called J.W. Fager.
BROWN Posted by Annie Birks <Eni05@aolcom> on Sun 19Mar2000

Searching for descendants of Charles BROWN,b.1867 in Eng. or Scotland. His parents were Robert BROWN,b.1841 in Motherwell, Sct., and Jane PATON,b.1845 in England. Siblings were: Annie BROWN,b.9/25/1881(my grandmother) She was first married to James BIRKS, then Thomas Marshall; she lived in Panama City, FL---John BROWN,b.1871, Helen BROWN,b.1877,and Richard BROWN,b.1879.I have a letter from Charles BROWN to his sister Annie BROWN Marshall sent from Gray, OK. in the 1920's telling her they sailed from Scotland when she was three weeks old, landed in Ohio, then came down to St. Andrews Bay, FL. Charles then wound up in OK. There seems to be two Gray, OK. so posted here and to Beaver OK list. Any information on Charles BROWN would be greatly appreciated.
THOMAS Posted by Rose Cowan <RCowan9604@aol.com> on sun 19Mar2000

Am seeking any information on a William and Mable Thomas that moved to Tulsa Ok. in or around about 1916 to 1923. He was born in Green county Pa. in 1886. The family has not heard from them since. His mother was Mary Elizabeth Thomas Father was Eli Thomas. He had 4 sisters and two brothers Please help me find him or his children. Thank you very much
MORRIS Posted by Bettina Stanger <BettinaBStanger@aol.com> on Sat 18Mar2000

I am seeking information regarding George MORRIS and Elizabeth (BEST) MORRIS. They lived at 1108 East 5th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma (not sure of time frame). I believe Elizabeth to be my great grandfather's sister. She who was born ca. 1865 in Ireland. The Morris family also may have resided in Illinois at some point. Any leads would be appreciated.
VANCE Posted by Val Standridge <nfn00414@naples.net> on Thu 16Mar2000

I am looking for information on Vances of Tulsa Co. Jessee Vance married Gladys Michaels in Tulsa. His fathers name was John , who was suppose to have been a sheriff or U.S. Marshall of the area . He also Died in west Tulsa. Jesse was suppose to have been born in Tulsa Co. around 1900 before statehood. Gladys Michaels Fathers name was Rolla B ( Reilly) Michaels. If any one has info on these people please e-mail me. Especially any info on John or Rolla as to their parents names but any info would be more than we have right now.
JONES Posted by Charlotte Jones Williams <enses@lightspeed.net> on Sun 12Mar2000

Seeking info on the JONES family who had Cherokee Allotment lands in the Skiatook Township of Tulsa Co., according to Dawes Jacket in 1907, Lots 1-7.
John Cade R. JONES managed the lands for his wife who was Cherokee Mary C. (SULLIVAN) JONES, dau. of Sarah ROACH & William SULLIVAN. Lands were given to their children: William Miner JONES, Caddie R. JONES, Sarah F. JONES.
They are on the 1910 census in Tulsa Co., with another child Salle Mae Jones, age 3.
John Cade R. Jones, Mary C. Sullivan-Jones & Sarah are rumored to have drown abt 1913/1914 near Tahlequah in the Illinois River or Barron Bend Fork. I would like to confirm their deaths.
Anyone with any info on this family, please contact me. I have lots to share as Mary was the ggrand daughter of Nancy Ward.
HARPER Posted by Sherry Ray <sherraygen@aol.com> on Thu 9Mar2000

Guy HARPER was a practicing pharmacist in Tulsa in 1926. He died April 7 1927. Could someone please see if there was an obituary for him? He had two sister, Ethel and Elise and I don't know what became of them either. I would appreciate any help or guidance in this matter. 
BOMHOLT Posted by Carol Hipple <carolhipple@hotmail.com> on Thu 9Mar2000

My great uncle Leander "Dusty" Bomholt was married to a Jacqueline MARRS. They had at least two sons, Jim and Tom.
We are trying to finalize a family history book in time for a large family reunion and would like to locate them. Could somebody please look up the obituary of Jacqueline Bomholt to provide more clues? The following information was taken from the Social Security Death Index and lists Tulsa, OK as residence at time of death. JACQUELINE BOMHOLT born 23 Feb 1922
RADER Posted by Larry Rader <llrader3@gte.net> on Thu 9 Mar2000

Looking for family of Russell Forrest Rader b 1899 AR, son of Jerry D. Rader and Tryphena Grills. He is brother of my Grandpa Clarence. Soc Sec Index shows him residing at Sand Springs OK at time of death in 1984. Want to determine dod in order to chase newspaper obituary, family information.
CONDLEY Posted by Debbie..So.Cal. <dkwmsg@aol.com> on Tue 7Mar2000


The FIRST International CONDLEY family reunion to be held on October 7, 2000 in Hector, Arkansas. ALL cousins are invited :>

Our ancestors William CONLEE.. O'Connells..CONLEYS migrated from Ireland to Halifax, VA in the early 1700's..... and
also lived in Giles CO,TN> NC> KY> OK> MO> OH> AR> UT> AZ> OR> CA ... > USA, as well as Tulsa CO, OK.

If you have any questions or need further information, please email me.

