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Indian Pioneer Papers - Index

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma 
LDS Microfiche #6016976 
Volume 111 - Cemeteries 

field workers: Jas. S. BUCHANAN--Carl R. SHERWOOD
date: April 29, 1937
burial ground: Fountain Church Cemetery, aka Jamison Cemetery
founded: abt 1850
abandoned: not
present owner: public property
# of graves: 250
# of marked graves: 75
inscriptions: 13
condition: neglected
legal location: Wagoner County, Sec 25, T16N, R19E

The Fountain Church Cemetery, also known as the Jamison Cemetery is one of the oldest burial grounds in the Creek Nation. It was established just after the Fountain Baptist Church was built on the hill just south of where the cemetery is located. It is difficult to estimate the number of graves in this burial ground as there were so many of the early settlers buried there with no permanent markers at the graves and many have become totally lost. 

In observing the general situation of this burial ground a visitor could easily imagine the place divinely destined and the most appropriate as the resting place of the old pioneers that were first placed there, hidden away in a beautiful little valley behind the hills from the beaten trails of today and near the bank of the Verdigris. When approaching the place there is no indication of a burial ground until you emerge from the dense growth of the forest and find yourself confronted with the white granite slabs that stand at some of the later graves. Within the plot
there are five or six old cedar trees and several large native oaks that were left standing when the site was cleared in the dense forest that completely surrounds the place and hides it all from the outside world as though to guard their peaceful rest. Purple iris is planted in profusion throughout the plot and here and there a bridal wreath and were all in bloom when I visited the place. Though sadly neglected by man, it was beautified by the Creator of all beauty.

In the early days Indians and Colored people both used this burial ground, but in later years it was only used by the Colored. 

The following sheet contains a sketch of the tomb of Emma PONDS, the wife of Sandy PONDS, a Creek freedman. Died October 4, 1924. There is no inscription in, or about the tomb, but this information was furnished by Charles PONDS, brother of Sandy PONDS. The first object that attracts the attention of a visitor when entering the tomb is an enlarged photograph of the occupant 12X14 inches framed and under glass hanging on the opposite wall facing the door. Under the picture is an old fashioned center table upon which sits a vase and two other pieces of colored glassware, then to the right of the table stands a small white cross about two feet high.

There were no shrubbery about the tomb but a bed of purple iris were in bloom in front of the door.

Harriet COLBERT, born January 16, 1879, died April 20, 1903
Calvin JIMMASON, born February 11, 1886, died October 19, 1905
Mose JIMERSON, died March 29, 1908, aged 65 years
Gabriel JAMISON, born 1836, died October 10, 1910 
    "Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down life for his friend"

note: the old home place of Gabriel JAMISON is one fourth of a mile west of the site of the old Fountain church and the second house that he built on the place was constructed of the logs from the church when it was torn down after the present church was built.

Jeff MARSHAL, born 1842, died May 13, 1914 "He died as he lived, a christian" 
(Masonic emblem above inscription)
Amy CARTER, born 1829, died July 15, 1889
Cudgo PONDS, born 1848, died November 24, 1904
Jacob WATKINS, born January 26, 1838, died May 26, 1893
Dellila BRUNER, born 1894, died September 23, 1899, aged 95 yrs.

A twin, or double slab of native sand stone with the two following inscriptions: 
Samson PONDS, died January 3, 1876, aged 65 yrs.
Gilbert LEWIS, died February 9, 1876, aged 70 yrs.

Submitted to OKGenWeb by Gay Wall.