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OKGenWeb Chat

Chat with CC's every Sat. @ 9pm CST

9:00 pm CST - Oklahoma time every Saturday night


01-24-03 1930 Census Lookups WendyWendy
01-31-03 1930 Census Lookups WendyWendy

You can use mIRC software to join the chat also.  Use the following:

OKGenWeb IRC Chat
Saturday at 9pm CST [21:00]
port 6667 or port 7000
/join #okgenweb

Need more details??

Download IRC Software Link
This is SHAREware


mIRC How To: 

Download mIRC from one of the above sites.
install mIRC to a directory (folder) on your computer.

start program -
when window popups up click Add
  description = okgenweb
  IRC server =
  port = 6667
  everything else - blank
click ok
click ok again
At top left of IRC screen see lighting bolt -- click
wait for scrolling to stop
see another popup window
hit escape [don't enter anything]
type  "/list"  w/o quotes
see #okgenweb [if anyone is in the okgenweb room]
highlight #okgenweb and double click

You should now be in the OKGenWeb chat room. It is really pretty simple.  If you get disconnected during the chat, just log back on and rejoin.


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Linda Simpson, State Coordinator
Mel Owings, Assistant Coordinator