Email: CondleySearch@aol.com
(Fax): 561-258-0537

Please stop by my family web site anytime. : >

CLICK HERE--> take me to the William CONDLEY family web site...>>
BERRY/DICKERSON Posted by Kathy Eaton <katy@positech.net> on Mon 6Mar2000

I'm looking for any descendants of Laura Bell "Eaton" BERRY/DICKERSON. Laura Bell EATON was born in Benton County, Missouri. Married John BERRY on April 19, 1896 they had a girl Ruby Bell BERRY born in 1897. John died January 23, 1900. Laura left Missouri for Oklahoma with her uncle Aaron EATON, they went to Wagoner, Oklahoma and then Laura moved to Tulsa. When Laura's mother died in 1918, Laura was married to Charles DICKERSON, and she was living in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1918. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
HOLT, CLARK, WHITE, NEWBERRY, BLACK, REED Posted by Faye Campbell <coppgab@aol.com> on Sun 5Mar2000

 All info on family names in Tulsa County,OK.
WEALAKA MISSION Posted by Debi Young <Debi_67@juno.com> on sat 4 Mar2000

I am looking for information on the Wealaka Mission Tulsa County. This was an Indian Orphanage. There was an Cemetery located close by.
TERRY Posted by Anna Patten <iame@uswest.net> on Thu 2 Mar2000
I need parents of William Thomas Terry (TOM) who lived in
Bixby and died in Broken Arrow 9 July 1973. He was born in
Arkansas 27 May 1887. He married Willie Clark (who I also need information) 1907 Seminole, OK Terr.
CRABTREE Posted by Audrey <aksdt448@cs.com> on Thu 2 Mar2000

Could someone do a lookup at the city hall and check to see if SAMUEL C. CRABTREE and his wife MARGARET A. CRABTREE are buried there. Samuel died in KANSAS and was brought back to Tulsa for burial. He died April 1934. Margaret died around 1912.I'm hoping they are at REDFORK cemetery as I can't find them anywhere on the lists I've looked at. Thank you for any help. I'll be glad to pay for copies or anything anyone can come up with. You can email me privately.
HILL Posted by Karen Grantham <wksrks@hotmail.com> on Mon 28Feb2000

I am trying to find my family roots they lived in Creek Co Ok from abt 1900 to present the surnames are Hill, Liston, Lauderdale, Farr, Cox and Harris. I would love to talk to anyone who might know anything about them or have one of the surnames
MCNEAL Posted by W. E. Shar[ <bsharp@gvn.net> on sun 27Feb2000

Need info on William C. McNeal and his family who lived in Jenks Town, Tulsa Co., OK in 1920 with his family. Would like the info on 1920 census and also City Directory info on a candy store he owned or worked at called the Candy Kitchen, Jenks Town, OK.
MCNEAL Posted by Dave Dinham <ddinham@birch.net> on Sun 27Feb200 in Response to Above

I have a William H. McNeal in my tree, brother of John McNeal born in 1830 from whom my mother was a descendent. We know John went to Tulsa and possibly started another family, however we have come to a dead end on this. Possibly a link can be developed somewhere on this. Although this is nearly a century earlier, I wanted to reply in case someone has something on this. We have nothing further on this particular William H. McNeal, however have a lot on John's known family. Possibly your William is from John's new family in Tulsa?????? Dave Dinham
MCNEAL Posted by W. E. Sharp in response to above. on 27Feb2000

Thanks for the post. Our William Cicero McNeal was born in GA or AL in 1864. There are a lot of family stories and I thought I had found his family but did not. He went from AL>AR>OK>NB where he died in 1928. I am trying to see if anything in Jenks Town would give us a clue of his family. It's like he appeared at my grandmother's doorstep one day in 1882 in AL, married her and they went on their travels having 10 children-6 who survived to adulthood.
EVANS Posted by Juanita Murray <Juamur@aol.com> on Mon 21Feb2000

William T. EVANS died 04 March 1926 at Rogers Sanitarium in Tulsa, OK. The undertaker is listed as Mowbray on the death certificate.
Does anyone know what funeral home would now have the records for Mobray's?
Would it be possible that records for Rogers Sanitarium might still be accessible?
Response to above Posted by Edith Smith <eedeeess@yahoo.com> on Sat 11Mar2000

I just went through a similar search for a death and burial in Tulsa in 1922. All the early 1900 funeral homes were bought or merged with other homes. The records went with the new establishment. There was a flood at some point, destroying almost all records before 1950, if I understood the information correctly. Call Lois at Oaklawn cemetery, 918-591-4325 in Tulsa, OK. She is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Good Luck, Edith
HILBURN Posted by Sandra P. <Larsan7191@aol.com> on Fri 18Feb2000

Looking for descendants of Bert L. Hilburn and Ora Alice Mahaffey. Children are Ray, Clinton, Warren, and Dortha
Mae. Have family info I can share.
GRADY, COMPTON, MCMURRAY Posted by Earl R. Giddings <ergiddings@fbg.net> on Thu, 17 Feb 2000

Looking for the cemetery and proof of burial for the following people. Phobe Ann GRADY 1856-1914/15; Vivian Alva COMPTON 1917-1918; Edna Agnes COMPTON 1910-1910; LeRoy MCMURRAY d 1910 as a child.

