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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma
Date:  June 11, 1937
Field Worker: Lula AUSTIN
Volume 111-microfiche #6016976


  4.  Present owners of premises  Sam JOHNSTON Land
  8.  Approximate number of marked graves  One
10.  Number of inscriptions copied and attached. One
12.  Condition of the premises  Covered with grass.
14.  Legal location of burial ground, County  Bryan Section 20 Township 9S. Range 9E.
       1/2 mile W. 3/4 mile S. Hendrix Oklahoma

Serena J. SHORT
Serena FACTOR (maiden name)
Aged about 61 years.
No date.
Our Mother
In God's--own morn her orb will rise Once more a star in Paradise.
This grave is alone under a big oak tree, fenced in with barbed wire.
Information from-Elizabeth Kemp MEAD
Serena J. SHORT was the mother of Betty HARPER, who was the wife of Governor JOHNSTON. She was living with her daughter in Tishimingo when she died. Joe HARPER, a son, lives at Ailsworth.


Field worker's name Lula AUSTIN
This report made on (date)  June 16, 1937

  1.  Name (if any) of burial ground  NAIL Burial Ground
  2.  Founded (date) 1867  By  Robert NAIL
  4.  Present owners of premises  American Life Insurance Company
       Address of present owners  Detroit, Michigan, Agent, Hugh COX, Fort Worth, Texas.
  8.  Approximate number of marked graves  30
10.  Number of inscriptions copied and attached  1
12.  Condition of the premises  very bad
14.  Legal location of burial ground, County  Bryan
      Section 23  Township 6S  Range 9E  Five miles NE Durant

NAIL Burial Ground
This burial ground is located on what was the old NAIL place, belonging to Robert NAIL and was filed on by Edward NAIL his grandson who disposed of the place about the year 1920. At the time he moved from the place there was about thirty marked graves. On my visit I found only three marked graves. Two were of farm neighbors.

Charles DIFFEY
born August 5, 18?6
died November 24, 1906.
May he rest in peace.

born August 14, 1839
died September 16, 1926.

Rebecca NAIL Wife of Edward NAIL
born April 6, 1841
died October 15, 1867
Rebecca NAIL was the first wife of Edward J. NAIL, who was the father of Edward NAIL, who filed on the land. From inquiries in the neighborhood, I was told that some of the stones were sold and others used to fill ditches.

I talked to Dock DIFFEY (County commissioner) who is a son of Charles DIFFEY who is buried there, and he had me write the Agent, Hugh COX, to see if they would sell one acre where the graveyard is located, also said he was going to try and find out who disposed of the stones. A family by the name of George A. MORRIS now lives on the place.  

Transcribed by Gay Wall  <t31892@nidlink.com> 05-1999.