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Many early Oklahoma funeral homes started out as furniture companies that sold caskets. When someone died, the family would go to the furniture store, buy a casket and bury the person themselves.

Oklahoma law did not require a death record be recorded until Oct 1908 when statewide registration was established BUT the law was not generally complied with until the 1930s.

In the early days of Oklahoma when a funeral home was sold, the former owner, for whatever reason, usually took the records. Most of these early records were destroyed, but a few remain in the hands of other funeral homes, genealogical societies, and family members.

  • We are looking for information about records of Oklahoma funeral homes 

    • that were bought /sold /incorporated into other funeral homes

    • that went out of business

    • that had fires, lost records, etc.

    • information on dates established

    • information on what years records are available

    • printed index or records of funeral homes

    • any information where funeral home records are located

Do you know of other information that should be listed? 
If you have funeral home records, we would love to help you get the information online.  Contact me at the address below.

This project will be in a continuous state of progress as we continue to locate additional information and others continue to submit information.


  Coordinator Mel Owings
Monday, July 22, 2024


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