According to my Mother they were all buried in "Leonard OK on the Indian Mission Grounds. They had a cemetery for the pioneers etc. that died along the trail or near by. The Indian Burial Ground was separate."
WALKER Posted by Lisa A. Spegal <clspegal@povn.com> on Tue 15Feb2000

I'm looking for info on my dad's uncle, Richard Pascal Walker b.Dec.21, 1897 Tulsa. Know nothing of his family except he has a sister, Mildred, who was living last I heard at Sterling Home in Tulsa. I don't know if she's still living or not. The only info I have on him is all related to after he married my dad's aunt, and lived in NH.
He died Dec. 10, 1941 and is buried in Veteran's Admin. Nat'l Cem. Farmingdale, NY.
If anyone is connected to this line or could offer any assistance, it would be greatly appreciated. My dad has an item he would like to give to his uncle Pack's rightful family.
ROBERTS Posted by Jennie <wiljen@castles.com> on Mon 14Feb2000

Seeking information on the following two Roberts' as they were on the 1920 Tulsa Co., OK census.
1.) Roberts, George W. age 61, born MO
Roberts, Maggie E. wife, age 61, born IL
Dunn, George E. gs(grandson) age 11, born OK
Dunn, Frank A. gs age 9, born OK
2.) Roberts Robert R. age 66, born MO
Roberts, Nellie wife age 51, born IN
Roberts, Catherine daug age 32, born IN
These two Roberts are the same names for my G-Grandfather's brothers who lived in OK in 1929 when he died. Their names, age, place of birth match the information I have for this family. Would appreciate help with this line.
BRIDGES Posted by E. Emlet <cemlet@mindspring.com> on Mon 14Feb2000

Looking for information about the Ancestry of Page R BRIDGES
b.1917 in OK. He is the son of Pearl BRIDGES or could be
HARRIS. He married Marjorie HANSEN abt. 1937 in Muscatine, IA.
BURDETT Posted by LiRae Mullen Sullins <WehyaUsdi@aol.com> on Fri 11Feb2000 

I have a photo of my gr-gr-grandparents, James Clinton and Acenith/Cinith (HOFFMAN) BURDETT standing in front of "Burdett's Confectionary". They lived in Oklahoma from 1900 to their deaths. So the store had to be open between 1900 and 1931, at some point.
James was born Sept. 27, 1864 in Ohio and died March 1, 1931 in Tulsa. Cinith was born Nov. 2, 1870 in Shaw, Neosho Co., KS and died Jan. 1, 1930 in Turley. They are both buried in Fairlawn Cem., Stillwater, OK.
Where was this store at? What town? (Their children and descendants lived/live in Skiatook, Turley, Sperry, Tulsa and Stillwater)
Also, what Tulsa newspaper, for the early 1930's, would have had their obits in it? Or where would I search for them?
We have been told that Cinith was Cherokee or Osage Indian through her mother (her mother was born in Carthage, Jasper Co., MO Oct. 1841). A cousin's grandmother said they were related to "the rich Indians in Oklahoma". Was she referring to the Osage?
Any and all help on this will be most deeply appreciated.
HAUSAM Posted by Wiley Hausam <WHausamAs@aol.com> on Fri 11Feb2000

I am seeking any and all information about individuals with the HAUSAM surname who have lived in and around the Tulsa area.
KNAPPENBERGER Posted by Sue Knappenberger Appleton <jsappleton@prodigy.net> on Thu 10Feb2000

A large Knappenberger family research effort is ongoing to tie together all Knappenbergers in the US as one family. It is believed that a Knappenberger was instrumental somehow in the aviation industry in Tulsa. Someone has seen a photo on the Tulsa airport that included a Knappenberger. We are looking for information on this person (who, what, where) and his family. Any information on any Knappenbergers would be greatly appreciated and information shared. Thank you.
RIVERVIEW SCHOOL  Posted by Pat Owens <powens@webzone.net> on Wed 9 Feb 2000

One more bit of information I found was that Riverview Elem. opened in 1908 and was closed on May 5, 1973.
Posted by Mary Charles Dodd Hull <mchull@flash.net> on Sun, 06 Feb 2000

Can someone tell me what happened to Riverview Elem. School in Tulsa. I ran across all of my pictures & newspaper clippings from K thru 4th grade & wondered what has happened to the school as I see it is not listed in the Tulsa public school system.
I don't remember the street but we lived at 719 So. Jackson & I remember walking to school & crossing 11th St [I think].
Posted by Georgie Drew <georgiana-drew@utulsa.edu> on Wed, 09 Feb 2000, in response to RIVERVIEW ELEM., posted by Mary Charles Dodd Hull on Sun, 06 Feb 2000

The following is copied from the Web page of the Tulsa World.
"Reunion benefit set for Riverview By World's own Service 11/18/1998

A fund-raiser for an upcoming Riverview School Reunion will be held from 6-8 p.m. Saturday at 15th Street and Boulder Avenue.
Riverview was located at 512 W. 12th St. A silent auction of school memorabilia is planned,including paintings by former art teacher Marilyn Edwards Montgomery.
For details, call Martha Rauch at 744-9221; Ann Funston Thompson at 584-0893; Patsy Mathews Terry at 622-2970 or Shelby Mathews Horton 446-2604."
It seems that Riverview was torn down to clear land for a
new fire station but I'm not sure.
Posted by Mary C. Hull <mchull@flash.net> on Wed, 09 Feb 2000, in response to Riverview Elem

Georgie, thanks for the information. I, too have some of Mrs. Montgomery' ink & pen drawings. I got them for Christmas one year. I would like to get in touch with someone who had a hand in the reunion if you might have that information. I have some items such as pictures, newspaper articles pertaining to the school. Again, thanks for the reply.
GRANT Posted by Josephine McVae <mcvae@thegrid.net> on Wed 9Feb2000

I am looking for Martha E. Correll Grant the sister of my great grandmother Sarah Linzo Correll Denton. I just received this information and I do not have any dates at this time.
FOWLKES Posted by Martha Stewart Geyer <msgeyer@bellsouth.net> on Tue 8Feb2000

FOWLKES, Richard Blunt, physician, practiced Broken Arrow, OK 1905-1909, Skiatook, OK 1911. Richard Blunt FOWLKES reportedly died 6 Feb. 1915 in Texas. Need place of death and place of burial. Need information on fourth marriage. Richard Blunt FOWLKES was born 8 Jan. 1856, Hickman Co., TN, son of Letitia Bourbon JONES and George Washington FOWLKES. Married Mary Cornelia MAYBERRY, Eugenia BAKER, Clara Josephine MAYBERRY in TN and a fourth marriage in OK or TX after 1906. Physician graduated Nashville TN School of Medicine. Practiced TN, TX and OK. Last known in Skiatook, OK in 1911. Son Richard Eugene FOWLKES (son of Eugenia BAKER) born 1890 in TN. Eugene believed to have married Vivian (last name unknown) and had a daughter Eugenia and probably other children (in Oklahoma City, OK in 1910 census). Third wife, Clara Josephine MAYBERRY FOWLKES died Broken Arrow, OK 1906, had 8 and possibly 9 children. Any information appreciated.
FANNING Posted by Judie Schatz <JMSCHATZ@prodigy.net> on Sun 6Feb2000

Looking for all FANNING families that went to OK from IL or AR, especially the family of MAURICE EDGAR "WHITEY" (BERTHA CARTER) FANNING, son of SAMUEL LEVI FANNING and PHEBE CANHAM and brother of my grandmother ANNA INEZ FANNING MEYER. Any help much appreciated.
DURHAM Posted by Gloria Durham Spurlock <gcs2pkj@aol.com> on Wed 2Feb2000
DURHAM, Snake Creek, Old General Store, Area History

My DURHAM'S lived in the Bixby/Leonard areas in the early 1900's, and I am looking for a history of those areas, along with old pictures that someone could scan.

I would also appreciate information (and pictures) on Snake Creek at Wealaka, Elders Peak and Yellow Dog School, where my father, Frank DURHAM, and his siblings attended school, and where my great uncle, Walter Durham once taught. Question: Were Snake Creek school and Yellow Dog School the same or different schools? My great Uncle W. Robert DURHAM, once ran a general store across from the old telephone company in Bixby. Does anyone have an old picture that would show that store?
MEANS Posted by Howard Sargent <howardsargent214@cs.com> on wed 2Feb2000

Looking for anyone who has a Brinton Hugh Means or a Harvey Means in their family tree. Brinton worked in the oil fields in the early 1900s in the Tulsa area.If anyone has any kind of info please contact me.
Posted by Doris Allen <dallen44@bellsouth.net> on Mon 31Jan2000

Can someone please me find my great aunt. She is Martha Frazier Young, her husband is J. Lee Young. Aunt Martha was born in DeKalb or Coffee Co. Tn. in 1867. married J. Lee Young and they moved to Okla, raised a family and died there. I am trying to locate when and where they died, where they lived, names of their children or grandchildren
The last time I saw Aunt Martha was in 1938 when she came back to visit her brother who is my grandfather Robert Ganaway Frazier (Uncle Bob). Their father was Harman Frazier of Coffee and DeKalb Co. and their mother was Elizabeth Keaton. Any information or suggestions how I can find this info will be greatly appreciated.
SHEFFIELD Posted by Nancy Sheffield Baxter <quality1@ipa.net> on Sun 30Jan2000

Can someone please let me know if there is a survey of the Rosehill Cemetery in Tulsa & if so, how I can obtain a copy of such? I'm searching for birthdate & death date of a child, Virginia (or Barbara--family members differ on the name) Sheffield who was b in OK in 1920s & died as a child of abt. 3. At one time she did have a tombstone but don't remember the condition of it so it might not be there. Her parents were Harvey T. & Vada Sheffield. Will appreciate any help. Thank you. Nancy S. Baxter, 330 17th St. #16, Batesville, AR 72501, 870-698-1261.
Posted by Teresa Silvey <tsilvey@bellsouth.net> on Mon, 31 Jan 2000, in response to Sheffield--Rosehill Cem., posted by Nancy Sheffield Baxter on Sun, 30 Jan 2000

I didn't see it online anywhere, but here's the address&phone number. Sorry I couldn't do more.
Try contacting a volunteer on the Tulsa county site!

Rose Hill Memorial Park
4161 East Admiral Place
Tulsa, OK 74115
(918) 835-4421
(918) 836-0376
Posted by Trent Eyler <eyler@webzone.net> on Mon, 31 Jan 2000, in response to Sheffield--Rosehill Cem., posted by Nancy Sheffield Baxter on Sun, 30 Jan 2000

 Can someone please let me know if there is a survey of the Rosehill Cemetery in Tulsa
WATKINS Posted by Carole Watkins Ashbrook <croadsend@juno.com>on Sun 30Jan2000

Harold Glen Watkins, my father, worked for many years in Tulsa, before that he was in the CCCamp in Broken Arrow. This is where he met my mother Maxine Louise Shanks Watkins. After they were married he ran a service station near Sapulpa. I was born in Sapulpa, Carole Janice Watkins.
About 1942 they moved to Los Angeles, Calif. Harold (Slim) worked for Shell Oil Co. many years. They moved to San Fernando, Cal. where he had his own service station maintenance business over a large area. In 1955 they moved back to Tulsa. My Mother Maxine died here in 1955. I went to live with my grandparents Iven and Gertie Barrows Shanks.
Harold's sister Audry Watkins Renegar husband Herman Renegar, brother John Deurelle & Virginia Lynn Watkins, & possibly George Chester & Alpha Watkins lived here. Audry's 2 daughters Helen Renegar Hanna & husband,Roy Hanna, Florence Alene Renegar Olson & husband Nordeen Olson
all lived in Tulsa. Would love to hear from any of my family or friends who could fill me in on these families. Carole Watkins Ashbrook
SCHRODER Posted by Bill <Nookie1957@hotmail.com> on Fri 21Jan2000

I am looking for any and all information pertaining to Julia Schroder. Possibly is deceased. If so may have passed away 1995 or 1996. She lived in Verdegris, but may have passed away in Tulsa.
PALMETTO Oil Posted by Paul McDonald <pmacd@surfsouth.com> on Wed 19Jan2000

I'm seeking the names of owners and employees of the Palmetto Oil Company which was in Tulsa Oklahoma at 538 Mayo Building in 1929. My Grandfather Alex Jackson McDonald had a cousin living in Oklahoma and I found a letter to him from this company that might have come from a relative.
MOSELY Posted by Janet <Sheba16J@aol.com> on Tue 18Jan2000 

Looking for info on Jessie J. Mosely, b abt 1886 in TX, raised in Cleveland County OK(Lexington Rural). He was living in Broken Arrow, Tulsa County in 1953 per his brother Benjamin L,'s obit in Pauls Valley, Garvin County.
Due to his age, he may be buried in Broken Arrow.
SILVERTHORN/TIDD Posted by Julie Ward <poohbear@comteck.com> on Sat 15Jan2000

I'm looking for Queen Easter Silverthorn Tidd. On Dec. 11, 1952, Queen applied for a delayed registration of birth in Eaton Co., MI. On the application she gave her maiden name as Silverthorn and her present name as Tidd. She also gave her place of residence as Tulsa Co., OK. I have not been able to find a trace of her after that. She was born Dec. 11, 1894 in Eaton Co., MI to George G. and Eva (Dacon) Silverthorn. Her father was committed insane and after her mother's death, she was given over to her grandmother Abigail (Casler) Dacon. Upon her 18th birthday, she applies to be released from guardianship for reason: married. I haven't found a marriage record, a death record, nothing. Family story says she was last known to be living in Arkansas or Arizona, but I have no proff of either. Story also says she came to Indiana one summer in the first solar powered car to visit her brother, John. Living relatives attest to the truth in that. CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIND HER?! A death place, date, or something??? SSDI has nothing! Thanks!
SIMONS Posted by Sandy Simons Cotter <cotters4@home.com> on Fri 14Jan2000

Looking for information on the family of John SIMONS and Nannie THOMAS, m. abt.1900 in MO, moved to Tulsa abt. 1909. Children: Allen E. b. 1901, Samuel M. b. 1903, Fannie R. b. 1909 and Leo J. 1910. Family split up around 1910-11 as children were sent to institutions: older boys to Paul's Valley Reform School, and younger two to Sand Springs/Charlie Page Children's Home. Samuel M. SIMONS m. Nancy E. PUETT in 1925, daughter of Charles F. PUETT and Martha Ann ROBINSON CLARK. John SIMONS may have returned to MO and had another family, possibly connected to OAKE/OAKES.
HARPER Posted by Sherry Ray <sherraygen@aol.com> on Mon 10Jan2000

Can anyone help me locate what became of Austin Harper and family. They lived on North Olympic Ave. in Tulsa in 1910. They were not there in 1920. There were two daughters Elise and Ethele who were probably married by 1920. Is there anyway to find out if they were and who they married? Son Guy Harper was a 34 year old druggist. Is there a license or permit he would have had to have to do this? Where would I find a copy? Please help me, Austin is the only great great great uncle I can not find out any info on.
SAND SPRINGS TESTING Posted by Becky Vincent <bvincent@vrml.k12.la.us> on Mon 10Jan2000

I am looking for information on the Sand Springs Testing Co.
My father worked there sometime between 1925-1945. I'm sorry that I don't have any dates, he only listed this in information to be included in his obituary, but no dates. I know he was in Lawrence, KS in 1920, and in Lake Charles, LA by 1945.

His name was Laurance Knight Boggs, and he did purchase some property in the area, but my mother doesn't know where. He paid taxes on it for a while, then let someone who had been a friend have it in lieu of taxes.

Any one with information on him or the company, please e-mail me, since I can't check very often.
REDDICK Posted byJudi Rogers Gilker <jgilker@adams.net> on Mon 10Jan2000

Looking for information on information about the descendants of Clinton D. REDDICK who lived in Tulsa, Ok.(1921) Clinton D. was born abt. 1841 in Brown Co. IL. (poss. Cooperstown township) He was the son of Thomas William & Eliza Jane DEWITT REDDICK. Thomas Wm was believed born abt 1810 in Hamilton Co, Ohio and died abt 1898 in Pike Co. IL near the samll town of Fish Hook. His wife Eliza Jane was born abt 1813 in Clark Co. KY and died abt. 1882 near Fish Hook. They are both buried on farmland that Thomas Wm received for fighting in the Black Hawk War. Thomas & Eliza were married March 30, 1831(marriage cert# states REDICK) in Rushville, Schuyler Co. IL and lived in Brown Co & Pike Co IL. Thomas Wm & ELiza Jane's known children were:
1) Rebecca Jane Feb.15, 1832 - Sept. 21, 1895 married Nicholas Shafer HETRICK
2) Thomas Martin abt. 1834-Jan. 15, 1876 Pattonsburg, Harrison Co., Mo. married Sarah WILLAIMSON
3) Safronia married Robert RANSOM on Feb. 23, 1856 in Schuyler Co IL.
4) Pleasant William March 14, 1838-June 11, 1891 Quincy, Adams Co. IL. married Hannah HETRICK MINNIUM
5) Clinton D. born abt. 1841
6) James M. Abt. 1842-Aug. 03, 1916 Miller Twp, Marion Co., Mo.
7) Jesse F. March 25, 1849-Dec. 18, 1932 Quincy, IL. married Pemelia _____.
8) John Wesley May 02, 1852-Oct. 02, 1921 Quincy, IL. married Eliza Ann PETERSON
9) Franklin born March 1856 (unknown death date) married Rebecca J. MEYERS
10) James C. born July 18, 1859 & died July 18, 1861
Any information regarding what became of Clinton D. REDDICK would be greatly appreicated.
SULLIVAN  Posted by Richard Embry <rlembry@sound.net> on Fri 7 Jan2000

Looking for decedents of Don Sullivan, b. Mar 1896 in
Kansas, Lyon Co. Son of Charles C. Sullivan and Bell Martin
Sullivan. Charles born in Industry, Illinois in 1860 and
Bell b. Nov 1862 in Emporia Ks. Daughter of Thomas C.
Martin and Mary Martin Sullivan. Children: Ernest C."Cliff" Sullivan, Frank C. Sullivan, Leo C. Sullivan, and
Ferris C. Sullivan. Charles Sullivan died in Tulsa while
visiting his son Don Sullivan on Jan 20, 1925 Any information would be greatly appreciated.
SHURBRING Posted by Carrie Hamilton <Ldscham@aol.com> on Wed 5 Jan2000

I am searching for the obit for Lola M. Shubring who died in Tulsa,Oklahoma 4 April 1945. Any information as to how I might find this would be appreciated. please contact me at Ldscham@aol.com
ECONAMAKIS Posted by Lee Neil Bowers Kever <leeneil@schweg.com> on Mon 6Dec1999

Would someone please look up an obit for me? Daisy Econamakis, died Jan. 1980 in Tulsa, OK.
BALCOM Posted by Ebbon Carl Balcom <ebalcom@shasta.com> on Mon 15Nov1999

I am searching for any information about my father, Elmer J. Balcom who moved to the Tulsa area around 1936. At that time he was staying with Alma Tadlock in Tulsa. Any information will be appreciated
GLASCO Posted by Becky <kendelbet@aol.com> on Sun 14Nov1999

Looking for relatives. Molly Elizabeth Redding Glasco and Harvey Lee Glasco spouse.
PRICE Posted by Tia Johnson <djdean07@gte.net> on Tue 29Oct1999

Trying to locate any living relatives - Tia was adopted in 1991 at the age of 10 - was born Aug 13, 1980 as Tryania Leia Organa Price - daughter of Junior L C Price (deceased in November 6, 1994) and Kathy Rush Price - parents were separated and supposedly divorced in 1984 - Junior remarried - but do not know name of new spouse and step children
MAGANN/MAGAN Posted by Gilbert M Morse <ethelgil@aol.com> on Mon 6Sep1999

Searching for my great grandfather, Charles Magann or Magan, born Mar 10 1841 in Missouri, died Oct 31 1924, Tulsa, Ok. Civil War veteran, pensioner, served in 25th Missouri Vol Infantry, Union side. Other Magann family members known to have resided in Ok include a daughter only known as Mrs Edward Walker, Administrator of Estate in 1924, address of Tulsa. Earl Otto Magann, son, born 1875 in Ks, died 1955, Ok, buried in Red Star Cemetery, Roger Mills County.
MAGANN Posted by Kelley Biskey <lilyeag@mindspring.com> on Wed 15Sep1999 in response to Above Posting.

I have Magann family from VA. The Maganns married into the White family. My White family migrated to MO around mid 1800s. Take a look at my website...I don't have much on Maganns but then again, there isn't much info out there that I have found.
UNDERWOOD Posted by Cherie Stewart <flyylance@fairburn.com> on Thu 3Jun1999

I am looking for this obit. I believe he lived in Tulsa at the time of his death. He was a pro. Wrestler who used the name Danny Littlebear. He died in either 1995 or 1996 I would love any help you could give me with this.
HANSEN Posted by Sonja <Auslady@aol.com> on 8Jun2000

My name is Sonja Jo Hahn (Roberts [maiden name) and I am researching these families:
Jack Burgess, Cherokee Indian- late 1800s lived in Tulsy Town.
Carrie Valentine Hansen (Burgess) . 5 Cherokee- Born Feb. 14, 1889 in Tulsy Town.  
Alonzo Hansen (No Info Yet).
Joseph Benjamin Roberts, Sr., (my grandfather)
Strickland (no more info)
HILLMAN Posted by Darrell <dmlampro@email.msn.com> on 6Jun2000

Looking for Ellis & Nancy Hillman and their family.  Ellis was born around
1893 in Arkansas. Nancy was born 1896 don't know where.  One of their sons
died of cancer in Tulsa.  Ellis's parents were Rebecca (Lizzie) Elizabeth Brewer Hillman Hall 
& William N. Hillman.  Sibling to Ellis were Siddie, Levi, Myrtle, Bessie & Jesse. 
All were born in Arkansas.  Anyone with information please reply.  This is my Mother's side 
of the family.  Ellis & Nancy  last known whereabouts was in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
SHEFFIELD STEEL Posted by Bonnie <cookfq@beci.net> on 29May2000

Can anyone give me any infomation on Sheffield Steel??  How long has it been in Tulsa....does it have a union?  If so, 
what is the name of it and local??  Would appreciate any help.  My dad used to work there during the 30's and I 
would like to know of a little history.
MEADOWS Posted by Susan Meadows <SUSANSCIRE@mindspring.com> on 24May2000

I am looking for any information regarding Todd Lowell Meadows born in Tulsa,Tulsa County on 
March 21,1966 to Lawrence Ronald Meadows and Barbara Anne Brodeur Meadows who resided
in Broken Arrow. I am Todd's sister. I've been looking for 32 years. Todd is my brother.
BURTON Posted by Mabel <okiemae12@earthlink.net> on 23May2000

I would truly appreciate if someone could lookup a newspaper article in Tulsa World or TulsaTribune.  
My g-grandfather John Burton and his little grandson George Burton died in a house fire in Tulsa about 1934 or 35. 
I was only about 7 at the time.  I live on the west coast and it is hard to find info for that area.   I would like to 
know the date and where they are buried. Grandpa Burton would have been about 74 years old.        
JACKSON/STEVENS Posted by <ApacheT711@aol.com> on 20May2000

To whom it may concern, I need to find out some information on a marriage that took place in the early 1900s as far as I know I have the names. Albert Billy Jackson to Lurline Stevens and I think they married in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. I would appreciate your help.
BOND  Posted by Cheryl <User920035@aol.com> on 20May2000

Just wondering if anyone living in Sand Springs could do a look up for me in the cemetery?
Name of the couple is Fred Isaac Bond b. Iowa d. 20 Aug. 1943 in Sand Springs, OK. married 
Mary Molesta Walker b.? d. before 1943 Sand Springs, OK.  child : Joy

Clifford Bond Joy  b. 14 Dec 1889 Polk Co, Nebraska d. 26 Nov. 1962 Tulsa Ok. married
Bernice Bell Mason. Their children were : Iola Frances Bond, Clifford Lee Bond, Claude Mason Bond
HOWARD Posted by Wanda Prewett <Wanda@computer-link.net> on 5May2000

I am looking for info on my g-grandfather, Union Howard.  He is buried at Park Grove Cemetery near Broken Arrow.  He was married to a Laura Black.  Union had several sons:  Julius Arthur Howard (my grandfather), Ray, Roy, Charles.
I am also looking for info on my other g-grandfather, Nathaniel Skidmore.  He is also buried at Part Grove Cemetery.  He married Amanda Martin June 12 1886 in Darke County, Ohio.  Nathaniel had several children:  Sallie Ann Skidmore Howard (my grandmother), Harmon, Bill, Cecil, Emma, Ida, Blanche, Myrtle.
COVEY Posted by Sherrill Johnson <Nativehart@aol.com> on 1May2000

I'm looking for information on Byron Covey who married Mary J. Allen. They lived in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma in 1899 
and had three children: John, Marquis or Marcus, and Bryan or Brian.  I'm searching for Byron's parents and would 
appreciate any information anyone can give me.
NICHOLS  Posted by Walt Conner <jerrbear@midwest.net> on 27Apr2000
Need any information on a James and Sylvia Nichols of Tulsa, OK area 1915 - ?
I have reason to believe Sylvia (born 1895) and James Nichols are buried in Tulsa Co., OK. Would appreciate any info.
VANDEVENTER Posted by Tammy Allen <panddallenathome@terraworld.net> on 28Apr2000

I wonder if you have a cemetery listing for a Ivonne VanDeventer, who was alive and lived in Tulsa, in 1990, and had lived in Tulsa
for years. I really do not know for sure if she is deceased but if cannot find any  telephone listing for her and if she was alive,
she would be old, as born before 1914. She was my dad's cousin.
ORSBURN/OSBURN Posted by Bonnie <cookfq@beci.net> on 17Apr2000

Can anyone tell me if there were a mortality index or some type of listing for infant deaths.  My Grandmother sometime around 1910 - 1920 lost her youngest three little boys all in the space of a week.  They are buried in Tulsa someplace but as yet, I cannot find where.  Their names were Theodore, Robert and Herbert Orsburn/Osburn and are buried next to each other.  If anyone knows how I can find their date of deaths and where they are buried, please email me.  I would appreciate all help and advise.
LINK Posted by Edward A. Black on 22Mar2000 Reply to  Bill Mahnke <wem@cyberport.com

 I am searching for information on my Grandmother.  Her name was Ocie Mable Link.   She married James Monroe Sooter.  Both the Links and Sooters came from Barry Co. Missouri.  I think they came to OK in the mid to latter part of the 1920's and lived in Tulsa until their deaths.
SMALL Posted by Nancy Small Cowden  <Nancowden@cs.com> on 19Mar2000

Looking for any information or stories about Frank (Francis Joseph) Small, who was a barber and had shop at 120 E. 3rd Street in 
Tulsa until his death in 1933 at the age of 47. His son, Edward Small, continued the barber shop after Frank's death.  
Frank was married to Anna Cecelia Blair on Sept. 22, 1909. Frank and Anna lived in Tulsa all their lives, 
Anna dying in 1991 at the age of 99.  I am Frank and Anna's grand daughter and grew up in Tulsa. I'm looking for family history
 for my father, Joseph Eugene Small, who is last surviving child of Frank and Anna's  8 children (Clarence,Edward, John, Cecelia Ann, 
Gene and Kenneth - 2 girls died very young in the1920's).  Anyone out there know any of these folks from the church or the
school or the barber shop?  Most of the kids went to Central High in Tulsa, having attended Marquette school for earlier grades. 
I ask also about John Jeremiah Blair, who was the father of Anna. He worked for an oil company in early 1900s in Cleveland 
and then Tulsa, Okla.  Anna attended Holy Family school, then attended Christ the King Catholic Church (formerly called 
Sacred Heart Church) all thru her life.   Anna's brothers were William, John T., Joseph E., Frank E (several of them formed a 
company that built homes by Woodward Park area and downtown apts. in early Tulsa days; sisters were Mary A., Nora E. and Nellie. 
WAKEFIELD/BORGES Posted by Bonnie <cookfq@beci.net > on 18Mar2000

Does anyone have a Tulsa Death Index?  If so, could someone please see if there is a Samantha "Mance" Wakefield listed.  She might be listed under the name of Borges.  Not sure of the name she was using when she died.  Thanking all in advance.
SPERRY Posted by Jim Wright <Jhwham@aol.com> on 11Mar2000

I am a SPERRY family researcher and am in search of information which would identify the SPERRY family members 
who were responsible for the naming of a community after them in Tulsa County.  I know that several SPERRY family
members lived in Oklahoma and perhaps the history of SPERRY, OK, could assist me in researching those families.  
I would be most appreciative of any information and reference material which would give me the details of the history and 
naming of the town of SPERRY.
HELMSTETTER Posted by Bob Seeger <seeger@bright.net> on 11Mar2000

Can anyone get the information from the obituaries from the following two people?
Mayme Helmstetter b. April 15 1898 - d. Aug. 1 1994 in Tulsa.
Leo Helmstetter b. May 5 1893 - d. Dec. 30 1985 in Tulsa.
CRAWFORD Posted by <SlcJacEac@aol.com> on 28Jan2000

Looking for descendants of James Monroe Crawford and his children in theTulsa, OK. area. His children were 
Huel Bascom, Tillman Austin, Elvis Huston, Lively Earl, Willow Dean, and Charlie Veston CRAWFORD. 
James Monroe Crawford moved from Warren Co., TN. to OK. in the early 1900`s and was a Baptist preacher. 
Have photo`s of Cuz Jim as he was known by relatives in TN. and some of his sons and his grandson David Breese 
CRAWFORD. Would very much like to make contact with any of Jim`s descendants.S.L.CRAWFORD in TN.
MCCOLPIN Posted by Angie <shootme@acadiacom.net> on 1Jan2000

I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me verify the dates of death for my great grandparents.  I have in my records that Charles S. McColpin died January 1, 1946 in Tulsa and that his wife Jennie Safronia Gunning McColpin died September 1943.  Have not been able to prove any of this as yet.  Really need some help.   Thanks, Angie
SHIRK Posted by David <tmjlljj@juno.com> on 1Nov1999

The subject couple had three sons, all born in Tulsa and probably buried there.  As their mother was Perryman, 
they may have been buried in Perryman Cemetery, Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Can someone help me find the dates of the three sons, i.e.,
Jay Shirk  (b. Jun 19, 1902, d. ?), 
William B. Shirk (b. Aug 31, 1904, d.?) 
and Stewart D. Shirk, Jr. (b. Abt. 1906, d. ?)
MAGANN Posted by Gilbert Magann Morse <Ethelgil@aol.com> on 2Nov1999
11/02/99 8:00:53 PM Eastern Standard Time

Looking for Great Grandfather, Charles W Magann, who died Tulsa, Oct 31 1924.  Lived with Daughter, Mrs Edwards prior to death. 
Also lived in Sand Springs. Receipt of Death Cert. indicates burial in Mannford, OK. He was Civil War Veteran.  I want to make sure 
he is so honored.
GROSSHART Posted by Mary Ann <M144hart@aol.com> on 5Nov1999

I am seeking any information about the Grosshart family. Ross Grosshart was born Abt 1878 in Cassville, MO and died in 
1934 in Tulsa. His wife, Emma Staley was born in 1877 and died in Tulsa in 1917. Anna Meeks, born 12 Dec 1854 in 
Kentucky and Joel Grosshart, born in Cassville, MO were Ross Grosshart's parents. Both are buried in Tulsa. Ross Grosshart, 
his father Joel, and his son Paul were all  Medical Doctors. Paul and Ross practiced in Tulsa and were Connected to St. John's
Hospital. Ross, and possibly Joel, were involved with the earlier Physicians and Surgeons Hospital.
As well as information on the family, anything on early Medicine in Tulsa will be very appreciated.
KOLLAR/KING Posted by Ann Storer <aestore@rt66.com> on 5Nov1999

Looking for info on S.F. Kollar and his wife Linnie King of Tulsa, Okla. They were living there in 1968 when 
Linnie Kings mother Addie Gardner King of Okla. City, Okla. died
GOAD Posted by Justin <JLD4321@aol.com> on 16Nov1999

Need the following person obituary: Lucy (COCKRAN) GOAD, died Oct 1978, In Tulsa, Tulsa County, OK.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time on this matter. Sincerely, Justin L. Dingman, Volunteer,
KENT Posted by Dorothy Baca <msbsroots@earthlink.net> on 19Oct1999

I am in search of My Gr-Aunt Bessie Kent.  I was told she married a man named Allie Williams and then a man named 
Duvall before her death.  She was born bet. 1880 & 1885.  Died bet.1935 & 1945 in Broken Arrow. Ok. She lived in the 
Broken Arrow area most of her adult life.  Would like to find Marriage records, Death Records, Divorce records, Where she is
buried. Anything at all.  Suppose to be buried in Broken Arrow, Ok.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  This is the only
link to my Grandfather's family still missing.  Thanks in Advance.
CAFFEY Posted by Marjorie Creath <mcreath@rectec.net> on 20Nov1999

W. V. (BUD) Caffey was County Commissioner in Tulsa County and I believe it was district 4 ? He passed away
February, 1979 in Tulsa County. His wife (Jewel) Caffey passed away in Tulsa County August, 1978. Before Mr. Caffey 
was elected County Commissioner in the 1950's, he was a detective with the Tulsa Police Dept for about 20 years. 
If you can help me with Jewel's maiden name, it would help us with the completion with my son's family history. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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